Tuesday, 2021-11-16

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ad__hi, how to make conditional, machine based a do_compile[depends]   line ?07:33
ad__(i have several dependencies in that list)07:34
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JosefHolzmayrTheyo dudX07:59
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RPad__: do_compile[depends] = "${X}" X = "1" X:machine = "2"08:17
ad__RP thanks08:20
RPjaskij[m]: I can see what you mean about the collapsed dependencies. If you have "cd -> f" then you do lose info as you can't tell if c depends on f directly or not. That probably isn't an issue though, it just depends what you're trying to show08:24
ad__RP,  X_machine = "2" correct ?08:25
RPad__: depends which project version as the override syntax changed for honister08:34
zpfvoIs there a way to create two different images using wic and wks files? I have two different versions of a raspberry pi (one 16GB and one 8GB) and I want to create an image for both of them in one go. At the moment i set the WKS_FILE in the <MACHINE>.conf. But i really dont want to create a new machine just because of this.08:34
JosefHolzmayrThezpfvo: depending on your pipeline, you could inject WKS_FILE through either environment or local.conf08:47
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zpfvoJosefHolzmayrThe: ah yes! Injecting throught environment would work08:48
JosefHolzmayrThezpfvo: please note that I recommend this only if it works for a CI/CD pipeline. if it is something that you ship as a bsp to customers or similar, PLEASE make machine configurations!08:49
zpfvoJosefHolzmayrThe: yes its in our CI/CD. Won't be shipped :)08:50
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qschulzotherwise, just use the same image and expand the fs at first boot10:33
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jorschulkoHi, I am trying to modify qemu confs as described here: https://docs.yoctoproject.org/3.1.11/singleindex.html#runqemu-ported-to-python. As far as I understand, the *.qemuboot.conf, which gets autogenerated when building the qemu image, can be populated using a "bsp.conf" file. However, adding a bsp.conf file to $layer/conf/bsp.conf did not work and this is the only mention of this ominous bsp.conf file.11:20
jorschulkoCan anyone tell me how this is supposed to work?11:21
jorschulkoThanks :)11:21
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sb27My cmake project builds in about 30 seconds. The equivalent bitbake command: bitbake <image> -c do_compile, compiles in 30 minutes. Is there an easy/documented way to directly use the cross-compiler with cmake, without using bitbake? Or will I have to modify my project's cmake based on the cmake bbclass? Is this sufficient and is this process11:43
sb27documented on the internet anywhere?11:43
qschulzbitbake <cmake-recipe> -c devshell I think? this will put you in the workdir of the recipe and have everything setup in the environment to build your cmake project from that terminal11:46
qschulzsb27: you can also bake JUST your cmake project by running `bitbake <cmake-recipe>`11:47
qschulzotherwise just set CC/CXX env variable to the path to the toolchain in the yocto build dir, but I'm not sure to understand what your question is exactly11:48
rburtonsb27: sounds like you should debug why that happens instead of working around.  look at the configure log to see if there's any glaring differences?  cmake.bbclass has a toolchain file which might be making a setting that causes a different build.11:49
jorschulkook, I was able to reconfigure qemu via the localconf. :)11:49
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qschulzrburton: they mention bitbake <image> and not bitbake <cmake-project> so I'm not sure it's the same thing that takes 30min to build in Bitbake?11:50
jaskij[m]<RP> "jaskij: I can see what you..." <- Not if the label for cd says "c -> d" and I ensure that collapsing only ever happens if d is c's only dependency. Or am I missing something?11:51
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qschulzjaskij[m]: what would happen for do_configure -> do_compile -> do_install ?11:53
qschulzI think those are direct and single dependencies?11:53
jaskij[m]Unless there's ptest, usually yes11:56
jaskij[m]And would end up as a single node11:56
jaskij[m]It kinda conflicts with your idea, but would dramatically cut down the number of nodes11:56
jaskij[m]Unless I do that DEPENDS guess before collapsing11:58
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jaskij[m]It should also dramatically cut down on render times12:00
qschulzI think the DEPENDS guess wasn't really a good idea as per rburton's reaction to the suggestion :)12:00
qschulzjaskij[m]: I guess if you have a good label for this new node, it could be ok? But not convinced it's not going to introduce confusion12:01
jaskij[m]Come to think of it, I should probably make it default not to collapse across recipe lines12:01
qschulzjaskij[m]: IMO, default should be something beginner-valuable12:02
