Thursday, 2021-09-02

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Guest28what transport formats are supported on PACKAGE_FEED_URIS? http seems ok, but what about tftp/ftp etc.06:29
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JosefHolzmayr[m]yo dudX06:37
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RPvd: that should work06:57
JosefHolzmayr[m]RP: i just skimmed over the last night re sbom patches and discussion, but failed to grasp the bottom line. so where are we now with that topic?06:59
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mckoangood morning07:00
JosefHolzmayr[m]yo mckoan07:00
RPJosefHolzmayr[m]: we have a patchset of two halves. One cleans up a load of "BSD" license references and one adds some do_package backend functionality and adds spdx manifest generation07:01
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RPIt still needs work but I think we can merge as something to work against for this release07:02
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JosefHolzmayr[m]RP: wow. feels like we're heading to a release with lots of new exciting stuff this time.07:03
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RPJosefHolzmayr[m]: We're "behind" schedule for the release, but yes, I think this is worth getting in07:04
RPJosefHolzmayr[m]: some of the features are starts of things rather than the final completed one. There will be a lot more change from a license perspective in the future I suspect07:04
JosefHolzmayr[m]RP: does it make you feel better if i confirm that this is a good plan? with kirkwood being slated as LTS, getting in the crazy stuff now and polishing the next one is a nice perspective - and actually exactly what the ubuntu folks usually do. the uneven.10 releases get the experimental tech, and then they stabilize and polish for even.04 LTS.07:06
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RPJosefHolzmayr[m]: We have been trying for this. I just worry there are a few more invasive things that will be needed in kirkstone07:08
JosefHolzmayr[m]ah, kirkstone, not kirkwood. my bad.07:09
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JosefHolzmayr[m]oh, one more thing. i've seen the baremetal-image.bbclass enforces TCLIBC = "baremetal" | "newlib". any specific rationale behind that?07:23
JosefHolzmayr[m]respecively, what does this class set off in forms of dirty magic that i probably failed to spot?07:24
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mihaithe sbom patches feel a bit hacky07:54
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mihaiJosefHolzmayr[m]: what's on for twitch these days?08:07
JosefHolzmayr[m]mihai: i'll do a baremetal hello world this afternoon (e.g. 6hrs from now)08:08
mihaiJosefHolzmayr[m]: oh, great, seems like my question was spot on :))08:10
JosefHolzmayr[m]mihai: well how comes you don't already know? its been on twitter, on linkedin...08:10
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JosefHolzmayr[m]oh and of course, all of you have certainly registered for right?08:11
JosefHolzmayr[m]mihai: i even provided calendar linkd!08:11
* mihai slowly gets under the desk08:12
tnovotnyHi, is there a preferred way to name recipe for out-of-tree modules? Docs & skeleton in Poky name it hello-mod, the same docs renames it to mymodule and Freescale layers uses kernel-module-foo.08:13
user123I am getting Pseudo_Abort erro when i tried to build Yocto multimedia image with multilib support08:13
user123Any help available on this08:13
mihaitnovotny: you can name it whatever you want, hello-mod is a good example, you can also do hello-module module-hello, whatever08:14
user123Its for I.MX8MM board08:14
JosefHolzmayr[m]user123: can you nail it down to the specific combination, on clean builds?08:14
mihaitnovotny: what actually happens is that by inheriting the module bbclass you'll get two packages, kernel-module-hello which has the actual module in it, and hello-mod which is a meta package pulling in kernel-module-hello08:15
tnovotnymihai: yes, I know that the name doesn't play a big role. I just wanted to align my recipe with the others. And thanks for the further explanation.08:16
mihaitnovotny: yw08:16
mihaitnovotny: also be careful there not to clash with existing module names, e.g. in case you're getting out an in-tree and want to build it out-of-tree08:18
