Tuesday, 2021-12-07

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mckoangood morning07:28
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JosefHolzmayrTheyo dudX08:08
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coldspark29[m]Where is the right places to make changes to the kernel defconfig? You don't touch the meta-freescale I assume, but do it in your own meta layer right?08:26
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JosefHolzmayrThecoldspark29: exactly. bbappend in your own layer08:36
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RPrburton: sorry, getting vim fuzz :(09:05
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coldspark29[m]<JosefHolzmayrThe> "coldspark29: exactly. bbappend..." <- So for `meta-freescale/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-imx/mx8/defconfig`, I would create a `meta-my/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-imx/mx8/defconfig.bbappend` ?09:10
coldspark29[m]> <@theyoctojester:matrix.org> coldspark29: exactly. bbappend in your own layer... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/86e8362d083b7e2c36c90241e723c11c5513727a)09:10
JosefHolzmayrThecoldspark29: no09:11
JosefHolzmayrTheyou don't append the defconfig, you append the kernel recipe.09:11
JosefHolzmayrTheand the the append effectively consists only of a SRC_URI:append = "file://defconfig"09:11
JosefHolzmayrThesee https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63047955/overriding-defconfig-in-bbappend-file09:12
coldspark29[m]Will look into it thanks09:12
coldspark29[m]I am finally done with the Android Secure Boot stuff and can dive deeper into Yocto now, which I am glad about :)09:13
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qschulzdon't forget the leading space in SRC_URI:append09:26
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coldspark29[m]So I can see... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/3ebc95003475e2357698eba6a2c67d431132b819)09:38
coldspark29[m]From what I understand I would have to create my own defconfig and list it in a .bbappend file, but I am confused, because it is an .inc file09:38
coldspark29[m]* .bbappend file, to exchange it with the one from the vendor, but I09:39
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JosefHolzmayrThethe bb pulls in the inc, your append then modifies the result. thats exactly as intended.09:50
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rburtonRP: but what why how argh10:07
mckoancoldspark29[m]: you can have a look at this https://wiki.koansoftware.com/index.php/Modify_the_linux_kernel_configuration_with_bitbake10:12
RPrburton: I don't know!10:12
RPsomething in master-next is toxic and I don't know what. The autobuilder is so backed up I can even run single build tests any time soon :(10:36
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RPand the thing hasn't reproduced locally yet after an hour building. There is some other gremlin breaking my local build. Does anyone else see swig issues in gpgme?10:54
RP"core-image-sato - OK - All required tests passed" - great, doesn't reproduce :/10:55
RPand the buildbot decided to be clever and merged my requests for three different revisions into one11:05
RPit is going to be one of those days11:05
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hengWhat's the normal route to handling a machine shutdown? I want to handle a user initiated `shutdown` by sending suitable signals to the hardware. Is this done with ACPI under yocto? In which case is the solution to write a suitable ACPI driver?11:26
heng(yocto poky)11:27
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rburtonheng: this is generic linux not yocto, and it really depends on your hardware and how it would normally be glued up11:50
hengrburton Ok, thanks. Does it use the normal ACPI subsystem?11:51
rburtonif you;ve configured it to do that then yes11:51
hengrburton haha! naturally.11:51
rburtonthe standard x86-64 kernel uses acpi but you've not said what your hardware or your kernel is, so i can't say11:51
hengARM7 (zynq)11:52
heng(apparently not)11:53
heng(ACPI I mean)11:53
rburtonyeah 32-bit arm doesn't really use acpi at all11:53
rburtoni note that the arch/arcm/mach-zync/ directory in the kernel doesn't have a pm_power_off implementation11:54
hengYeah, I noticed that11:55
