Monday, 2021-05-24

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x0n^please excuse if this is a noob question; I'm trying to build an rpi xen image according to and it seems there's a bit of dependency hell. I have managed to make it build by going with dunfell, but shouldn't both meta-virtualization and meta-raspberrypi also work with head or hardknott?03:56
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mckoanWhen you are expected to receive the link for YP-Summit ?07:26
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kanavinRP: ltp is still hanging on the AB08:27
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kanavinRP: seen here
RPkanavin: :)08:42
RPkanavin: thanks. I suspect an issue with 5.10.3708:42
RPkanavin: and a third stuck the same way. /me stops them08:48
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kanavinRP: oh I'm not on that list, should I join?09:12
kanavinRP: there seems to be a never ending joining of useful yocto lists I had no idea about ;)09:12
RPkanavin: you can if you want. You can get a feel from the archive :)09:18
RPkanavin: I posted some of the recent debugging there as I wasn't sure where else it made sense09:18
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JPEWtlwoerner: I published my slides13:37
JPEWNow I just need to practice...13:37
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rburtontlwoerner: is there a schedule for the OEDVM yet14:47
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armpitrburton, only a time slot for the overall OEDVM15:43
tlwoernerrburton: not yet, submissions are still coming in. i'll try to keep the Europeans earlier in the schedule, but petty politics sometime interferes ;-S15:52
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tlwoernerJPEW: awesome! I'll run through them in a bit. thanks for updating your bio too :-)15:58
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* armpit it is 4am pst... 16:47
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x0n^please, be honest: is bitbake the antichrist?17:38
neverpanicNot any more than any of the other tools are. I'd say about 30%, but once you found the right brand of holy water it's manageable.17:44
x0n^it's been crucifying me for the better part of last night, the morning, the afternoon... it's evening again17:49
x0n^still in dependency hell17:49
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x0n^but not like it'd be content flaying my resolve, noooo... it keeps giving me hope, like absolution is just around the corner. then it pounces. another inexplicaple error message. or no message at all. the operation just loops ad infinitum. i hate you, bitbake.18:08
bluelightningx0n^: if you can be a bit more specific we can try to help19:00
bluelightning"no error message at all" would certainly be unusual and we'd want to know how you triggered that19:01
rob_wx0n^, its a test ...19:02
rob_w.. but its ok to fail and try and learn .. its part of the process19:03
x0n^bluelightning: no error message was with -b gatesgarth; layers meta-virtualization, meta-raspberrypi; kernel linux-yocto-5.10. simply looped while fetching. I'm at kernel 5.8 now and this works now19:08
bluelightningwhat does "looped" mean? just sitting there with no further output?19:09
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JaMax0n^: maybe?19:10
bluelightningthe kernel fetch is certainly the largest one in a regular image build, so it would take the longest, but shouldn't be more than a few minutes (depending on your connection of course)19:10
x0n^another question though: 4-core cpu (8 threads), BB_NUMBER_THREADS = "8", PARALLEL_MAKE = "-j 8". total cpu is at 50% max. what might be wrong?19:11
JaMait takes 15 mins to timeout if he cannot run git ls-remote against (for whatever reason)19:11
JaMathat's close enough to infinity for me when there isn't any progress output :)19:12
bluelightninghmm, I wonder if there's anything practically we can do to improve that19:13
x0n^bluelightning: it actually goes to 100% and then starts over though19:13
x0n^I can re-stage that and get logs if it's of interest19:13
bluelightningx0n^: right, I agree that is a bit confusing, it's because the progress measurement is not properly divided between the 2-3 stages of a git pull - as it happens that is probably my fault19:14
bluelightning("receiving objects" and "resolving deltas" are the two larger ones)19:18
x0n^JaMa: that looks interesting. is there a newer meta-raspberrypi that will work with HEAD or hardknott?19:19
x0n^bluelightning: I'm fairly certain it would have never finished. I'm happy to give it another shot once this build (hopefully) completes19:21
bluelightningcool, yeah if you can reproduce it that would be very interesting - particularly if you can get the corresponding log.do_fetch for the kernel when it does so19:22
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x0n^JaMa: I should add I'm bitbaking xen-image-minimal, so rpi-xen. when I checked out HEAD, for some reason meta-virtualization and meta-raspberrypi wouldn't play with each other19:24
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x0n^the moment of triumph is near though. 3054 of 3077 tasks. gonna be my second completed build. only took me a round-the-clock allnighter. sigh. hopefull it runs this time...19:28
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x0n^btw, what's best practice for starting over? this time around, I religiously stuck religiously with git checkout -b <tag> (and rm -rf subdir; git checkout <subdir> if necessary) but that seemed to get me into all sorts of trouble19:30
x0n^better to git clone another fresh source tree when changing branches?19:31
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JPEWx0n^: That shouldn't be necessary19:52
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x0n^hm. I'll do an a/b test and rebuild the same project with a freshly clone tree. for your entertainment: I'm still not done building. now dnf craps in do_rootfs. wtf can something please just work?20:37
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JPEWx0n^: Depends on what you are trying to do I suppose21:01
JPEWx0n^: Do you have an sstate and download cache setup? That would save you a lot of time on rebuilds21:02
JPEWeven from a completely fresh setup, as long as you set the caches outside the directories you erase :)21:02
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x0n^JPEW: so far I've been doing it the idio.. uh... old-fashioned way. definitely should be doing that, thanks!21:32
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