Friday, 2021-06-04

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mckoangood morning07:06
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eFfeMHi all, I just tried to move to dunfell 3.1.8 from a version from late 2020. I'm using meta-tegra, and now when building the initramfs I get QA errors on host contamination and indeed all files in rootfs are from the building user, whereas before they were from root.(as expected)07:16
eFfeManyone an idea what is wrong ?07:16
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ndecplease read an important IRC announcement:
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mckoanndec: thank you07:58
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eFfeMwrt my earlier problem on dunfell host contamination; this happens when building the initramfs; it seems the .deb files are in proper order but the extracted files are not from root; however if I run tar under devshell to extract control.tar.xz the files are from root09:21
eFfeMit is unclear to me yet how the actual install works, I assume dpkg;09:21
eFfeMand which dpkg givefs me indeed the yocto one, not the native one09:22
eFfeManyone an idea?09:22
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eFfeMhmm, I'm thinking sstate is interfering with me10:26
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barath[m]hi, would anyone know if there's any documentation on how package specific variants of global variables like for instance INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE and INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE_pn-<packagename> are handled?12:55
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Crofton|cloud<ndec> Nicolas Dechesne13:13
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eFfeMok, I found the root cause of my dunfell host contamination warning.13:37
eFfeMIt appears the directory sstate-build-image_complete is owned by the build user.13:38
eFfeMno idea how to fix this, I am building an initramfs13:39
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dvorkindmitrywhat is the correct way to use "formfactor"? what is the logic behind this idea?19:55
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