rburtonwhich would explain why nothing happens11:55
hengIt's kind of meaningless in general. It requires the hardware to do something, so it makes sense.11:55
hengIt guess I'm trying to understand if there is a subsystem I should be using, or whether it's a kernal patch11:56
rburtonyou might be trying to do something the hardware can't physically do11:56
hengIt's my hardware ;)11:56
rburtonthen write the driver in the kernel :)11:56
kanavinFedora 37 To Retire ARMv7 https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/270311:57
kanavinjonmason, rburton any comment? is that somehow 'obsolete'?11:57
hengIndeed, which brings me back to my question - what subsystem do I need to target with the driver11:57
rburtonkanavin: depends how you define obsolete11:57
heng(I appreciate this is now outside of yocto, for which I apologise)11:57
kanavinI mean, is there something that makes it not relevant for fedora-type distros?11:58
rburtonheng: your system, you define it.  glue it up in the kernel so a standard shutdown runs your code, and you're sorted11:58
jonmasonkanavin: more of "too much of a PITA to maintainer for each variant"11:58
kanavinthey should switch to yocto :)11:58
kanavincrazy as it sounds I suggested exactly that for their automotive attempts11:59
kanavinRHEL just won't fly in cars11:59
jonmasonbecause OE/YP tunes for each, we don't have their problem of needing to make a specific, single image11:59
RPkanavin: you were working on flying cars? :)11:59
jonmasonbeing high in a car isn't a flying car12:00
rburtonkanavin: i totally understand that fedora considered 32-bit arm obsolete.  its a pain to natively build, the userbase for fedora was tiny, and 'one image that just works' isn't really possible12:02
kanavinright, I guess for yocto this means nothing12:02
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rburtonRP: i propose that we drop the libtool renaming.  with hosttools we can;t run the host libtool binary, and we get to drop a slew of patches which are entirely working around the rename.12:04
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RPrburton: it probably is the right thing to do12:07
RPrburton: I have a vim patch refresh FWIW. I just don't quite understand how you didn't see the warnings :/12:08
rburtonline endings got mangled?12:08
rburtoni was about to ask, i can push the branch12:08
RPrburton: https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky-contrib/commit/?h=rpurdie/t222&id=ec0c17b85e2c27e15702a3477a0ca90f0a34f9ef - definitely not12:08
RPkanavin, rburton: I think the xauth upgrade is somehow breaking things12:17
rburtonRP: huh12:18
rburtonoh i wonder if i can blame devtool12:19
RPpoor devtool12:19
* JosefHolzmayrThe headpats devtool12:19
jaskij[m]My three week staycation got confirmed yesterday, so if no one picks it up I'll do that CMake toolchain file. And some work on that dependency filtering script.12:22
rburtonRP: I might have been building my workspace and not the pristine source12:24
RPrburton: I guess something to watch for in future ;-)12:25
rburtonok so why do we need to pass --tag=CC so much to libtool12:26
rburtonrecipes-support/libgcrypt/libgcrypt_1.9.4.bb:EXTRA_OEMAKE:class-target = "LIBTOOLFLAGS='--tag=CC'"12:26
kanavinRP: xauth update didn't come from me :)12:29
coldspark29[m]mckoan: The first command from your WIki tells me that my tmp directory has changed location, although it is located in the folder. I don't want to rebuild. because Chromium is taking ages. Any ideas how to circumvent this?12:30
coldspark29[m]Maybe this has something to do with Docker12:31
RPkanavin: I know, I just mention it in case you see and propose it again - we're probably going to need to debug12:33
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RPkanavin: I'd ask the maintainer to help look into it but it doesn't have one12:33
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RPwell, bisect said xauth but build still failing with that reverted12:34
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RPkanavin, rburton: looks like the libsdl upgrade12:52
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kanavinRP: right12:52
mckoancoldspark29[m]: no clue12:53
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coldspark29[m]mckoan: Guess I will have to start from scratch13:00
