Tuesday, 2021-07-13

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mattsmIf I want to learn yocto where should I start?02:00
paulgI am pretty sure there are getting started guides out there that google can find you ;   I'd suggest getting a download started as you read some of them.02:03
mattsmHi paulg you I and zeddii got trashed together once in san diego02:04
mattsmI think I was the most trashed though ;-)02:04
mattsmThat was the night I slapped @RP02:04
mattsm;-) xoxo02:04
mattsmJust made a slack @ mistake02:05
zeddiimattsm: was out at baseball. missed the trolling!02:13
mattsmI was actually showing my wife how to join irc channels... but most of the libera equivalents are empty... but yocto folks got em all moved over02:22
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OutBackDingomattsm: get a board, build an image and flash plenty of guides out there to get you started really.03:15
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:03
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RPmattsm: The next day I remember you looking really worried asking about that too :)07:13
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lukmaRP: Thanks for the fix :-)07:43
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RPlukma: it would be great if people relying on some of these features could help with the bug fixing and future development of them. eSDK needs to TLC08:22
RPneeds some08:22
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splatchhey folks, I have a question related to image types as well as to swupdate. I know swupdate doesn't have to be a thing here, but I found an issue after upgrade do gatesgarth. My earlier config of swupdate did refer image with "direct.p2.gz" format. Now it is gone and I have only "ext4.gz". Is there any change I missed between these releases? I was looking at oe/bitbake sources but I haven't found any09:00
splatchreferences to "direct.p2.gz" at all.09:00
splatchI wouldn't worry much about that change, but when I did update with that swu file on my test installation it did run out of disk space.09:02
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LetoThe2ndsplatch: "p2.gz" is not a generic image type, but something that is provided by some layer that you use. so find out which layer provides it, and why it is gone.09:05
splatchhm, this might then be swupdate itself, cause I have only meta-oe, meta-intel, meta-zulu (java) and mta-swupdate. Out of these I can almost certainly bet that image formats are coming from first and last09:07
LetoThe2ndsplatch: betting != knowing. and it is also not necessarily a real format, but only a custom rename, link or output name.09:08
splatchLooking at references to that format at github (its quite good tool to look at other projects) I found only two places: https://github.com/search?q=%22direct.p2.gz%22&type=code09:10
splatchLetoThe2nd: I need to balance learning as I am kinda of behind schedule. The awful thing is that this mysterious "p2" format is not referenced anywhere and it seems to cause different handling on real hardware afterwards.09:12
splatchAs much as I can find references for bitbake/poky and other oe related things, swupdate remains a mystery to me09:12
LetoThe2ndsplatch: i am pretty certain that the format is not exactly "mysterious", but if you go for a "bitbake -e" on the original build it will probably reveal itself relatively quickly.09:15
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splatchok, let me stash what I did and test thing09:17
LetoThe2ndsplatch: plus, it might be a false positive, but your irc login suggests that you are online as root, and i would suggest fixing that real soon.09:18
splatchLetoThe2nd: it is true, this is a vps which is soon to be teared down09:19
splatchLetoThe2nd: I recall one of your last videos on yocto where you did talk about producing docker images out of build. I admit I have tried your way but failed (last year). Given that it would boost quite a bit testing I still hope to get this running. Do you maybe know some project which does that and it works? :)09:20
splatch[using an opportunity to inquiry you directly!]09:21
LetoThe2ndsplatch: "out of build"?09:21
splatchout of bitbake09:22
LetoThe2ndsplatch: you can happily create various container formats, and meta-virt brings a lot of support. docker however relies on the daemon running on the system, hence cannot directly be created.09:23