jaskij[m]What I mean is that, say, `-c` only collapses within recipe and `-cc` enables doing it across recipes12:03
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qschulzjaskij[m]: what's the usecase for -c ?12:05
jaskij[m]qschulz: True. I think for now I'll add the options and then we can figure a beginner friendly set of flags which will be included in the README or added as a --beginner flag or ship as an included config file.12:06
qschulzjaskij[m]: no optional flags should be the beginner friendly configuration12:06
qschulzthen you can have a --fast that is an alias to all things that makes things faster to the cost of potential confusion?12:07
jaskij[m]qschulz: The graphs can, and often will, end up large. This will dramatically cut down the graph size, hopefully without losing much, if any, information12:08
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jaskij[m]I'm hoping it will reduce the note count on the order of 50%12:09
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jaskij[m]<qschulz> "jaskij: no optional flags should..." <- That would probably mean adding negative flags. Also, most of the stuff is too dependent on what you're looking for. IMO the only stuff that could be on by default is short labels, removing -native and -cross dependencies and *maybe* clusters12:12
jaskij[m]Sidenote: I forgot -c is already used for clusters, collapsing needs a different flag. Maybe -m for --merge?12:13
qschulzjaskij[m]: --hide or --collapse with choices/coma-separated list?12:15
qschulzI don't know honestly, I don't like one letter aliases :p12:15
qschulzit's IMO more important to have a meaningful full length option name, even if the one letter alias is not the first letter of the full length option name, but that's personal taste12:17
jaskij[m]qschulz: What would be the use of a list here?12:19
jaskij[m]qschulz: Kind of true, especially if you keep around scripts or something. I'm thinking of adding the option of loading the command line from a file (iirc argparse supports this?) and maybe shipping some predefined configs with the script.12:22
qschulzjaskij[m]: if you plan to have more than one collapsible thing than one recipe/all recipes12:27
qschulze.g., collapse multiple recipes but not all and list them12:27
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jaskij[m]Not for now, I think. There would be two options: collapse within recipes and collapse across recipes12:29
jaskij[m]I don't really see the need to add filtering here12:29
jaskij[m]OTOH, there could be an option to only collapse the common chains (eg do_install -> do compile -> do_configure)12:32
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jaskij[m]Hmm.... Come to think of it qschulz RP rburto In  want to default to removing -native and -cross recipes, would it make sense to also remove \*ptest\* tasks by default? As said earlier, the default no flags config would be meant to be beginner friendly and IMO the primary use case would be analyzing why something is included in the image. Would add a single flag to show all tasks.12:41
Saur jaskij[m]: If you want to clean up task-depends.dot for rendering then you should post-process it using the tools from graphviz. E.g., use gvpr to filter the nodes that you want, and use tred to reduce the graph (removing redundant edges). gvpr is extremely powerful when it comes to making huge graphs like the one from OE renderable.12:56
jaskij[m]Saur: didn't know it existed. Either way, I've already started on my own script, which uses pygraphviz to parse and plan to include some Yocto specific stuff. https://gitlab.com/jaskij/oe-dependency-tool12:59
Saurjaskij[m]: Here is an example of a filter for removing all native tasks, and add some coloring: https://pastebin.com/j4SE2piH12:59
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jaskij[m]Neat. Does it allow for filtering by node? Say, I give it a node name and it only shows nodes up or down from the selected node?13:03
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jaskij[m]Seems I *could* rewrite my Python script in gpvr, but it's growing biggish (even if we exclude the stuff which gpvr handles by itself) *and* I'd prefer to use a more well-known language. Not to mention  there are some requirements on the structure of the `.dot` file that I'm not sure gpvr *can* handle (mainly for the mode which outputs human readable and diffable files).13:42
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jaskij[m]qschulz: I'm back to my conundrum of SoM with vs without WiFi. I think I have figured it out - FIT images support overlays, so I'll just drop the WiFi overlay into the FIT image and then just enable the overlay via a dedicated file in rootfs.14:23
qschulzjaskij[m]: how do you detect which board is booting your fitimage?14:23
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jaskij[m]qschulz:  I don't. There's no sane way to do it, so I gave up. This would have come down to flashing the correct image anyway, but at least this way I cut down the number of machines in my BSP.14:28