coldspark29[m]Seems like bitbake doesn't find the tmp directory on your host if you have built with a Docker container. On the other hand bitbake doesn't find a terminal emulator in the container for the devshell.13:03
coldspark29[m]ERROR:  OE-core's config sanity checker detected a potential misconfiguration.13:07
coldspark29[m]    Either fix the cause of this error or at your own risk disable the checker (see sanity.conf).13:07
coldspark29[m]    Following is the list of potential problems / advisories:13:07
coldspark29[m]    Error, TMPDIR has changed location. You need to either move it back to /home/claussenj/Workspace/Yocto-Workspace/build-vti2/tmp or delete it and rebuild13:07
coldspark29[m] * ```... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/1e70da018102698ab7fe283d5b2d1373673b5bb8)13:07
coldspark29[m] * ```... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/67adcf876ce683ea45f713d783d18324bcd62d5e)13:07
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mckoancoldspark29[m]: I don't use docker13:10
coldspark29[m]mckoan: So you work with an older Ubuntu version?13:11
coldspark29[m]When I use 21.10 Bitbake complains that it is not verified13:12
coldspark29[m]Using an older version is no option for me because many Vim plugins don’t work on it.13:13
coldspark29[m]Maybe someone else here has had the same issue13:14
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: just mount the directory from your docker host into the same path in your container13:14
qschulzI guess that should just do it13:14
qschulzalthough... removing the TMPDIR is fine, just make sure DL_DIR (downloads) and SSTATE_DIR(sstate-cache) directories are outside of it13:15
JPEWcoldspark29[m]: you might want to look at pyrex. It will let you build in docker, but use your normal host vim, etc. https://github.com/garmin/pyrex13:15
mckoancoldspark29[m]: I use a native Ubuntu macibe or in case a VirtualBox one, no docker13:22
coldspark29[m]<qschulz> "coldspark29: just mount the..." <- Should do the trick for now13:24
coldspark29[m]<JPEW> "coldspark29: you might want to..." <- Thanks, will have a look. Does it work without issues?13:24
JPEWcoldspark29[m]: we use it every day, tested from to to 2.1 to 3.213:25
coldspark29[m]JPEW: So it basically forwards all bitbake commands to the container?13:26
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coldspark29[m]Seems like it solves all the above I just mentioned13:29
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coldspark29[m]JPEW: Should I run the quickstart guide commands in my sources directory?13:49
coldspark29[m]Because I can't initialize the build environment that way13:50
coldspark29[m]Seems like it is expecting to find the script in PATH13:50
JPEWI don't know what your directory layout is like. If you are using poky, the first quickstart can get you started, otherwise if you have split oe-core and bitbake use the second13:52
coldspark29[m]How do I find that out?13:55
coldspark29[m]I suspect to have the standard layout13:55
coldspark29[m]s/I suspect to have the standard layout/I am assuming to have the standard layout/13:56
coldspark29[m]But not sure13:56
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JPEWcoldspark29[m]: Many do.... it's hard for me to "guess" though13:56
JPEWIf you have a single repo with a "meta" and "bitbake" sub-directory, it's probably poky (or poky-style anyway)13:57
JPEWOther layers are usually pulled in as subdirectories (siblings of "meta") and name "meta-something" (e.g. "meta-raspberrypi")13:58
coldspark29[m]Well, in my sources folder I have a bunch of meta- folders and a poky folder13:59
coldspark29[m]So sounds like the second14:00
JPEWcoldspark29[m]: Ya, it's a variant of that14:00
coldspark29[m]Would be great to add a guide to identify the layout to the Github readme14:00
JPEWcoldspark29[m]: There are so many ways that's done...14:01
JPEWanyway, you want the second, just make sure that OEROOT and BITBAKEDIR are set appropriately14:01
coldspark29[m]Both guides don't work for the though14:02
JPEWin your case, OEROOT=$(pwd)/poky/meta and BITBAKEDIR=$(pwd)/poky/bitbake14:02
JPEWoops, sorry14:02
coldspark29[m]Anyway, this is too complicated for me14:03
coldspark29[m]I need to get started first14:04
coldspark29[m]I am really new to Yocto14:04
JPEWcoldspark29[m]: Sure. If you just want to get started, I would not bother building in a container14:04
