Thursday, 2021-08-26

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vmesonname a recipe that compiles 1000s of files and uses  just make rather than cmake or meson? The kernel and ... ?01:54
vmesonvagaruy: ah, could be! I was stuck on applications and most have switch to cmake/ninja. Thanks.01:56
vagaruyqemu too01:57
vmesonvagaruy: right. Do you have to have any idea which would generate a higher load offhand?01:59
vmesonI'm playing with the 'make/ninja -l <NUM>' limits and trying to see if make's more responsive calculation of load average is observable / significant.02:01
vmesonMy reference is chromium but it's build is a beast and it flatlines a 192 core system pretty much through the whole build it seems. I'll have a nice graph is a bit... :)02:02
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RPvmeson: down to one reproducibility failure on that last build06:43
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LetoThe2ndwhat are ways to feed a sstate cache on s3 or comparable, for example?08:15
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RPzeddii: small glitch:
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mbrothersGood morning! I have inherited a yocto distribution which is used to build a distro for two devices. Now there's a configuration difference between the two. The first device does have its OS and configuration on08:42
mbrothersthe same partition, but the second device has the configuration stored in a different partition and everything is symlinked. For a specific package (openvpn) we need to have this configuration to be symlinked as08:42
mbrotherswell. So someone thought it was a good idea to use the do_install_append function for this, but this won't work for the first device. Is there a way to distinguish between these two devices at compile time and NO08:42
mbrothersT execute this append function for the first device? Or do I have to create a seperate layer for these? Thanks for your time!08:42
LetoThe2ndmbrothers: should be easy to distinguish via overrides.08:44
LetoThe2ndmbrothers: heres an awesome rundown on the technique by qschulz:
LetoThe2ndmbrothers: please note that on latest master/hardknott the syntax has slightly changed. but once you've grokked the concept, all is well.08:46
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wCPODoes yocto support these new defined "x86-64 microarchitecture levels" for tuning?
LetoThe2ndwCPO: this is not exactly a yocto problem to support. if you have a compiler that can support it, then you can always set the corresponding flags.08:59
LetoThe2ndwCPO: read this as: if there's software that sued it, YP can usually be used to build it. this does not necessarily mean that all the needed pieces are freely available out in the wild, though.09:00
wCPOLetoThe2nd: I see, I'm still learning yocto. So basically setting TARGET_CC_ARCH or TUNE_CCARGS in a new tune file used by TUNE_ARCH?09:04
LetoThe2ndwCPO: something along those lines, probably. i'd suggest looking at the existing tune files for inspiration.09:04
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RPzeddii: its a bigger glitch, I've dropped the patches and will let you figure out what broke...09:13
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mbrothersLetoThe2nd I think I know what you mean if we just need to copy in some files, but about symlinks linking to ${D}${sysconfdir}/some_config? If I want to use OVERRIDE on files, then I need to have those symlinks already in place pointing to somewhere, isn't it?09:35
mbrothersOr am I thinking too dificult now? I can also make the symlinks pointing to where they need to point to on the target and just copy them onto the image... Is what happens now after running bitbake09:36
LetoThe2ndmbrothers: no, i was thinking about having two seperate install appends depending on the distro.09:36
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Guest32Hi, in the documentation it says we can use sstate ("file://.*;downloadfilename=PATH"), my question is: Is sstate free to use or is it a paid subscription?10:04
LetoThe2ndGuest32: free to use10:04
Guest32awesome, thanks!10:05
LetoThe2ndGuest32: but its actually of rather limited value unless you really stick to poky, with standard configuration and almost no additional layers.10:05