user123JosefHolzmayr: specific combination ?08:20
JosefHolzmayr[m]user123: does the build work under those conditions (all started clean!) 1) without meta-multimedia / without multilib. 2) with meta-multimedia / without multilib 3) without meta-multimedia / with multilib 4) with meta-multimedia / with multilib?08:21
mihaitnovotny: anyway, sorry, back to your question, there's no preferred naming scheme there :)08:22
JosefHolzmayr[m]user123: its not impossible of course, but usually pseudo aborts are caused by problems with sstate/temp, and hardly by layers/recipes/configurations.08:22
user123It works fine without multilib support08:23
tnovotnymihai: ok, thanks08:24
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JosefHolzmayr[m]user123: 1) have you verified that for a really clean build? (no sstate, no tmp) 2) does it fail in a specific class or recipe?08:28
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user123JosefHolzmayr[m]: yes its clean build. No it does not fail in a specific class or recipe08:37
JosefHolzmayr[m]user123: does the pseudo abort give some form of log/trace?08:39
user123i will share the flag08:39
user123sorry log08:39
JosefHolzmayr[m]user123: can you put it in a pastebin?08:39
kanavinRP: I'm updating lttng items as well to latest08:49
JosefHolzmayr[m]user123: the insteresting one would rather be /home/user/imx-yocto-bsp/build/tmp/work/cortexa53-crypto-poky-linux/tk/8.6.10-r0/pseudo//pseudo.log08:50
JosefHolzmayr[m]user123: and, which release is this?08:50
user123i.MX Linux Yocto Project BSP 5.10.35_2.0.0 Release08:51
JosefHolzmayr[m]user123: no idea what real release that does correspond to, please look it up/find uot.08:52
user123JosefHolzmayr: Even i tried bitbake -c cleanall imx-image-multimedia08:54
user123Still same error i am getting08:54
RPkanavin: cool, thanks. Hopefully that one shouldn't be too hard08:56
kanavinRP: just need to check that ptests don't fail too badly08:57
kanavin(they've been selectively disabled for a long time, and we still can't get it under control I think)08:57
JosefHolzmayr[m]user123: like i said - we need the pseudo.log and the release in question.08:57
user123Release is of yocto kernel or BSP?08:59
JosefHolzmayr[m]user123: *sigh* the yocto release. it is even printed right at each bitbake invocation, usually.08:59
RPkanavin: upstream are very willing to work on that - they're trying to look into the intermittent issues09:01
user1235.10.35-2.0 yocto release09:03
kanavinRP: I might then drop the selective disabling patch, and then point them to the fails?09:03
RPkanavin: yes, a summary of where we're at would probably be good at this point09:03
JosefHolzmayr[m]user123: that is no yocto release.09:04
kanavinRP: right, once I have the link to AB logs, we can point upstream to that09:04
JosefHolzmayr[m]user123: those are:
qschulzJosefHolzmayr[m]: hardknott09:06
user123its 3.009:06
JosefHolzmayr[m]3.0 != hardnott.09:07
qschulzseems like you might have versions mixed09:07
qschulzall your layers should be on a branch compatible with hardknott 3.309:08
RPand this is why we use codenames and not release numbers09:08
qschulzif you're upgrading from the earlier release from NXP that indeed was on 3.0 (zeus), you need to upgrade the rest of your layers too09:08
manuel1985Restating my question from yesterday, as now there are people around: Does anyone know which Poky commit changed the tmpdir layout?09:09
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RPmanuel1985: which tmpdir layout change? There have been a few09:12
RPmanuel1985: are we talking recently or years ago?09:12
manuel1985RP: Oh. Talking about recently. On dunfell branch.09:12
RPmanuel1985: you mean the pseudo change?09:13
manuel1985RP: I don't know. :) Somewhen we witnessed some error message saying that the layout changed, and we ought to delete the tmpdir.09:14
JosefHolzmayr[m]manuel1985: even if, just wipe it and be done.09:14
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RPmanuel1985: probably09:15
manuel1985RP: Thank you, much appreciated. Oh, wow, already a year ago.09:15
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user123JosefHolzmayr: Yocto release info09:20
user123MACHINE              = "imx8mmevk"09:21
user123DISTRO               = "fsl-imx-xwayland"09:21
user123DISTRO_VERSION       = "5.10-hardknott"09:21
user123TUNE_FEATURES        = "aarch64 armv8a crc cortexa53 crypto"09:21