coldspark29[m]Do I need to run this as root?14:08
coldspark29[m]I need to build in a container14:08
JPEWYou cannot build as root (bitbake will not allow it)14:08
coldspark29[m]The build fails on my host14:08
JPEWcoldspark29[m]: What is your host and what is the error?14:09
coldspark29[m]❯ . ./pyrex-init-build-env14:09
coldspark29[m]Got permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket at unix:///var/run/docker.sock: Post "http://%2Fvar%2Frun%2Fdocker.sock/v1.24/images/create?fromImage=garminpyrex%2Fubuntu-20.04-oe&tag=v1.4.1": dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: connect: permission denied14:09
coldspark29[m]Host is Ubuntu 21.1014:10
JPEWcoldspark29[m]: Oh, you are still trying to build in pyrex14:10
JPEWYou need to setup your user so it can talk to docker14:11
JPEWusually adding it to the "docker" group, but YMMV14:11
coldspark29[m]You mean rootless docker?14:11
JPEWnormal users can user docker if they are in the correct group14:12
coldspark29[m]I am in that group already14:12
coldspark29[m]I have built all of my Android stuff in a container as well14:13
coldspark29[m]I also have to use `. ./pyrex-init-build-env`14:14
coldspark29[m]Not `. pyrex-init-build-env`14:14
coldspark29[m]and sure that OEROOT is not meta-openembedded?14:15
coldspark29[m]base           meta-boundary  meta-clang      meta-freescale           meta-freescale-distro  meta-openembedded  meta-qt5   poky   pyrex-init-build-env14:16
coldspark29[m]Documentation  meta-browser   meta-custom  meta-freescale-3rdparty  meta-freescale-ml      meta-python2       meta-rust  pyrex  pyrex.ini14:16
coldspark29[m] * ```14:16
coldspark29[m]base           meta-boundary  meta-clang      meta-freescale           meta-freescale-distro  meta-openembedded  meta-qt5   poky   pyrex-init-build-env14:16
coldspark29[m]Documentation  meta-browser   meta-custom  meta-freescale-3rdparty  meta-freescale-ml      meta-python2       meta-rust  pyrex  pyrex.ini14:16
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JPEWyes. Meta-openembedded != oe-core14:26
coldspark29[m]Still doesn't work. Going with simple Docker now. I need to start building today14:30
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JPEWcoldspark29[m]: Ok. Sorry, I don't know what the hang up is14:37
*** codavi <codavi!~akiCA@user/akica> has joined #yocto14:39
coldspark29[m]JPEW: No worries. Thank you for the help. I just still can't initilaize the environment14:40
coldspark29[m]First of all it doesn't find the pyrex-init-build-env14:41
coldspark29[m]I have to use `. ./pyrex-init-build-env`14:41
coldspark29[m]and then it doesn't have the elevated rights for Docker14:41
coldspark29[m]Maybe I have to read the extended guide more carefully tomorrow. The quickstart guide doesn't work for me14:42
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*** codavi is now known as akiCA14:42
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: can you start a docker container without sudo from your current user? i.e. `docker run -it alpine:latest ash`?14:42
qschulzi.e. / e.g.14:43
coldspark29[m]qschulz: Sure14:43
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: also there are small differences between . and source, so maybe just try source pyrex-init-build-env (in the end, what matters is that the script is sourced, so if . already works, fine)14:44
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: print engineargs just above this line https://github.com/garmin/pyrex/blob/master/pyrex.py#L74414:46
coldspark29[m]qschulz: I know but it is annoying when there is a bunch of commands that I have to change because the dot is missing. I want to be able to copy/paste commands from guides14:46
qschulzthis is the docker command that will be run, so you can start debugging from there I guess14:46
*** jpuhlman_ <jpuhlman_!~maoti@99-14-97-149.lightspeed.frokca.sbcglobal.net> has joined #yocto14:46
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: well, it's most likely your host distribution/setup that is doing something weird :)14:47
coldspark29[m]I just deleted my whole Yocto Workspace. Will try tomorrow14:47
qschulzthe . thing is not a Yocto thing so it won't help to have deleted the Yocto tmpdir14:49
coldspark29[m]I had a problem with openjdk during building. That is why delted everything14:50