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splatchLetoThe2nd: fixed at least one thing ;-)(09:40
LetoThe2ndsplatch: namely?09:42
splatchI might not be able to build a full image for warrior since some of artifacts are not reachable. Will retry, in worst case I will need to reduce scope of build to minimal image09:43
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splatchLetoThe2nd: I have older branch checked out, out of `bitbake -e` I get python code as output. No p2, direct.p2 can be found. For fstypes there are only types I have specified in build ([ext4.gz wic.gz wic.bmap wic.vmdk], [tar.gz], [cpio.gz]).09:48
splatchObviously my build has this line too: https://github.com/3mdeb/meta-rte/blob/48304534a1165116fcb11850ac9d0922133bf403/recipes-extended/images/core-image-minimal-swu.bb#L2509:48
LetoThe2ndsplatch: bitbake -e does not exactly give you python, but it might contain some. and as you explicitly stated your layers, which did not inlude meta-rte.....09:49
splatchyes, so meta-rte is the only one project in github which has this p2.gz referenced. I try to use it as a crossing point, maybe wrong, but .p2 format does not come from that layer. If it would then I think bitbake or QA would report an missing or unsupported option in new releases.09:51
LetoThe2ndlike i said, ot maybe is not an image_fstype, but only some way that overrides the name of the generated file.09:55
splatchjust traced .bbappend, .bb and .inc with find. None of layer files (beside mine which expects it) mentions direct.p2 there. For p2 itself all references seem to be "help2man" or "bzip2". This is a well hidden feature. ;-)10:01
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splatchLetoThe2nd: everything clear, the p2 format was retained by patch to 'image_types_wic.bb' which didn't apply to latest releases.10:20
LetoThe2ndsplatch: in which layer? ;-)10:21
splatchLetoThe2nd: as far I can see poky10:22
LetoThe2ndsplatch: sounds highly questionable.10:23
LetoThe2ndsplatch: what is this patch, and where did it come frmo?10:23
splatchthe p2 format is additional thing made by 3mdeb folks to retain parition files from wic10:24
splatchLooking now at meta-rte and I can't see it there10:24
LetoThe2ndsplatch: sorry, but what you are saying makes no sense. you stated that you are not using meta-rte, and therefore the patch could not have been in your initial build.10:25
splatchLetoThe2nd: gimme sec, I think I'm on the way to trace it in github then it will become clear10:26
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splatchLetoThe2nd: https://github.com/3mdeb/poky/blob/fb6a70abca8feec5c840a96323c27b507cf55a8b/scripts/lib/wic/plugins/imager/direct.py this is plugin for wic which does the job10:29
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LetoThe2ndok, and?10:30
splatchso you was right in saying that p2 comes from one of layers I got, my assumption that it was swupdate was wrong, and luckily I will be able to fix issue after re-applying some patchwork10:30
LetoThe2ndi can't follow, but hey. if it works for you, whatever.10:31
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splatchLetoThe2nd: sorry for being chaotic, with your suggestions I was able to trace it back. Thank you for partience and assistance.10:41
LetoThe2ndhave fun!10:41
splatchbuild is on the way!10:41
splatchMy first 5.10 build ever!10:41
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dvorkindmitryhow can I append environment variable or do_install action?11:01
dvorkindmitryfor do_install action11:02
LetoThe2nddvorkindmitry: you can set arbitrarily named variables anywhere in the recipe11:02
dvorkindmitryLetoThe2nd, may I set it like this MYVAR=xxx at any line of the recipe?11:03
LetoThe2nddvorkindmitry: as long as xxx is constant, yes.11:03
marexI ran into this https://www.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-core/2019-July/284554.html myself now, what is that about and how do I get rid of that Requested value:  CONFIG_SCSI_DEBUG=m Actual value:     stuff ?11:12
marexwhy is scsi-debug.cfg even included ?11:12
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marexoh, CONFIG_SCSI_DEBUG need SCSI_LOWLEVEL in 5.10.y11:17
dvorkindmitryLetoThe2nd, it doesn't work: https://pastebin.com/9fRunqp5 "HOST" variable11:20
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LetoThe2nddvorkindmitry: look at the log of the do_install stage and inspect how the environment is being set. from guessing i would say you need to export it just like the DESTDIR construction.11:23