qschulzuser123: use pastebins please to not flood the channel :)09:21
qschulzuser123: don't worry, first timers often do this, we're used to it :)09:21
qschulzDISTRO_VERSION       = "5.10-hardknott" => hardknott is the release name09:22
qschulzit's 3.309:22
user123JosefHolzmayr / qschulz:
user123please find pseudo.log09:41
qschulzuser123: have you checked that all your layers are on hardknott branch?09:42
user123qschulz : not checked yet, could you please suggest any command to check that09:43
wCPOIs there any way to download the raw mail from ?09:47
RPwCPO: something like ?09:55
wCPORP: I'm just redirected to
user123some layer are hardknott branch are some are zeus gatesgarth, iam attaching the log in pasteboard
RPwCPO: hmm. I am an admin there so that may make a difference :/10:00
user123RP: So, you want us to change that in all the layers?10:06
RPuser123: I don't think you mean me?10:08
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qschulzuser123: yes10:10
user123qschulz : We will try that10:13
barathdoes anyone know how I can run dumpsig on a task for which there is no sigdata/siginfo file generated?10:25
barathspecifically I see that between two hosts, the dbus's do_populate_sysroot hashes have changed because the do_install hashes are different on the two hosts, but those tasks don't have siginfo/sigdata files10:27
barathI've tried dumping the vars for that task on one host, but there's a lot there, and I dont think it's all used to generated the hashes?10:27
qschulzbarath: they should unless you have removed the tmpdir and reuse the local sstate-cache10:32
barathit's possible it's simply reusing the sstate cache, yeah10:32
barathI guess then the next step would be clearing the sstate cache for dbus and forcing a rerun of that specific task10:32
qschulzyou can force the re-run by using -c do_install -f for dbus10:33
qschulzbut in any case, you'll need to rebuild from scratch dbus to make it not tainted anymore10:34
qschulzbut for quick debugging that *should* be fine10:34
barathalright I'll try that10:35
barathweird, now after using -f I definitely have a sstate-cache file for the install task for dbus, althrough dumpsig still says it can't find any10:36
barath(when using bitbake-dump -t dbus install)10:36
qschulzI most often give the path to the sig file directly10:38
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user123qschulz : after changing all zeus gatesgarth branch to hardknott branch bitbake is not running,its throwing "Timeout while waiting for a reply from the bitbake server (60s)"11:07
barathuser123: sounds like you've got a stuck bitbake process11:10
barathI'd confirm by running ps aux|grep bitbake11:10
baraththen you can kill it if you want11:10
qschulzif you still have a bitbake.lock, you can run lsof bitbake.lock and kill whatever process is using it, then remove the lock11:13
* RP quietly curses to himself that the rust issue on centos7 still isn't fixed11:14
RPalso, in shock at a green master-next11:18
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user123qschulz :  even  after changing all zeus gatesgarth branch to hardknott branch we getting same error11:36
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qschulzyou need to remove the tmpdir too probably and start fromt here11:58
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user123you mean to say, remove /build/tmp directory ?12:13
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qschulzanything that is not sstate-cache (though it won't be matched so it's safe to remove too; SSTATE_DIR) and downloads (DLDIR) can be removed safely12:15
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qschulzuser123: also just so you know, hardknott is EOL in November12:22
qschulzhopefully NXP starts using LTS releases but nothing less sure than that :)12:23
dvorkindmitryis it possible to create two WICs with 1 image recipe?12:25
teppersonif i wanted to change the work path of recipes from tmp/<machine name>/<recipe name> to tmp/<machine name>/<related_recipe_name>/<recipe name>, would i be looking at base.bbclass or somewhere else?12:26
rburtonwhat is "related recipe name"?12:27
rburtonanyway a quick grep reveals12:27
rburtonbitbake.conf:WORKDIR = "${BASE_WORKDIR}/${MULTIMACH_TARGET_SYS}/${PN}/${EXTENDPE}${PV}-${PR}"12:27