Guest32LetoThe2nd good to know10:06
LetoThe2ndi personally have never used it, other than a simple try if it actually works.10:06
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Guest32I thought (initially before your response) that it was a great advantage because it states, and I cite, "You can significantly speed up your build and guard against fetcher failures by using mirrors."10:08
Guest32This yocto chat is really helpful for everyone to master it.10:08
qschulzThough it's a bit less useful since dunfell because of the hashserv thing10:11
qschulzso only 55% of the sstate-cache will match on a vanilla poky10:11
qschulzand I don't remember if among the 45 remaining percents there are importnat native recipes triggering a full rebuild10:12
wCPOI'm trying to install ovmf for runqemu per the commit instructions with MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS += "ovmf" in my machine conf file, but it just fails with "- nothing provides ovmf needed by packagegroup-core-boot-1.0-r17.mukube". Any ideas?10:24
LetoThe2ndGuest32: qschulz: yeah exactly. once a custom machine comes into play the public sstate is mostly useless, IMHO10:38
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mbrothersLetoThe2nd: The override also works for those things? Cool! So that would become something like (and now I have to read the slides very careful!) do_install_append_device_1 and do_install_append_device_2 where device_1 and device_2 are my machine configuration names?11:01
LetoThe2ndmbrothers: i *think* thank sould work, yes.11:01
qschulzyeah that works just fine11:28
qschulzthough try to not have underscores in any recipe filename or machine name11:28
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: yeah, lodash is better anywways.12:09
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Guest32mbrothers which slides?12:40
zeddiiRP: no problem.  I'll do a local build of that config to see what's up.12:41
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smurraymbrothers: do your 2 images use different MACHINE values?12:44
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mbrotherssmurray: Yes they do. Unfortunately one of them has an underscore, so now trying to build it without an underscore12:48
smurraymbrothers: okay.  If they were the same MACHINE but just different images, adding an extra OVERRIDE might not be the best way to go.12:50
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mbrotherssmurray: LetoThe2nd: Using a machine without underscore works perfect, I now have a function do_install_append_machine-1. Awesome Yocto!12:55
mbrothersThanks for the help12:55
LetoThe2ndmbrothers: have fun!12:55
vmesonabelloni:  anyone ineresteed in YP AB improvements:
rfs613has anyone built dunfell branch under latest debian (bullseye)?13:08
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vmesonvagaruy: qemu uses ninja now too, fyi. gcc's build is not well behaved (configures during make, doesn't pass make flags to children) so I"m still looking for something similar in scale to chromium that uses 'make'.13:31
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vmesonFYI: chromium build in on a 192 core box -j 192, then -l 50:
vmesonninja's -l NUM only uses the host 1 min load average so things oscillate. Make has a patch to do better and I'll try patching ninja with it.13:39
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zeddiiRP: I fixed up my misfiring script. It is just the one 5.13.12 update that was off the rails. Did you want me to resend the full pull request, or just a v2 of that one patch ?14:16
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RPzeddii: whichever is easier. I suspect that but decided to let you double check the patches :)14:19
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tlwoernerqschulz: we'll need an updated presentation for the next yps ;-)14:43
tlwoernerfeel free to start on the slides now ;-)14:44
qschulzs/_/:/ should suffice14:51
LetoThe2ndqschulz: hi514:51
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OutBackDingozeddii: ping15:42
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RPzeddii: btw, I mention to mention those IDENTIFY issues are both systemd15:52