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wyrehi guys, I'm trying to create a recipe for a python script, and I'm following a similar structure to this http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/documentation/ref-manual/examples/hello-single/hello.bb11:32
wyrebut I'm having problems because do_install cannot be performed because doesn't find the .py file11:33
qschulzwyre: where do you get your python script from?11:33
wyreqschulz, I'm using repo to clone from a repo in a folder called `files` alongside the recipe file11:34
wyrein fact the files (they are several scripts actually)11:34
wyreI mean, in fact the files are there11:34
wyrebut apparently I'm missing something in the recipe11:35
qschulzSRC_URI and S needs to be double checked11:35
qschulz(in your recipe)11:35
wyreqschulz, you have here the folder structure and the recipe contents https://bpa.st/7IUQ11:36
wyremaybe I should include `files` folder in the SRC_URI... 🤔11:37
wyreI've just realized11:37
wyrethen why is not finding the files?11:38
qschulzgo to the WORKDIR of your recipe and check that the files are there11:39
qschulznote the exact path relative to WORKDIR11:40
qschulzthat's what you're supposed to use then11:40
qschulzyou can also add whole directories by adding file://dir/ (note, no * in there)11:41
qschulzthis will respect the original layout11:41
LetoThe2ndjust a note: "i'm using xxx to clone yyy into the files directory next to recipe zzz" sounds very much like "recipe zzz needs a proper fetching stage"11:43
wyreLetoThe2nd, that's a good point 🤔11:46
wyreqschulz, files are in the workdir, right https://bpa.st/FK7A11:51
wyrealso ... according to you I could replace this part https://bpa.st/F2CQ with this https://bpa.st/ENPA ?11:53
wyreanyway ... there are files what I don't want to install, but I guess I can also control this in do_install11:53
qschulzwyre: they are not in the workdir, they are in a subdirectory of the workdir12:01
qschulzwyre: yes to your question12:01
wyreqschulz, so they should be in the workdir directly?12:01
wyreoh, I see what you are saying12:02
qschulzwyre: I thought they would be but I was clearly wrong12:02
wyreI should include the directory in the install statements12:02
qschulzso, just pass the relative path to S (which is $WORKDIR in your recipe) to your install commands12:02
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wyreqschulz, now I'm having problems with fonts 🤔 https://bpa.st/VCYQ why is it trying to access to ../image/usr/bin/dp1642gw/fonts ?12:24
wyremaybe the install -d has not created it? 🤔12:24
wyreis it not recursive?12:24
wyreI mean, there is no an option like -p for mkdir?12:25
rburtoninstall -d creates parents12:26
qschulz${WORKDIR}/image is ${D}12:27
wyresure, and I guess /usr/bin is ${bindir}12:28
wyrebut I've install -d ${D}{bindir}/dp1642gw/fonts in my recipe and it's not being created inside ${WORKDIR}/image/usr/bin12:29
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wyreit has created a file called `dp1642gw`12:30
rburtonwhere is the recipe?12:30
wyreoh, sorry, I missed a $ symbol12:30
qschulzwyre: the usual :D12:31
wyrebefore {bindir}12:31
qschulzdon't worry, I always miss them when reading recipes too12:31
wyrecan I clean the workdir in someway?12:32
rburtonbitbake recipe -c clean12:33
qschulzrburton: IIRC this does not remove files added in SRC_URI with the "file" fetcher?12:37
rburtondo_clean() {12:38
rburton    dir = d.expand("${WORKDIR}")12:38
rburton    oe.path.remove(dir)12:38
rburtonit just blasts away the work directory12:39
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whuang0389how im confused on compiling a simple makefile from a git source. In do_compile() I have oe_runmake all. I'm expecting an executable somewhere, but I'm unable to find it. source is from here: https://github.com/Infineon/eltt212:47
whuang0389i checked the tmp directories using find but nothing12:47
mattsmRP yes I was really concerned, and feeling rough from the night before12:48
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mckoanwhuang0389: your Makefile has hardcoded variables, cant cross-compile and can't install anything in tmp12:58
whuang0389so I will need to run a custom command from do_compile? specifying the CC?13:00
rburtonwhuang0389: https://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/html_node/Overriding.html#Overriding is the key13:03
rburtonwhuang0389: oe_runmake CC="${CC}" CFLAGS="${CFLAGS}"13:03
