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resoumIf I pass in an environment variable with BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE that should _not_ invalidate the cache when it changes, do I add that variable name to BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST or BB_HASHCONFIG_WHITELIST? Or both?00:22
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resoum(I am also exporting the passed in variables in my distro conf so I can use them as recipe variables)00:23
resoumAlso, is there a reliable way to avoid forcing a re-parsing of the base metadata for those variables as well?00:28
resoumFrom reading the docs, I _believe_ I do want both, but poky/meta/conf/bitbake.conf seems to indicate that BB_HASHCONFIG_WHITELIST ?= ${BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST}, so there appears to be at least some desire to only need one.00:46
* jonesv[m] < >01:03
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khemjonesv: how powerful is the cpu ?03:06
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mrqwertzI have a question about the release process of meta-openembedded. I saw that a recipe for yaml-cpp exists on the master branch, but not for dunfell or others. Are new recipes still ported back for dunfell or do you have to upgrade the build system to a newer release?07:04
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jonesv[m]<khem "jonesv: how powerful is the cpu "> it's an apq8009... do you think that it may be too slow to boot yocto? 🤔11:31
jonesv[m]The thing is that I replaced the `system` by the one I built with yocto, and I kept `boot` intact. So my understanding is that I kept the downstream kernel but just changed the rootfs. Now I'm not sure if `Starting udev` means that the kernel did recognize my rootfs at all or not... it's an ubi system and maybe I screwed up the setup. I just don't know what to do from here, I'd like to see more output from the kernel to11:33
jonesv[m]understand maybe what is wrong11:33
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khemjonesv: can you change kernel cmdline parameters ?14:17
khemif so you might add printk to it14:17
khemyour CPU is powerful enough that it should finish udev quickly enough14:18
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jonesv[m]khem: I'll try, I'm now reading to see where the cmdline is stored (like does it go on the bootloader partition `aboot`, the kernel partition `boot` or the rootfs partition `system`? Because if I change it in the bootloader but only flash the kernel partition, that's useless :D15:17
jonesv[m]I'm just scared of flashing anything at all on `aboot`, because if that fails, I won't be able to flash anything anymore15:18
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RPkhem: do you have enough knowledge of elf to tell if is right?16:15
v2dhi all -- what should I add in my recipe to have the (native) fallocate tool available?16:39
RPv2d: looks like it is part of util-linux16:45
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v2dRP: util-linux-native then? :s16:49
RPv2d: yes16:49
v2dI meant DEPENDS = "util-linux-native"16:50
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RPv2d: that is where I'd start...16:51
v2dRP: I'm writing a simple recipe to generate a .vfat partition. Ideally we need a "vfat" IMAGE_FSTYPES imo. Would you be interested in that?16:51
RPv2d: raw partition copies often aren't as useful as you'd think as they tend to need to be combined into varying sized discs so maybe but I'd want to understand the way it could be used16:57
v2dRP: for a concrete scenario, the RAUC update utility can upgrade redundant bootable MBR partition, by copying the raw partition and tweaking the MBR active flag atomically to the updated boot partition.17:01
v2dSo one could imagine doing a recipe like this: IMAGE_INSTALL = "virtual/bootloader" IMAGE_FSTYPES = "vfat"17:02
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v2dIf a "vfat" image type is not acceptable, one can still write a recipe doing mkfs.vfat and such, or we can imagine the "bundle.bbclass" from meta-rauc to do it for us.17:05
RPv2d: if there is a user for it, we can probably add it, I doubt it costs us much to maintain17:06
v2dWIC may use it for part --fstype vfat as well17:08
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khemRP:  you should get multiple SHT_NOTE one for each alignment e.g. 4. and 817:18
khemwhich is what I am seeing in comment in your patch17:18
khemso all .note.XXX sections which are aligned to 4 bytes will go to Second SHT_NOTE and 8bytes one go to first one17:20
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v2dRP: this is my recipes-core/partitions/ recipe: (unfortunately I have no mean to abstract the barebox image names)17:23
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khemRP:  most probably patchelf should just ignore checking section to segment checks for notes17:25
v2dDoes adding a task as a dependency like do_foo[depends] += "recipe:do_bar" is enough to pull in "recipe", or does "recipe" need to be added to *DEPENDS as well?17:28
khemRP: Just looked into lld which does the section clubbing and I think your patch is right too, so either we can ignore or if we want to resync then your patch improves the situation,17:30
khemjonesv: I think rootfs should be able to boot ok unless your kernel depends on modules from rootfs and now you would have newer/different modules than the kernel in /boot so it might not be loading them17:32
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RPkhem: - different mingw issue with gcc 1119:15
khemhmm I did build core-image-mingw-sdktest -cpopulate_sdk yesterday for qemux86 and SDKMACHINE = i686-mingw3219:19
khemI see here you have SDKMACHINE = "x86_64-mingw32"19:19
khemwho uses mingw stuff ?19:20
khemI have zero use of it and it always needs fixing, Feels like waste of time I wish there was a way to keep it broken and let interesting parties fix it19:25
khemI have seen such free labor goes unnoticed19:27
RPkhem: JPEW does19:40
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khemRP: sent a fix please try it out21:12
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RPkhem: thanks, will test21:38
RPkhem: I think we need to rethink how we're handling meta-mingw and meta-gplv2 as they cause us both trouble :/21:39
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v2dI still have "fallocate: not found" from my recipe while I DEPENDS = "util-linux-native"... Am I missing something?21:47
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v2dI also can see build/tmp/sysroots-components/x86_64/util-linux-native/usr/bin/fallocate, so what's the issue here?21:48
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RPv2d: in the recipe that is missing it, is it in recipe-sysroot-native?21:59
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v2dRP: I am not sure to understand22:01
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v2dRP: I have no such thing like */my-boot-part-recipe/*/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/fallocate22:04
v2dbut I do for other image recipes22:04
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RPv2d: you added DEPENDS = "util-linux-native" to my-boot-part-recipe but you don't see fallocate there?22:12
v2dRP: exact22:12
RPv2d: that seems strange and I'd check with bitbake -e that DEPENDS is set to what you think it should be22:12
v2dIt used to work until I added this recipe as a dependency from another (wic) image recipe.22:14
v2dRP: I've added the recipe to EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS and do_image_wic[depends], do somehow it messes around with task ordering. I've changed the add_task statement to specify "after do_prepare_recipe_sysroot" and it works now. Normal?22:17
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