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vdI see various approaches for SRC_URI, some with +=, some with _append :=, is one preferred?16:30
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RPvd: += would be the nicest but doesn't always work16:31
*** override1 is now known as override16:33
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moto-timoRP: there's an upstream commit to pytest that should be the fix. testing now17:34
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kanavinhalstead, I wrote a comment that hopefully better explains what the problem is with virgl18:05
kanavinyou don't really need to do this on every host18:05
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moto-timoRP: fix for python3-jinja2 ptest sent to ML18:32
moto-timoRP: all python3-jinja2 ptests passed locally18:32
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ferlzcHi guys, i'm building an image on yocto 3.3 hardknott branch.18:34
ferlzcI want to use openssh and be able to ssh to my device using my custom image. After my customization on Yocto, the ssh package is instaled on the image but the server service is not running.18:34
ferlzcAny sugestion on where I should look?18:34
ferlzcIMAGE_FEATURES += " package-management"18:34
ferlzcEXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES ?= "debug-tweaks allow-empty-password ssh-server-openssh"18:34
ferlzcIMAGE_INSTALL = " \18:34
ferlzc                 packagegroup-core-boot \18:34
ferlzc                 packagegroup-core-full-cmdline"18:34
ferlzc                 18:34
ferlzcDISTRO ?= "poky"18:34
ferlzcPACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm"18:34
ferlzcDISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd"18:34
ferlzcVIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd"18:34
ferlzcVIRTUAL-RUNTIME_initscripts = ""18:34
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nickHello folks!18:55
nickI am new on yocto...18:56
nickI am trying used devtool to build libaacplus library but my build doesn't find unzip tool18:57
nickdoes anyone have any advice to solve this problem?18:57
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opratahello folks!19:03
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oprataI had a problem to use devtool to build libaacplus. During the configuration devtool show a error because unzip package is missing.19:05
oprataDoes anyone know how fix it?19:05
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kanavinit helps if you show the error19:17
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oprataI used this command to build: $devtool build libaacplus19:22
oprataThis is the error19:22
overrideis there a knowm / preferred way of changing where the device tree is read in from? any utils/known schemes, or mechanisms19:23
oprata| configure: error: You need unzip utility to prepare sources.19:23
oprata| WARNING: exit code 1 from a shell command.19:23
oprataERROR: Task (/home/developer/repos/allwinner/nanopi-neo-plus2/workspace/recipes/libaacplus/ failed with exit code '1'19:23
kanavinoprata, the error is coming from component's configure script - you need to read the script to see what is it trying to do - probably a dependency in recipe for unzip-native is needed19:25
opratathanks a lot. I will try this.19:27
oprataThe error change a little bit19:29
oprataThis is the new error19:29
oprata| checking for unzip... /home/developer/repos/allwinner/nanopi-neo-plus2/tmp/work/aarch64-allwinner-linux/libaacplus/2.0.2+git999-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/unzip19:29
oprata| checking for patch... /home/developer/repos/allwinner/nanopi-neo-plus2/tmp/work/aarch64-allwinner-linux/libaacplus/2.0.2+git999-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/patch19:29
oprata| checking for /bin/bash... configure: error: cannot check for file existence when cross compiling19:29
oprata| WARNING: exit code 1 from a shell command.19:29
oprataShould I build the sdk first before use devtool to build my own recipe?19:30
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kanavinoprata, no - you do need to look into what configure script really does, as SDK contains the same cross-toolchain and will likely throw the same errors19:33
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oprataMay you can help me19:35
opratathis is my libaacplus recipe19:35
