Tuesday, 2021-05-25

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x0n^theee song for my night: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=yJL5SE1i0u403:19
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mckoangood YP-Summit's morning07:33
x0n^so... if I change layer priorities bitbake won't rebake unless I do_clean the package in question?07:40
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mckoanx0n^: yes07:57
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mckoanFYI people are asking for hands-on class credentials in Slack channel #training-room-summit-202108:10
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x0n^mckoan: shit. how do I force it? I'v re built the entire recipy in question and forced a do_rootfs but the result still looks exactly like the failed first attempt08:27
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phatinaall: Hi there. Do you have any experience with eSDK which does not "populate" all the sources from SRC_URI when doing `devtool modify linux-yocto`? If I run this command inside classic build environment, then it builds. Same thing for bitbake. However when I install the eSDK generated for my image, then I can not compile kernel, because of missing files. Any tips?08:29
mckoanx0n^: bitbake -C rootfs08:32
mckoanC uppercase08:32
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x0n^mckoan: that apparent repacks rootfs. but ain't that the same as what I did by "bitbake -f -c do_rootfs <recipe>"?08:36
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RPrburton: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/113/builds/1036/steps/12/logs/stdio08:55
rburtonyeah jonmason did a boo boo08:55
rburtoni'll quickly fix up08:55
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rburtoncurious how it got through CI!08:56
rburtonhooray checksum for noticing a licensing change \o/09:01
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rburtonRP: curiously, that exact same recipe worked in our CI09:15
rburtonNOTE: recipe trusted-firmware-a-2.5-r0: task do_populate_lic: Succeeded09:16
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rburtonok bug fixed09:32
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x0n^I could really use some help if someone got the time. can't figure this out: https://termbin.com/3hi309:40
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x0n^build command is: bitbake xen-image-minimal09:40
rburtonRP: i can't blame jonmason: he used the kas/CI I wrote to verify the upgrade, and it had a bug that meant it was ignoring some warnings09:41
x0n^relevant recipe: https://termbin.com/3hi309:43
x0n^oh, right. symptoms: u-boot not flashed onto image, cmdline.txt missing xen options09:44
x0n^I feel like I'm in a madhouse and bitbake got ALLL the mirros :/09:45
x0n^this is what it looks like instead: https://termbin.com/rndo09:49
* x0n^ goes pray or something. appreciate any pointers!09:50
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RPrburton: heh, bug in the CI is annoying :)10:10
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kpoHello, I've got a raspberry pi yocto system that uses rauc (with uboot) for updating ext4 rootfses, however I'd like to also have two kernels, ideally on those updated rootfses. The kernel uses dt overlays, which reside on FAT /boot partition (as the kernel itself currently). My reasoning is that all those overlays should also be on rootfses to enable updating them in the future, am I correct? Could you give me some keywords that could be useful to10:58
kporesearch more? What about devicetree overlays which reside on /boot/overlays, and are loaded using raspberrys config.txt?10:58
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qschulzHas anyone received their confirmation email for slack? Been waiting for ~10min, nothing in the spam/trash/inbox folders11:29
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jonmasonrburton: you figure out why it works for us and not RP?11:37
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dash1tfvckif anyone got karma to burn today, please check the backlog for my desperate cry for help. still praying for someone else too look at it because if I do it's just making my head spin at this point11:39
qschulzok, the email to my work mail address took 15min and on my personal one, 1min don't know what happened, can only blame the bad mail provider :)11:42
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rburtonjonmason: yeah, i broke it11:46
rburtonfix pushed to all branches so the CI will be busy for a bit11:51
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dash1tfvckwhenenver I'm done with my fabulous home network project, I'm gonna check out joyent's triton12:10
dash1tfvckam still somewhat partial to solaris-based OSs12:10
dash1tfvckshame that omnios went under12:11
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dash1tfvckoops, please ignore. I do not endorse joyent(tm) triton(r) products any more than the next guy13:01
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dash1tfvckon the other hand, if someone were be so kind and checked my earlier problem with layer/recipe precence (see https://termbin.com/3hi3), you'd make me seriously happy. I'd even stop stalking about joyent(tm) smartos(cc-by-sa) for a bit13:04
smurraythat link 404s here13:09
qschulzthere's a Yocto Project conference today and tomorrow so expect much longer than usual delays in support13:09
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dash1tfvcksmurray: sorry. I'll repost. thanks qschulz. is there a webcast?14:10
