Friday, 2021-12-03

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user_I trying to print pdf format in the yocto base system using cups library in meta layer, but it is not printing. I am able to print the pdf format in the ubuntu system using the same filter.06:40
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deuteronHey all, how would I go about debugging this: When reparsing REDACTED, the basehash value changed from fa336d603a0e9a9e0edf20fb512a33df to 0b0a44b5fdf3d383d4e0829beff765fa. The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed.06:52
deuteronI'm trying to add support to the hg fetcher for a "branch" parameter SRC_URI.06:53
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JosefHolzmayrThedeuteron: that usually happens if the value of some variable changes. example, are date/time involved somewhere?07:28
deuteronI don't think so.  Perhaps AUTOREV is changing between parses somewhow.07:29
JosefHolzmayrThei think diffsigs or dumpsigs orwhatsitcalled could help you, but its quite a bit beyond my knowledge, sorry.07:29
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mckoangood morning07:40
deuteronJosefHolzmayrThe: I seem to have fixed it somehow...07:42
deuteronPerhaps just something stale in sstate?07:43
deuteronWho knows...07:43
JosefHolzmayrThedepending on your situation you can either start digging deeper now, or stick with it.07:46
deuteronHaha, now it's back.07:49
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creichhey guys, is there a reason for bitbake to NOT put an explicit REDEPEND to the image even though i install a pacakge that uses this REDEPEND?09:05
creichshouldn't it get intalled to the image as well09:05
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qschulzcreich: no, how do you know your package is not in the imagE?09:26
creichthe files of the package are not in the rootfs.09:27
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creichbut if i explicitly add the library to IMAGE_INSTALL it works as expacted again09:28
wyrewill this example recipe create three users? 🤔09:28
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qschulzcreich: triple check there's no typo in your RDEPENDS09:29
qschulzin the variable name, the override or the content of it09:29
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qschulzsince you're writing REDEPEND and not RDEPENDS, might be worth a check if you made the same typo in your recipe :)09:30
JosefHolzmayrTheand its RDEPENDS:${PN}09:30
creichyep... missing S it was i'd say ^^09:33
creichit's crazy how things just work if you configure them correctly :D09:33
creichthx again ^^09:33
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wyrewhy I can't see anything about u-boot in this recipe ? they have apparently a recipe for it
wyreis this in the core-image class? 🤔10:04
wyreI find this class quite generic ... so I'm not sure it has something specific from engicam10:05
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mckoanwyre: the SBP components are usually defined in the MACHINE file10:11
mckoanwyre: I just finished a training based on their board last week10:13
wyreoh, I see mckoan thank you ... but I'm still not sure where is actually u-boot if inside the sd card or flashed in NAND10:16
wyreI thought when I close a specific jumper I was running u-boot from sdcard ... but this should implies every SoM will boot with the very same sd card10:18
wyrehowever some SoMs are able to boot it but some other aren't able10:19
wyreso I'm not sure what's the difference between UBOOT_CONFIG="sd" and UBOOT_CONFIG="nand"10:19
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mckoanwyre: UBOOT_CONFIG ??= "sd" therefore it will be built for SDcard10:21
wyresure, so I shouldn't need to set UBOOT_CONFIG in local.conf when building an sdcard image10:22
mckoanwyre: no, that's the default for this machine10:22
wyrebut ... despite I've not set that variable or set to UBOOT_CONFIG="sd" ... this SoM is not able to boot just from sdcard I'm having a zimage: Bad magic!10:22
mckoanwyre: which machine?10:23
wyrewhich apparently doesn't make sense as the u-boot in the sdcard is set to boot the contents of that sdcard10:23
wyremckoan, imx6ull-microgea10:24
mckoanwyre: I suggest you to follow this
wyremckoan, I'm not actually using meta-engicam repo anymore, sice I want to build dunfell ... Engicam people recommended me meta-engicam-nxp10:25
wyredunfell-community-bsp branch10:26
wyrebut I'd like to clarify this point about where is actually u-boot flashed10:26
mckoanwyre: I never tested that repo, please ask to Engicam then10:27
wyreand why in the case u-boot is flashed at both (sdcard and nand when I use (engicam script to flash the bootloader)) ... why the u-boot sdcard is not able to boot the sdcard contents?10:28
wyreor why this is successful depending on the SoM I try to boot it10:28
wyres/I try to boot it/where I'm trying to boot it/10:28
wyreand I think this point is quite similar for all hardware10:29
wyrebc it's more a question about how is u-boot handled in the build process and if it's actually included in the .wic image file10:30
wyrethat I'm using to flash my sdcard10:30
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wyrefor sure the u-boot environment depends on if you boot with the jumper closed or not, because I've noticed this experimentally10:30
wyrebut I'm not sure if just is the u-boot environment or the whole u-boot10:31
