Monday, 2021-04-26

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mckoangood morning06:55
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qschulzcan anyone tell me if I'm supposed to resend a mail to a mailing list if I forgot to join the ML group beforehand?09:09
qschulzis it completely rejected or is it just put in a queue for the postmaster?09:10
LetoThe2ndyo dudX09:10
LetoThe2ndi think its "just" waiting for moderator approval, then.09:11
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RPqschulz: what did the bounce say? I think it would depend on a few things such as whether you're a member of other lists on that server09:41
qschulzUndelivered mail from my mail provider, don't know enough of mail protocols to say if there's no way the mail is still in a queue anyway?09:44
qschulzbut I guess I can assume it's not09:45
qschulzresending it then, worst case scenario, it'll be there twice :p09:45
qschulzRP: and it's a mail "for you" BTW, not sure you'll like it :|09:45
RPqschulz: I think you're a little confused about the history :)09:48
LetoThe2ndqschulz: CLICKBAIT! CLICKBAIT!09:49
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qschulzRP: oh, I'm not too surprised :D09:50
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yannTrying to play with patches in kernel-meta definitions, I realize that I don't get any of those applied, they end up in .kernel-meta/unused.patch.queue, and no there is no .kernel-meta/patch.queue.  I'm probably overlooking something, but I don't see anything in kernel-dev doc that would explain this.  Any hints ?09:52
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qschulzRP: thanks for the answer, but well... now the description of my talk is kinda bad :p Should have asked before yesterday... Me and procrastination, a long love story10:25
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RPqschulz: well, yes. I suspect they might let you tweak it ;-)10:27
RPqschulz: don't get me wrong, removing overrides would make my life so much easier :)10:27
RPit would also break one of OE's most powerful features10:28
qschulzRP: yup, I agree, we make extensive use of it (probably too much :p) and the whole linux-yocto recipe is anyway a testament of how useful it is :)10:30
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* LetoThe2nd really has to read all the proposals now.10:34
LetoThe2ndbut i think its fair game to say that there is a lot of really, really good stuff!10:36
qschulzLetoThe2nd: good luck, have fun!10:38
LetoThe2ndwill do10:39
RPqschulz: I wasn't trying to be negative about the idea of changing things, I just want to ensure the history is straight! :)10:40
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Nitheshcan i PACKAGECONFIG in local.conf or shoukd it  be bbappend file10:44
manuel1985Hi everyone! I've got a recipe "" which has "FILES_${PN}_append-mender-connect-systemd += "some file I'm interested"". How can I install that package? I assumed it would be "mender-connect-mender-connect-systemd" but bitbake tells me nothing RPROVIDES that.10:45
qschulzRP: I understood you but thanks for clarifying anyway :)10:47
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qschulzNithesh: bbappend file. though technically you can do so from local.conf but it's very bad practice10:48
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qschulzmanuel1985: can you triple check that it's REALLY FILES_${PN}_append-mender-connect-systemd the name of the variable?10:48
RPqschulz: I sometimes stand accused of not being open to new ideas and too negative, it is making me a bit paranoid!10:48
qschulzRP: isn't that the burdden that saddly most open-source SW maintainers have to bear?10:49
RPqschulz: probably :)10:50
manuel1985qschulz: Yes it is. It really even has _append as well as +=.10:51
qschulzmanuel1985: it is incorrect then10:51
qschulzmanuel1985: FILES_${PN}_append-mender-connect-systemd should probably be FILES_${PN}-mender-connect-systemd_append10:51
qschulzin which case the package to include is: ${PN}-mender-connect-system10:52
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manuel1985qschulz: Alright I see. Will give that a try!10:52
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Nitheshi want to remove unittest from these manifest usig PACKAGECONFIG10:53
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Nitheshhow to use in my bbappend10:53
Nitheshto remove unittest10:53
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Nitheshi got to understand PACKAGECONFIG, implementation wise i am confused10:54
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qschulzNithesh: PACKAGECONFIG is NOT the mechanism that make a package go into your image10:54
Nitheshoh i want to remove the package10:55
qschulzNithesh: if it is not the mechanism to add a package to your image, it is also not the way to remove a package from your image ;)10:55
