Tuesday, 2021-04-27

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mckoangood morning06:25
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mckoanalicef: from Japan?07:54
alicefmckoan: long time no see !07:59
alicefyes from japan07:59
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rburtoni wonder why the layer check code adds the same layer repeatedly when setting up08:59
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rburtonRP: there's no reason why layer-check-tool can't mine for machines on its own right.  conf/machines/*.conf in the primary layer unless told otherwise seems like a good design09:02
rburtonincluding a failure path if it detects a machine layer but doesn't test with any machines, as that is cheating09:02
RPrburton: isn't there an open bug for that? :)09:03
RPrburton: right, just found that09:04
rburtonshould be easy enough...09:05
RPrburton: I think the question was always "compare to what"09:05
rburtonour internal check-layer call does a glob to get all machines in the layer to pass to --machines09:05
rburtoncompare to qemux86-64 i guess09:06
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intera_91good morning, new project and it runs fine until it tries to compile enllightenment foundation libraries and fails at do_configure with  ERROR: Problem encountered: extension Xcomposite not found for X11 would be extermeley grateful for any hint09:13
rburtonsounds like missing DEPENDS09:14
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LetoThe2ndrburton: it always DEPENDS! unless it RDEPENDS!09:18
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intera_91the bb file comes directly from efl git09:23
rburtonwell its broken then09:24
LetoThe2ndit might also be a missing DISTRO_FEATURE, maybe?09:24
intera_91is the bb files which exists on the git09:26
rburtonthats an xserver recipe09:27
rburtonnot efl09:27
rburtonyou said it fails building efl09:27
intera_91gosh so sorry09:27
intera_91one sec09:27
rburtoncan you point to the actual file not a pastebin09:27
intera_91@rburton: one sec I will see if I can do that09:30
LetoThe2ndrburton: here, have a drink.09:30
* rburton panic-breathes into a paper bag09:31
intera_91the SRC_URI is in the bb file09:31
rburtonI actually wanted the url of the recipe09:31
rburtonas you said it was in efl git and i couldn't find it09:31
LetoThe2ndrburton: a nice brown paper bag with a bottle of cheapo liquor inside?09:32
manuel1985I would like to rebase a misaligned patch file with 'devtool modify <recipe>', but then I get an error telling me the patch file could not be found. It seems to look in the wrong location.09:35
intera_91it is in meta-variscite which is the board am developing for thud branch09:36
manuel1985The patch file comes from an append recipe which has the patch in files and has 'FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"', so that looks good09:36
manuel1985The patch file is specified as SRC_URI_append = "file://0010-Add-skip-to-avoid-mender-auto-update-on-startup.patch;patchdir=src/${GO_IMPORT}"09:37
rburtonintera_91: still can't see a link.  i'm guessing you need to add missing DEPENDS, such as libxcomposite.09:37
rburtonintera_91: note that as per https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Releases thud is *very* end of life09:37
manuel1985And it seems to look for that file within GO_IMPORT09:37
manuel1985Exception: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/redacted/repos/yoc/meta-redacted/build/tmp/work/aarch64-poky-linux/mender-client/2.5.0-r0/devtooltmp-qbx8nnck/workdir/git/src/github.com/mendersoftware/mender/patches/0010-Add-skip-to-avoid-mender-auto-update-on-startup.patch'09:38
qschulzmanuel1985: don't forget to add the leading space when using _append09:38
manuel1985You're right, but that just slipped in when pasting it into IRC. In the recipe the SRC_URI stretches over multiple lines and has a leading space.09:39
qschulzmanuel1985: what's the value of S?09:40
qschulz${WORKDIR}/git I assume?09:41
qschulzyour patchdir is probably very wrong, but I don't understand exactly what you want to do09:41
qschulzcan you give us more context? like what's the path relative to ${WORKDIR} where you patch should be applied?09:42
intera_91@rburton: libxcomposite is already in the DEPENDS09:42
manuel1985qschulz: S="/home/redacted/repos/yoc/meta-redacted/build/tmp/work/aarch64-poky-linux/mender-client/2.5.0-r0/git"  yep seems to be ${WORKDIR}/git09:42
manuel1985So theres the recipe mender-client.bb in meta-mender and we've got an append recipe mender-client.bbappend in our own layer09:43
rburtonintera_91: maybe it actually want the xorgproto09:43
manuel1985And the append recipe contains a patch file which now has a fuzz09:43
rburtonadded latest release *dates* to https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Releases to emphasis that thud has been EOL for 18 months09:43
manuel1985And I want to fix that09:44
rburtonRP:  well i got meta-arm-bsp down to just the kernel failure09:44
manuel1985And the patch file is referenced like so: SRC_URI_append = " file://0010-Add-skip-to-avoid-mender-auto-update-on-startup.patch;patchdir=src/${GO_IMPORT}" Seems the patchdir was added because the hunks are specified relative to ${GO_IMPORT}09:47
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intera_91@rburton: the meta-variscite am using was created by the conpany  and is private09:47
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RPrburton: nice :)09:49
RPrburton: is the kernel issue going to need deeper help? :/09:49
rburtonthe kernel code slurps all files it sees09:49
rburtoneven if they're not picked up09:50
rburtonintera_91: fwiw that recipe is horrible so i'm not surprised its broken09:54
rburtonand thud is *ancient* now09:54
rburtonso, speak to your vendor09:54
rburtonif you've a private layer then presumably you paid for it, so they should be fixing it09:54
qschulzmanuel1985: can't exclude a bug in devtool patching logic. You can remove the patch from the original recipe so that devtool works fine, then apply the patch manually with git am, reorder with git rebase if needed, then git format-patch and you're good to go09:55
manuel1985qschulz: Alright, will look into that! Thanks!09:56
qschulzmanuel1985: it'd be very helpful if you could reproduce on master of poky or openembedded-core with a simple recipe and patch (or mender's if you can only with this one) and open a bug on our bugzilla :)09:57
