Sunday, 2021-05-30

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kanavinI was wondering why so quiet.08:12
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RPkanavin: holiday weekend maybe?09:58
kanavinRP: maybe. Can I ask you, is this the right way to deal with buildhistory races?
RPkanavin: that looks horrible from a dependency point of view :(10:27
RPkanavin: I saw your email but haven't read into the issue yet10:27
RPkanavin: packagedata should not be poking into package-split :(10:28
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RPkanavin: Two possible fixes are to rewrite buildhistory to be writing sstate output or to split buildhistory_list_pkg_files into a separate function hooked on do_package instead of packagedata10:39
* RP suspects a bigger rewrite might be helpful :/10:39
RPkanavin: to be clear, do_packagedata should be self sufficient, it shouldn't ever be looking at the do_package task output once the task is complete. The code is therefore just buggy and shouldn't be doing what it is doing :(10:43
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kanavinRP: if this keep thwarting auh, I might disable buildhistory in it for now12:58
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RPkanavin: how often have we seen it?13:16
kanavinRP: I saw it for the first time in the very last auh run13:18
kanavinRP: but it did happen for 4 different recipes in there13:18
kanavinRP: all of do_compile fails except cmake13:19
kanavinRP: ah, it happened in previous auh too13:20
RPkanavin: I'll have to try and fix it, I think there are probably related open bugs too :/13:22
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manuel1985kanavin: This channel moved to
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