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overrideCan some one explain feature backfilling to me please?13:42
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rburtonif a distro feature isn't set, backfilled ones get added automatically. this is because we added new features and made them default.  if you don't want it, add it to DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED to say that you know it would be backfilled, but you don't want it.13:45
overridethanks, rbuton13:47
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yates_homein poky/meta/lib/oe/elf.py there is a function that can be defined, PACKAGEQA_EXTRA_MACHDEFFUNCS, to add a new architecture to machdata dict13:59
yates_homethe dict is composed of #           TARGET_OS  TARGET_ARCH   MACHINE, OSABI, ABIVERSION, Little Endian, 32bit?14:00
yates_homethe first two items are obvious. where do MACHINE, OSABI, and ABIVERSION come from?14:01
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yates_homethey are simply non-negative integers for other architectures, e.g.,             "darwin9" : {14:09
yates_home                        "arm" :       (40,     0,    0,          True,          32),14:09
rburtonmachine is the ELF e_machine field14:10
yates_homerburton: thanks. i see several of these defined or mentioned here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executable_and_Linkable_Format14:13
yates_homethis ought to get me going. thanks much rburton14:14
rburtonits basically a giant map of ELF data, so most things will be in there14:14
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Guest49I got the following warning:14:41
Guest49WARNING: libpng-1.6.37-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL https://downloads.sourceforge.net/libpng/libpng16/libpng-1.6.37.tar.xz, attempting MIRRORS if available14:41
Guest49I've visited the link and to me it seems just fine, why does it give a warning?14:42
Guest49also, when will the irc logs in yoctoproject.org/irc be fixed so that we can view the latest ones?14:43
rburtonGuest49: if you're doing a fetch from clean, sourceforge gets all upset and blocks you temporarily if you make lots of connections14:44
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qschulzGuest49: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/yocto/14:48
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rburtonhalstead: will the irc logs be updated to work on libera?14:48
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Guest49rburton that explains it, that explains it14:52
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halsteadrburton: yes. They are being collected. Just need to update publishing.14:59
Guest49general question, a certain layer has dependencies on "layers: meta-oe, meta-multimedia, meta-networking". I have not added these in bblayers.conf and it is still building the image, how so?15:00
Guest49My guess would be that it should fail because of the required dependencies15:01
vmesonYocto monthly technical discussion happening now:  https://zoom.us/j/990892712?pwd=cHU1MjhoM2x6ck81bkcrYjRrcmJsUT0915:01
Guest49vmeson For those that currently don't have Zoom instead, can we watch the recording somewhere after it is finished?15:04
rburtonGuest49: presumably those requirements are not actually stated in layer.conf, and you're not building anything that actually needs those deps15:05
vmesonGuest49: I think the discussion is recorded but I'm not aware of it being posted. I'll ask around.15:05
Jasper-BenYes, it is being recorded. But I also don't know where and if it will be posted. You can also join zoom meetings via the browser, though.15:06
Guest49Thanks, looking forward to hearing how we can access it, 5 stars!15:07
Guest49rburton you're right, that is indeed the case, thanks15:08
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wyre_cannot I install files in /opt/<arbitrary folder> ?15:21
vmesonGuest49: oops, there's also a bunch of tool-free phone numbers, see: https://www.yoctoproject.org/public-virtual-meetings/15:22
wyre_I'm having an error saying "Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package:"15:22
rburtonwyre_: that's because FILES doesn't pick anything from /opt by default15:22
*** wyre_ is now known as wyre15:32
wyrerburton, I don't get this point ... FILES? 🤔15:32
rburtonif you don't know what FILES is, maybe read a tutorial on packaging15:35
