Thursday, 2021-12-02

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JosefHolzmayrTheyo dudX07:16
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MarcoCavallinigood morning07:48
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wyrehow should I set a custom environment for u-boot?08:42
wyreshould I create a new recipe? 🤔08:42
wyrecannot I force u-boot to fetch the ethaddr from the hardware?08:42
RobertBerger@wyre: you could patch your existing u-boot recipe via a .bbappend08:47
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wyreRobertBerger, and what about the MAC address? 🤔09:16
qschulzwyre: either do it from the U-Boot command line (i.e. manually or from an env command) or write your own board file and patch U-Boot for this09:17
wyreqschulz, every board has its own MAC address ... so should I do something like a template and ... what mechanism could I use to fetch this MAC address automatically?09:19
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wyreapparently the kernel is able to do it once the system has booted09:19
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qschulzwhere is this MAC address stored?09:23
wyreqschulz, I'm not sure ... the SoM has it in its sticker09:23
wyrebut for sure this has to be flashed somewhere in the nic09:23
wyrehasn't it? 🤔09:23
qschulznot necessarily09:23
JosefHolzmayrThewyre: nope. it really depends on the hardware09:23
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qschulzif it was set in the NIC, why would you need to have the MAC address in the first place?09:24
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JosefHolzmayrThecan be in fusebits, in eeprom... so please go and ask your hardware vendor. its their job to support that.09:24
wyrewell, I guess if the SoM has it in its sticker ... this has to be inside the SoM and ... apparently it shouldn't be flashed in the carrier EERAM or something like that09:24
wyreEEPROM, sorry09:24
wyreJosefHolzmayrThe, I see09:25
qschulzwyre: there's a fuse command in U-Boot, maybe you can access it from there09:25
JosefHolzmayrThewyre: do you really think that some random person in manufacturing will put a sticker on the IC that holds a specific function? like the EEPROM? no way.09:25
qschulzbut I assume there's some bit manipulation to be done and I couldn't be bothered doing it in the very weak U-Boot command line09:25
qschulzjust create your board file and do it from there09:25
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wyreqschulz, could you give a link with more info about these board files? 🤔09:26
wyrebut I'm afraid I'll have to build the image for each board 😥09:26
qschulzwyre: probably very outdated but the gist of it shouldn't have changed much:
qschulzwyre: no, you will add logic to read the fuse from your board file and set the ethaddr in the env from your board file09:27
qschulzit's logic that'll be run at runtime and not build time09:27
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qschulzgrep in the board/ directory for ethaddr and you'll see how vendors are handling this09:32
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qschulzrburton: back to square one, the IT told me the server has never been above 20% of RAM in use.. the thing we'll look for now is container resources if they are limited in any way...09:39
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RobertBergerwyre, where from you want to grab the MAC address?09:47
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RobertBergerwyre, I guess people were faster then me already ;)09:48
Guest56Hello! I`d like to find out if all tasks (like do_patch, do_compile, etc.) are performed by the same interpreter ?09:50
qschulzGuest56: either sh or python, both from your host distribution IIRC09:53
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qschulzhence why your shell tasks/functions should be POSIX compliant as much as possible :)09:54
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rburtonqschulz: i had a hunch it wasnt actually using ram, but allocating vast amounts10:21
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qschulzrburton: right now, IT has strong feeling it's max number of pids allowed10:22
qschulzthey ran a bash bomb and it started failing at 2048 forks10:22
rburtonoh yeah that's going to be it10:22
qschulzrburton: raised pids_limit in containers.conf to 1M let's see where this brings us :D10:26
rburtonyeah try that10:27
rburtonwe should write this down in the docs :)10:27
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rburtoncommon "my build randomly fails" problems, like max open file, max pid, etc10:27
dvorkindmitrywhat global variable contains current poky/yocto branch?10:29
qschulzdvorkindmitry: I would say10:30
qschulzrburton: indeed.. I guess we can add this to the FAQ? or somewhere on the official docs?10:31
qschulzor more the wiki?10:31
rburtonany of those :)10:31
