Friday, 2021-09-03

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user123can anyone help me to resolve the error which i have put it in pastebin
user123 i am facing this error when enabling multilib support for multimedia image.05:44
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mckoangood morning06:49
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JosefHolzmayr[m]yo dudX07:07
wCPOTartarus: regarding: Do you have any good way to test it? I can easily test that the output is bigger than --extra-space, but that is about it. Ex:
JosefHolzmayr[m]wCPO: oh that was you sending the patch?07:21
wCPOJosefHolzmayr[m]: yep, need to contribute where you can.07:21
JosefHolzmayr[m]wCPO: thank you very much. this particular patch stood a bit out for me and brightened my morning. ping me when its merged, please.07:22
user123can anyocan anyone help me to resolve the error which i have put it in pastebin  i am facing this error when enabling multilib support for multimedia help me to resolve the error which i have put it in pastebin
user123<user123>  i am facing this error when enabling multilib support for multimedia image.07:37
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wCPOIs it recommend to using --in-reply-to for sending revised patches?08:12
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qschulzwCPO: -v 2 to git format-patch + optional --cc for each person that reviewed the earlier versions08:16
wCPOqschulz: gotcha, thanks!08:16
qschulzwCPO: if that is you who sent the extra-space patch, I was wondering if the extra-space shouldn't be expressed in terms of multiple of sector size?08:17
qschulzso basically, move the += extra-space before the *= sector_size08:18
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wCPOqschulz: I did consider it and accidentally did it (whoops 500GB image). Using just bytes is simpler I think (no 1GiB/512) and what happens if the sector size change (512->4096)? No sure the latter is a big concern tho08:21
qschulzI imagine the extra space to be specific to the machine and the image08:21
qschulzso if the sector size changes so should the extra-space?08:22
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qschulzmaybe the other way around would be to align the extra-space on the sector size?08:22
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qschulzand still express it in terms of bytes, just that it'll be rounded up to the next sector size?08:22
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wCPOHmm. WIC is already doing some aligning. I don't think it is a bit issue if the last sector isn't aligned, fdisk or whatever tool you are using would align it correctly08:24
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kanavinRP: I think to untangle the lttng-tools ptest fails I should go ahead, and compile it inside qemu, and run it the way it's suppose to. Fixing cryptic fails without a working reference point is a struggle (I fixed some that were obvious incorrect ptest packaging mistakes but more remain).09:04
RPkanavin: can we improve the logging to resolve the cryptic issues?09:07
RPkanavin: are you meaning doing that just to sort the issues or change the way that ptest works permanently?09:07
kanavinRP: I mean that to better understand why something fails I want to have a reference point where that same something works.09:08
manuel1985My CI is failing in the following way: `Exception: Exception: KeyError: 'getpwuid(): uid not found: 9999'`09:08
manuel1985Path . is owned by uid 9999, gid 9999, which doesn't match any user/group on target. This may be due to host contamination.09:08
RPkanavin: that seems sensible09:08
kanavinRP: and the best way to do that is to build and run tests from the source tree - that doesn't mean the ptest will do the same, just that I would hopefully understand what is wrong.09:08
manuel1985can multiple poky versions share the same sstate cache?09:09
manuel1985(not at the same time)09:09
kanavinRP: although making ptest re-build the tests is a tempting prospect :) there's a bit much custom tweaking going on there.09:09
manuel1985uid/gid 9999 exists on the build machine. It's the user the CI builds run in. But the build itself is dockerized. Yocto runs inside the kas contianer.09:10
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RPkanavin: I'd really prefer not to do that09:12
RPkanavin: working with upstream to declare the info we need to make the tweaking less needed may be an option if we could propose something neatish09:12
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kanavinRP: is there a place where I can chat with upstream?09:12
qschulzmanuel1985: yes multiple poky versions can reuse the same sstate cache directory but they won't reuse the sstate-cache because it is specific to poky versions (it's part of the filename of sstate cache entries)09:13
kanavinare they here?09:13
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manuel1985qschulz: Thank you09:13
kanavinRP: the good news is that so far I am not seeing sporadic fails: everything seems reproducible, and there are just 3 types of fail left09:14
kanavinall cryptic though09:14
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RPkanavin: #lttng on oftc09:20
RPkanavin: they did used to be here but not since the libera move I think09:20
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kanavinRP: thanks :) I built lttng-tools from source inside qemu, and 'make check' passed the tests with flying colours. The difference seems to be in ptest packaging somewhere...10:58
