Thursday, 2021-05-27

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yatesare the yocto summit slides somwhere here?
yatesif so i do not see them00:06
yatesnm i see00:08
yatesare the videos going to be available for d/l too?01:15
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JPEWyates: IIRC they will be on YouTube01:30
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armpitIRC on YouTube?02:42
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yatesJPEW: ok thanks04:13
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mckoangood morning07:15
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Crofton|cloudYes #yocto is moving to
Crofton|cloud^^^^ Joke10:39
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goliathhmmm, an IRC to youtube comment bridge would be amazing10:39
goliathin seriousness, is there a consideration to move #yocto elsewhere?10:40
goliathmost Freenode channels I was on ran off to libera or OFTC10:41
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RPgoliath: libera seems to be the plan10:42
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zeddiiI'm surprised at the number of people asking about what server we will or won't be on.12:33
zeddiiI just connected to libera and checked, same with OFTC12:33
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JPEWCrofton|cloud: that's officially enough for me!12:42
Crofton|cloudAt some point I expect to be banned12:42
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zeddiiI've mentioned it enough as well, they'll hunt me down.12:43
qschulzzeddii: linux-sunxi has a channel on all three servers, and they now decided to go for oftc only. It's not always straightforward :)12:45
zeddiiI don't consider that non-straight forward either. I just checked them all and am on them all.12:48
zeddiithe ones no one uses, won't ever show traffic, and I'll remove them.12:49
zeddiiyesterday was about 70/30 split between two servers.12:49
zeddii.. and slack of course, but I happily closed that browser tab :D12:50
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manuel1985Can't wait to see how the whole story will unfold.12:51
zeddii+1 ... it's good viewing!12:51
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mckoanmoving to is a headache13:30
mckoanI need to rewrite all the irssi config13:31
mckoanand surprise, surprise : #yocto Cannot join channel (+S) - SSL/TLS required13:31
mckoananyone can share any standard configuration for irssi ?13:32
zeddiiI stopped using irssi and use znc now, it luckily could do the ssl connect. hopefully someone has a config and will notice.13:34
mckoanin the meantime I added instructions to Register your nickname on in the wiki13:38
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zeddiiyah. even before I knew if it would catch on, I registered mine and my channels. no harm I figured if we didn't use it.13:42
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qschulzmckoan: that's what I used to have when I was on irssi a couple of years ago for freenode13:46
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mckoanqschulz: thanks13:48
mckoan* see you there13:48
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mckoanI need to setup SSL handshake for irssi too :-(13:49
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* mckoan has no time to solve that now14:02
fullstop" anon access via Kiki irc webclient needs some setup."  -- probably meant Kiwi, not Kiki.14:03
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rburtonI can't remember who bought it up yesterday, but I just looked at what X11 bits end up in a core-image-full-cmdline. as expected its basically libx11 via dbus.14:30
tlwoernerrburton: i did :-)14:32
rburtondbus has auto-detection for the session bus if its inside an X session14:32
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patrick_rhello, am trying to build a bbappend whose purpose is to delete .desktop files in /usr/share/applications as the client does not want icons on the nmatchbox desktop15:01
patrick_rany idea on how to build the do_install_append() function and most specifically where?15:02
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rburtonpatrick_r: do you want *any* desktop icons?15:06
patrick_rrburton: yes just our application15:07
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patrick_rideally I would like no desktop at all buf I stumbled upon a bug when not launching the matchbox-desktop, the keyboard icon on the panel is unresponsive at startup for about a minute15:09
rburtonthats most likely because its waiting for the desktop to start15:09
rburtonso figure out where that wait is coming from and you can have no desktop15:09
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patrick_rbeen in the source code of keyboard  and havent seen a wait, is that the right place to look?15:10
rburtonif [ "$CMD" ]; then15:10
rburton    # Delay to make sure the window manager is active15:10
rburton    # by waiting for the desktop to say its finished loading15:10
rburton    dbus-wait org.matchbox_project.desktop Loaded && $CMD &15:10
rburtonin poky15:10
patrick_rin poky of all places15:10
patrick_rthanks will have a thorough look at that15:10
patrick_rsort of figured out it was dbus related15:11
patrick_rcoauld you tell me where iin poky as I cannt find that particular segment of code15:13
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patrick_rfound it15:14
patrick_r@rburton: this line is commented out in xserver-nodm : # dbus-wait org.matchbox_project.desktop Loaded15:16
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rburtonthat didn't work too well15:22
rburtonyou're looking for the one in matchbox-keyboard15:22
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patrick_r@rburton: found in the device15:23
rburton$ git grep org.matchbox_project.desktop15:24
rburtonmeta/recipes-graphics/x11-common/xserver-nodm-init/xserver-nodm:       # dbus-wait org.matchbox_project.desktop Loaded15:24
rburtonmeta/recipes-sato/matchbox-keyboard/files/    dbus-wait org.matchbox_project.desktop Loaded && $CMD &15:24
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patrick_r@rburton: no joy, commengtingf out the dbus-wait line results in keyboard icon no starting the keyboard at all15:33
rburtonread the line you just commented out15:34
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patrick_roh God am so sorry ;-(15:35
patrick_r@rburton:  like a charm thank you so so so much15:37
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v2dhi all -- so basically, with SSTATE_MIRRORS using the yoctoproject sstates, there's no real need to use a custom SSTATE_DIR, right?19:27
JaMayou always need local SSTATE_DIR to write your own sstate into (and fetch the sstate from SSTATE_MIRROR)19:28
JaManot sure what you mean by "custom" here19:28
v2dJaMa: I mean defining an SSTATE_DIR in your local.conf outside of TOPDIR in order to wipe the build directory without loosing the built artifacts19:30
JaMayou should wipe just TMPDIR, not TOPDIR as DL_DIR is also useful to keep19:31
v2dJaMa: yep, in my current setup I had SSTATE_DIR = "${TOPDIR}/../sstate-cache" and DL_DIR = "${TOPDIR}/../downloads"19:32
v2dJaMa: and I realize that setting SSTATE_DIR like this isn't necessary anymore if you're using SSTATE_MIRRORS, am I correct?19:33
v2dOr maybe I do still need to set SSTATE_DIR like this in order not to download the sstate mirrors again19:36
JaMano, local SSTATE_DIR is still important, you will reuse very little if anything at all from yoctoproject sstate mirror19:36
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