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halsteadrburton: IRC logs are being published again. There is up to a 3 minute lag.15:48
rburtonthanks halstead15:48
vmesonJPEW: RP: it's 'zee (or zed) standard' -- https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc8878.html  - S - T - D has other connotations15:51
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JPEWvmeson: Ah, yes I suppose so.16:06
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overridedoes u-boot get packaged into the board's image by yocto/oe stuff, or is that seperate?16:30
overrideim trying to add nfs to u-boot, so that I can update images over the network. Trying to see how I can package this new u-boot16:32
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)16:33
rburtondepends on the machine16:34
rburtonthere is a uboot recipe in oe-core which many machines use, yes16:34
overridebasically, im trying to see where in oe-core does the u-boot stuff reside. right now when I bitbake images, they get built with u-boot16:35
overrideis there like a layer just for u-boot?16:35
rburtonno, its in oe-core16:35
overridewhere at in oe-core?16:37
overrideall ive seen in oe-core is layes, buildm sstate-cache16:38
overridei see stuff like ayers/openembedded-core/meta/classes/kernel-uboot.bbclass which makes me want to think uboot gets built by a recipe..16:41
vmesonoverride: see and use the layer index: https://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/recipes/?q=u-boot16:42
overrideoh, my bad .. see what rbuton was trying to say now..16:44
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Guest2095Hi, Can I have 2 kernels built from single yocto image? One I want for debugging purpose and other for production17:29
Guest2095since each yocto build builds one kernel per image,is it possible to have 2?17:29
splatchGuest2095: I think you can have two images, most of work between them will be shared, beside kernel, other idea is to use maybe (not sure) a package manager and install an overlay with another kernel if necessary17:30
splatchyou run single kernel instance, as far I know, with image so what you ask for might not be a straight task17:31
splatchI actually have issue with two kernels. I have a build which works just fine if deployed in vm (and stock device), but fails with a strange behavior when used with swupdate. I set preffered provider to linux-intel and version to 5.10.%, yet my board after boot has a split brain problem. It does declare it is 4.19 (release which I try to update) when asked with uname -r. Yet it has modules from 5.10 on the17:34
splatchpartition. Guess it is a swupdate/boot issue but its not clear to me why this happens.17:34
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Guest2095splatch Thanks for replying17:38
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Guest2095how to use yocto combo layer tool?17:41
JPEWGuest2095: Any particular reason you want to use that?17:43
Guest2095to merge two repos17:43
JPEWGuest2095: I'm not familiar with it. I usually use git submodules FWIW17:47
JPEWSome people also use kas17:47
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splatchGuest2095: I use kas as it is able to manage multiple versions of configs with no hassle, if you need different kernels and/or images/machines then it might simplify configuration management on your end17:51
Guest2095with configuration management we will get 2 images right17:54
splatchyes, you can have different kernel providers for these or different kernel versions. With kas and its "overlay" (merge of yaml files) you will be able to achieve that with little effort. Still doubling build time in some areas.17:57
*** mischief <mischief!~mischief@wopr.sciops.net> has joined #yocto17:57
mischiefis there a way to enumerate a recipe's variable machine overrides?17:57
JPEWmischief: `bitbake -e` can tell you that17:58
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bizulkHello. I am building for raspberry pi 1, poky+meta-raspberry. There is a issue when building binutils. Some undefined reference with libgold18:45
bizulkusing dunfell HEAD branch18:47
bizulkthere are some discussion in the mailing list to remove libgold [here](https://www.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2016-May/029961.html). Do someone know if this workaround works ?18:52
bizulkI mean if there is limited impact on the build18:53
JPEWbizulk: Hard to say. It's possible there are some recipes that hardcode using gold, and though obviously wouldn't work if binutils didn't create it19:08
