Monday, 2021-07-12

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tlwoernerRP: thanks :-)03:20
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yoCudaHi everyone, I want to cross compile CUDA and Nvidia drivers for my OS. I am following the official Nvidia guide documentation,
yoCudaBut it is not clear how to do it, I only get the compilation of CUDA samples, but how do you add the driver and other cuda libraries?05:34
yoCudahope someone has done it before!05:35
yoCudaI tried to research this topic, but I am disappointed from the little interest in this topic. Although, Nvidia Cards are being used to drive more applications than ever. (e.g. AI applications)05:40
yoCudahope someone had tackled the problem and resolved it!05:41
yoCudae.g. if I have the correct kernel headers/gcc and toolchain installed, can I use the runfile installers for driver and cuda regardless of my sysroot?05:46
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mckoangood morning06:39
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mckoanyoCuda: this is the Yocto Project channel therefore it is supposed you are using meta-cuda, isn't it?06:41
mckoanyoCuda: I mean meta-tegra, sorry.
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yoCudamckoan morning, no I am not using meta -tegra. I am running an x86 machine with Tesla T4 card, and i just want to install its drivers and cuda libraries.06:47
mckoanyoCuda: probably you are in the wrong channel06:48
yoCudawhat channel do u recommend?06:48
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fotteHello everyone. I cant find the documentation for configuring my package through local.conf. I am looking for an explanation of the correct format of ${VARNAME}_pn-${PN} (e.g. DEBUG_BUILD_pn-linux-mainline) - can someone point me in the right direction?10:48
qschulzI think it's the recipe name after _pn-10:50
fotteI believe so too, but a doc would be great. I currently have the issue, that DEBUG_BUILD_pn-linux-mainline should be set, and therefore a config-fragment should be added to the kernel-config. But this does not happen. And i cannot see 'DEBUG_BUILD*' in the environment (e.g. by running bitbake virtual/kernel -e)10:54
qschulzseems like it's missing from the bitbake doc10:59
qschulz gives an example though10:59
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qschulzare you sure linux-mainline is taken when you build virtual/kernel?11:00
qschulzjust to be sure, use linux-mainline directly, at least it's one less possible issue11:00
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fotteHad a tainted virtual/kernel, did a cleanall and now i wait for a result. DEBUG_BUILD is now part of my environment, I can see the operations which are executed to buildup the src_uri variable. Is it possible to show the result of these operations?11:09
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qschulzfotte: bitbake -e should show this?11:19
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fotteqschulz: Indeed! However the output is unexpected. I am using a .bbappend file: the output of bitbake -e an operation containing 'my-debug'. It is part of the pre-expansion value, but it is not part of the expanded SRC_URI11:27
fotteA 'grep'11:30
fotte through my environment:
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qschulzfotte: you need to look for a line starting with DEBUG_BUILD= in bitbake -e11:37
qschulzDEBUG_BUILD_pn-linux-mainline="1" is likely to appear for any recipe since it's part of the a configuration file11:37
fotteqschulz: Now i am confused. Maybe I should state my assumptions: in local.conf: FOOVAR_pn-barrecipe = "my_value",  when parsing barrecipe I can check for FOOVAR by using: SRC_URI += "${@bb.utils.contains('FOOVAR', 'my_value', ' ', 'file://...', d)}11:41
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qschulzfotte: what I meant is that build bitbake virtual/kernel -e | grep DEBUG_BUILD should actually be build bitbake virtual/kernel -e | grep DEBUG_BUILD=11:45
qschulzfotte: also... it probably works since my-debug.cfg is not in your SRC_URI?11:46
qschulzif you set DEBUG_BUILD_pn-linux-mainline="0" in your local.conf, does it appear?11:46
fottecraziest thing. Setting DEBUG_BUILD_pn-linux-mainline = "0", does work - now my-debug is part of SRC_URI, and is listed as a configuration fragment. But why?!11:51
qschulzfotte: because you inverted the logic11:51
qschulzc.f. link posted above11:51
fotteaaarrrgss shoot me. wrong order of arguments to the contains function… Thank you so much!11:52
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qschulzfotte: my pleasure :)11:54
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qschulzrburton: quite unlucky for the moment with containers supposedly able to compile poky with rootless podman. Tried pyrex, issue with SSH agent forwarding. Just tried crops/poky, even worse, unable to write in the workdir. I guess it's time for some elbow grease :)11:57
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RPrburton, abelloni: is interesting. First ssh connection fails but later ones work. Something went wrong with systemd socket activation?12:23
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kroonIs there a freescale/nxp dedicated yocto forum or mailing list somewhere ? meta-freescale mailing list seems abandoned12:29
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JPEWqschulz: pyrex *should* work, but it's not a very common use case, so it probably needs a better test case if you can figure out what's wrong and fix it :/12:35
qschulzJPEW: yeah, still planning to investigate a bit, but felt like crops was nicer to use in jenkins?12:36
JPEWqschulz: ah ya. Probably. Pyrex is more for developers than CI, although we use it on CI FWIW, so it's not impossible12:38
likewisekroon: for what architecture? i.MX?12:38
qschulzJPEW: yeah, probably going to end up using pyrex for myself, and crops on jenkins. At least that's the plan :)12:39
kroonlikewise, yes12:39
likewiseNot sure if there is a specific mailing list left indeed, but at least the layers are actively maintained.