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qschulzwyre: anything BSP related is machine specific, there's no rule. It's perfectly possible to have U-Boot boot from eMMC but have its environment stored on SPI-NOR.10:46
qschulzYou could even have the SPL in SPI-NOR and U-Boot proper on the SD card10:46
wyreqschulz, SPI-NOR?10:46
wyreand SPL?10:47
qschulztherefore there's also no rule for the wic image. The wic image anyway is just a container (see it as an .iso)10:47
qschulzso the answer is "It depends"10:47
qschulzas always with BSP and HW :)10:47
qschulzSPI-NOR is a storage medium10:47
wyreoh, just like a NAND but thorugh SPI I guess10:47
qschulzSPL stands for second stage bootloader, most likely the bootloader part that is running in SRAM and initializes the DRAM and then loads the full U-Boot into DRAM and jump to it10:48
qschulzthe terms don't matter much, I just wanted to highlight that we can't answer your question because it depends on too many things, most of which aren't really related to Yocto10:49
wyreqschulz, you mean it depends on the vendor?10:52
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qschulzwyre: it depends on all actors on the HW side10:56
qschulzand also policy10:57
wyreqschulz, and could I figure this out from the meta-engicam-nxp layer? 🤔10:57
qschulzif you have multiple storage media, then you have multiple options10:57
qschulzwyre: the whole point is Yocto has nothing to do with it, except the wic file.10:58
qschulzso you need to dig into U-Boot recipe and code to understand which defconfig was used, then figure out where the environment is loaded10:58
qschulzusually from U-Boot environment you can find where the kernel is loaded too, etc..10:58
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wyreqschulz, from here I can see u-boot-engicam but is this referencing to this recipe?
wyreI guess so11:08
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wyreand then ... the u-boot fetched must be this
wyreand I'm not sure where is there defined the default environment11:09
wyreand what should I patch to set a custom environment (in the case I have to patch something)11:10
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qschulzask your vendor or #u-boot, it'll be more efficient11:13
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dvorkindmitryI have two git mirrors. Is there an easy way to set variable, that says wich one to use?11:15
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wyreI see thank you qschulz11:18
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dvorkindmitrywhen SRC_URI[sha256sum] is required?14:53
rburtondvorkindmitry: every time a file in SRC_URI is fetched with http14:56
dvorkindmitryif I am using git://...proto=http is it required?14:57
dvorkindmitryhttps, sorry14:57
rburtonno, that's a git fetch14:59
dacavI'm a bit confused by the [e]SDK concept.15:06
dacavThe first image I've built was against the repository I share with my team.  There's a lot going on there, but I don't think I had to do anything special in order to cross compile: the bitbake invocation take care of everything.15:06
dacavI've also tried to clone yocto and build a vanilla image for x86_64 (just following the quick build steps).  Bitbake took care of everything in this case too.15:06
dacavUnless I'm missing something, I never need to follow the steps in Also, if I type `which devtool`, I get $poky/scripts/devtool.15:07
dacavWhat is this for then?15:07
frayan 'SDK" is a compiler + sysroot you use to build your apps..   'eSDK' is a bundle of the bitbake and layers that you can use for rebuilding the operating system (and making changes)15:07
frayso they have a different, but related, purpose..15:07
frayyou can build an SDK from the eSDK..15:07
fraybut I always consider it application (singular) vs system building/development15:08
dacavSo, I use the SDK to build my software for the target system15:08
dacavI've got a eSDK somewhere then, because it does bundle bitbake, for instance15:09
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dacavwhich bitbake -> $poky/bitbake/bin/bitbake15:10
frayNote, if you want to PACKAGE your software for target, then you need the eSDK to build/compile/package15:10
dacavso does bitbake bundle the eSDK?15:10
dacaverr... sorry15:10
frayeSDK is constructed from the bitbake + layers used to build the eSDK..15:10
dacavdoes *poky* bundle it?15:10
fraybitbake is just an engine.. similar to 'make' in concept.15:11
dacavyes, I mistyped15:11
fraythe layers (starting with the core a.k.a. meta) is the OpenEmbedded Core definition which drives the build.. and then additional layers add more functionality.15:11
fraypoky is made up of a bundle of bitbake + meta + Yocto Project layers..15:11
dacavAh, so it is because of poky that I don't have to worry of getting the eSDK15:12
dacavbut then it is said that qemu is sort-of part of the sdk, although it should be installed separately.  which qemu-xxx -> /usr/bin/qemu-xxx.  So for that I'm not using any bundled software15:13
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fraysome SDKs come bundled with QEMU (and images), but most do not.  That is really up to the person building you an SDK.15:15
frayMy own SDKs I DO bundle qemu with it, but don't bundle images -- those come separately from other sources.. then the user can use the compiler to build their applicatiosn and deploy them with scp, etc.15:15
dacavMh... still confused, sorry.  Why is the distinction necessary?15:18