oprataSUMMARY = ""19:35
oprataSESSION = "multimedia"19:35
oprataLICENSE = "Unknown"19:35
oprataLIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=6db549a8f63269d52c2d3f43ba8ac8a7"19:35
oprataSRC_URI = "git://;protocol=https"19:35
oprata# Modify these as desired19:35
oprataPV = "2.0.2+git${SRCPV}"19:35
oprataSRCREV = "f2c07704e20de394e7e22ec02015c5a0bca1eba7"19:35
oprataDEPENDS = "fftw unzip-native"19:35
oprataS = "${WORKDIR}/git"19:35
oprata# NOTE: the following prog dependencies are unknown, ignoring: unzip patch19:35
oprata# NOTE: if this software is not capable of being built in a separate build directory19:35
oprata# from the source, you should replace autotools with autotools-brokensep in the19:35
oprata# inherit line19:35
opratainherit pkgconfig autotools native-sdk19:35
oprata# Specify any options you want to pass to the configure script using EXTRA_OECONF:19:35
oprataEXTRA_OECONF = "-enable-shared -disable-static"19:35
kanavinyou probably do not need native-sdk inherit19:36
kanavinoprata, libaacplus is obsolete, and unmaintained19:37
kanavinsorry but you need to find a different way to do what you want19:37
oprataDo you known which lib replace libaacplus?19:38
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JaMasmurray: ping20:01
*** rpcme <rpcme!~rpcme@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)20:02
JaMasmurray: wrt that prserv issue, it happens only with localhost:0, if I use e.g. PRSERV_HOST = "localhost:8585" then it's fine and the port when it's failing is set, but to 0 and self.prserv.address is what's undefined20:04
*** vd <vd!> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)20:06
smurrayJaMa: okay, I'm good with adding error checking, but just to check, am I correct in believing that localhost:0 shouldn't work since that's an invalid port #?20:07
smurrayJaMa: just wondering if there's some container magic that might make it valid ;)20:08
RP moto-timo: thanks, much appreciated!20:13
JaMasmurray: I've added some debug output in
smurrayJaMa: right, but my question is if you specify PRSERV_HOST = "localhost:0", do you expect it to work, or fail with an error message?20:19
smurrayJaMa: I'm assuming the latter, but wanted to double-check I'm not missing something20:21
JaMalocal.conf.sample says it should work and autostart PRSERV, but using port 0 seems a bit strange20:21
smurrayah, okay.  That does seem odd, since if it ignores the 0, you'd then need to look at the log to figure out what port it's using20:23
JaMaI was assuming that asyncio.start_server is supposed to select some random port, return it to self.server and then it's set as a prserv port from the socket, but in this case it looks like asyncio.start_server never finishes (as the logger message with 'sockets:' isn't ever called)20:23
overrideany runtime device tree update mechanisms? be great if someone could link to me some yocto preferred ways of doing device tree updates...20:23
JaMaand because it never reaches this line, it never sets the prserv.address (which then causes the rsplit() to fail20:24
JaMalet me try without docker :)20:24
smurrayJaMa: okay, it's probably generically broken, I suspect20:25
RPsmurray: I'm fairly sure "0" means pick a random port and autostart on that20:25
RPbasically for duration of the current build20:25
smurrayyeah, I'm guessing passing that down to asynio's start_server might be broken in some situation20:25
JaMaworks locally without the docker NOTE: Started PRServer with DBfile: /OE/build/oe-core/cache/prserv.sqlite3, Address:, PID: 10377120:26
smurrayah, that's interesting. htm20:26
smurrayerr, hrm20:26
JPEWJaMa: are you using --net=host ?20:26
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)20:27
JPEW(or maybe docker blocks binding to ephermal ports for some reason)20:27
smurrayJaMa: if you let me know what distro you're running in that container, I can poke at trying to root cause it here20:28
FOPRSERV_HOST = "localhost:0"  used to work for us before dunfell; then we had to remove it20:29
*** WadeBerrier[m] <WadeBerrier[m]!~wberrierm@2001:470:69fc:105::3f0e> has joined #yocto20:29
*** rpcme <rpcme!~rpcme@> has joined #yocto20:29
JaMasmurray: ubuntu:hirsute20:29
FObut cant run 2 build at same time with it anymore since dunfell20:30
JaMaJPEW: no, not --net=host20:31
