Monday, 2021-05-31

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zeddiiwell, technically. Anyone can message on any channel they want02:38
zeddiithey just may or may not have more luck finding people02:39
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mckoangood morning06:40
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mckoanwe should activate a BOT saying every hour "This channel moved to ''"06:59
mckoanThis channel moved to 'irc.libera.chat07:01
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mous16[m]Good morning/evening everybody08:04
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patrick_rmorning all08:25
patrick_rwas wondering whether anyone can point me in the direction of some clear instructions to add LAMP (Apache, PHP, MySQL) to a yocto image. instructions found so far are confusing and contradictory at best ...08:26
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kanavinpatrick_r, I guess you can start by finding which layer provides those items via
patrick_r@kanavin: found apache2 so trying to install that first.08:59
kanavinpatrick_r, this may be a good point to start
kanavinoff the shelf images and packagegroups09:00
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patrick_rwhen there is a conflict in building the image, i.e my recipe tries to install a file called index.html where apache2 does try that too, how do i resolve  the conflict by giving priority to MY file?10:10
mckoanpatrick_r: depends(TM) the bbappend usually overrides the bb and please check layer priority10:12
patrick_rmckoan: conf/bblayers.conf lists the meta-webserver before my layer10:15
patrick_rdoes that mean that apache gets priority?10:15
patrick_ralso should I create a bbappend to apache and somehow prevent the installation of index.html?10:16
mckoansee conf/layer.conf in each layer10:17
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wyrehi guys, I was reading this and I'm wondering ... COPYING would beis a licence file?10:36
wyrealso SRC_URI[md5sum] is the md5sum of what? the source downloaded as a zip?10:37
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patrick_r@mckoan: added a do_install_append() with rm ${D}/usr/share/apache2/default-site/htdocs/index.html to my recipe's bb and there is no conflict but the apache file takes precedence which is not what I want, should i create a bbapend to the apache recipe to erase that file instead ?10:54
wyrehmm, so apparently when you use PYPI_PACKAGE variable the source is downloaded from pypi10:59
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qschulzwyre: also, you're looking at the docs from the 1.2 release which is ancient to say the least11:14 ;)11:14
qschulzpatrick_r: precedence applies only to recipes with the same name or bbappends11:15
qschulzso yes, you need to remove it from the apache2 recipe... though, I mean in the path there is "default-site", don't know much about apache, but shouldn't you put your html pages in some other path in which case you don't need to care about the file you mentioned in the first place11:16
wyreqschulz, oh, yes, sorry, I just googled it and it brought me there, you know11:17
qschulzYeah, can't control the web search engine unfortunately :)11:18
wyredo you recommend me some article on how to create a recipe for a repository containing few python scripts?11:21
qschulzwyre: SRC_URI[md5sum] is the md5 checksum of the first (only?) file that is not local (not starting with file://). Though it does not make sense for git for example.11:23
qschulzwyre: can you tell us exactly what you're trying to achieve in a recipe? you mention pypi package not fitting your usecase, but we don't know what you want to do actually11:24
wyreoh, yes, SRC_URI[md5sum] is for the tar.gz which is fetched from pypi11:24
wyreqschulz, well, I need as a dependency of my python scripts11:25
wyreso I had to create a recipe for it11:25
wyrebecause there is no recipe for it in meta-openembedded11:26
wyrethat's why I was asking for those variables11:26
wyrebut right now I apparently have it11:26
wyreand now I need to package my app/set of scripts11:26
wyreand I have not them in PyPi so I guess I should package them directly from the git repo, right?11:26
qschulzwyre: yup, makes sense11:28
RPThere is a reproducibility issue showing up if anyone has some time to debug: :/11:29
wyreqschulz, so ... I'm interested in some example to follow11:30
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qschulzwyre: just copy them on your rootfs from your recipe?11:49
wyreyou mean to create a recipe which copy them onto /opt for example?11:49
qschulzyes? to run a python script you need python and the script, so that's already a good start to have it on your rootfs I think :)11:50
wyrewell, the point now is to figure out how to create that simple recipe, I guess 😂11:52
qschulzwyre:, obviously you'll have a different SRC_URI and probably no compile task11:54
qschulzbut that should help you a bit11:54
wyreit a license always mandatory? 🤔11:56
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wyreIn the case it is ... what license do you recommend me among all in common-licenses directory?12:00
wyreI mean, this is a proprietary project12:00
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qschulzwyre: even if it is proprietary there's very often a license associated to it right?12:01
wyrewell, I could use one, but I'd like to use the most restrictive by the moment12:02
wyrethere is not any IRC channel to discuss this kind of things?12:02
qschulzdon't remember if LICENSE = "Proprietary" should work and then you link to the license file in the project12:03
qschulzwyre: otherwise, LICENSE = "CLOSED" but that's the lazy way to do it12:03
wyrewell, there is a Proprietary file, but I don't have a proprietary license either12:03
wyreqschulz, in this case it has not any md5sum, right?12:04
qschulzwyre: LIC_FILES_CHKSUM is not needed if it is set to CLOSED (don't remember what's supposed to happen for Proprietary)12:06
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wyreqschulz, yes; I was reading this in here so I guess I'll set the license as CLOSED by now12:37
wyrealso ... I'm not sure how to call the folder to gather all my custom recipes12:37
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qschulzwyre: does not matter, it should just match the path pattern in your meta-mylayer/conf/layer.conf BBPATH13:15
qschulzso, by default meta-mylayer/recipes-*/*/13:16
* RP identified the reproducibility issue13:17
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wyreqschulz, why the first `install -d ${D}${bindir}` in the example recipe you linked? 🤔14:04
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qschulzwyre: can you do `cp file /non/existent/directory` ?14:35
wyreoh, I see14:36
wyreqschulz, is install also recursive?14:43
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wyreI mean, the example is for a single helloworld.c but I'd like to create a whole folder in the image with all the scripts 🤔14:47
qschulzwyre: install is a UNIX tool :)
wyreyes, I was reading it and apparently there is no way, you can do a for loop or use find14:53
wyrebut I'm not sure if this is what I want14:54
wyrealso apparently I cannot set SRC_URI several times so ... I'm sure on how should I handle multiple files14:54
wyrebecause I'd say SRC_URI should be a folder14:55
qschulzwyre: first chapter of slides :)14:57
qschulzSRC_URI += works just fine14:57
qschulzin the end, SRC_URI is just a space separated list of things to fetch14:59
qschulzso you could just add a space and then add your other source14:59
qschulzyou can also point to a directory directly in SRC_URI14:59
qschulzeverything in it will be taken (DO NOT ADD THE *, this does NOT work)14:59
qschulz(well in some releases you THINK it does something, but it does it really wrong :) )15:00
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