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jaskij[m]I can't probe the pins, since they're also present on the edge connector and routed to an extension header on the baseboard (unused at the moment, but still)14:30
qschulzjaskij[m]: ok, so what do you mean by "enable the overlay via a dedicated file in rootfs."?14:31
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jaskij[m]Essentially, a renamed `env.txt`14:32
qschulzjaskij[m]: you can just run a fw_setenv dtbo 'name-of-dtbo.dtbo' and read this dtbo variable from U-Boot14:32
jaskij[m]I could just dump this in env.txt, but I think separating it might make it easier to work with, I'll have to think it through14:32
jaskij[m]And fw_setenv will work with env.txt, won't it?14:33
qschulzjaskij[m]: no idea, i've never used env.txt until now14:33
jaskij[m]Mhm. I don't have a dedicated environment section in the flash, `saveenv` dumps to `/boot/env.txt`14:34
jaskij[m]I probably could have a fixed location on the eMMC for this, but for internal reasons I'm winding down the development on this board and have to move on.14:35
sb27@qschThank you for the responses. How would I extract the SDK tools14:36
jaskij[m]sb27: `bitbake your-image -c populate_sdk`14:36
qschulzsb27: if you use bitbake <cmake-project-recipe> -c devshell, there's nothing to be done for you, the env variables are set up correctly so if you don't override them in your cmakelists.txt, you should be good to go14:37
qschulzyou just need to run your usual command as if it were a normal local build, just within the devhsell "environment"14:37
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qschulzif you want a full SDK so that other devs can build without using bitbake, follow what jaskij[m] just said14:39
jaskij[m]qschulz: I think there's a need to give CMake the toolchain file for dependency lookup. So running bare `cmake` in dev shell might not work. Unless CMake allows setting all of it's variables (CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE in this case) via environment?14:40
sb27qschulz jaskij[m] Thanks for the responses. Sorry, I hit enter too quickly. Basically, I think my real question is, is it possible to extract the SDK tools outside the bitbake environment to use it on a different host (bitbake)? I can use populate_sdk to generate the sh file, copy this to a different host, and then load the dev environment on that14:41
sb27host. Then the problem becomes actually using these tools (arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-*) with cmake on the other host, correct?14:41
sb27on a different host (WITHOUT bitbake)*14:41
qschulzsb27: if you source the sh, the environment should be set correctly with PATH and all14:42
jaskij[m]sb27: The .sh file is a makeself installer. Once you install it, the toolchain directory will include a toolchain file you can pass to CMake via `-DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE`14:42
qschulzbut I assume if you knew already all this, you have an issue, so why not share the issue :)14:42
jaskij[m]qschulz: sourcing the file in an IDE is not really viable. But iirc the toolchain files work without that, or they do with a slight modification.14:43
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qschulzjaskij[m]: I would have assumed that to be already set correctly by the shell script sourced14:43
qschulzsince I'd have assumed that the cmake from the toolchain would be used14:43
qschulzjaskij[m]: vim is my IDE so no problem on that side :D14:44
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jaskij[m]qschulz: I don't think you can set all the necessary variables via environment. Apart from compilers and linker paths and arguments, CMake also needs sysroot door as it does some dependency lookup using pkgconfig and it's own modules.14:54
jaskij[m]There's an `${SDK_DIR}/sysroots/${SDKMACHINE}/usr/share/OEToolchainConfig.cmake` but the one I'm reading makes little sense, like something was missing.14:56
jaskij[m]or not14:57
jaskij[m]misread it14:57
qschulzjaskij[m]: I can't argue or discuss this further as I really only know some parts of Yocto SDK, and only in theory. So I trust you :)14:57
jaskij[m]*set all the necessary CMake variables14:57
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ad__what coud be the reason of a recipe git directory empty on do_compile ?15:00
jaskij[m]sb27: once you install the SDK, there will be an `${SDK_DIR}/sysroots/${SDKMACHINE}/usr/share/OEToolchainConfig.cmake` - copy it, replace the $ENV variables with values from `${SDK_DIR}/environment-setup-${TARGET}`, remove the last section with GLOB if you're so inclined, and feed the new toolchain file to CMake with `-DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=${YOUR_SDK_FILE}`15:01
ad__do_compile claims sources are missing, not clear why they are not downloaded15:01
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qschulzad__: missing S = "${WORKDIR}/git" in your recipe I assume15:02