manuel1985qschulz: Can't promise but I'll see what I can do :)10:01
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manuel1985Can I make devtool not delete its tmpdir? It looks for a patch in '${WORKDIR}/devtooltmp-w6f5w_u2/ but I can't dig deeper as that dir doesn't exist10:43
qschulzmanuel1985: comment out shutil.rmtree(tempdir) in scripts/lib/devtool/standard.py I guess?11:03
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ernstpI had a recipe with do_compile() { make FOO=1 } and do_compile_machine2() { make FOO=2 }, and they worked "standalone", but when building both machines at the same time they could get a prebuilt package from sstate cache of the other variant. is that expected?11:53
ernstpPACKAGE_ARCH was just the default TUNE_PKGARCH. But they must have had different taskhashes, so I was surprised!11:54
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Ad0in raspberry pi 3, dt-blob.dts should be dt-blob.bin, but the whole RPI_KERNEL_DEVICETREE forces you into a .dtb extension. I tried to rename it in a do_install_append and add the file to files_$PN like this - install -m 0644 ${D}/${KERNEL_IMAGEDEST}/dt-blob.dtb ${D}/${KERNEL_IMAGEDEST}/dt-blob.bin - but it still only has dt-blob.dtb in the boot partition13:11
Ad0I also tried IMAGE_BOOT_FILES += "dt-blob.bin"13:11
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dvorkindmitryhttps://pastebin.com/W0U8YSKs obviously, the problem is in timestamp. some packets for SDK are generated with an old timestamp: img-tps-base/1.0-r1/sdk/image/opt/tps/ 3.1.2-20201228/, 3.1.2-20210427/13:38
dvorkindmitryhow can I update the timstamp for packets used in SDK without recompiling everything from scratch,13:38
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Ad0yay I made it work13:46
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RPsgw1: OEQA_DEBUGGING_SAVED_OUTPUT=/srv/autobuilder/autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/pub/repro-fail/  DISPLAY=:1 oe-selftest -r reproducible -j 1']15:43
RPsgw1: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/115/builds/20615:43
moto-timoJPEW: empty layer https://github.com/JPEWdev/meta-phosh15:44
vmesonsgw1: see also meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/reproducible.py -> 153:    if 'OEQA_DEBUGGING_SAVED_OUTPUT' in os.environ:15:45
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yatesis there any way to build the eSDK without having to build an image?16:02
rburtonyes, build the eSDK16:05
rburtonit won't build an image16:05
rburtonThere's huge overlap between the contents of the image and the SDK though16:05
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yateshow do you "build the eSDK"?16:06
yatesi've been looking through https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.6/sdk-manual/ and don't see it16:09
yatesrather, https://docs.yoctoproject.org/sdk-manual/index.html16:10
yatesrburton: how do you "build the eSDK"?16:11
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JPEWmoto-timo: Heh, sorry16:22
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yatesis yocto 3.2 supposed to work with python 3.6.9?16:36
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yatesnm, it's a python add-on i configured (pyenv)16:38
yates /home/randyy/.pyenv/libexec/pyenv: line 134: /home/randyy/.pyenv/libexec/pyenv-exec: Argument list too long16:38
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rabbit9911Is there a way to cause yocto to error if it builds a package but the files listed under FILES_${PN} are not found?17:02
rabbit9911The installed-vs-shipped seems to do the opposite which causes an error if there are files installed under ${D} that are not assigned to a package.17:03
rburtonrabbit9911: no, because the files are potential globs17:03
rburtonfiles not matching is silently accepted by design, so that the default FILES_PN can be $bindir $includedir $libdir/*.so.* etc17:04
rburtonyou can add your own post-install sanity check if you want to verify that specific files exist17:04
rabbit9911Right now on the legacy system I have a HUGE manifest file that verifies every file is where it should be on the rootfs. It's clunky but its also nice to know that you didn't miss a file (which happens).. Sounds like this would have to be added to yocto in some form then..17:06
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rabbit9911simplicity with globs vs reliability.17:08
rabbit9911It would be nice to verify all the files that are not globs.17:11
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JPEWRP: When I first saw honsiter in an error message, I thought it was some string parsing problem that chopped of the front half of some word (not sure _what_ word per se)... :)18:02
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kanavin_RP: I signed with linutronix18:15
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kanavin_rburton, ^^^18:15
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yateswas git.yoctoproject.org recently moved?22:05
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yatesi have a clone on my hard drive and attemptng to visit the "git config --get remote.origin.url" of https://git.yoctoproject.org/git/meta-arm gives a "page cannot be found"22:06
yatesis it now https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-arm/tree/?22:08
armpityates, if we did, we would have notified the community22:10
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armpitits been cgit as long as I have been cloning22:10
yatesarmpit: that clone is 6 mnoths old at the very outside.22:13
yatesperhaps it was also available at the other url until recently.22:13
yatesanyway, mystery solved22:14
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RPkanavin_: congrats!22:15
yateswhy is there no "qemu" machine here? https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-arm/tree/meta-arm-bsp/conf/machine22:15
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RPJPEW: I'm sure we'll get used to it :)22:15
RPJPEW: this name series does get interesting22:16
RPJPEW: and it is honister, I did just double check I had the right spelling in the layer :)22:20
* RP was brought up with some of these names so I guess they're more natural to me!22:20
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armpityates, you might want to ping the maintainers of the layer22:36
armpitJPEW, I keep miss pronouncing it and I expect to get in trouble for it soon22:38
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