Nitheshcan you suggest a suitable method inn yocto10:55
Nitheshaccording to manual it says it will block10:56
qschulzNithesh: link to the manual10:57
qschulzNithesh: but I stand corrected, there's a field for rdepends in PACKAGECONFIG10:58
NitheshPACKAGECONFIG blocks are defined in recipes when you specify features and then arguments that define feature behaviors10:58
NitheshThis variable provides a means of enabling or disabling features of a recipe on a per-recipe basis10:58
Nitheshignore first one10:59
qschulzNithesh: yes, at build time... because it is a **recipe** and not a package. Honestly, I don't know to which package the runtime-deps-for-f1 applies10:59
qschulzanyway, pretty sure there's no need for you to change PACKAGECONFIG for python3-unittests11:00
qschulzyou should jsut not include python3-modules or python3-doctests in your image11:00
Nitheshok can you suggest a good practice to do this11:00
Nitheshmy goal is actual to strip down python3 to optimize its footprint11:01
Nithesh"you should jsut not include python3-modules or python3-doctests in your image" -> any variable configuration11:02
qschulzjust add python3-core instead of python3 when applicable too (in RDEPENDS or IMAGE_INSTALL), will bring only the bare minimal11:03
qschulzif you really want the smallest python footprint11:03
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qschulzNithesh: some other recipes having python3-unittests or whatever in their RDEPENDS or in PACKAGECONFIG runtime-deps-for-f111:04
Nitheshshould i remove those11:06
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Nitheshqschulz  i installed python3-core and checked11:28
Nitheshas u said it reduces my footprint11:29
Nitheshif i am adding more required packages11:29
Nitheshit is increasing11:29
Nitheshso can i remove modules modules from the package which is not required for me11:30
Nitheshit is taking from this json as i gice build for a particulra package11:31
Nitheshhow to remove modules from these packages11:32
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manuel1985Has anyone experience with running SSH over a U(S)ART line?12:43
malinus_manuel1985: interesting though. Don't you need a internet layer underneeth though? So maybe something about running PPP?12:55
yannzeddii: looks like I'm confused about how scc is supposed to be called: I expected it to get fed all scc's from the BSP (esp. patches), but kernel-yocto.bbclass seems to give it only the contents of KERNEL_FEATURES - what did I miss ?12:57
manuel1985yann: rfc4251 says "The transport layer will typically be12:58
manuel1985      run over a TCP/IP connection, but might also be used on top of any12:58
manuel1985      other reliable data stream."12:58
manuel1985section 112:58
yannmanuel1985: no clue here, sry12:59
manuel1985oh sry that was malinus_, sry yann12:59
yannmanuel1985: why would getty not be adequate anyway ?12:59
manuel1985Security. I'm thinking about maintenance access to deployed devices.13:00
malinus_manuel1985: interesting, I assumed it needed TCP/IP. Tell me how it goes :)13:00
LetoThe2ndmanuel1985: just because something is technically allowed by spec, it doesn't mean that there's an actual implementation for it. plus, serial is not exactly a definition of "reliable", hence you would always have no add some intermediary layer13:01
yannhm, I had no idea remote access via serial lines was still a thing nowadays13:01
LetoThe2ndmanuel1985: long story short: run slip over the line, and then ssh on top.13:01
malinus_yann: wdym. remote access? Like over internet? I think serial is still either the primary or at least secondary way of debugging embedded linux systems?13:04
manuel1985LetoThe2nd: Thanks!13:04
malinus_LetoThe2nd: what's the difference between slip and PPP again?13:04
yannmalinus_: ok, then if you have physical access, what's the deal with security ?13:05
LetoThe2ndmalinus_: IIRC slip is the new fancy ppp?13:06
LetoThe2nd(don't take this serious, and especially not as authorative)13:06
yannmalinus_: you're unlikely to have your creds stolen when you plug your serial cable on your desk, and if you're connecting to a console server, it would be unwise not to have that one physically secured.  So I don't see where you have a security problem13:07
yannLetoThe2nd: I always thought that PPP had replaced SLIP - and wikipedia seems to agree: " SLIP has largely been replaced by the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)"13:09
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LetoThe2ndyann: i happily stand corrected!13:09
yannnp, that's all greybeard tech anyway :)13:10
malinus_yann: oh yeah I agree 100%, I think I just misunderstood your claim.13:10
LetoThe2ndi do have an increasingly greying beard, in fact.13:10
malinus_no beard yet, and I still knew about PPP, how do you explain that, huh?13:11