rburtonmaybe a wiki page would let people start collating known gotchas10:31
rburtonideally, with example error messages10:32
dvorkindmitryqschulz, I am using my own distro file. Would like to have it from bitbake or from core...10:32
RPwe do document the pid number thing on the autobuilder10:36
rburtondvorkindmitry: what do you actually want exactly?10:38
dvorkindmitryrburton, I want to use branch name in SSTATE_DIR ?= "/disk2/build.${BRANCH}/sstate-cache"10:39
rburtonthere's no need to do that10:39
rburtonif you *really* want to do that, hardcode it10:39
dvorkindmitryrburton, I have a lot of builds, different branches and don't want to name the build dirs manually :)10:40
rburtonmetadata_scm has base_get_metadata_git_branch which if you give it a path to a layer will show you the git description, but that isn't just the branchname reliably10:41
rburtonjust use a single sstate, its easier and you'll share more10:41
RPkroon: I was a little curious about your sorted() comments, the recent changes to the sig files should make them more deterministic :/10:42
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qschulzdvorkindmitry: to be clear, the poky version (well, at least a version, i don't know where they get it from) is part of the sstate-cache full path10:43
kroonRP, yeah, I don't know if it is because I was comparing sigfiles from two different build paths. But I'm on master in both builds, and I needed to add sorted() in two places in siggen.py10:43
RPkroon: do you have the patch somewhere I could look at?10:44
RPkroon: it is possible the paths could do weird things unfortunately10:44
RPkroon: I'm a bit torn on what to suggest with the native/cross reproducibility changes, they are rather tough10:45
kroonRP, yeah I can send it to bitbake-devel if you want to. but there are probably more places in there that could use a sorted(), but for some reason I didn't need them10:45
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kroonRP, aye. i sent a response, im not sure what we are gaining with different build path reproduciblity to be honest..10:46
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kroonRP, I made a pastebin instead of posting to bitbake devel:
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RPkroon: I just saw the email and have replied10:51
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dvorkindmitryrburton, can TMP dir be shared too?10:54
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qschulzdvorkindmitry: no, share DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR10:54
dvorkindmitryqschulz, so I need at least one unique (TMPDIR) path for builds. May I use branch name without harcoding it?10:56
RPkroon: ah, yes. we never made that dump output diffable, we've assumed people would actually use the diff functions10:56
RPkroon: the data is in sets so would be unsorted there. We can change that though10:57
kroonRP, aha. and the diff functions only operate within the same build ?10:57
qschulzdvorkindmitry: what I used to do is to use dirname of the directory where I source the script, in the TMPDIR10:57
RPkroon: I suspect two different builds is a path that is not walked :)10:58
RPkroon: you were using the -t options which I personally hate too :/10:58
dvorkindmitryqschulz, my poky dir is at homedirm but build dir is at another, mounted hdd. that's why I'm thinking about paths10:59
rburtondvorkindmitry: sure, my checkouts are in $HOME but the build dirs are /yocto11:00
rburtonspecifically my build dirs are /yocto/ross/build-something with sstate at /yocto/sstate and dldir at /yocto/downloads11:01
rburtonthe sstate and dldir are shared between all builds for all branches for maximum reuse11:01
Guest81Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help on my Yocto project. I want to build a nativesdk recipe which need the package "cups", so I added the BBCLASSEXTEND="nativesdk" in a cups .bbappend recipe. But now the cups recipe doesn't compile anymore "do_compile: oe_runmake failed"  "undefined reference to `crypt'" it's seems to be a problem with the11:01
dvorkindmitryrburton, can you share your flexible path setting? Now I am using site.conf to set only 2 absolute paths: TMPDIR and SSTATE_DIR. DL_DIR is shared11:02
rburtonits exactly what you'd expect: local.conf sets DL_DIR=/yocto/downloads and SSTATE_DIR=/yocto/sstate11:03
rburtona site.conf that does the same would be sensible too11:03
rburtondon't set tmpdir in site.conf and you can let it default to "tmp under the build dir"11:04
dvorkindmitryrburton, no potential problems to share SSTATE?11:07
rburtonexplicitly designed to do that11:07
rburtonthe autobuilder shared a single sstate between 20-ish workers that all build different configurations for different branches11:07
rburtonmore sharing == more reuse11:08
RPdvorkindmitry: it is specifically designed to handle this11:09