dacavFor example, if bitbake builds the image for me, why do I need the pre-compiled images? -- apart maybe speed, but then the image won't contain my software15:19
frayit's about use-cases15:19
dacavOr is it something like (1) I get the SDK only -> compiler, sysroot, and (2) I get the image, and (3) I develop my software, use (1) to build and (22) to test...15:19
frayAs an APPLICATION developer, most people have no desire (or sometimes the OS developers restricts) the app developer from building/changing the OS15:20
frayAs an OS developer, I WANT the ability to build the OS, and place my applications on top15:20
dacavOk, I think I got it now15:20
fraySo if I'm doing OS development, I usually provide to the app developers an SDK and image(s)15:20
frayas a hybrid App/OS developers (application but needs to customize the OS), then I'd do the eSDK..15:21
dacavThank you, fray15:22
frayno problem..  the key is YP stuff is flexible for workflows.. but it also does lead to some confusion to make sure you (and the people you work with) are as efficient and working the way they want as possible15:22
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frayI did that a few years back, and the feedback was ignored by maintainers.. It isn't hard to do it again honestly..17:32
frayoops wrong channel17:32
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vdfrom a distro config, should you add packages to image recipes via IMAGE_INSTALL:append, CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL +=, or DISTRO_EXTRA_RDEPENDS/RRECOMMENDS:append?21:31
vd(e.g. packagegroup-core-full-cmdline)21:33
MauroAnjoI can't use bb.utils.contais to append if a package is present on IMAGE_INSTALL? like: ${@bb.utils.contains("IMAGE_INSTALL", "package-name", "true", "false", d)}21:37
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vdMauroAnjo what is it you're trying to append?21:57
MauroAnjo@vd cmake EXTRA_OECMAKE option, it needs to add some options if packages are present21:57
vdare you doing this from an image recipe?22:00
MauroAnjono, a layer recipe22:00
vdMauroAnjo: IMAGE_INSTALL is a variable inherited from image.bbclass, is your recipe inheriting this class directly or indirectly?22:03
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vdMauroAnjo the simpler for what you're trying to achieve is adding a custom variable in your configuration file (local, machine or distro) and using it instead of IMAGE_INSTALL in your above snippet. Same to append the package to your images.22:05
MauroAnjohum, so a recipe inside a layer will have no way of being aware what packages will be installed?22:11
vdMauroAnjo installed packages are a image recipe thing. You can compile a package without necessarily a image.22:12
vdA image recipe is a compilation of integrated package, but a package by itself has no notion of installed packages whatsoever22:13
MauroAnjogot it, makes sense :)  thanks! Will try another approach for this22:13
vdPACKAGECONFIG might be what you're looking for22:14
vdmany packages do things like PACKAGECONFIG[foo] = "${@bb.utils.contains("DISTRO_FEATURES", "foo", "--with-foo", "", d)} for example22:16
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MauroAnjolooking at the docs to check, but I thought PACKAGECONFIG would be used on build commands, this options I'm trying to conditionally append are on configure part of CMAKE22:19
vdEXTRA_OECMAKE += "${@bb.utils.contains("MY_VARIABLE", "foo", "--foo", "", d)}" will be just fine then22:21
MauroAnjooh, it seems PACKAGECONFIG worked :)22:21
vdwith MY_VARIABLE ??= "" (or a sane default value) in the recipe, and MY_VARIABLE ?= "foobar" in your config files.22:22
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RPsakoman: do we have that db cve exclusions patch in master?22:55
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kroonRP, what are your thoughts about backporting the deterministic ranlib/ar patches to dunfell/hardknott (once they are stable) ?23:46
kroonstable, as in the patches i mean23:49
RPkroon: probably risky and not of enough benefit to a majority of users?23:49
RPkroon: are you using/testing them there?23:49
RPkroon: I did see your questions, the summit and other meetings has meant I've not managed to formulate replies again, sorry :/23:49
kroonRP, yup, but i have no problem with keeping them locally applied23:50
kroonRP, dont sweat it, i know you are busy guy23:50
RPkroon: I just worry you think I'm ignoring you which I'm not! :)23:50
kroonRP, not at all23:51
RPkroon: you have good questions which are hard to answer! :)23:51
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RPkroon: Like you, I think I'm torn on whether the cross/native is worth the effort or not. I think I am roughly leaning in favour of trying to go further but that python-native issue you raised is annoying :/23:53
RPkroon: I did wonder if we could work around it with LD_LIBRARY_PATH23:53
kroonRP, aha. that is an interesting idea23:54
RPit doesn't work in general as we can't get it everywhere it may be needed but the python case may be possible to tweak23:54
*** dev1990 <dev1990!> has joined #yocto23:55
kroonRP, hmm I don't see why it wouldn't work everywhere..23:56
RPkroon: you can't selectively apply it to only our "native" binaries23:57
kroonRP, what breaks if we put "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=..." in native.bbclass ?23:58
RPkroon: the host binaries would start trying to load libs from that path too23:59

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