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qschulzdvorkindmitry: probably not as is, but you could work on image_types_wic to add support to that12:29
qschulzalthough not sure what the goal for you is with that?12:29
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teppersonrelated recipe name - would be the name of an image. say i want image "uimga" to have a different kernel config than "uimgb" - without repeating all of the machine specific customizations12:30
rburtonso that's not how it works12:30
rburtoni can build a kernel without an image12:31
rburtonif you want two different kernels, build two different kernels12:31
dvorkindmitryqschulz, I have two boards with almost same set of peripherial and same CPUs. same MACHINE. want to have 1 image recipe for both. everything is almost the same, except two different DTS files. Want to create two WICs with the same recipe and the same time for both12:31
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JPEWmihai: can you elaborate on why the sbom patches feel hacky?12:32
qschulzdvorkindmitry: is it possible to know which board is currently running from directly on the board?12:32
rburtonJPEW: fyi just currently looking at gluing the non-spdx license text stuff in12:33
qschulzrburton: couldn't open the mail on my phone but I spotted an issue with GPL-3.0+ license file, it should be GPL-3.0-or-later, we removed the + thanks to one of our outreachy intern :)12:34
qschulz(tje filename I mean)12:34
JPEWrburton: cool. The changes you made to the script looked good12:34
teppersonrburton: right, i was imagining there would be a non-image specific version of a recipe, then image specific versions of the same recipe - bitbake blab and bitbake image_using_blab could compile two differrent version of blab12:35
rburtontepperson: yeah thats not how it works12:35
rburtonnormal recipes build packages, packages are combined to make images12:35
rburtonso you can't have one recipe build different packages depending on what image they'll end up in12:36
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qschulzthough you could use distro for that12:36
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qschulzdvorkindmitry: the point I'm trying to make is maybe you don't need those two wics and can ship both DTB and pick the right one to boot from the bootloader at runtime12:37
rburtontepperson: if the different is just drivers then build stuff as modules and pull the right ones in12:37
rburtontepperson: if you want an entirely different config, have two kernel recipes12:37
teppersonrburton: like and, with PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel=kernel-blab ?12:38
rburtonqschulz: v2 of the patch drops the + forms12:38
qschulztepperson: you can't pick a provider from an image recipe12:39
dvorkindmitryqschulz, probably! but in this case I need two different u-boot ENVs in two different WICs :) case I can't detect the device version in u-boot12:39
qschulzrburton: :+1: sorry for the noise then!12:39
qschulzdvorkindmitry: no no, read some HW stuff from U-Boot12:39
qschulzah, should have finished to read the message before answering :p12:39
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dvorkindmitryqschulz, yea. So seems I have two ways to make it: ctreate two MACHINEs, or create two IMAGEs or have a possibility to create two WICs at the same time.12:41
dvorkindmitrythe last option is more convenient.12:41
dvorkindmitryusualy for different boards with almost the same stuff I am creating several DTSes at the same build command. But in case if you need to make WIC, you're limited with one WIC per MACHINE/IMAGE...12:43
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JPEWdvorkindmitry: make two images that include a common conf file, and only change WKS_FILE12:44
qschulzJPEW: they wanted to avoid that :)12:44
JPEWah, sorry12:44
JPEWIt is a little annoying that your can't have multiple wic files for an image12:45
qschulzother way could have two image recipes (stay with me), and have image recipe A depends on recipe B to be done when recipe B is called by bitbake. And in recipe B you just have WKS_FILE overriden (and possibly IMAGE_FSTYPES to only have wic to quicken the build)12:46
qschulzfeels hackish to be frank with you :)12:46
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qschulzJPEW: i am more annoyed by the WKS_FILES variable which does not really do what the name implies :)12:46
