Wednesday, 2021-06-02

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kanavinI'm yet to see an official announcement on the yocto mailing lists, until then I stay here :)11:47
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RPkanavin: We are moving FWIW11:56
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yatesis there a definition of all (or most) of the data definitions which can ba d.getVar'ed in "d"?12:48
yatesall the variables, that is12:48
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matthewcroughan_I got kicked from the Yocto matrix server.16:26
matthewcroughan_Appservice kicked me for "not being registered" like it was IRC, or somehting.16:26
matthewcroughan_I have a question about OE. Can I use _remove on CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL.16:27
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shoraganmatthewcroughan_, the matrix channel is now bridged to and the channel there is set to require registration16:32
matthewcroughan_Heh, that's a bit conovluted :P16:33
shoraganyou can talk to to register you nick there.16:33
matthewcroughan_So what you mean is that the matrix channel was deleted, in favor of using IRC.16:33
matthewcroughan_And that I can connect to it, using the libera bridge?16:33
shoraganthe matrix channel still exists. but the bridge makes sure that all users are also on the IRC side. if they can't join, they'll be kicked16:34
matthewcroughan_So you're saying that I need to verify with the libera bridge, to get into the Yocto matrix channel/16:34
matthewcroughan_That's really really weird, I don't know anybody who does that.16:34
matthewcroughan_I also don't like it, so I won't do that :D16:34
shoraganthe bridge is still work in progress :/16:34
matthewcroughan_I will join using the bridge, but I will not go through that route.16:34
matthewcroughan_Have you got any other examples of people using bridges for verifcation prior to entering the Matrix channel?16:35
shoraganyou can also join #yocto on via irc directly16:35
matthewcroughan_shoragan: If I use the bridge, on matrix, that's essentally direct, by comparison to what you've suggested I do.16:35
shoraganmatthewcroughan_, it's probably temporary until the bridge users can be exempted by their cloack16:35
matthewcroughan_Why do matrix-native users have to verify with some IRC thing, prior to joining the matrix channel?16:36
matthewcroughan_For example, in order to join this Yocto IRC, it is not required that people first verify with a Matrix server/bridge.16:36
matthewcroughan_If that was the case, it wouldn't make a lot of sense, right?16:36
shoraganthe "issue" is the -r mode on the irc channel on libera.caht16:36
shoraganso the irc channel requires registration. and with the bridge, that (currently) also applies to used using matrix as their "irc" client16:38
matthewcroughan_Ah I see, and I guess the bridge actually creates an instance of a user per user right?16:38
matthewcroughan_Of which, each one must be registered?16:38
shoraganyes, *currently*, until we can exempt the matrix users16:38
matthewcroughan_I think my name is too long to register lol16:46
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matthewcroughan_You've been connected to the IRC network '' as matthewcroughan[. User modes +R have been set.16:51
matthewcroughan_See how the [m] is cut off? God damnit16:51
ndecshoragan: i've been fighting with the same issue myself.. i think it's a big downside of the bridge. it forces matrix users which might not even know that IRC exist off the channel..16:56
ndecit kind of does the opposite of what we wanted, no?16:56
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ndecso a matrix only user now needs to register an IRC nick to join #yocto. and an existing IRC user needs to register a new nick with to join #yocto from matrix (especially if the same user needs to join other IRC channel directly without matrix)...17:00
RPndec: can't we -r the channel? I know it helps with spam but would seem a short term better solution17:00
ndecthat would be a solution, indeed.17:01
ndecRP: matthewcroughan_ : i've done -r, so you should be able to rejoin #yocto from matrix. can you please try?17:05
shoraganndec, you can use /mode +be $~a *!*@2001:470:69fc:105::/64 instead of -r. that bans all unauthenticated users but exempts the matrix bridge.17:07
shoraganin general, i've not seen much span on in the smaller channels17:07
ndecthat would let all matrix users go through? without having to register their nick?17:07
shoraganyes, it should. they need to have a registered nick on the matrix side anyway17:08
ndecyou mean a matrix user account?17:08
shoraganand you can ban them on them matrix side pretty effectively17:09
shoragan(if that ever becomes necessary)17:10
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alephanWhat is the channel name on libera?18:58
alephanYocto or yoctoproject?18:58
fraysame as here18:59
alephanRight. How do we use the matrix one?18:59
alephanOr do we use it at all?19:00
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fraynot sure what you mean.. just connect an IRC client to the other server and connect to the channel19:07
frayonly reason many of us are still in this channel is to help direct people to the other server, if needed19:07
paulg"other server".19:09
paulgAfraid if you say it out loud three times you'll turn to stone?    :-P19:09
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rpcme49hello all, I am having a challenge on the mainline - has the compiler been upgraded there recently (this is x86_64 qemu)? I am having a build break in s2n which doesn't occur on zeus/dunfell/gatesgarth.  A couple people internally have inferred that there is some bad/incorrect platform datatype definition which is a bit concerning:19:16
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RPrpcme49: we are using the latest gcc 1119:18
paulgpretty much every new gcc comes with new warning checks enabled ; add -Werror and new build failures result.19:20
rpcme49okay thanks - I saw it was new - the semantic version is like maybe 10 or 12 days ago?  I will download gcc separately at v 11 and repro on just plain ol ubuntu 18.04 and get it back to the s2n devs19:20
RPrpcme49: we're trying to stay with their stable updates as in theory that should let us pull in fixes19:21
rpcme49this is really good I think:)  it will also keep us on our toes!19:21
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RPabelloni: are you heading over the libera? looks to be webkit causing load :(19:40
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abelloniRP: yes, I will20:08
RPabelloni: we have better logs in the above build failure in the builddir but it just shows the process is running at nice -5 and still not managing to start qemu in 120s :(20:11
RPit is running webkit and llvm builds, this is looking to be a pattern20:11
RPalimon: around? I think we're seeing a problem with timeouts in ptest-runner :(20:25
RPalimon: Should the signal(SIGALRM, timeout_child_handler); be in the parent only and not the child?20:28
RPalimon: actually, I think its the alarm and different pthreads...20:39
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RPalimon: sorry, I now think this test really did timeout. The output is rather confusing :/21:19
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alejandrohsI'm starting to wonder if we should really call an ERROR when a setscene task failed, the "real" one runs instead and succeeds so the build actually was successful22:30
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RPalejandrohs: silently ignoring it just means people pay no attention when there is likely something that needs fixing22:52
RPalejandrohs: its like ignoring disk bad sector errors as it was a write and it found somewhere else to write the data so it was "fine"22:53
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alejandrohsyeah I guess youre right, if its something transient however it triggers a false alarm22:58
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