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oberoncis there a recipe for adding uci ?11:17
oberonchow do I add it to local.conf ?11:18
oberoncI add it to REDEPEND, but I get the error:11:19
oberoncRROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'uci'11:19
dvorkindmitryrburton, but if I'll delete current build dir and rebuild it and then use another builds, drop my previous one, sstate will take a lot of inodes and full of garbage, right?11:20
JosefHolzmayrTheoberonc: a) add the layer b) add it to your image.11:20
JosefHolzmayrTheoberonc: neither involves local.con11:20
rburtondvorkindmitry: garbage, no. it will be fill of useful objects that can be reused11:20
qschulzdvorkindmitry: and you can do some file management to remove those you don't use often with a simple find -atime +30 -delete for example11:21
qschulzand there's a script which allows to keep only the last sstate-cache entry per recipe11:22
dvorkindmitryqschulz, If I'll delete the whole sstate dir, keeping TMPDIR untouched, will it rebuild all recipes from scratch on next run? Or it will re-create sstate?11:23
rburtonthe sstate *cache* is a cache, keep it around11:24
qschulzI mean "rebuild everything from scratch" induces "re-create sstate"11:24
qschulzbut yeah, as rburton says, there's no point in removing the whole ssatte dir11:24
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rburtonFWIW our CI's sstate-cache managed to fill up the node at 600GB last week11:25
rburtonsomeone might have forgotten to run the prune job11:25
rburtonkeep it, share it, and periodically delete anything that hasn't been touched for some time  (with that find, for example)11:27
qschulzrburton: cronjob with find -atime -delete should be enough shouldn;t it?11:27
rburtonthat's literally what we have, so yeah11:27
dvorkindmitryso delete sstate dir will force the complete rebuild?11:27
qschulzrburton: ok so raising pids_whatever worked, I don't have to limit xz and zstd threads and memory 🎉 :)11:28
qschulzdvorkindmitry: yes.. it's cache. If you don't have cache it needs to rebuild stuff11:28
rburtondvorkindmitry: do you mean 'if i delete sstate and keep tmp will it rebuild', then no, as tmp has the build in so it won't want to build anything. but the moment it needs to rebuild something it always looks in sstate first11:29
qschulzrburton: but jenkins still playing with me, my artifacts are 0B 😭 but nothing to do with Yocto :)11:29
rburtonqschulz: your problem is using jenkins :)11:29
qschulzrburton: assuming they don't removing the stamps too I assume11:29
oberoncERROR: Layer openwrt-layer is not compatible with the core layer which only supports these series: hardknott (layer is compatible with honister)11:29
oberoncanyway to fix this ?11:30
qschulzrburton: yeah... but we develop on.. gitolite, gitlab, gerrit and all.. makes it difficult to have a one size fits all system :/11:30
qschulzoberonc: checkout the correct branch for openwrt based on what you use for your core11:30
qschulzand btw, hardknott's EOL so try to update ASAP11:31
qschulzRP: I'm trying to rework package.bbclass to use recursive glob for .debug and .debug-static files... turns out this triggers something else now... this matches paths with symlinks which prints a warning..11:32
qschulzI was wondering why we don't actually include the symlink and also the file it points to instead of erroring out?11:33
rburtonyou often want the symlink in a different package to the file, if that's what you mean11:34
qschulzright now we print 1) a wanring that a file in a symlinked dir is in FILES and 2) error out if the target of the symlink isn't in the FILES11:34
coldspark29[m]Does anynone know a way to check if secure boot is enabled in the U-Boot shell. I need a return value for a function11:34
qschulzrburton: no, it's like: path/something/file <symlink-to-path/something>/file11:35
qschulzand you have <symlink-to-path/something>/file in FILES11:35
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: I assume this is vendor specific. I know imx SoCs have something like hab_status command that should be available11:36
qschulzalso, you probably want to ask on #u-boot instead :)11:38
coldspark29[m]qschulz: Yeah, that is exactly the problem. I am manually authenticating the boot script with HAB using that command, which works well. But there are production cases where secure boot is disabled and then the command isn't available and thus the boot process fails. So I need to check before if it is available. I guess I could do it with a hab command that always returns 0 when available11:38
qschulzrburton: WARNING: m4-1.4.19-r0 do_package: FILES contains file '/usr/lib/m4/m4-1.4.19/tests/.debug' which resides under a directory symlink. Please fix the recipe and use the real path for the file. this is my warning11:38
RPqschulz: I don't remember the reasons. recursive globbing never used to exist though11:39