smurrayJaMa: okay, I'll try rigging something up tomorrow, and work up at least a patch to better catch it failing out20:31
JPEWJaMa: Ya, I was misthinking. That (should?) be ok as long as you aren't trying to access the server outside the container20:32
JaMaI've switched to 20.04 ubuntu and the same20:32
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tlwoernerzeddii: out of curiosity, why is the kmeta branch for 5.13 not aligned with the HEAD commit?20:52
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*** fullstop_ is now known as fullstop21:01
*** halstead_ is now known as halstead21:01
JaMasmurray: looks like I have an work around for this, will send a patch to ML21:01
smurrayJaMa: okay21:02
JaMa but no idea why explicitly setting the loop fixed this in docker21:03
JaMathe docs say: The loop argument is optional and can always be determined automatically when this method is awaited from a coroutine.21:03
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smurrayJaMa: I can't see that paste due to needing a login, but I can guess roughly from your description.  That would be an quite odd workaround21:08
RPmoto-timo: I just realised I haven't merged that pluggy uprev yet! At least I know I can now! :)21:10
RPFor those that are interested, rust just merged21:10
moto-timoRP: no worries, I figured out it was staged in master-next21:10
moto-timoRP: woot! thank you21:11
RPmoto-timo: I'm not thinking clearly, too many patches, sorry. At least it is now fixed!21:11
moto-timoRP: you are forgiven. Please enjoy your weekend :)21:11
moto-timovmeson: <Arnavion> Arnavion Dash21:12
moto-timovmeson: moto-timo: The "couldn't allocate absolute path for" error is from yocto's pseudo   though  that doesn't explain why running rustc would call into that21:12
moto-timovmeson: from #rust21:12
JaMasmurray: strange, I thought it would be public, but here it is
smurrayJPEW: heh, any idea why that'd make a difference ^ ?21:17
*** otavio <otavio!> has joined #yocto21:17
JPEWOnly thing I can think of is that self.loop isn't the default loop for some reason when that is called21:19
JPEWOh, hmm, ya. That is really strange21:21
JPEWJaMa what python version are you using in the container?21:21
JaMa$ python3 --version21:25
JaMaPython 3.9.621:25
vmesonmoto-timo: noted but it's EOD for me today.21:25
moto-timovmeson: just FYI. enjoy your evening21:25
vmesonmoto-timo: thanks, later.21:27
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!> has joined #yocto21:30
JaMaJPEW: smurray: I'm sorry, looks like this change doesn't fix the issue in the end, I've switched to --net=host when switching between 21.04 and 20.04 ubuntu and that resolves the issue, after dropping --net=host again I can reproduce it again with both versions even with this commit (20.04 has python3 3.8.10)21:31
JPEWJaMa: OK. I wonder if docker is blocking ephermal ports somehow21:32
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JaMaJPEW: bitbake-prserv works OK which does almost the same as the "autostarted" one, right? with bitbake@0064d3a94913:~/nodistro/honister$ bitbake-prserv --start --host= --port=4200521:37
JPEWI would think so? The difference (as far as I know) is the attempt to use an automatic ephermal port21:37
JaMaah it doesn't like "localhost" as it's resolved to IPv621:39
JaMaOSError: [Errno 99] error while attempting to bind on address ('::1', 42005, 0, 0): cannot assign requested address21:39
JaMais in prserv.log after bitbake-prserv --start --host=localhost --port=4200521:39
JPEWJaMa: Hmm, that sounds really familiar....21:40
WadeBerrier[m]any suggestions about using local modifications to bitbake/poky for a project?  Background: we reference upstream poky git repo as readonly, but we've recently needed to make a bitbake modification (that we plan to push upstream).  But, I'm assuming it will take a while for that to trickle down into the poky repository?  How do folks use a modified bitbake? (or really, any local changes to the poky repository).  In this case, it's a new21:41
WadeBerrier[m]fetch2 module.21:41
*** wberrier <wberrier!> has joined #yocto21:41
JPEWWadeBerrier[m]: Not that this is the best option, but we fork the repo with a local mirror and I make people upstream the change before I'll pull it back to the mirror :)21:42
