Friday, 2021-04-30

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JPEWRP: Right. Sorry, I had to step away for supper. I forgot to include the verbconsole handler: { "version": 1, "loggers": { "BitBake.RunQueue": { "level": "DEBUG3", "handlers": ["BitBake.verbconsole"] } } }00:31
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JPEWRP: Added a patch to re-enable the "-l" option; it should make it do what you want now01:04
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:44
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mckoanhi LetoThe2nd06:46
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GeneralStupidHi, at the moment i call ifconfig to configure the network interfaces... I want to replace it with dbus and networkmanager or connman. I don't need VPN support and already use avahi for mdns.07:31
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LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: ok, so...?07:33
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: iam not sure what i should use. The sources i found on networkmanager are more focussed on desktop application07:35
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: yocto chant #2: it depends.07:35
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: i feared that ;-)07:36
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LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: thats just how it is.07:38
GeneralStupidI try to ask more specific questions... but maybe i dont have all informations i need07:39
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LetoThe2ndwe can try and guide you through the thinking process, but you'll have to do most of the heavy lifting yourself. thats just how it is.07:42
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: Thanks, it is what it is :) I will ask again if i gained more informations.07:44
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: Does it make sense to compare the dbus api's at the beginning?07:44
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: if accessing the network-management-software-to-be thorugh that api is a core requirement for you, then it is. otherwise, probably not.07:46
GeneralStupidyes it is. I hope that i just install nm or connman and only use the dbus api and everything works :-D07:47
GeneralStupidAnd i know it wont be that easy :)07:47
LetoThe2ndfi you are already on systemd, then networkd is obviously another candidate.07:48
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: Iam. but there is no dbus api?07:51
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LetoThe2ndLetoThe2nd: i think there is.07:54
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: i'll search for it07:57
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RPkanavin_: around? seems to have broken uninative :(09:23
RPkanavin_: is the result with a new uninative. For x86_64 I get GLIBC_2.2.5 from that script, not GLIBC_2.009:23
RPkanavin_: I've tried 4.4.19 and its no better, the issues aren't fixed. Will have to try and debug09:45
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GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: networkctl is able to be reloaded via dbus but you need to write the config file to the disk09:51
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: so i give connman a try thanks for your help :)09:51
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: have fun!09:52
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GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: Yes. Fun: bluez5 is pulled in by connman09:54
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: well i guess that this is just a MACHINE_FEATURE or packageconfig09:54
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GeneralStupidbluetooth is a distro_feature10:00
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: thanks for the hint, it works10:07
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RPkanavin_: I have a fix in -next, its leading space issues in CFLAGS10:37
* RP had to remember some perl :(10:37
LetoThe2ndRP: here, have a drink!10:39
JaMamy condolences10:39
LetoThe2ndfor the record: from tomorrow on, i will be mostly MIA until mid june10:40
JaMasome metal festival? :)10:41
LetoThe2ndpaternal leave10:41
qschulzLetoThe2nd: ???10:41
JaMaLetoThe2nd: congratz!10:41
LetoThe2ndJaMa: heh thanks. last period ever, probably. youngest one just turned one.10:42
qschulzLetoThe2nd: If you educate them to follow their dad's steps, probably can organise a month long festival at home :D10:43
JaMaor he might get enough screaming even without organizing a festival :)10:44
LetoThe2ndfull disclosure, i never organized a metal concert nor festival. have been invoved in some, but never did the full thing.10:44
LetoThe2ndJaMa: ayup10:44
LetoThe2ndbut timing is somewhat suboptimal indeed. essentially kicks me out of YPS, google I/O and MS build10:47
LetoThe2ndand the ELC seatlle thing is also not exactly helping my mood.10:48
qschulzLetoThe2nd: that's it, that's too much, I won't be attending YP Summit then!10:51
* LetoThe2nd goes to check if you haven't clicked the confirmation link yet...10:53
LetoThe2ndactually, i will be at the YPS for a couple of minutes. i have a special thing there! :)10:53
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kanavin_RP: right, I can help if still needed11:18