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kanavinno need to bother upstream yet then11:02
wCPOIs oe-selftest run from scratch over every run? I just ran a single test and it took 7547.129s. Now I tweaked the test and started oe-selftest again with specific test and it has already been running for +40 min.11:04
kanavinwCPO, depends on where your sstate is11:06
kanavinyou need to take it somewhere where it can be shared between the runs11:06
wCPOkanavin: oh yeh, totally forgot to enable it for my openembedded-core repo :(11:07
* wCPO is still learning11:07
JaMais there already bug report for duplicated/trippled logging from failed tasks? I think it was mentioned on ML long time ago, but cannot find that thread now11:10
wCPO"Build directory /foo/build-st already exists, aborting", do I need to remove it everytime I want to run oe-selftest?11:12
JaMafound it
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kanavinwCPO, generally, yes, but it's not a big deal if sstate is held outside of that dir11:21
kanavinthere might be a switch to avoid that somewhere11:22
wCPOkanavin: --keep-builddir must be the option11:23
rburtonthat sounds like a bug tbh, it should be cleaned up11:23
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wCPOrburton: I did Ctrl+c the oe-selftest, so likely it just didn't got to the delete part, also explain why there is a --keep-builddir option, but I still want it to reuse the sstate directory11:25
wCPOkanavin: oe-selftest creates the directory and local.conf (where the sstate directory is set), so I'm not exactly sure how to set a different sstate directory for it11:26
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kanavinwCPO, it copies local.conf from your existing builddir11:35
kanavinso you set it there and it'll be copied11:35
wCPOkanavin: I just figured, thanks tho :)11:35
wCPOlooks like I stumbled on a bug in the systemd recipe:
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wCPOIs yocto automatically pulling in the -dev package when building a recipe?12:25
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rburtonwCPO: if you mean in DEPENDS, then DEPENDS is recipe not package12:35
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wCPOrburton: so if the systemd recipe has DEPENDS = "util-linux" it will pull in util-linux-dev when building the systemd package?12:52
rburtonsort of12:53
rburtonit pulls in the sysroot for the util-linux recipe, which is similar to but is not the -dev package12:53
rburtonthe sysroot just needs the development headers/links, no binaries or data or anything else runtime12:54
wCPOrburton: thanks for the explanation, it make sense :)12:55
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abiliomarqueshi, I'm starting with Yocto, and I noticed something. With many layers coming from different sources, I might need to use some tool to keep track of them. For other projects I've used git submodules and repo, but was wondering if yocto has it's own way of working (similar to what you do with recipes, where you fetch source code from a remote)12:59
abiliomarquesany advice?12:59
rburtonsubmodules and repo works12:59
rburtonkas is another alternative that also handles the configuration file for you13:00
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abiliomarquesthanks :)13:05
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RPJaMa: I'm wondering if we could just get rid of BBINCLUDELOGS13:14
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RPzeddii: is there a reason we're still on go 1.16.5 and not 1.16.7 ?13:27
zeddiinope. anything with 16.x shouldn't cause issues.13:28
RPThere are open CVEs for 1.16.5 so upgrading would be nice :/13:28
RPkanavin: don't suppose you have that patch? :)13:28
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* RP finds a hardknott patch13:34
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abiliomarquesI learn by example, and so I was wondering if there is any well structured yocto project that can serve as a "template" to start working on a custom distro13:57
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yates_workdoes yocto build cross-gcc for target T on host H using <build>/tmp/work/H-linux/gcc-cross-T?14:01
yates_worke.g., H = x86_64 and T = csky: <build>/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/gcc-cross-csky14:01
rburtonpretty much yes14:03
JPEWThe SBOM has landed!14:04
rburtonyates_work: the gcc-cross recipe is actually gcc-cross-$TARGET, and all native stuff is in HOST-linux14:04
rburtonJPEW: \o/14:04
RPJPEW: it has, thanks!14:04
JPEWThanks to rburton and sgw; they did a lot of the smoke testing :)14:05
RPJPEW: you should have mentioned you needed it setting fire to! :)14:05
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yates_workrburton: right, ok.14:07
yates_workrburton: i'm trying to wrap my head around whether this is true or false: when the cross gcc is built, it mostly used the (host-)native gcc, but implicit linker files such as crti.S must be assembled with an existing cross-assembler. True or False?14:09
rburtonyou don't need any cross tools to bootstrap14:10
yates_worki don't know what "bootstrap" means, but i am asking specifically about building the gcc cross compiler. i am having an issue with the cross-compiler that (i believe) goes back to how the crti.S is assembled, and i'm having trouble tracking down exactly where this happens.14:11
