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dtometzkianyo know is wrong here re2c: /home/damian/kernel/poky/build-qemu/tmp/sysroots-uninative/x86_64-linux/usr/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.29' not found (required by re2c)09:05
dtometzkibootstrapping ninja...09:05
dtometzkiwith fedora 3409:05
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dtometzkire2c: /home/damian/kernel/poky/build-qemu/tmp/sysroots-uninative/x86_64-linux/usr/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.29' not found (required by re2c)09:06
dtometzkibootstrapping ninja...09:06
dtometzkiTraceback (most recent call last):09:06
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RPdtometzki: almost certainly a uninative issue and need to upgrade to the gcc11 compatible uninative. Patch in master and hardknott, is safe for older releases11:10
dtometzkiRP yaeh with master it runs until now11:23
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dev1990hey, is host-user-contaminated working properly? (hardknott), I'm getting warnings like "is owned by uid 1000" on files under /home/user/*12:17
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dev1990I got there symlink for /usr/lib/systemd/user/pulseaudio.service, I think that bitbake might be confused by that12:21
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dev1990 /home/retro/.config/systemd/user/ (symlink owned by 1000:1000) points to /usr/lib/systemd/user/pulseaudio.service (0:0)12:28
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armpithome like in your system's /home or target13:07
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v2dmoto-timo: I need different images to boot from the eMMC or the SD card, likely using different bootloaders as well. Hence having two foo-emmc and foo-sdcard machines sharing an .inc file and two multiconfigs sharing the same TMPDIR seems the way to go. I could place the bootloader variables and WKS_FILE in the multiconfig directly, but that seems ugly.17:35
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moto-timov2d: why does it seem ugly? It is the configuration you need17:36
v2dmoto-timo: you would define the various UBOOT_* variables and WKS_FILE in the multiconfig?17:38
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v2dmoto-timo: to be more precise, the eMMC uses a configured barebox. I want to build an image for the SD card (using the default u-boot) to embedded the .wic file for the eMMC image, in order to provision the system. That's why I imagined two machine configurations (one per medium)17:40
moto-timov2d: it’s just a config, like any other. If you would have put it in local.conf for one image… it makes sense to put it in multiconfig/foo.conf17:40
x0n^hi! after checking the docs, it appears the preferred way for installing on debian is from git? are there packages?17:40
moto-timov2d: machine is more about tuning the compiler…17:40
moto-timov2d: but there are multiple ways to do this. You can choose what works for you.17:41
v2dmoto-timo: hence my question :) Thanks for the hints. I always thought machine configuration was more about "medium and boot strategy", same harware or not.17:42
v2dmoto-timo: so you would keep a single machine and two multiconfigs foo-emmc and foo-sdcard, sharing the same TMPDIR, correct?17:44
moto-timov2d: li have never done it, but it seems like a cleaner solution when vast  amounts of what you are building for the soc (the machine) are going to identical17:45
moto-timov2d: in practice, I would actually use different kas targets17:46
moto-timov2d: but it seems like a good use case for multiconfig17:47
v2dmoto-timo: I'd use different kas files as well, but I think I need multiconfig in order to integrate mc:foo-emmc:image.wic into my wic image for sdcard17:49
v2dsomething that isn't well covered in OE yet regarding the multiconfig is the paths to the multiconfig built images, but having the same $MACHINE and $TMPDIR at least guarantees that for my case.17:51
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v2dmoto-timo: sorry, run into a router issue and disconnected :/19:22
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moto-timosakoman RP armpit: python3-scons 3.1.2 is marked as insecure by  ... and 4.1.0 has a number of fixes on top of 4.0.1 ... what do we want to do about dunfell/gatesgarth/hardknott?20:54
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RPmoto-timo: is that some general policy for older releases or a specific issue?21:25
moto-timoRP: just stable releases policy. Now that I know the component is marked as insecure... I should do my due diligence ;)21:27
moto-timoRP: I'm working on a 4.0.0 recipe for minimum compliance with and safety (
RPmoto-timo: upgrading master sounds good, less sure about the other releases21:30
x0n^I've found this slide deck about building a xen image for rpi:
x0n^are there ready-made images available somewhere?21:30
moto-timoRP: agreed. I just wanted to raise the flag, in case someone felt strongly.21:31
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RPmoto-timo: mktemp isn't a huge problem and scons probably isn't on target that much anyway22:15
moto-timoRP: good enough :)22:15
moto-timoRP: I'll push a contrib branch in case anybody wants 4.0.0 on dunfell22:16
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