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RobertBerger@dash1tfvck: the link points to some configurations14:12
RobertBerger@dash1tfvck: what exactly is the problem? what do you try to do?14:13
dash1tfvckRobertBerger: I've reorganized my thoughts:14:17
dash1tfvckproblem: trying to build rpi-xen image with "bitbake xen-image-minimal"14:17
dash1tfvckrelevant recipe: https://termbin.com/3hi314:17
dash1tfvckrelated recipes: https://termbin.com/3hi314:17
dash1tfvcksymptoms: u-boot not flashed onto image, cmdline.txt missing xen options14:17
dash1tfvckthis is the output as of now:: https://termbin.com/rndo14:17
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dash1tfvckalso, the first link should be https://termbin.com/jdei14:21
sgw1Hi RP, Summit seems to be going well, I have a multilib-32 question, should the site-config file from an SDK with 64-bit and Multilib-32 have the same sizeof values, is this correct?14:37
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away14:40
RPsgw1: that does sound strange and probably not right14:42
sgw1Seems that it's been that way for a long while now, but no real bugs filed, which means no one has really noticed maybe?14:43
RPsgw1: I suspect it isn't heavily used14:43
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dash1tfvckoh, the summit is attendance-only, no recording?14:54
rburtonits being recorded and will be on youtube14:57
dash1tfvckreading thor14:58
dash1tfvcks/thor/through some 2020 talks now14:58
dash1tfvckwhen a project has hardening docs that's usually a good sign IMO :)14:59
dash1tfvckI still hate bitbake's guts15:00
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RPdash1tfvck: I'm sure bitbake loves you too :)15:18
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wyrearen't you migrating to libera? 🤔15:32
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yatesthis link appears not to be working now. is there a different one for the afternoon sessions? https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.cvent.com/api/email/dispatch/v1/click/l5vw8rrw7lc74k/yk5kyb5l/aHR0cHMlM0ElMkYlMkZsaW5hcm8tb3JnLnpvb20udXMlMkZqJTJGOTQwODc5MTM5ODQlM0Zwd2QlM0RNekZNTlVScU5tVjJlbkJzWldrelREWndVVUUzZHowOSZYMkhHZzNyb0RLQll5UTgyJTJCdk5LYVdiclhuMGtxNzdJWWxMTklMQ2clMkJnVSUzRCZQcmVzZW50YXRpb24rUm9vbQ__;!!JvSy16:35
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qschulzyates: presentation room or training room?17:01
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vmesonJPEW: https://gitlab.apertis.org/pkg/maynard    This is a desktop shell client for Weston based on GTK.17:12
JPEWGot it. Thanks17:13
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RPkanavin: specifically with the ptest images, I think we should remove graphics and switch that to minimal17:26
kanavinRP: right, I will look into that17:27
RPkanavin: I'm sure I did work on this a while back somewhere17:28
moto-timokanavin: if you go down the maynard path, I'm interested in collaboration17:29
kanavinmoto-timo, I guess you could start by quickly throwing together a recipe and image, and boot that in qemu and play with the UI?17:31
kanavinmoto-timo, I think we could adopt a hybrid approach, and use core-image-weston for the bulk of the testing, but also provide core-image-maynard for the eye candy17:33
moto-timokanavin: fair enough17:33
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armpitdl9pf, are you sending emails to the layer owners or the stable branch maintainers or both?18:07
dl9pfarmpit: whatever email is in the layerindex for the respective layer's maintainer .18:09
dl9pfarmpit: I assume this may or may not match with owner/stable branch maintainers ;)18:10
dl9pfe.g. https://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/layer/meta-oe/  lists khem18:11
v2dIs #yocto moving to irc.libera.chat?18:12
dl9pfaka even https://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/dunfell/layer/meta-oe/ lists khem18:12
dl9pfI can't know better at this stage (from the layerindex data)18:12
dl9pfarmpit: you raise a good point18:12
moto-timoIt comes down to the original design of the tool and layer maintainers self-reporting to some extent18:13
moto-timoe.g. maintainer might be in the “layer” ORM and not the “branch” ORM, so having stable branch maintainer(s) might require a database migration…18:18
moto-timoAlso, stale data is just a reality18:18
armpitdl9pf, khem will just pass stable issues to me in the end18:20
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JPEWv2d: I don't think any decision has been made yet19:08
v2dJPEW: Okay, thank you.19:09
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kpo_during todays talk by Tom King on yocto summit, he showed a glimpse of their CI/CD setup - do you folks have any hints about setting up Jenkins for yocto CI?19:40
kpo_e.g. example docker builders, Jenkinsfiles etc19:40
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kpo_nevermind, I see that tomorrow at 6:45 PM UTC is talk about "Gitlab CI for dummies" :)19:43
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x0n^wow. this is a gold mine: https://pretalx.com/yocto-project-summit-2020/talk/W3YWW7/20:33
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JPEWrburton: Unfortunately, maynard only works with the AGL compositor, not weston :(20:44
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RPJPEW: :(21:03
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khemzeddii: https://errors.yoctoproject.org/Errors/Details/585528/ seems 5.12 needs some changes for selftest any ideas ?21:43