*** DavidS <DavidS!~DavidS@2001:8003:6818:5301:5c9d:268:8cd3:1611> has joined #yocto11:39
RPqschulz: I suspect we error as we wanted users to be specific about what they wanted11:39
coldspark29[m]qschulz: HAB isn't so bad btw if you have worked through the painful process of signing etc. You can basically sign and authenticate everything11:39
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: non-standard process is no-go for me :)11:40
coldspark29[m]I know ^^11:40
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: I think you have support for test command in U-Boot command line11:40
coldspark29[m]For our next project we will also use mainline U-Boot11:40
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!> has joined #yocto11:40
coldspark29[m]I will try thanks11:40
qschulzso you could probably run a dummy command requiring the hab command or whatever and check its return code11:40
qschulzRP: globbing is ANCIENT python... like... 3.5.... what do you mean this didn't exist in 2010's :D11:41
qschulztrying to simplify the packaging at least for the -dbg one and make it less magic :)11:42
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)11:42
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has joined #yocto11:42
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!> has joined #yocto11:45
rburtongit grep noinsrt_11:46
rburtonwhoops :)11:46
qschulzrburton: nice password, nobody will suspect anything11:47
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)11:48
RPqschulz: I remember having all kinds of crazniess and making it simple but magic was a big win :/11:49
rburtoni can see the benefit in removing the magic and just using a recursive glob11:50
RPright, those didn't exist back then although I do wonder if the performance will be as good11:50
qschulzRP: I'll try to benchmark this, first step being to have something that works before actually benmchmarking11:51
qschulzand I assume removing all do_package sstate-cache files will be enough for me to benchmark this11:51
RPqschulz: probably just timing a few recipes with many files in the do_package step11:52
RP(before and after)11:52
RPperl, ltp and the kernel are the pathological ones that come to mind11:53
qschulzthose have many .debug files?11:53
qschulzalso, recursive globbing is enabled only if '**' is in the filepath, so it won't change anything for existing FILES since none are using **11:54
RPqschulz: you'll still have to glob even if there aren't many debug files so I think this will affect recipes with large numbers of files regardless11:56
RPqschulz: finding something with large numbers of debug would also help obviously. Maybe lttng-tools11:56
RPqschulz: presumably you'll add a FILES_${PN}-dbg with it in so it will be run everywhere11:57
rburtonlooks like glob.glob only changes logic if the pattern actually has ** in11:57
qschulzrburton: yes, that's what |I meant11:58
rburtonyeah, sorry, i went to check and missed you saying that already :)11:58
qschulzIf recursive is true, the pattern “**” will match any files and zero or more directories, subdirectories and symbolic links to directories. If the pattern is followed by an os.sep or os.altsep then files will not match.11:58
qschulzrburton: no no, it was not clear enough since I was misunderstood :)11:58
rburtonand if recursive is true but the pattern doesn't contain **, its like recursive is false11:58
rburtonso its not a performance hit in the existing case11:59
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@> has joined #yocto11:59
rburtoneasily tested by setting recursive=true and verifying that a build takes the same time, and no changes to packaging happened11:59
qschulzand lgob.glob is already used11:59
qschulzrburton: re: jenkins... archiveArtifact archives symlinks but not what they point to...12:01
qschulzthough they do have a followSymlinks options12:02
qschulzwhich does exactly what the name suggests... if you add a symlink, it fails12:03
qschulzdamn Jenkins12:03
qschulzthis is stupid12:03
qschulzanyway :)12:03
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*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has joined #yocto12:05
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!> has joined #yocto12:06
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@user/hpsy> has joined #yocto12:07
user_I trying to print pdf format in the yocto base system using cups library in meta layer, but it is not printing. I am able to print the pdf format in the ubuntu system using the same filter.12:07
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)12:07
user_Is there any additional package required to print the pdf format?12:09
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)12:12
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has joined #yocto12:13
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*** RaulM_ is now known as RaulM12:18
rburtonRP: can you remember why i called sgw Master of Disaster?