likewisekroon: You are aware of the mailing list change-over? It is now here:
likewisekroon: (with change-over I mean migration:
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kroonlikewise, I tried emailing "" but got a reply that the mail couldn't be delievered, "meta-freescale wasn't found at"12:46
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yateswhen i put 'FILES_glibc-locale += "/usr/lib/locale/"' in my glibc-locale_2.32.bbappend, it appears that it is getting replaced by bitbake from the build message 'WARNING: Variable key FILES_${PN} (${bindir}/* ...) replaces original key FILES_glibc-locale (/usr/lib/locale/).'13:04
yateshow do i get my FILES_glibc-locale to "stick"?13:04
yatesthis is in a "bitbake core-image-minimal"13:05
yatesthe end result being that i get a QA error that /usr/lib/locale/ is not shipped in any package13:06
yatesplease help. as you know i've been fighting this problem for weeks and i'm at my wit's end with it.13:10
yateshere is the entire message from bitbake:
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rburtonuse ${PN} instead of glibc-locale in your append13:13
yatesrburton: i will try that again. i believe i was originally doing that and had the same error. but i will try it again.13:14
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yatesrburton: ok that did get rid of that warning, but i still get the QA error:
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rburtonuse -e to verify what FILES is *actually* set to13:21
yatesthere are quite a few. it is not immediately apparent which if any is relevent:
yatesthat was the output of  bitbake -c populate_sdk_ext core-image-minimal -e  | grep FILES | fpaste13:25
qschulzyates: bitbake -e on glibc recipe ;)13:28
yatesqschulz: good idea13:29
yateshang on - i'm checking out my BBFILES setting. it could be hosered13:29
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yatesrburton: what did you say the idiom is for BBFILES? something like /*/recipes-*/*.bbappend ?13:38
rburtonhave a look at literally any layer13:39
rburtonrecipes-*/*/*.bb recipes-*/*/*.bbappend13:39
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yatesif a build folder has a conf/bblayers.conf with a BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/..." defined, will that BBFILES get concatenated to any BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/..." defined in a layer's conf/layer.conf?14:03
yatesis it valid for the build folder to have a BBFILES definition?14:04
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rburtonthe default BBFILES in bblayers.conf is "".  LAYERDIR doesn't make any sense in the context of bblayers.conf. What layer?14:10
rburtonmaybe look at what a fresh poky does for bblayers.conf and eg meta-poky/conf/layer.conf.14:14
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yatesok my BBFILES ?= "" in my build/conf/bblayers.conf14:56
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yatesand i changed glibc-locale to ${PN}. that got rid of the "WARNING ... replaces original key" warning, but i still get the exact sameQA error14:57
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yateslet me recheck the -e output15:00
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yatesthat ^^^ is the output from bitbake glibc-locale  -e | grep FILES >~/files0.txt16:40
yates(i.e., files0.txt)16:40
yatesagain i do not know which of these may be relevent. this line looks suspicious: override[glibc-locale]:rename from FILES_${PN} [expandKeys]16:41
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yatesrburton: do you have any more thoughts?17:39
BuZZ-Tcan anyone give me hint how to debug devtool? when i try "devtool modify virtual/kernel" i get an error printed out "IndexError: list index out of range"17:53
BuZZ-TMore detailed printout under
yatesok so my FILES is working, see the very last path here: FILES_glibc-locale="/usr/bin/* /usr/sbin/* /usr/libexec/* /usr/lib/lib*.so.*             /etc /com /var             /bin/* /sbin/*             /lib/*.so.*             /lib/udev /usr/lib/udev             /lib/udev /usr/lib/udev             /usr/share/glibc /usr/lib/glibc/*             /usr/share/pixmaps /usr/share/applications             /usr/share/idl /usr/sha18:15
yatesre/omf /usr/share/sounds             /usr/lib/bonobo/servers /usr/lib/locale"18:15
yatesbut... I'M STILL GETTING THE glibc-locale do_package:QA ERROR!18:15
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BuZZ-Tokay.. the problem was that in the kernel Makefile (./build/tmp/work-shared/ohp-vf/kernel-source/Makefile) was defined as an empty string.18:19