RPyates_work: gcc-cross depends on binutils-cross which providers a cross assembler and is built using the host gcc14:13
yates_workto make it a little more convoluted, it appears crti.S is assembled as part of the libgcc submake from (cross)-gcc's main Makefile.14:13
yates_workRP: ok, thanks - that makes sense.14:13
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yates_worki patched with a bbappend to compile the crti.S (and crtn.S) with the -DPIC option:
yates_workbut apparently that patch is not making it into the cross-build of libgcc here: tmp/work/x86_64-linux/gcc-cross-csky/10.3.0-r0/gcc-10.3.0/build.x86_64-linux.csky-poky-linux/csky-poky-linux/libgcc/14:23
rburtonslap a d on the end :)14:25
RPrburton: ok :)14:25
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yates_workdoes the oe system use a different gcc recipe than when building these cross-components like libgcc?14:29
rburtonthere's a number of recipes in that folder14:30
rburtonhave a look and you'll see the split14:30
rburtonhint: one of them is called libgcc :)14:30
yates_workrburton: ok thanks - i'll look14:30
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yates_workrburton: so meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/ is only used for the cross-build of libgcc (in the above-referenced folder)?14:35
yates_work(i realized since i joined the chat this morning that i really don't want to be patching the native gcc...)14:36
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yates_workhelp me! i'm in recipe hell! :)14:38
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yates_workI'm like Lazarus asking for a drop of water on the tongue...14:39
yates_workrather, the rich man asking Lazarus for...14:40
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RPyates_work: gcc is a little special in that there is one "source" recipe in a shared workdir that powers them all14:47
RPyates_work: (gcc-source would be the one to patch)14:47
abiliomarquesmy qemu image doesn't seem to have DNS... any hint on why?14:51
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kanavinabiliomarques, because the promise for qemu images is that they only connect to the host, not to the whole internet. You can manually fix this up if needed.15:06
abiliomarques@kanavin, any advice on how to do it?15:07
kanavinabiliomarques, what is the use case?15:08
abiliomarquesjust want to try running docker in a yocto built image... want to try fetching an image from dockerhub15:08
abiliomarquesis just an experiment to check that I have everything properly set up before I go to real hardware15:10
kanavinabiliomarques, I've done this years ago so don't remember exactly. You need to set up DNS resolution config and check that the IP routing via host works.15:11
abiliomarquesI did it inside of the image, even added dnsmasq to it, but it didn't help15:11
abiliomarquesI can reach and
abiliomarquesyou mean /etc/resolv.conf?15:12
kanavinbut first check that you can reach other things than the host by ip address15:13
abiliomarquessomehow I think I wrote /etc/resolv.conf bad ... now it seems to be working15:16
RPrburton: :/15:16
abiliomarquesthanks :)15:16
rburtonRP: damnit!15:16
rburtonah, nuts, i knew that needed fixing15:17
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rburtonRP: fix sent, and an improvement for spdx too15:24
rburtonRP: sorry, i knew i had to fix that up but forgot :(15:24
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RPrburton: thanks, one of those thins15:29
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RPrburton: spdx patch doens't apply15:31
rburtonoh pants, sorry15:31
rburtonnot my day, obviously!15:31
rburtoni left half of the patches out :)15:32
rburtontake the selftest fix, i have some branch wrangling to do for the spdx one15:32
RPrburton: done :)15:33
barathsry for butting in; does anyone know if there's a "best practices" type of guide for making sure sstate is reusable across hosts?15:33
barathbuilding the same image first on host A, then trying to build the same on host B which has access to A's sstate-cache and host B still rebuilds a bunch of stuff... and I'm finding it difficult to manually compare sigdata and siginfo files15:34
*** te_johan <te_johan!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)15:35
kanavinbarath, it usually comes down to just a handful, or maybe only one recipe doing something non-deterministic, e.g. factoring the current timestamp into the build input15:35
kanavinyou can try to see which is the first recipe that gets rebuilt, and that's probably the offending one15:36
fabatera[m]Hi All! I'm building a gatesgarth core-image-minimal based image.... (full message at
*** gsalazar_ <gsalazar_!~gsalazar@> has joined #yocto15:37
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baraththanks kanavin, I've been trying that. guess I gotta try harder. would bitbake's -v flag be the best way to make sure that I dont miss what's rebuilt built first, or is there a better way/log?15:39
RPbarath: look at the logs in tmp/log/cooker/15:41
vdhow can I recompile only the DTS ?15:43
kanavinbarath, a trick that may also work is setting up an identical build on the same host in a different build directory. If sstate works, you should only see setscene tasks.15:44
qschulzvd: use dtc manually?15:45
vdwe're using a build system! :)15:47