qschulzor at least, that's not what was my first guess12:47
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*** vics is now known as veq12:47
qschulzdvorkindmitry: it shouldn't be much harder than having a forloop of the content of IMAGE_CMD:wic12:48
qschulzusing a new variable WKS_MULTI_FILES or something like that12:48
qschulzand use wks_search from WKS_FULL_PATH in the IMAGE_CMD:wic per entry in WKS_MULTI_FILES12:48
qschulzat least that's where I would start, not sure it's what will work12:49
qschulzif you manage to get something working, please send us a patch :)12:49
dvorkindmitry"the content of IMAGE_CMD:wic" - where to see an example or look for this code?12:50
dvorkindmitryI'd be happy to patch it, but I'm python newbie :)12:50
mihaiJPEW: not really, I didn't dive into specifics yet, it's just a feeling I had when looking over the patches, mainly because of some one-liners and the naming choice of some variables12:51
qschulzdvorkindmitry: good news, it's shell :) (with a call to one rather simple pythonj function)12:51
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qschulzdvorkindmitry: classes/image_types_wic.bbclass in openemebdded-core12:52
mihaiJPEW: don't take me wrong, it's great work, I didn't mean to be rude12:52
JPEWmihai: That's fine :)12:53
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*** vics is now known as veq12:54
JPEWmihai: I've been looking for feedback on "real world" use cases, since the support doesn't do any good if it can't do want someone wants :)12:55
dvorkindmitryqschulz, studying. thank you!12:58
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JosefHolzmayr[m]one hour left until i go (bare) metal:
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qschulzJosefHolzmayr[m]: have fun, will look at the recording :)13:02
qschulzs/look at/watch/13:02
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qschulzdvorkindmitry: I think we could reuse WKS_FILES if we have a boolean variable such as WKS_ONLY_CREATE_FIRST_WKS_FOUND13:04
qschulzwhich would keep the current behavior (so needs to be weakly set to 1 in that case, so that we don't break stuff), and then when it's set to 0, loop over all items in WKS_FILES13:05
qschulzjust ideas13:05
qschulzup to you how you implement it :)13:05
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JosefHolzmayr[m]qschulz: \m/13:05
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mihaiJPEW: I might have some feedback soon :)13:07
JPEWmihai: Excellent!13:07
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JosefHolzmayr[m]about to start at
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mckoanJosefHolzmayr[m]: \o/14:05
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dvorkindmitrycan I use SRC_URI_machine_xxx += "..." in kernel recipe?14:27
JaMaanyone else seeing python3-native segfaulting with latest oe-core/master? python3[41664]: segfault at 5628ded6f005 ip 00007f29a8664f35 sp 00007ffe458f1450 error 4 in[7f29a864a000+a4000]14:27
dvorkindmitrywhere "xxx" is machine-specific14:27
rburtona kernel is machine specific so you can use any machine override yes14:28
smurrayrburton: re bumping to the 5.13 kernel for generic-arm64, it looks like the defconfig.patch needs to be updated, and there's a question of whether to just dupe the linux-yocto bbappend from 5.10 or use an inc file.  Thoughts?14:36
rburtonsmurray: sync with jonmason as i think he might be working on this too14:37
smurrayrburton: okay14:37
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jonmasonsmurray: I've bumped to 5.13 and am seeing a config warning.  So, I'm trying to work that out now.14:39
jonmasonIn addition to merging qemuarm64-sbsa into generic-arm64, per dl9pf request14:40
whuang0389is there a way to tell which systemd services to not be loaded by default?14:40
smurrayjonmason: yeah, when I did a quick test last night it looked like a couple of the old warnings are gone, replaced by new ones.14:41
jonmasonsmurray: yes, fairly trivial to get it sane, pita to get all the warns gone14:47
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smurrayjonmason: okay, thanks for looking at it14:55
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JaMapython3 regex failing seems to be caused by python3-regex upgrade in meta-oe, not python3-native itself, fix in