zeddiithat would be my guess as well,.15:02
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jaskij[m]qschulz: I'll probably need a reminder, but I can add a CMake section here to the manual would help (so far there's only autotools and make ones) https://docs.yoctoproject.org/3.3.3/sdk-manual/working-projects.html15:04
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jaskij[m]RP: would you be opposed to SDK including additional CMake toolchain files with baked-in variable values (as opposed to sourcing environment-setup-${TARGET} and using $ENV inside)? This would greatly simplify setup for using big IDEs which are usually not launched from CLI.15:08
*** kiran <kiran!~kiran@2607:fea8:5a80:ea0:4c56:ab14:98ae:2f0> has joined #yocto15:09
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ad__S = "${WORKDIR}/git"  is inside a "require recipe_git.inc" so seems ok15:12
ad__ok solved, sry, was accessig a git/subdir that was not existing15:17
jaskij[m]<jaskij[m]> "RP: would you be opposed to..." <- I agree that it's most likely not necessary, but  would greatly simplify IDE setup.15:17
RPjaskij[m]: I'm not opposed to it, just not everyone uses cmake...15:25
qschulzalso means people will probably expect from us to maintain this but if not many people from the (contributing) community uses it, it's difficult to guarantee it's working ok?15:26
jaskij[m]The only thing that needs to be done is take the existing OEtoolchain.cmake and replace calls to ENV with hard coded values.15:28
jaskij[m]Which, come to think of it, would probably be relative to the toolchain file, or need to be generated in the install script.15:30
jaskij[m]At least I think so. I'll probably spend most of my Sunday digging either in CMake support in SDK or with that dependency graph script15:32
jaskij[m]<RP> "jaskij: I'm not opposed to it..." <- I can be quite oblivious (especially on chats) and the second part of your message flew right over my head.15:39
*** vd <vd!~vd@bras-base-mtrlpq2848w-grc-41-70-53-240-121.dsl.bell.ca> has joined #yocto15:40
jaskij[m]I'm not proposing sacrificing anything, just adding a few more files to the SDK. Nor am I criticizing anything.15:40
*** aleblanc <aleblanc!~aleblanc@192-222-183-114.qc.cable.ebox.net> has joined #yocto15:42
RPjaskij[m]: The tricky thing is more hardcoded paths in the SDK - we deliberately tried to minimise the number of places the installer has to change the installed location iirc15:50
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*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has joined #yocto15:53
jaskij[m]RP  I believe I could solve this by making the hard coded paths relative to the toolchain file (CMake makes all the paths absolute early on regardless). So the only hardcoded things would be the toolchain prefix and target name. This should be fine unless the SDK directory structure changes.15:54
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RPjaskij[m]: that could work15:59
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jaskij[m]Ah, one more thing to hardcode: CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and maybe LDFLAGS16:15
jaskij[m]RP: I dug out a toolchain file I've created for my older project and added annotations on what would need to be filled, everything can be done at SDK generation https://gitlab.com/-/snippets/220750616:28
*** kroon <kroon!~kroon@37-247-29-68.customers.ownit.se> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)16:29
jaskij[m]OEToolchainConfig.cmake comes from `cmake-native`, I'd either have to patch it or add an SDK-only recipe, or something?16:34
jaskij[m]Is there an SDK overload?16:34
qschulzclass-nativesdk OVERRIDES IIUC your question16:37
jaskij[m]Okay, I'll work on both the extra toolchain files and a CMake section for the SDK manual.16:40
jaskij[m]Code generation in recipe itself isn't anything awkward, is it?16:43
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smurrayRP: to extend what Tim just said, I think there's currently a bit of a gap for the image in image workflow with multiconfig, atm everyone is stuck hacking up how to figure out where the child multiconfig images are to pull them in17:02
smurrayRP: I've no good idea on how that could be addressed right off, though17:02
*** adrian_ <adrian_!~F_Adrian@> has joined #yocto17:05
smurrayRP: I usually end up with ideally wanting to be able to know the value of some of the image variables from a different config, which seems intractable17:07
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RPsmurray: We could add an API to do that, we'd just have to ensure it couldn't be abused as it would be a slow operation17:32
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~nerdboy@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)17:32
RPsmurray: I think the understanding was always that the multiconfig itself would configure this so it could work17:33
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smurrayRP: the issue I've see there is then you're having to hard-code things after some trial and error, it's not really something someone new to OE is going to understand17:37
