Saturday, 2021-06-05

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ant__RP: hi, I am trying to find a regression in kernel.bbclass after dunfell15:07
ant__but...comparing the commit history with gatesgarth I see there are cheery-picks here and there15:08
ant__so gatesgarth does not have all the patches dunfell has15:08
ant__(I don't know yet if what I search is a mising or a superfluous patch)15:09
ant__after dunfell I see some -dtb related code jumping in unconditionally15:10
ant__ERROR: linux-kexecboot-4.4-r0 do_deploy: Recipe linux-kexecboot is trying to create package kernel-devicetree which was already written by recipe linux-handheld15:10
RPant__: does it work with master?15:12
ant__not with master-next15:13
ant__I am going back, gatesgarth is bad15:13
ant__dunfell ok15:13
ant__btw we don't have/use ${KERNEL_DEVICETREE}15:13
ant__something is now unconditionally adding that15:14
RPant__: I will admit I've not looked closely at that code so I'm not a good person to know much on this specific code area15:14
ant__I am also trying to catch up :)15:14
ant__even with PACKAGES = "" the code is moved in do_deploy() which then fails15:17
ant__it's a bit complicated to follow, I'll poke zeddii later15:18
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ant__NOTE: Not creating empty archive for kernel-devicetree-4.14-r016:18
ant__then the next kernel-foo fails in read_subpackage_metadata16:18
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ant__but it's bizarre because PACKAGES = ""16:22
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ant__then everyone gets PACKAGES_append = " \17:06
ant__    ${KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME}-devicetree \17:06
ant__RP: it must have worked by luck up to dunfell :)17:06
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ant__RP: FYI is commit 86142da, do_deploy[prefuncs] += "read_subpackage_metadata"22:33
ant__I'll open a bug22:34
ant__otherwise smthg like is needed plus changes in the BSP's22:36
ant__(i.e specify KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME = "foo" and catch up in the layer)22:37
ant__basically that commit opened a can of (existing) worms :)22:38
ant__fray: ^ but forgive me, I know it's saturday :)22:40
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