BuZZ-Twhen i set it manually to something the devtool modify is working18:20
yatesrburton: ?18:20
BuZZ-Thmm.. sorry it has not worked :/18:25
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yatesBuZZ-T: sounds like you're having about as much fun as I am...18:26
BuZZ-Tupgrading between yocto versions is always fun :P but fortunately its all open source.. so i need to dig a little bit arround :)18:27
yatesyeah, it's only code...18:27
yates1000s and 1000s of lines of code, but code...18:27
BuZZ-Tat least i found out whats wrong.. but not why it was like that :)18:29
yatesBuZZ-T: i wish you luck! you will find it soon!18:30
BuZZ-Tso refetching kernel sources.. that take a few minutes18:30
yatesyou're not using DL_DIR?18:30
BuZZ-Tsure i do, but the cleanall was my last attempt to get it working18:30
BuZZ-Tsomehow the created kernel sources doesn't have EXTRAVERSION set.. and cleansstate brought another error18:31
yatesi've eyed yocto's state and associated automatic (?) dependencies with a grain of salt for years now18:34
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yatesif anyone is still listening, i suspect my glibc-locale QA problem is not fixed with a FILES_${PN} = blah because there is no glibc-locale package per se; the glibc-locale packaging splits it into a whole bunch of other packages.18:41
yates(${PN} == glibc-locale)18:41
yatesi tried "FILES_glibc-gconvs = blah" because i saw the glibc-gconv package get generated in the do_package routine (because i hacked it with a bb.note())18:42
yatesthat did not work, but it is appreantly because of another deeper problem with the csky architecture setup18:43
yatesin other words, i think i'm edging closer to the final solution18:44
yatesshould have it fixed by 202318:44
yatesi.e., this check in insane.bbclass's package_qa_check_arch() function:
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jordemortoff chance but anyone ever had any problems running GPGME (specifically, ostree) inside an initramfs? is it because i don't have a real init?20:41
jordemortfigured it out, machine thought it was 1970 and the key wasn't valid yet21:02
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paulggood old dead battery/epoch problem never gets old.21:46
paulgI guess 1970 finally goes away in 2038.21:54
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RPpaulg: it is still "0" isn't it? :)21:55
RPHas anyone else seen boot time socket activation issues with systemd and ssh which may or may not be arm specific?21:58
RP(ssh connection made early in boot just hangs)21:58
paulgnot the classic "no entropy on new rootfs" problem?21:59
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RPlukma: FWIW I fixed that eSDK pseudo issue21:59
RPpaulg: connection hanging for 300s then new connections ok?22:01
paulgif your only entropy is coming from network interrupts, then it can look like that....22:02
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RPpaulg: it has the virtio rng too I think :/22:02
paulgin theory, if you have a console, you should see it sitting there pining for the fijords while it waits for entropy to create the host key on initial boot, I would think.22:04
paulgbut I'm a kernel guy, so what do I know?22:04
RPpaulg: The logs show it reaching a serial login with systemd saying network enabled but the kernel logs look truncated to me :/22:09
paulgif you reboot with the same "already booted once" filesystem, is the problem gone?22:10
RPpaulg: history shows that this is somehow load related so rebooting with the original bnot booted filesystem works22:11
paulgRP, is it exactly 300s - and then fail (connection refused, or ... ?) ; or "feels like five minutes" and then lets you in, or .... ?22:13
RPpaulg: our timeout kicks in and it gives up22:14
paulgah, right - automated tests like the LTP poo I was swimming in.  Got it.22:15
RPpaulg: looking at the logs suggests openssh keygen didn't finish. The image that did work (1 out of the three) uses dropbear instead22:15
RPI think I need to check the virtio rng passthrough is actually there22:15
paulgyeah, that sounds about right - and makes me think of the "no entropy for keygen"  issue as soon as I heard it.22:16
RPpaulg: it is good thinking22:16
RPCONFIG_HW_RANDOM_VIRTIO=y and it is on the qemu commandline22:24
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RPpaulg: everything says this should all be enabled. Starting to wonder if it was just resource starved that keygen took longer than 5 mins :(22:46
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