*** adrian_ <adrian_!~F_Adrian@> has joined #yocto17:39
smurrayRP: as an example of a wrinkle I've hit, I had to code up special-casing for a BSP that changes IMAGE_LINK_NAME to be able to figure out what the image filename to copy over would be17:44
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~nerdboy@> has joined #yocto17:44
RPsmurray: that is a valid point and yes, having some API to do it would be nicer17:45
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jaskij[m]after moving to Hardknott vim over serial finally doesn't break my terminal18:29
*** gainde <gainde!~gainde@> has joined #yocto18:32
gaindeHello . I have a compilation error while trying to run bitbake on docker image .18:34
gainde gitlab-runner 14.0.118:34
gaindeusing Ubuntu 14.0418:34
gaindepoky version 1.8.118:34
gaindePython 2.7.618:34
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gaindealso here the dockerfile : https://pastebin.com/23fSgxrG18:38
gaindecan some one please help me find a solution ?18:39
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moto-timoworking on the kernel lab, checkout out honister-3.4 tag of poky... glibc is failing do_configure19:34
moto-timoany ideas? host is Debian 1119:35
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khemmoto-timo:  does it work for x86_64 ?20:26
khemmaybe post config.log from glibc builddir somewhere20:28
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ant__khem, hi there20:52
ant__how is it with time_t 64b vs glibc? did they add finally a knob for 32b kernels?20:52
*** speachy <speachy!~speachy@rockbox/developer/speachy> has joined #yocto20:55
ant__is this last elaboration?  https://www.gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/64_002dbit-time-symbol-handling.html20:56
ant__because I've read contrasting stuff...20:56
moto-timokhem: testing tune-i686 now (instead of -i586) and then depending on outcome I'll try x86_6421:04
moto-timoah.. I forgot about that time knob21:04
moto-timoI might have to punt and do the kernel lab x86_64 instead...21:05
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moto-timoFWIW, tune-i686 glibc is in do_compile21:15
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moto-timokhem: https://github.com/aristocratos/btop/issues/106#issuecomment-94872297021:37
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khemmoto_timo: ah 586 we should just stop doing it22:27
khemPerhaps change EXTRA_OECONF:append:x86 = " --enable-cet" to be specific to i686+22:28
khemin glibc recipe22:28
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khemant__:  I think glibc will work seemlessly, you dont have to worry about size of time_t,22:30
*** j1lee <j1lee!~j1lee@> has joined #yocto22:30
khemmusl is where it has moved to support 64bit time_t across 32bit arches22:30
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ant__I still have issues compiling enigma2 with musl for mipsel 3.13 kernel22:49
khemant__:  what kind of errors22:49
ant__I imagine the fix would be to consider all 64b but they do strange castings, see one here    https://github.com/OpenPLi/enigma2/blob/develop/lib/dvb/dvbtime.cpp22:52
ant__note this is older glibc (zeus)22:54
moto-timokhem: agreed, I'll prepare a patch22:56
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khemdownside is that glibc becomes tune specific22:58
*** j1lee <j1lee!~j1lee@> has joined #yocto22:58
khemant__:  you can perhaps check for __TIMESIZE == 64 && __WORDSIZE == 3222:59
khemon glibc it will work22:59
ant__right, but with >2.32 isn't?22:59
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ant__khem, I'll test soon migrating to hardknott23:00
moto-timokhem: I will patch it with a bbappend for now in the lab metadata23:00
khemant__:  perhaps do this use %lld and typecast (long long)st.st_mtime23:01
khemthat should work all across23:01
ant__wouldn't the problem remain when they do23:04
ant__void setRTC(time_t time)23:04
*** codavi <codavi!~akiCA@user/akica> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)23:04
ant__   if (fprintf(f, "%u", (unsigned int)time))23:04
ant__                                             ^^23:04
khemideally use lld and long long everywhere23:05
ant__yes, but they rely sometime on tp.tv_sec23:05
ant__being lu and not llu23:06
ant__I think the code must be rewritten in the meanwhile as you say lld/long long23:07
ant__I could dare #ifdef __GLIBC__23:07
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moto-timokhem: I filed a bug for now https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1463223:17
khemyeah thanks23:30
khemI am inclined to disable it for 32bit x86 completely23:30
khemunless we want to stop support i58623:30
khemperhaps in next LTS onwards its something to ponder23:31
khemeven debian dropped it in 2016 https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2016/05/msg00001.html23:33
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