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prabhakarladHi all, I was trying to run "bitbake core-image-minimal -c do_fetch" so that i make sure all the source to build the image is downloaded first, before I trigger a build but -c do_fetch doesnt work. Am i missing something ?11:58
mckoanprabhakarlad: bitbake -c fetchall world11:59
mckoanprabhakarlad: bitbake -c fetchall core-image-minimal11:59
LetoThe2ndwasn't it -c runall:fetch these days?11:59
mckoanLetoThe2nd: do you mean --runall=fetch12:02
LetoThe2ndah. yes.12:02
prabhakarladmckoan: --runall=fetch did the trick!12:03
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prabhakarladthank you.12:04
mckoanprabhakarlad: ;-)12:04
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zeddiimust be hard times at the YP summit. accepting my proposals ;)13:37
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eduardashello, has anyone ever succesfully built wide-dhcpv6 with bitbake?13:51
eduardasthe only recipe for it found on the OE index is this one:
eduardasand as far as I can tell it does not really work under Dunfell13:52
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tuckhow to add timezone info to image?15:03
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qschulztuck: tzdata?15:07
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tuckqschulz thanks lad15:35
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RPkanavin_: thanks! Testing shows this appears to be working so will try again. I sent it upstream15:43
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kanavin_RP: I am working on a recipe version update bomb, the particular issue right now is that new e2fsprogs causes pseudo to coredump :-O15:56
v2dhi all -- how do I choose between kernel-image and kernel-image-zimage (for example) for my machine? Isn't the generic kernel-image better?15:57
RPkanavin_: I saw some of the builds. coredump does not sound good, that probably needs fixing15:57
RPkanavin_: sadly I have enough breakage with master-next atm :/15:57
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thekappehello guys16:10
thekappein my image recipe16:11
thekappeI've added a rootfs postprocess function16:11
thekappein this function I wan to use "mcopy"16:11
thekappebut bitbake complains that mcopy can't be found16:12
thekappehow can I add it ?16:12
thekappeOn my build machine I have it installed16:12
qschulzthekappe: forget about packages installed on your build machine ;)16:13
qschulzthekappe: if you need something to run on your build machine (therefore, at build time), you need a native recipe in your DEPENDS16:14
qschulzthere's probably something specific for image recipes since I'm not sure they're supposed to use DEPENDS mechanism?16:14
qschulzso long story short, DEPENDS = "mcopy-native" and if the recipe does not exist, you'll have to create it16:15
thekappefound something similar maybe..
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kergoththere's a separate variable for it for images, EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS. EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS += "mtools-native" or whatever. but yeah, it'd be better to use wic or something most likely..16:17
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thekappeafter completing the do_rootfs task16:19
thekappeI'm sure that in DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE there are three files16:20
thekappeI need to add this three files to a .vfat16:20
thekappeso I have aadded a post function that16:20
kergothdo_rootfs creates the rootfs, not the image files.16:21
thekappedd if=/dev/zero of=${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/bootloader.vfat bs=1M count=10016:21
kergothyou need to postprocess after the images are complete, not the rootfs16:21
thekappemkfs.fat ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/bootloader.vfat16:21
thekappemcopy -i ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/bootloader.vfat ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/file116:21
thekappemcopy -i ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/bootloader.vfat ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/file216:21
thekappemcopy -i ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/bootloader.vfat ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/file316:21
thekappe@kergoth thanks for the hint16:22
thekappehow can I do that ?16:22
thekappefile1/file2/file3 are generated by some recipes required to be installed16:23
v2dthekappe: I didn't follow from the beginning, can't you use IMAGE_BOOT_FILES to add deployed files to the wic partition defined as --source bootimg-partition?16:23
thekappebecause I need the .vfat16:23
thekappein case I need to update the boot partition16:24
thekappeI instruct wic to use this .vfat to populate /dev/mmcpl0p116:24
v2dho, I assume you're using rauc and a redundant boot partition.16:24
thekappeor at least I would like to16:25
v2dthekappe: that's a step I need to do as well. In the case of updating the boot partition, does rauc mount and update the bootloader file only (any "file" slot in fact) or the whole partition?16:25
thekappeI can't fix this damned .vfat16:26
thekappeI hoped so16:26
thekappebut as far I have understood the boot partition is menaged differntrly16:26