bizulkJPEW ok. The best way to know is to test it I guess19:09
JPEWbizulk: Ya19:10
JPEWbizulk: It looks like it may not be unheard of to disable gold on some arches, so that might be an option that would prevent you needing to fork the recipe (since I don't think the patch you linked to would be taken)19:12
JPEWbizulk: perhaps something like: `LGGOLD_pn-binutils = ""` in local.conf (or similar)19:13
bizulkJPEW yep. I don't know the syntax but I believe that local.conf is the place to try that.19:14
bizulkbut still I'm little bit surprised  that this is not building. I did naïvely expected that supported arch were building fine.19:17
*** jmiehe <jmiehe!~Thunderbi@user/jmiehe> has quit IRC (Quit: jmiehe)19:17
JPEWbizulk: arm11 may not be very commonly tested arch?19:20
bizulkJPEW I will check for raspberry 4. But also got failure. double check if it was on dunfell branch19:21
JPEWbizulk: That's strange, I just build rpi4 a few days ago and it worked fine19:21
JPEW(I can't see your pastebin, FWIW)19:22
bizulkJPEW  probably expired. Must refresh it if I can19:23
smurrayAGL is using dunfell 3.1.9 with latest meta-raspberrypi dunfell branch as of last week w/o issues19:23
JPEWbizulk: Oh, no sorry. It's not your fault, local network policy blocks pastebin19:23
bizulkJPEW : where can I post it then ?19:24
JPEWbizulk: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/ works19:24
JPEWIt's not the smartest policy I've ever seen....19:25
JPEWbizulk: Ya, that's strange19:27
JPEWbizulk: Almost looks like it's missing a library or something19:28
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bizulk@JPEW exactly19:29
*** vquicksilver <vquicksilver!~nobody@user/vquicksilver> has joined #yocto19:29
JPEWYou might look through the log.do_compile and see if anything else suspicious shows up.... otherwise you might need to spelunk through the build directory19:30
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* JPEW finds it suspicious that all the Matrix users just exited :)19:31
bizulkthat's strange19:32
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rber|res@JPEW the blue pill?19:40
mischiefJPEW: yes but can you enumerate them from e.g. a python function19:42
JPEWmischief: Do you want the list of overrides, or the value of a variable for each override?19:43
JPEWmischief: You can get the list of overrides with `d.getVar('MACHINEOVERRIDES').split(':')`19:44
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!~zyga@> has joined #yocto19:46
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bizulkJPEW sorry can you point out for me some documentation about building variable LGGOLD_pn-binutils = ""20:04
JPEWAck, that's `LDGOLD_pn-binutils`. Sorry20:05
bizulkright, but what is does ? what is _pn about, I tried to google it in vain.20:06
JPEW`LDGOLD` is a variable in binutils.inc. You can override a variable in a specific recipe by using the `pn-<RECIPE>` override.20:06
bizulkThank you20:06
JPEWthe `_pn-binutils` allows you to override the variable in a specific recipe (binutils in this case) from a common config file (local.conf, machine.conf, etc.)20:07
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JPEW... and they're all back!21:00
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mischiefJPEW: i want to enumerate all overriden variables and their values21:08
mischieflike if i have FOO, FOO_bar, FOO_baz, how can i get all of the FOOs and their values21:09
JPEWmischief: I'm not sure if that information is available by default. I know bitbake -e enables a special "tracking mode" to get the output it does21:09
JPEWBut I think it gets expensive to do that during a normal parse, when all you usually care about is the final value21:10
JPEWmischief: I guess the follow up question is: Why do you want that?21:11
mischiefi dont think i really need to, i was just curious21:13
JPEWmischief: I beleive if you want to write your own scripts to parse the metadata, you can enable the variable tracking like `bitbake -e` does, but I don't think you can get that from in a recipe21:14
mischiefwe have a silly problem with branching/tagging and using one git repo for different branches of a vendor kernel, i thought something like this might come up but i havent worked on it really21:14
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RPmischief: you know about OVERRIDES listing the overrides in force at a given time?22:05
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