rburton(just making myself feel very, very old)12:22
RPrburton: he must have been breaking things but I don't remember :/12:23
rburtonit was some time ago now...12:24
sgwrburton: that was a while ago!  I guess that's why paulbarker grabbed my patchset yesterday!12:25
rburtoni do miss the days of smuggling beer into skamania :)12:26
sgwRight, that's the library!12:28
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@user/hpsy> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)12:29
*** jmiehe <jmiehe!~Thunderbi@user/jmiehe> has joined #yocto12:35
frayI don't remember a lot of 'smuggling', just beer..12:45
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@user/hpsy> has joined #yocto12:48
*** MauroAnjo <MauroAnjo!~MauroAnjo@> has joined #yocto12:51
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*** sstiller <sstiller!> has joined #yocto12:55
Guest81Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help on my Yocto project. I want to build a nativesdk recipe which need the package "cups", so I added the BBCLASSEXTEND="nativesdk" in a cups .bbappend recipe. But now the cups recipe doesn't compile anymore "do_compile: oe_runmake failed"  "undefined reference to `crypt'" it's seems to be a problem with the12:58
*** davidinux <davidinux!~davidinux@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)12:59
*** davidinux <davidinux!~davidinux@> has joined #yocto13:01
dacavHi.  Are yocto mailing lists on gmane, by any chance?  I've found some, but the name look different than what is found on lists.yoctoproject.org13:03
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@user/hpsy> has joined #yocto13:03
rburtonthose might be the old lists13:04
rburtonalso the lists moved, so they might be using the old names13:04
Guest81So I don't understand why to add "nativesdk" as BBCLASSEXTEND generates error during compilation13:04
*** akiCA <akiCA!~akiCA@user/akica> has joined #yocto13:05
dacavmh, you're right: I just subscribed a random newsgroup, and the mails seem to be very old13:05
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@user/hpsy> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)13:09
*** codavi <codavi!~akiCA@user/akica> has joined #yocto13:10
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*** codavi is now known as akiCA13:15
sgwdacav: check out the setup, you should be able to access  nntp  from there also13:15
dacavsgw: thanks!13:15
sgwthat's relatively new13:15
dacavI love nntp :) Happy to know that there's fresh development on that side13:16
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@user/hpsy> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)13:19
*** pbergin <pbergin!~pbergin@> has joined #yocto13:20
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@user/hpsy> has joined #yocto13:23
paulbarkerdacav: My talk yesterday covered that!13:32
*** troth <troth!~troth@2001:558:6040:43:ac7b:f516:c3ef:13a8> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)13:32
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dacavpaulbarker: your talk?13:48
paulbarkerdacav: I presented a talk on using with the Yocto mailing lists at the Yocto Project Summit yesterday13:49
paulbarkerMy demo used nntp to subscribe to the list and `b4` to pull down patch series13:50
dacavpaulbarker: I'm quite new around here, there's a lot I don't know.  I've heard about lore before, but I never used it.  I should probably investigate a bit.13:53
* dacav is overwhelmed with info since a couple of weeks13:53
paulbarkerdacav: There's a steep learning curve but a good community here and lots of info, tutorials, etc available13:53
paulbarkerThe talk I gave yesterday was focused on handling patches sent to the mailing list so may not be immediately applicable if you're just getting started using Yocto13:55
dacavpaulbarker: it seems interesting nonetheless.  I'm marking it on my todolist, to check lore, so I can come back later to it.13:56
*** RobertBerger <RobertBerger!~rber|> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)14:01
*** rber|res <rber|res!~rber|> has joined #yocto14:01
rfs613paulbarker: is the talk and/or slides available somewhere?14:06
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto14:06
jonmasonpossible stupid question, does halt/reboot work in poky-tiny?  because its not working for me14:06
*** troth <troth!> has joined #yocto14:06
tlwoernerthe videos of the talks will be cut up and uploaded to youtube in the next couple days (week-ish)14:06
rfs613tlwoerner: thanks!14:06
jonmasontlwoerner: too slow!  what are we (not) paying you for?!?14:07
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Guest81do someone know if openjdk-9 is going to be added to Yocto project ?14:19
*** tre <tre!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)14:21
fraylol, I keep telling Philip there is no 'space' in MontaVista.. :)14:23
*** pbergin <pbergin!> has joined #yocto14:25
*** sakoman45 <sakoman45!> has joined #yocto14:26
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has joined #yocto14:29
agherzanRP: Do you remember the proposal for backporting onto `dunfell`? I'm wondering if it's something that is still planned. Also, can we cherry-pick the two commits in as well? Otherwise add-layer adds broken layers without parsing their dependencies and that creates a very confusing situation: if you add a broken layer it goes without any14:31
agherzanissues (it doesn't refresh/sync the new bblayers nor catching the BBHandledException) but afterwards, if you add a new layer it breaks as the first invocation would be expected to. If that sounds reasonable, let's reopen for dunfell backport. CC sakoman sakoman4514:31
RPagherzan: you need to ask sakoman about these14:33