thekappeand you need an image file of the partition16:26
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manuel1985thekappe: `fallocate -l 1GiB ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/bootloader.vfat` is so better than `dd if=/dev/zero of=${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/bootloader.vfat bs=1M count=100`16:37
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v2dthekappe: what about having a recipe which uses genimage.bbclass only for the boot partition?16:53
v2dthekappe: the proper way would definitely be to implement a "vfat" IMAGE_FSTYPES in openembedded, but I'm not sure you have the time to do this16:54
thekappeI'm ended up with your solution too16:58
thekappeprobably it's just quicker16:59
thekappeto create a recipe with the correct depends and only a deploy task17:00
thekappebut I'm not sure how to fetch the file deployed by recipeA recipeB and recipeC in the do_deploy() task of this recipe17:01
v2dyou have to make your do_vfat task after do_deploy and mcopy ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/$file17:04
v2dor maybe do_vfat[depends] += "virtual/bootloader:do_deploy" is enough in fact. (same for recipeA, recipeB and recipeC)17:05
thekappev2d, thanks17:09
v2dthekappe: as an example, here's the "" recipe I use to tar an SD card image with a README file:
v2dthekappe: I can't explain the details, but depending on the recipe you want to depend on, you'll have to try depending on either recipe:do_deploy or recipe:do_image_complete.17:14
v2dIf you s/release/vfat/ and add your fallocate/mcopy commands in there, you should be good.17:14
thekappeprobably I've finally solved it17:20
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tgamblinlooks like someone's cat is training to be a developer17:52
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mario-goulartTaking password length seriously.18:52
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v2dmanuel1985: may I ask why fallocate is better than dd to prepare a vfat partition image?19:51
kergothv2d: see the fallocate man page, it's much faster since it doesn't actually write zeroes to disk19:54
kergothit can also allocate hte space to make it a sparse file, not actually taking up the full space on disk19:54
manuel1985v2d: The file is created instantly and it doesn't wear down the disk. Also, if I recall correctly, it's by default a sparse file, so it will take up only space which actually gets used, i.e. which is not left blank = zeroed out.19:55
*** Mr_Singh_ <Mr_Singh_!~Mr_Singh@2607:fea8:be0:a500:acf4:3743:3286:c585> has joined #yocto19:56
Mr_Singh_Hello everyone20:03
Mr_Singh_I am new on Yocto project , I have requirement to import my c++ cmake based project on yocto with embedded linux20:03
Mr_Singh_Can anyone please guide me , big thanks !!20:04
v2dmanuel1985: kergoth: sparse, say no more! :)20:05
v2ddoes it imply a mechanism to take fewer space until you dd the image on a medium?20:07
v2dI'd like my wic image with two 500Mb partitions not to take 1Gb :-)20:07
v2dMr_Singh_: see this: All of it. Then go back to the "Writing recipes" section.20:15
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Mr_Singh_v2d : Thank you so much for sharing the resource link20:26
Mr_Singh_v2d : just one more concern , As I mentioned I am new on yocto . Is that good practice covert cmake c++ project as yocto based project because that project have lakhs line of code and it is compilable with Cmake20:28
Mr_Singh_Is project size matter during porting of project from Cmake to yocto embedded linux20:29
manuel1985Mr_Singh_: You don't need to convert it. They go happily hand in hand. Look into `devtool add`. It will autogenerate recipes. The recipe calls your CMakeLists.txt with envvars and cli vars so it puts everything into the right locations.20:32
Mr_Singh_manue1985 : Wow , that's great !! Can you please share any doc or tutorial for that process .20:33
v2dMr_Singh_: there's no such "porting". Yocto (i.e. BitBake/OpenEmbedded) is a build system, you write a "recipe" for the package you want to integrate into your embedded system. The package can use make, cmake, python, whatever, the build system is basically a big set of scripts to fetch and compile/prepare components into a final target system.20:33
Mr_Singh_v2d : thank you !! I am new that's why I have some confusion20:34
Mr_Singh_mauel1985 : So if my project is compilable with Cmake the yocto can also compile it right , I am little afraid from yocto errors20:36
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manuel1985Mr_Singh_: No worries :)20:36
Mr_Singh_I worked before on yocto and it's errors are really painful I mean they take too much time and build time is also very slow20:36
Mr_Singh_mauel1985 : Thank you20:37
v2dMr_Singh_: you need to spend some time reading slides such as my link or tutorial like manuel1985 gave you, especially if you're not confortable yet with embedded systems.20:37
Mr_Singh_v2d : No NO I am comfortable with embedded systems but not much experience on Yocto20:38
Mr_Singh_Will learn more20:38
Mr_Singh_Thank you for this healthy conversation :)20:38
v2dMr_Singh_: the slides I gave you is a good introduction then. There are also youtube videos from the same company to introduce Yocto20:41
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