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armoonHi all I want to update the kernel version for  raspberry 4 gb from 5.10.59 to 5.10.60 but I failed to update the SRCREV_meta15:46
armooncan some body share how to set the SRCREV_meta value15:47
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dvorkindmitryin linux-at91-4.19 ${P} value expanded to linux-at91-4.19+gitAUTOINC+046113c438. What variable expands to linux-at91-4.19 ?15:52
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smurraydvorkindmitry: no single variable, I think, that'd be something like ${PN}-${LINUX_VERSION}15:59
smurraydvorkindmitry: you can see how P itself is built up by looking at its expansion description in the output of 'bitbake -e linux-at91' (note that'll be a lot of output, usually better to pipe it to a file and then look at that)16:03
dvorkindmitrysmurray, thank you! forgot about this magic command :)16:04
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smurraydvorkindmitry: there's a bitbake-getvar in master now that can be used instead, e.g. "bitbake-getvar -r linux-at91 P"16:06
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smurrayarmpit: would you be okay with backporting the dlt-daemon 2.18.[67] version bumps to dunfell in meta-oe?16:12
dvorkindmitrysmurray, seems I have to strip "+SRCREV" from PV. how can I do this? I'm python newbie16:18
smurraydvorkindmitry: what is it you're trying to do with the resulting value?16:19
dvorkindmitryto use it in FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}-${PV}:" in my .bbappend file instead of corrupted PV16:19
smurrayheh, it's not corrupted, the use of the git rev is purposeful16:20
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smurrayyou could try LINUX_VERSION instead of PV there16:21
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smurraydvorkindmitry: are you trying to use a wildcard bbappend against different versions?  If not, nothing stops using some other directory name, e.g. ${THISDIR}/files16:25
dvorkindmitry.../files is not beautiful :)16:26
smurraydvorkindmitry: or ${THISDIR}/${BPN}, i.e. linux-at91, that's a "cleaner" option.  Having the version in path is only going to be useful if you do have multiple versions of the recipe and they need different versions of the same file16:31
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dvorkindmitryI have two machines. One uses 4.9, another 4.19. but the patchset is small and fits into one .bbappend file easily. I can put patches intp /files/machine1, /files/machine2, but it is not descriptive16:35
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dvorkindmitryseems, I found the solution: FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}-${d.getVar("PV").split('+')[0]}:"16:42
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smurraydvorkindmitry: I'm surprised LINUX_VERSION wouldn't be set by that point17:31
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frosteyes1Hi folks. Has anyone worked with opencv and tried to make the opencv_world lib?18:17
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dvorkindmitrysmurray, yea. Atmel forgot to set it correctly in they kernel recipe20:19
RPvmeson: centos7 rust build worked this time20:19
dvorkindmitryIs is OK to set DISTRO in machine.conf file?20:21
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vmesonRP: Super!20:24
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smurraydvorkindmitry: no, you don't want to do that.  machine/distro/image are 3 separate axis that users should be able to mix and match20:31
dvorkindmitrysmurray, in general yes. but for one of my machines it should always be "distro1"20:32
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smurraydvorkindmitry: do what you like, but whenever I see layers that do things like that I consider them very broken20:34
RPvmeson: merged the changes, calling it done from my pov ;-)20:35
vmesonRP: works for me. Hopefully you can be rust-proof for a while now.20:46
JPEWvmeson: He's galvanized!20:55
RPJPEW: galvanising is no good in fire so that wouldn't be much use20:56
* RP aims for stainless20:57
JPEWKeep some aluminum in your pocket as a sacrificial anode; you can throw it at anyone who mentions rust!21:01
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RPJPEW: good plan! :)21:20
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