Friday, 2021-05-28

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mckoangood morning06:41
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qschulzmorning folks08:33
patrick_rmorning all09:26
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Ad0how do I append SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} when I have set it generally SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} = "xxxx", and I want machine specific ones in addition? enough with SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}_machine += "yyyy" ?11:29
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JaMaSYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}_append_machine = " yyyy"11:45
Ad0thanks. I am still confused between when to use _append and when to use +=11:46
Ad0haha after all this time11:46
Ad0I guess I have to mount the image and see if the symlinks for systemd were created. but is there a simpler way to see if it actually worked?11:52
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mckoanAd0: paraphrasing Yocto Jester's chant that says "Recipe data is local, conf data is global ....", we could simplify the matter with "Recipe operator is + =, conf data is _append. :-D12:12
Ad0I thought that variable was recipe data12:15
Ad0I mean SRC_URI is recipe right?12:19
Ad0that uses +=12:19
Ad0is it possible to infer which is which?12:20
Ad0it's all caps lock :)12:20
Ad0just by the names right?12:20
JaMa_append is like +=, but doesn't add a space by default, can be used together with overrides and is processed later (so _append will append to default value set with ?=, while += will just overwrite the default), it doesn't matter if it's local or global variable12:20
JaMawhen in doubt always use bitbake -e to see if the resulting value is what you expect, or you can use bitbake-getvar with latest bitbake12:21
qschulzAd0: ;)12:32
Ad0wow great thanks !12:34
ilunevwondering what's wrong... SYSTEMD_PACKAGES = "${PN}" and SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} = " ovo-hostname.service " seem to look properly, yet "loaded (/lib/systemd/system/ovo-hostname.service; disabled; vendor preset: disabled)". I miss something...12:57
ilunevah, right, inherit systemd :-)12:58
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chryshquestion on this file:
chryshUPSTREAM_CHECK_URI = ""15:07
chryshUPSTREAM_CHECK_REGEX = "release/(?P<pver>.*)/source/"15:07
chryshshould I be able to access ?15:07
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JaMachrysh: maybe it should use as SRC_URI does after ?15:21
v2dFetching sources from my private github repo, I still get "Host key verification failed."15:23
v2dbut while running the git ls-remote command manually, it prompts me for "Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?", and when typing yes, everthing works fine15:24
v2dcan this prompt break the bitbake fetcher?15:24
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qschulzbitbake is non-interactive so I'd say yes, it's safe to assume it breaks it15:27
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v2dbut what causes this? shouldn't bitbake do something about it? like setting -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null or something?15:28
chryshJaMa: Is that a bug? Should I report it to somebody?15:32
qschulzchrysh: or send a patch :)15:36
qschulzchrysh: you can test by reverting back to 1.75.0 and run auh (I think that's what uses those variables?)15:40
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v2dqschulz: like shouldn't the bitbake fetcher use at least StrictHostKeyChecking=accept-new for instance?15:43
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kergothv2d: that would probably be a reasonable enhancement, perhaps open a bug in the yocto bugzilla?15:50
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rburtonchrysh: that downloads /users/download/ and looks for href elements that contain release/.*/source/18:01
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chryshrburton: so not a bug?18:13
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yatesare the yocto summit 2021 videos available somewhere?19:31
smurraypretty sure that's a question for ndec.  I suspect the answer is not yet, as I've not seen an email to the ml19:44
ndecCorrect , not yet, but very soon ;)19:45
yatesok cool19:47
yatesbtw, great conference. i was very impressed by the quality19:48
yatessome of you actually seemed to know what you were doing19:48
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yatesdl9pf: are/were you at Ericsson?19:57
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Ch^WAny opinions on how much RAM is required to build Hardknott's nodejs (v12.0)? We threw 10 gigs at it and it still died. nodejs-native seems to build just fine.20:38
RPCh^W: try limiting PARALLEL_MAKE20:48
RPit needs about 4GB/thread :(20:48
Ch^WRP: Thanks, I will give that a go.20:48
RPwe're in the process of deciding how to constrain it on our automated testing :(20:48
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Ch^WSpeaking only for myself and the build I am responsible for, I am more than happy to trade build time for a build that does not break :)20:49
RPCh^W: seems crazy to need that much to me :(20:52
Ch^WYeah, me too. I pinged it off of a professor friend (wrote one of the original Pascal compilers) and he has a hard time believing any abstract syntax tree is actually that large.20:53
Ch^W"It is clearly doing something else..."20:53
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