Tuesday, 2021-06-01

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mckoangood morning06:33
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Chephi, is it possible to use different version of a native tool to build different packages? I need a tool to generate code for 2 different packages  but I need to use 2 different version of the tool. I don't need it to be installed in the target image. I tried to add (= version) in the DEPENDS variables in the recipes but bitbake ignores it06:51
alejandrohsChep: easiest method is probably having two recipes and naming them differently, foo1 and foo2 and put those on the according DEPENDS07:02
alejandrohsmckoan: morning07:02
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Chepalejandrohs: thanks07:03
alejandrohshalstead: I'm getting name resolution errors from git.yp, probably nothing major, just fyi in case you see them again07:03
wyreis docs.yoctoproject.org down? 😥07:05
wyreIt's like the domain doesn't point to any server07:11
wyrebut I'm not sure if this is because my DNS 🤔07:11
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alejandrohswyre: I guess both issues are related07:31
wyrealejandrohs, both issues? what two issues?07:42
wyreI just had one, but now apparently is up again docs.yoctoproject.org07:42
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yanntlwoerner: one thing I'm not comfortable with in my Rock64 support patch is that need to tweek RK_BOOT_DEVICE to generate a sd or emmc image ending up with the same filename.  Maybe the best course of actions would be to make device-independant images that could be flashed on both media types, discovering where they are booted from08:52
yannnot sure how much this kind of things could be done without having to touch wic08:57
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yannwhat is the "--ondisk ${RK_BOOT_DEVICE}" good for anyway ?  I'd tend to think there should be no need to know if we're going to use mmcblk0 or mmcblk1 to create the partition table.  Then we'd only need to get the root= parameter generated from the u-boot bootcmd, rather than being hardcoded in the wks, right ?09:01
yannan alternative could be to provide core-image-*-{sdcard,emmc} variants, but I feel that would not feel greatly integrated with the rest09:06
qschulzPSA: I'm moving to libera channel only, see you there09:48
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nlateDoes changing ERROR_QA in a machine config change ERROR_QA for all packages pulled in? Or just the final machine image14:12
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nlate1Does changing ERROR_QA in a machine config change ERROR_QA for all packages pulled in? Or just the final machine image14:14
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* paulg wonders why image-mklibs class got voted off the island.15:37
paulgNot that I care or know what it did ; just that since it was a part of our boilerplate conf/* content, nuking it broke every existing build dir out there with a meaningless screaming red ERROR parse.15:39
paulg...and to be clear, I say "our"  meaning "Yocto" and not any specific company variant of Yocto.15:40
RPpaulg: I noticed that problem here too :)15:40
RPpaulg: look into what mklibs does, then wonder why it didn't exit the stage much earlier ;-)15:41
paulgthinking dummy-ing out the file and replacing it with a  bbwarn telling people to edit their conf line such-and-such would have been more end user friendly.15:41
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paulgI often wonder if  zeddii and I are outliers who re-use the same build dir over and over and over and over ....15:43
paulgeveryone else does a nuke-and-pave and relies on sstate to save them?15:43
paulgsstate could vanish overnight and I'd probably not notice, or perhaps even be happier for it.15:44
paulgkinda like distcc and ccache type stuff.  Seem like dated solutions to a 2005-ish problem.15:45
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paulgat least they aren't like autoconf - a solution to a 1985 problem.  B-)15:49
paulgGuess it managed to out-live alt.autoconf.die.die.die and NNTP in general.15:49
RPpaulg: sstate rocks and the autobuiler would grind to a halt without it. We could have added dummy mklibs files but it is just changing a line in a file ;-)15:50
paulgbut the autobuilder is not indicative of the typical end user.15:50
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RPpaulg: I do use it heavily locally too and it is useful to users when they clear tmpdir out in totality15:52
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paulgAh yes, my favourite error message.   The one that comes with a TL;DR saying you need to nuke all of tmp because something unexpected happened.15:53
kergothi wipe tmp with nearly every build, it's harmless and restoring from sstate is fast. i wouldn't want to build without it15:54
RPpaulg: I think that one should be a lot less common now...15:54
paulgkergoth, and eat the ensuing i/o storm that comes with it?   Why?15:55
RPpaulg: I'm not even going to attempt to convince you after zeddii's recent comments about kernel devs and workflows ;-)15:56
paulgProbably wise.   Don't argue with the old fart who has "KEEP OF MY LAWN" signs.15:58
paulgSave it for when I send my patch series to remove sstate.15:58
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yateshow is a kernel specified within an image recipe? e.g., if i am extending core-image-minimal, how do i specify which kernel it will use?16:03
yatesi've googled around, looked at several yocto docs, don't see it.16:04
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Sauryates: Typically you specify that using the PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel variable.16:26
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patrick_rI have added IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " mariadb" to the local.conf but most apparently the mariadb server does not get installed (no my.cnf in /etc/) tried mariadb-server but nothing provides that, how do I make sure  the server gets instaled in the image?17:58
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yatesSaur: thank you.19:52
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yateshave folks moved over to the new irc server (libera chat)?23:22
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Crofton|cloudmany have23:36
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