*** maoti__ <maoti__!~maoti@99-14-97-149.lightspeed.frokca.sbcglobal.net> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)14:50
coldspark29[m]And mainly because I am a noob I suppose14:50
coldspark29[m]This is going to be a rough ride. Porting a whole Android system over to Yocto and no one in the company is experienced :P14:51
*** Tokamak_ <Tokamak_!~Tokamak@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)14:51
coldspark29[m]But I shouldn't delete stuff. Rebuilding Chromium every time is not feasible14:52
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: you're not rebuilding chromium every time14:52
coldspark29[m]Unless I had a Threadripper14:52
rburtonfwiw . is preferred over 'source'14:52
coldspark29[m]Do you have Threadrippers?14:52
qschulzonly if a dependency of Chromium has changed would Chromium be rebuilt14:53
qschulzthere's sstate-cache for a reason14:53
coldspark29[m]qschulz: Well every time I change something in the Chromium configuration, I have to14:53
qschulzso if you don't remove the sstate-cache, you should be fine14:53
qschulzthis has nothing to do with "delete stuff", but yes14:53
coldspark29[m]I just removed EVERYTHING14:53
qschulzbut.. why? we told you to keep DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR14:53
qschulzalso, just remove chromium from your build until you have the rest figured out14:54
coldspark29[m]I thought something was broken14:54
coldspark29[m]qschulz: How?14:55
coldspark29[m]Remove it from the manifest.xml?14:56
coldspark29[m]The meta-browser layer I mean14:56
qschulzsome recipe(s) add chromium to their dependencies (DEPENDS, RDEPENDS, RRECOMMENDS or IMAGE_INSTALL in an image recipe for example), so just remove those recipes and/or their RDEPENDS/RRECOMMENDS/IMAGE_INSTALL14:57
*** Tokamak <Tokamak!~Tokamak@> has joined #yocto14:58
qschulzwhen something's broken, most of the time it's just the tmpdir that needs to be removed, but the sstate-cache and the downloads directory should be kept between builds/tries14:58
*** Tyaku <Tyaku!~Tyaku@176-154-243-92.abo.bbox.fr> has joined #yocto15:01
coldspark29[m]qschulz: Isn't there an easier way than removing all those recipes?15:05
rburtonjust remove the reference to chromium15:13
qschulzsorry, I forgot to finish the sentence "from where they're added"15:13
coldspark29[m]I tried removing it from the manifest.xml, but it still tries to build it15:16
rburtonthe manifest just pulls in the git repo, you'll want to rip it out of the dependency tree somehow (or build a smaller image until you get that working)15:17
coldspark29[m]rburton: Where do I find that?15:17
rburtonone of the recipes you're building15:17
rburtoni don't know what you're building, so i can't tell you what to edit.  something depends on chromium, if you're still battling the build then removing that will save a lot of time.15:17
coldspark29[m]I have pretty much a standarrd imx8 Yocto15:18
coldspark29[m]We have just made little modifications in our layer15:18
*** rob_w <rob_w!~bob@host-82-135-31-73.customer.m-online.net> has joined #yocto15:19
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qschulzcoldspark29[m]: there's no such thing as a standard imx8 Yocto :)15:27
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qschulzI really mean it, the imx8 is not supported in the layers that makes the Yocto Project (more or less poky)15:29
qschulzso you necessarily need more layers, and for imx8 you probably have multiple choices, one being meta-imx and another meta-freescale, and probably also other vendor layers15:30
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*** camus1 is now known as camus15:31
coldspark29[m]Tried this, but it also doesn't work https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46347311/yocto-remove-chromium-package-from-image15:31
coldspark29[m]qschulz: meta-freescale it is15:31
JosefHolzmayrThewhy would a simple core-image-minimal or core-image-full-cmdline build pull in chromium? i'm pretty sure it doesn't. start small, add on top. bonus: you get much shorter build times.15:32
coldspark29[m]Guess it is not simple then. I can't start completely from scratch though.15:36
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coldspark29[m]Because I am the new guy and I am not going to revert all the progress that may colleagues have already made15:38
