Wednesday, 2021-04-21

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resoumkhem: In this case though, all of the layers are in one repository, so it would not be possible to use a checkout tree so far as I can see. The problem is that images in meta-x should not be tained by meta-y, but images in meta-x and meta-y use the same distro config. So either we have to swap bblayers.conf files, or perhaps use multiconfig and BBMASK out the offending layer.01:13
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vdlhey guys, it seems like a variable from an image recipe that I require isn't taken into account. Is that possible?01:50
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Maheshwanted to know how to use PACKAGECONFIG for disabling python specific modules in an image05:16
Maheshlike some example05:16
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Mahesh[10:46:37 AM] <Mahesh> wanted to know how to use PACKAGECONFIG for disabling python specific modules in an image06:07
Mahesh[10:46:56 AM] <Mahesh> like some example06:07
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:39
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mckoangood morning06:45
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MaheshLetoThe2nd can u explain using PACKEGCONFIG for removing a python-module example unittest07:03
LetoThe2ndMahesh: what is not clear from the examples given in the video?07:06
JaMaRP: do you plan to backport bitbake-getvar to 1.50 as well after some soak time in master? (together with "tinfoil/data_smart: Allow variable history emit() to function remotely"?) I was trying it with 1.50 and without the tinfoil commit it fails with "TypeError: cannot pickle '_io.TextIOWrapper' object", but after cherry-picking both it works nicelly, LGTM07:06
RPJaMa: I don't know. You definitely would need both07:07
RPthey are quite standalone so it could be possible07:07
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thekappeHello guys !08:13
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qschulzthekappe: and gals! and non-binary, and... hello people :D08:25
LetoThe2ndqschulz: "dudX"08:25
qschulzmmmm gals is not a great word I see... well.. something else then?08:26
yannRP: can't find the patch email to comment so doing it here: in bitbake-getvar it could be easier on the eyes to reverse the "if not args.recipe" condition08:27
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I settled on "folks" or "people", but feel free to invent your own words :D08:27
yannRP: also the "--unexpand" name feels strange, what about eg. "--no-expand" ?08:29
MaheshLetoThe2nd yea understood how to deploy it in my case i am not able to understand08:29
Maheshin my case i need to strip python3 so that its size gets reduced08:30
Maheshif i want to unittest module how to do i am looking08:30
Maheshsorry for asking this much questions08:30
Mahesh[2:00:32 PM] <Mahesh> if i want to remove unittest module how to do i am looking08:31
Mahesh[2:00:47 PM] <Mahesh> sorry for asking this much questions08:31
qschulzMahesh: python3-unittest is the package you need08:43
Maheshno just an example08:43
Maheshfor example if i want to remove python-unittest08:43
qschulzdo not add python3-docs or python3-modules package in your image?08:44
Maheshaah yes exactly08:45
Maheshimage should not have those modules08:45
Maheshend goal is reduce python size08:46
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RPyann: those are fair comments, thanks. The patch is on the bitbake-devel list btw08:52
Maheshqschulz did u understand what i am trying to ask08:53
LetoThe2ndMahesh: i am not suer i understand, but i am actually not that inclined to dig into the topic. packageconfigs are one thing, but i think that you are on a wrong approach anyways.08:54
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yanntlwoerner: while preparing the kmeta bsp for a v3 I realized I forgot the .cfg was really meant as a PoC, there are so many things missing I'll have to add them before a resend09:03
MaheshLetoThe2nd for Python 3 footprint optimization is there any other methods09:05
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LetoThe2ndMahesh: let me put it into other words. how comes you have decided that you need to do exactly that? have you looked at the package sizes? have you looked at what packages actually go into the image? how much space the take up? how the dependencies look? or have you just said "hum python is big, so i want to 'optimize' it"? so, where does that specific requirement cmoe from?09:08
MaheshLetoThe2nd i started with installing python3 basically , difference bw rootfs with python installed and not installed was about 40mb so just thought of reducing this footprint my removing unnecessary modules.09:24
