Sunday, 2021-11-28

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moto-timodvorkindmitry:  replace ‘phosh’ with ‘root’ and add your desired password
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moto-timod dvorkindmitry :
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dvorkindmitrymoto-timo, it gives an error in Honister:
* moto-timo curses fat fingers on phone00:35
dvorkindmitryit says: usermod command did not succeed00:37
moto-timodvorkindmitry:  show what you put into local.conf or wherever you set the password. That error is useless00:37
dvorkindmitryin my image recipe: EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS += "usermod -P 'adm11' root;"00:38
moto-timoThat’s not what I suggested00:38
moto-timoLower case p and the password was hashed00:39
moto-timo(And the $ escaped)00:39
dvorkindmitrywhy lowercase?00:40
dvorkindmitrymy passord is not encrypted00:40
dvorkindmitrymoto-timo, oh you're right! the problem is that it stop to accept capital -P and I can't give unencrypted password for some reason!00:44
moto-timoWhat I shared is known to work. Continue on your path of learning.00:44
moto-timoUnencrypted passwords in files are very bad form. Don’t00:45
dvorkindmitryis this usermod script a part of yocto? where can I find it?01:04
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Dhruvagole[m]tlwoerner: will yocto-project be participating in gsoc 2022 as a solo organization or under LFX or are there no plans as such for gsoc2022?01:05
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moto-timodvorkindmitry:  it’s a standard *nix program. ‘man usermod’02:15
moto-timodvorkindmitry:  most stuff is just Linux, don’t make Yocto Project into. black box. Linux, shell, Python. A few wonky variables that are special.02:17
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dvorkindmitrymoto-timo, why it was different in Dunfell? -P was considered to plain password, now it is prefix...10:13
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moto-timodvorkindmitry: that clear-password was always a non-standard (and insecure) customization. It was dropped in upgrade of shadow to 4.9
moto-timodvorkindmitry: upstream usermod (from shadow) had a —prefix meaning for the same option. For six years.18:02
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dvorkindmitrymoto-timo, now it is clear, thank you!18:12
dvorkindmitryI don't feel very flexible to use EXTRA_USERS_PARAM to setup the passwords using "usermod -p $(openssl passwd mypass) root;", case algo is usually different from the one that is used in the image by default... Feels like a weak piece of yocto. Did anybody thought about the universal solution? Like an options "1) you can setup random password 2) use cleartext one 3) something custom"?18:16
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moto-timonot that I am aware of, so I’ll let others chime in.18:26
moto-timoI long ago (~5 years) figured out the solution I use now, which was the basis of what shared.18:27
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argonautxhello, Im using yocto on a Raspberry Pi3, where can I find the vmlinux image for debugging with kgdb?21:07
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