coldspark29[m]Just to remove Chromium...15:38
JosefHolzmayrThethen ask your colleagues.15:39
JosefHolzmayrThebut seriously, demanding support on IRC for "I just want to, because it is like that and I'm not gonna understand why" is a really bad starting point.15:39
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coldspark29[m]I get your point. I should read the basics again.15:40
JosefHolzmayrTheno. if there are colleagues who set this up, then get to their desk and have it explain to you.15:40
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: Yocto has a steep learning curve, if you try to hack some things together, it'll be painful and will bring you down15:41
JosefHolzmayrThethere might be reasons that are not obvious. so before wasting time and digging useless resources - just ask people.15:41
coldspark29[m]They don't know that much really15:41
qschulzso try small to understand the concepts, it does not have to be a direct application of the project you're working on15:41
coldspark29[m]qschulz:  Yeah that is why I think I should start with the basics15:42
qschulzJosefHolzmayrThe's video tutorials on Yocto Project youtube channel should help with making the basic concepts a bit clearer but I really think that with Yocto you need to practice and do in order to understand how things are workin15:42
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JosefHolzmayrTherule of thumb: whenever somebody says "I have this bloated image and I just want to remove XYZ without understanding the reasoning, its just my will because I demand it", then its wrnog and only leading to more trouble.15:44
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JosefHolzmayrThethis generic situation is so common that it even made it to my presentation at YPS, as the only one newbie question.15:45
coldspark29[m]I didn't want to remove anything in the first place. That was just suggested to me here15:45
coldspark29[m]Josef Holzmayr (TheYoctoJester): What video tutorial do you suggest for a beginner?15:46
JosefHolzmayrThecoldspark29: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD4M5FoHz-TxMfBFrDKfIS_GLY25Qsfyj15:46
coldspark29[m]Josef Holzmayr (TheYoctoJester): Danke :)15:47
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: we suggested it because you were complaining about Chromium always rebuilding :)15:49
coldspark29[m]qschulz: Didn’t want to blame anyone here. I will watch the tutorials now and so I will not waste your time with newbie questions.15:50
JosefHolzmayrTheasking newbie questions is not a problem. sticking to newbie questions sometimes is :)15:51
coldspark29[m]And thanks for the help. You have been really helping me out a lot with Secure Boot already :)15:51
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vdthere's no issues in having an override specified twice, right? e.g. DISTROOVERRIDES = "foo:foo"?19:05
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Guest4970i just want to confirm that for each repo/project I would name my project as meta-myproject inside poky? doesn't having multiple projects mess with `source oe-init...`?19:12
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kernelsandalsHi I'm wondering if someone can point me in the right direction here. I've run into an issue trying to build the chromium-ozone-wayland browser for an imx8MP platform. The error I'm getting just says FAILED: yocto_native/brotli and a clang-10 notice that the linker command failed, use -v to see invocation. I already have -v in my BUILD_LDFLAGS and HOST_LDFLAGS but have not been able to determine20:40
kernelsandalswhat actual error the linker is complaining about20:40
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kernelsandalsI had a similar issue a while back due to this being a Centos7 build system and this recipe not finding -latomic, but that is resolved by passing a valid latomic path to BUILD_LDFLAGS20:42
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kernelsandalsThis build was working fine until I did a repo sync, which admittedly I hadn't done for quite some time20:46
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jqua[m]is the upstream hashserver or the sstate mirrors broken?... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/2870377cafacc0582959e23771fb95ccf6b49dfe)22:14
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