LetoThe2ndtime travel.13:12
yanneh :)13:14
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rfs613pppd is quite often how your cell phone data connection works... it "connects" the CPU to the baseband processor.13:19
rfs613it's many layers of historic extensions on top of each other.13:20
malinus_rfs613: yeah that's where I know it from. In which case it's basically "TCP/IP + other stuff, over serial"13:20
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rfs613one of my collegues gave a talk about this stuff recently:
yannzeddii: that is, if I am using a BSP that pulls a .scc with patches (and I do see it handled in source/.kernel-meta/) it is not sufficient to get the patches applied.  OTOH if I additionally I add the same .scc to KERNEL_FEATURES, then the patches do get applied13:24
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yannzeddii: the kconf part of the same .scc does get used, though (and triggers a warning since the option definition is added by the patch, making the issue readily visible)13:26
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alephanHow is useradd bbclass supposed to work in relation to the host contamination check? The temporary user added might conflict with the user on the host. So chown-ing using the useradd (useradd bbclass) configuration might easily get into false positives with the host contamination check. How do people deal with this?13:45
LetoThe2ndalephan: wouldn't it all be caught by pseudo?13:48
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alephanIn what sense LetoThe2nd ?13:52
LetoThe2ndalephan: in the sense of pseudo taking care of the uid/gid and permissions stuff13:53
alephanIt does. But useradd creates users before install time too. So that the install rule can pick the up. Install happens under pseudo anyway - so that is a given but the sysroot is populated with temporary users.13:56
alephanI don't see any check against the host UID/GID to avoid this.13:58
alephanUnless there is some hidden magic I miss.13:58
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ljhHi folks :-)14:37
qschulzljh: hi :)14:42
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alephanAnyway - I think that the assumption here is that SYS_GID_MIN and SYS_GID_MAX would give you the flexibility to avoid the user on the host. So using --system is a workaround.14:44
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manuel1985I've got the following recipes available, but when I do `oe-pkgdata-util package-info mender-client` it will only show me the 2.4.1 one. How can I point bitbake to the 2.5 recipe?15:13
manuel1985Oh because I've got 'PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-mender-client = "2.4.1"' in my local.conf15:14
manuel1985Well, I'm an idiot.15:14
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Guest8605armpit: seeing | /mnt/b/yoe/master/build/tmp/work/cortexa72-yoe-linux-musl/gnutls/3.7.1-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/aarch64-yoe-linux-musl/aarch64-yoe-linux-musl-ld: /usr/lib/ error adding symbols: file in wrong format16:10
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armpitGuest8605, I would recommend opening a defect16:30
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Guest8605I think it could be specific to clang too16:31
Guest8605let me build it with gcc16:31
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Guest8605armpit: happens with gcc too17:10
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armpitGuest8605, thanks17:39
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armpitGuest3539, khem sent a patch18:49
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matteoarmpit: about what? libbpf?18:51
armpithehe, wrong Guest18:51
zeddiikhem is in disguise sometimes.18:52
armpitha. it was khem all along18:52
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ljhI'm having a couple of problems related to the python requirements (specifically the json-schema lib, apparently) when running docker-compose for zeus. Works alright on dunfell. Any ideias?19:35
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jonmasonDoes anyone know anything about nios2 in meta-zephyr?  Specifically, any magic to get it to compile20:16
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khemarmpit: yeah I use matrix bridge to talk to IRC servers and it wants you to identify after few days, its a pain but its ok, matrix is far more useful20:52
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armpitkhem, that makes sense... You are the Matrix21:47
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alex88Is there any way to have an npm recipe build faster? I'm just editing my bbappend on node-red recipe and it takes almost 20 minutes every time22:58
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