baraththanks @RP, didn't know about the cooker15:50
barathand good point about trying it on the same host, though I'm pretty sure that works... I'll see. thanks both of you :)15:51
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JPEWAm I going to run into a lot of problems if I do `SSTATE_SKIP_CREATION_task-populate-sdk = '0'` ?17:05
JPEW(I have an expensive SDK I want cached in sstate for... reasons)17:06
RPJPEW: I can't remember why we did that...17:08
JPEWI guess I'll try and see if it breaks :)17:09
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sgwrburton: still around?  Looks like your recipetool patch was incomplete and caused some failures in -next (maybe you arlready know)17:16
*** whuang0389 <whuang0389!~whuang038@2607:9880:2d78:22:45e9:a2bf:21a2:279> has joined #yocto17:26
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vddoes come with the "perl" recipe?17:29
vdyeah it install perl-module-utf8... somehow I have a /usr/bin/perl executable but not the module, weird.17:31
*** te_johan <te_johan!> has joined #yocto17:31
vdis that possible that I have perl but not perl-module-utf8 installed somehow?17:32
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smurrayvd: iirc, you need to either specify specific modules' packages or the perl-modules sort of meta package to get modules beyond the very basic ones17:42
vdit seems weird that perl-module-utf8 isn't part of the very basic ones17:45
vdbut ok thanks!17:45
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smurrayvd: it's packaging is very fine grained, as the whole set is quite large17:49
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sgwrburton: I just figured out you had submitted an uipdated patch, and that worked locally for me!18:12
*** vd <vd!> has joined #yocto18:13
zeddiianyone have experience debugging the PR Service ? JPEW ? smurray ?18:36
smurrayzeddii: what are you seeing?18:36
zeddiiit not working!  I'm doing something dense, and am just not seeing what's wrong. I'm trying to do some demo slides for the binary arfiacts ELC talk, and my efforts are crashing and burning.18:37
frayzeddii what do you need for it?18:38
zeddiiwhat #@$@# doc is it described in ? the yocto manuals are returning me nothing when I search for it. I only get hits on the wiki, which I'm not sure is up to date.18:39
fraywhat part of it do you need docs for.. general usage/configuration or?18:39
zeddiijust the setup as a start, so I can confirm I haven't f'd it up.18:40
smurraythere's a section in the dev manual about it, but it's not super detailed18:41
fraynormally I just follow what is in the local.conf.sample.extended18:42
zeddiiat this point. I'm already composing my email to the LF apologizing for not having my recording and slides in on the 7th :D18:42
zeddiisince I'm out of time and patience at the moment.18:43
zeddiiwhich I guess proves the point of my talk ;)18:43
fray(I realize the above is far from an explanation, more of a 'do this')18:43
smurrayin theory you just run bitbake-prserv with the ip/port to listen on and tell it the path to the sqlite db file18:44
zeddiiyah. I set PRSERV_HOST = "localhost:0" in my local.conf, but I'm just not seeing PR bumps where I'd expect.18:44
fray(remote pr service is similar..  ya, as smurray said you can run it w/ an ip/port)18:44
zeddiimaybe I need to rm -rf tmp and start a new build.18:44
frayPR numbers won't bump IF you have reproducible_builds enabled AND the output didn't change..18:44
frayso the old fashion 'touch this file' won't trigger the PR bump18:45
frayyou need to change something in a file that is packaged to trigger a PR bump, as the system will hash the output and compare that to a hash of the last output.. if they are the same "hash-equivalency" kicks in and the new hash is set to be equivalent to the old hash.. and no PR18:45
fray(that behavior changed when hash equivalency went in roughly gatesgarth timeframe)18:46
zeddiishould I see a pr-service process that stays alive after I've started it once ? or is it started and killed each time ?18:46
frayPR service will stay alive if you manually start it as a remote 'service'.   Otherwise I believe it's transient during the build18:46
fraywhen I debug things, I usually run it as a 'remote' service with debug enabled.. then I can see connects/disconnects and such18:47
zeddiiah. and I don't have anything in my conf for hash equiv, that isn't needed for the pr service, right ?18:47
frayI think hash equivalency is on by default these days18:47
zeddiiyah. that's what I thought, but I'm doubting everything now.18:48
frayif you need me to take a look at a config or other change, let me know18:51
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smurrayhash equiv is turned on in poky.conf, but it's not on by default18:55
zeddiiI'm using poky, so I should be covered.18:56
smurraythe oe-selftest for prserv tests the modified source case, so it should be working18:58
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* zeddii looks there.18:58
smurrayit patches m4, iirc18:59
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mattsmAny idea why some pc (pkgconfigZ) files are not included in an SDK? I see the corresponding libs there so I'd think those would go hand in hand19:57
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mattsmI had to include the -dev package in the image for the sdk to contain the right pkgconfig file20:43
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