qschulzMahesh: python3-core is what you should install IIRC09:25
qschulzand not python309:25
LetoThe2nd"i did something, i was surprised, now i want to optimize without understanding first."09:27
LetoThe2nd-> see qschulz09:28
qschulzLetoThe2nd: to be fair, the python3 recipe is not really like any others we have, so I can understand the confusion09:28
LetoThe2ndthe recipe, granted. not looking at the package sizes? nope. thats really the 101.09:28
qschulzA customer is asking for CPEs information about packages... I know we have a mechanism for CVEs since at least Zeus but... is there anything about CPEs? Honestly, clueless what they need it for but asking here first, to be sure i'm not missing out on something?09:29
qschulzLetoThe2nd: there are many 101 things before looking at package sizes :) Optimizing a rootfs size is not a beginner task to me. Anyway :)09:30
LetoThe2ndqschulz: mabye.09:30
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thekappeI have a main recipe that install some files in ${D}/boot/09:34
thekappesince I don't want some of them I've added in my .bbappend, in the do_install_append() task, something like:09:35
thekappe rm -rf ${D}/boot/i-don-t-want-you09:35
thekappebitbaking the recipe leads to09:36
thekappedo_package: QA Issue: bitstream-extraction: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package: /boot09:36
thekappeDo I have to remove ${D}/boot and not only ${D}/boot/I-don-t-want-you ?09:37
qschulzthekappe: sure, you could also just move those files to a different package if you wanted and not install this package09:38
thekappe@qschulz, thanks ! (again XD)09:39
wbwHello, have anyone successfully built rust 1.51 and cargo 1.51 on master branch? or any recent branch. I'm trying to figure out if this error is on my end or the repo
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thekappeHow can I add a new package for a specific recipe so that I can add some files to it ? something like FILES_${PN}-hoho = "hohoho.txt"11:04
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qschulzthekappe: PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN, or PACKAGES variables11:12
qschulzremember that a file can only be in one package, so the first to have a matching pattern will get it11:12
qschulz"first" is leftmost to rightmost in PACKAGES11:12
thekappeyeah thanks, I've noticed that11:13
thekappeI was using "dbg" to put the files I don't want to be isntalled but I don't know wy they are still present in rfs11:14
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fbreHi, do you know what the default size is for the RAM disk in /tmp? And how can I configure a limitation for that size?11:21
fbreI don't explicitely configure that RAM disk in /tmp (AFAIK), and that's why I think it's somewhere in the yocto framework11:23
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Maheshwhat is IIRC11:47
c4t3lIIRC, IIRC means "If I remember correctly"11:53
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rburtonqschulz: the CVE_PRODUCT variable in recipes is a list of known CPEs for that recipe.  list because the cve database is terrible.12:40
qschulzrburton: thank you :)12:47
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tlwoerneryann: sounds good13:30
yanntlwoerner: btw if you have any comments on the approach/contents, it's not a bad timing since I'm on it right now :)13:34
yann(note I have cleaned up a couple of dirty things already)13:35
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qschulzRP: ndec: LetoThe2nd: (others?) just to make sure that company branded slides are ok for presentations at YP summit 2021?14:25
RPtlwoerner: ^^^14:28
LetoThe2ndqschulz: such was no problem for YPS2020 ( so i don't think it would be an issue this time.14:28
qschulzLetoThe2nd: yeah I got kind of confused by the "one pdf with many slides all with Linux Foundation template" thing we had at YP Summit 2019 in Lyon14:32
qschulzto me branding includes the template too, let me know what is the decision of YP/LF committee about branding with logo and branding with logo+template :)14:34
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vdlRunning containers built with VOLATILE_LOG_DIR = "yes" (the default) fails with "Failed to create /var/log/journal: No such file or directory". Setting it to "no" fixes this. What are the pros for VOLATILE_LOG_DIR = "yes"?14:52
sgw1RP: Morning! with the help of halstead, I was able to reproduce the centos/qmp issues in a standalone AB launched  build, but when I ran the same command directly it passed, so the AB is introducing some change I don't understand.14:53
emajanyone having issues to fetch linux-imx from