*** wberrier <wberrier!> has left #yocto21:42
WadeBerrier[m]JPEW: We're considering something similar (basically implementing policy on our side). I do appreciate the feedback of what others are doing.21:44
JPEWJaMa: This may be why we make hashserver use a unix domain socket for the "auto" option21:44
JPEWJaMa: It would probably be much easier to make prserv do that now that it uses the common async code21:45
smurrayJPEW: I was toying with that possibility when I was looking at the code, but figured less change would be better21:45
JPEWWadeBerrier[m]: The other approach we have is a parallel ".fixes" layer for each layer we pull in. You can do a suprising amount of fixups with .bbappends (but not everything, like a new fetcheer)21:46
JaMaJPEW: if I modify lib/prserv/ to handle the same as localhost:0 and to pass to asyncio.start_server() then it seems to work21:46
JPEWJaMa: Hmm21:46
*** oprata <oprata!~oprata@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)21:47
JaMaI also remember explicitly disabling ipv6 in /etc/docker/daemon.json on some of my builders (but not on this one)21:48
smurrayJaMa: that suggests it's specifically localhost resolving to a IPv6 address than make sit unhappy, maybe?21:48
JaMasmurray: yes21:48
*** florian <florian!> has joined #yocto21:48
smurrayheh, what are the odds something's broken in upstream Python? ;)21:49
JaMa$ grep localhost /etc/hosts21:49
JaMa127.0.0.1       localhost21:49
JaMa::1     localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback21:49
JPEWJaMa: Can you try bitbake-hashserve quick?21:49
JaMabitbake$ bitbake-hashserv21:50
JPEWJaMa: Ugh. corperate firewall blocks pastebing :(21:52
JaMaignore the exception that was my bad debug output, but it fails the same as bitbake-prserv21:53
JPEWJaMa: Means it's host specific somehow; is it only failing in Docker, or on your host also?21:54
JaMabitbake$ bitbake-hashserv -l DEBUG -b localhost:021:54
JaMaTraceback (most recent call last):21:54
JaMa  File "/OE/nodistro/honister/bitbake/bin/bitbake-hashserv", line 59, in <module>21:54
JaMa    ret = main()21:54
JaMa  File "/OE/nodistro/honister/bitbake/bin/bitbake-hashserv", line 53, in main21:54
JaMa    server.serve_forever()21:54
JaMa  File "/OE/nodistro/honister/bitbake/lib/bb/asyncrpc/", line 233, in serve_forever21:54
JaMa    self.start()21:54
JaMa  File "/OE/nodistro/honister/bitbake/lib/bb/asyncrpc/", line 144, in start_tcp21:54
JaMa    self.server = self.loop.run_until_complete(server_coro)21:54
JaMa  File "/usr/lib/python3.8/asyncio/", line 616, in run_until_complete21:55
JaMa    return future.result()21:55
JaMa  File "/usr/lib/python3.8/asyncio/", line 94, in start_server21:55
JaMa    return await loop.create_server(factory, host, port, **kwds)21:55
JaMa  File "/usr/lib/python3.8/asyncio/", line 1463, in create_server21:55
JaMa    raise OSError(err.errno, 'error while attempting '21:55
JaMaOSError: [Errno 99] error while attempting to bind on address ('::1', 0, 0, 0): cannot assign requested address21:55
JaMaJPEW: I bet that if I remove localhost from /etc/hosts ::1 then it will work21:55
JaMawill rebuild the container (as bitbake doesn't have sudo powers there)21:55
JaMahmm it's added by docker in runtime (together with a hostname for IP it got)21:59
JaMayes, updating /etc/hosts inside docker image fixes this as well22:00
JaMahonister$ bitbake-hashserv -l DEBUG -b localhost:022:00
JaMaListening on ('', 38859)22:00
JaManow I should remember why I'm disabling ipv6 in docker and why world still isn't ready for IPv6 :/22:01
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moto-timohmmm. how is the x86_64-poky-linux- tuple generated? I thought it would be BUILD_SYS == BUILD_ARCH BUILD_VENDOR BUILD_OS22:34
moto-timobut BUILD_VENDOR isn't defined as far as I found with bitbake -e22:35
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tlwoernerRP: out of curiosity, is there a reason why "IMAGE" isn't one of the kinds of features_check?22:46
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moto-timothe issue with 'rustc --print cfg' in python3-cryptography is because RUST_TARGET_PATH is not set in the environment23:12
moto-timoRUST_TARGET_PATH is the absolute path to rustlib/ where the target .json specification lives23:13
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