RPkhem: 5.12 isn't staying, it was just to see if the AB intermittent hangs persisted21:45
khemRP:  ok22:07
*** kanavin <kanavin!~Alexander@> has joined #yocto22:08
smurrayJPEW: really?  That surprises me, I'd have expected them to keep plain wayland client compatibility and not require agl-shell-desktop22:15
JPEWsmurray: https://gitlab.apertis.org/pkg/maynard/-/blob/apertis/v2022dev2/client/maynard.c#L77522:16
smurrayJPEW: yeah, looks like one of the earlier commits straight out flipped it to depending on the agl-shell protocols.  In theory that'd not be too bad as a dependency, as it only requires weston.  Probably less interesting to the general community, though22:21
RPkhem: is that setuptools upgrade patch still problematic for meta-oe?22:21
JPEWsmurray: Ya too bad :(22:22
khemRP:  no, I fixed the package22:22
RPkhem: cool thanks. I'll stop blocking that patch then22:23
RPkhem: I do try to help if I can :)22:23
khemRP: https://git.openembedded.org/meta-openembedded/commit/?id=728e5b08e20f26e077d61f2857c31b20ff8162f422:23
smurrayJPEW: it's a very significant fork from the old version, I suspect outside of whoever is keen to use it in Apertis there'll be no community22:23
khemRP:  master-next barring the kernel upgrade issue is all good in meta-oe CI22:24
RPkhem: I just pushed a new version :)22:24
khemok cool onto next cycle then22:24
RPzeddii: btw, 5.12 has qemuppc kernel module issue and defconfig warnings. Just for reference22:25
khemhaversine patch got merged upstream too . nice22:25
RPkhem: I try and keep a gentle trickle of things flowing in rather than huge steps22:25
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khemyeah thats good. Actually gives some breathing space for other layers too keep in sync with core22:27
khemRP:  btw esdk question came up, can we ship 32bit host tools along for a 64bit SDK host22:32
khemissue is that its editing the ldso to point to uninative but the binary is 32bit so it does not load22:33
khemand uninative is 64bit22:33
khemso it is trying to use 64bit ldso22:33
khemsecond question came up, how can we avoid shipping source info in sstate, is there a single setting somewhere ?22:35
RPkhem: basically, no, esdk struggles with 32 bit on 64 bit22:35
RPkhem: "source info"? you mean in the hash siginfo?22:36
khemyeah thats what I thought, so perhaps we can get esdk to leave the binaries alone which are not 64bit22:36
RPkhem: you can't do that as uninative wouldn't work and that means the sdk is distro specific22:36
khemRP:  the sstate contains all objects and debug info and srcs22:36
RPkhem: there is currently no filter option. You can set SSTATE_DIR to a different directory on a per recipe or class basis though22:37
RPat least I think it might work.22:37
khemin some cases no symbols are to be exported and in some cases symbols can be exported and in general cases normal sstate is ok22:38
matthewcroughan_So are you guys moving from Freenode -> Matrix like everyone else?22:39
khemso for third parties  application SDK is reliable way then not esdk22:39
RPkhem: we could do with better class support around this. You'd need some kind of "binary only" recipe to make sstate work in that context22:39
khemmatthewcroughan_: I already have reserved #yoctoproject on matrix in case we ever decide to use it 🙂 currently its only me in there22:40
RPit can be done but doesn't exist today22:40
khemRP:  yeah22:40
RPmatthewcroughan_: many are going to libera or oftc rather than matrix22:40
RPwhich just makes the problem more complex22:40
matthewcroughan_Yeah it does. I see a lot moving to Matrix though. So that's quite nice.22:41
matthewcroughan_Matrix is a great thing.22:41
RPmatthewcroughan_: we'd lose a load of our "old timer" people, maybe even me. Depends if we care about them or the newer tech more22:43
* RP doesn't have an opinion on matrix other than "not another protocol" 22:43
matthewcroughan_Well, can always be bridged nicely. There is that.22:45
matthewcroughan_The bridging between Matrix/IRC is great.22:45
matthewcroughan_Yeah.. I like IRC a lot too.22:45
matthewcroughan_Sorry if this is offtopic :)22:46
RPmatthewcroughan_: not off topic, just no good answer :/22:47
RPJPEW: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/89/builds/3482 mingw failure :(22:47
matthewcroughan_I think heisenbridge is a good enough answer. It would be acceptable and bring the two communities together.22:48
matthewcroughan_And not be annoying to those on IRC, which is the key bit.22:48
matthewcroughan_The bridge is stateless and requires no configuration.22:48
JPEWOk, I'll try to take a look tomorrow22:48
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RPor maybe matrix-appservice-irc...22:52
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v2ddo you guys use deploy keys on github to clone private repository from bitbake?23:25
*** berton <berton!~user@2804:14d:4085:87f7:2812:ea42:2a4c:4bba> has quit IRC23:39
zeddiikhem / RP: i'll look into both as I gear up for 5.13, since I'm doing all arches on it, with the thought it might be the release kernel for the fall. Those will be the same there, and I'll solve it for both versions at the same time.23:43
v2dThanks to my deploy key, I can `git clone git@github.com:company/repo.git` for the kas shell, but bitbake fails to fetch the sources.23:56
v2dhow should I format the SRC_URI for my private github repo + deploy key?23:56

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