sgw1RP: I did diff the 2 saved -st conf directories and they are identical.14:53
tlwoernerRP: thanks :-)14:55
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tlwoernerqschulz: we will be making a slide template available to presenters that we're hoping people will use14:56
tlwoernerqschulz: we don't have a hard and fast rule about it, we're hoping people will use the template14:57
fbreno idea about how to configure the RAM disk /tmp with yocto?14:57
tlwoernerqschulz: presenters are more than welcome to include a "who am i" slide and indicate their employer14:58
RPsgw1: I'd suspect it is something being written into the configuration by the test15:02
sgw1RP: If I understand oe-selftest correct, it creates a new build-st-<pid> dir for each test it runs, the ab-helper setup uses -K to keep that directory after, and I ran the same os-selftest inside the build-renamed dir from the failed build (hope that all made sense).  Then I compared the conf directory from the 2 builds , they were identical.15:06
vdlRP: hi -- since {DISTRO,MACHINE}_EXTRA_RDEPENDS only affects packagegroup-base, I'd suggest to rename the later to packagegroup-extra to make it obvious. "base" is confusing and unclear IMHO.15:08
RPsgw1: the test can write out extra config to the local.conf as part of the test though. Remind me which test is failing15:08
RPvdl: hi, I'm not sure there was ever an intent to match the names like that but I agree things are rather confused. I'd have to look at the differences to remind myself of them to see if that would make sense15:10
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vdlbtw if I want to have simple host and container image recipes without bothering with multiconfig, having the kernel-image and kernel-devicetree in MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS seems like a good practice, so that a minimal container image not installing packagegroup-base won't pull in the boot artifacts. Correct?15:13
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kergothHmm, it'd be nice if the layer index could also search for python libraries, like selftests, wic subcommands, recipetool/devtool commands15:23
sgw1RP: test_testimage_virgl_gtk_sdl, we have a AB-helper branch halstead/contrib that just runs that one test.  I have failed and passed builds on centos8-ty-2:/home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/oe-selftest/build15:23
sgw1-1331210 failed (by AB) / -92132 passed (by Hand) / but I just tried again and by hand failed -2856961 , I am going to try again with the by hand failed configuration15:23
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vdlhow can I update do_image_wic[depends] dynamically from a list of file? e.g. do_image_wic[depends] += "foo-image-*:do_deploy"18:09
kergothyour only option would be python, but it doesn't sound like that choice would lead to very reproducible builds, so doesn't sound like a great one imo18:10
vdlkergoth: it's for development anyway. Do you have an example of such python call?18:12
kergothplenty of recipes and classes either use inline python (${@}) or anonymous python to set flags..18:12
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RPsgw1: I assume you've read the test code for that test?19:59
RPsgw1: Note how it is dynamically configuring PACKAGECONFIG for qemu-system-native and setting IMAGE_FEATURES/IMAGE_INSTALL - are you doing that?20:00
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sgw1RP: you mean this: PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qemu-system-native = " gtk+", yes I have it included in my local.conf along with the kmscube append20:06
RPsgw1: and you're running two different testimage calls with the different configs?20:07
sgw1I can get the failure by hand now with the "gtk gl" qemu params20:07
sgw1more consistently on the AB then my home nuc hardware20:08
RPsgw1: ok, so you've at least solved the reproduction issue :)20:08
sgw1it's been a long strange road!20:08
RPsgw1: one step further along it :)20:09
sgw1Yeah, would be great if I could recreate it locally on my nuc, but your correct, now I can try more debugging on the AB20:11
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RPsgw1: I dream of reproducible bugs!20:52
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vdlDo I need a specific distro feature in order to connect via ssh with root?22:28
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alex88Hi everyone, is there a public project similar to home-assistant (so OTA updates, overlayfs etc) but based on yocto?23:13
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RPvdl: I think that is still part of debug-tweaks, it really should move to one of it's own23:18
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