agherzanThanks RP . I've mentioned him above.14:34
RPagherzan: I'd put together some emails with the patches for Steve to consider14:36
sakomanagherzan: the three patches specified in 13183 are in yesterday's pull request14:36
sakoman(see bitbake mailing list)14:37
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)14:37
agherzanThanks sakoman . I missed those ones.14:37
agherzanCan we also pull in the ones in 14054?14:37
agherzanThey are two, they apply without any conflicts and they work alright in my testing env.14:37
RPagherzan: I just updated for those14:38
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has joined #yocto14:38
RPsakoman: for the core pull request I wondered if we wanted all the patch status changes? :/14:38
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@user/hpsy> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)14:39
sakomanRP: I struggled with that too, but figured it made sense to have correct patch status. So I went ahead and included them -- no one commented during the review period.  Not that that means much :-)14:41
sakomanIf you think it is a bad idea I can drop them14:41
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)14:42
sakomanagherzan: I put the two in 14054 in my testing queue14:42
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has joined #yocto14:43
agherzansakoman: thanks. I'll keep an eye on a pull req cover in bitbake ml14:43
RPsakoman: It isn't a big deal either way but does cause rebuilds and adds some risk14:44
*** jpuhlman_ <jpuhlman_!> has joined #yocto14:46
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*** jpuhlman_ is now known as jpuhlman14:52
RPsakoman: I'm torn on it14:53
wyrecould I set a systemd service as disabled by default when inheriting from systemd class? 🤔14:53
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@user/hpsy> has joined #yocto14:53
sakomanRP: if you are torn then let's drop them.  I'll send a new pull request.14:54
RPsakoman: ok, I think we should only take them if we run into dependency patch issues14:55
sakomanRP: sounds like a plan14:56
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wyreapparently I can set SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE to "disable" but ... what if my software has multiple services but I want all disabled but one of them enabled?15:50
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vmesonDoes anyone know Kevin Chow from TimeSys ? He's scheduled to talk at the YP summit...16:04
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wyreupss, sorry 😆16:17
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ad__hi, on gatesgarth, do_wic_image claims ext4 image is missing. tried also removing build folder, same issue. What could be missing ?17:10
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ad__i see a do_ext4_image running but is not producing anything. Wondering if there may be any gatesgarth bug18:05
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mischief2is it possible to disable sstate generation for a recipe19:27
JosefHolzmayrThemischief2: what would that be helpful with?19:28
mischief2some of our code changes frequently, and generates a bunch of sstate we don't need.19:33
*** kroon <kroon!> has joined #yocto19:33
mischief2there's 6400 copies of a sstate tarball for one recipe filling up a disk. it's pointless.19:34
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto19:47
kergothjust set SSTATE_SKIP_CREATION=1 in the recipe, should do it19:53
mischief2is there a better solution to unbounded sstate cache growth than deleting it all or skipping creation for frequently changing recipes?19:56
RPmischief2: delete older files - it touches them when it uses them19:59
mischief2based on atime?20:00
kergothatime is a common approach, yeah20:01
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@> has joined #yocto20:20
mischief2well, that works. 700G less crap :)20:23
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)20:23
rfs613wow. Mine is "only" 17G...20:25
rburton17g isn't even trying! :)20:32
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kroonspeaking of big sstate cache, is that cleanup using the access time an easy oneliner, or should it be added to ?20:57
*** kiran_ <kiran_!~kiran@2607:fea8:5a80:ea0:25b3:bd9d:98e9:44fd> has joined #yocto20:57
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mischief2kroon: 'find . -type f -atime +15 -delete' is what i ran.21:06
*** pbergin <pbergin!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)21:07
kroonmischief2, aha21:08
*** kyrix <kyrix!~textual@> has quit IRC (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)21:31
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*** vd <vd!> has joined #yocto22:06
vdwhich package provides ssh and scp again?22:08
Saur[m]vd: openssh and dropbear22:11
vdI thought it was part of packagegroup-core-full-cmdline but I might be dreaming22:11
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kroonRP, uhm.. ok so the sstate cache is already build path independent, meaning I can use reuse sstate from one build in another build with the same configuration but in a different path ?23:23
*** florian <florian!> has joined #yocto23:28
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*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!> has joined #yocto23:34
RPkroon: yes, just the binaries can have hardcoded paths in them23:34
kroonRP, right, then I don't really see what benefits different build path reproducability buys us ..23:39
kroonRP, i just mean that if the build path changes, its probably because of a version update, and the content is gonna change anyway23:40

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