Friday, 2021-12-17

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WadeBerrier[m]any recommendations about distributing layers between vendors and customers for private source?  ie: do you provide the layers and all the tarballs for each recipe?  Shared source control access?  Other ideas about "best practices" for this scenario?02:15
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JosefHolzmayrTheWade Berrier: completely depends. you could also do a push-strategy.08:10
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JosefHolzmayrThethe first thing to think about is, are you providing a layer and the software stack it contains for consumption? Or are you delivering a kind of build setup, e.g. a specific machine/distro setup.08:25
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coldspark29Is there a way you can turn off all the information about users leaving or entering the room?08:40
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pregngood morning08:47
pregnis there a simple way to add a german keyboard to a sato based image and switch to it ?08:48
barometzcoldspark29: most IRC clients have some way to do that, yeah, but that's client-specific so you'll have to look there for how08:59
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wyreSaur, I'm having problems with the method you described in the wiki09:31
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wyredespite I've hashed the password the system cannot verify it09:31
wyrebut I'm able to verify the hash is right with 'openssh passwd -salt <random gen salt> -5 <my pass>'09:32
wyrethat will produce the very same hash I've hardcoded, but ... when I try to log in the system is not able to authenticate me09:32
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coldspark29[m]<barometz> "coldspark29: most IRC clients..." <- Ok thanks09:34
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wyredefinitely ... the system is not able to authenticate me with your yesterday modifications in the wiki, Saur 😞09:54
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hmw[m]Hi my weston instance is crashing 1minit and 30 seconds after it is loaded after boot. if i restart it manualy befor the 1:30 or after that time it keeps running. i also get: Startup finished in 917ms (kernel) + 1min 56.140s (userspace) = 1min 57.058s. after weston crashes09:58
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dvorkindmitryhow to get {layername} from BBFILE_PATTERN_{layername} in the recipe?10:02
dvorkindmitryis there are any global variable with "layername" available?10:02
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kernelspacehi, need a suggestion. Trying to compiel a 4.4 kernel in dunfell, but gcc9 fails with some errors. Is it better to downgrade gcc ? Is it possible ?10:10
qschulzkernelspace: just disable the warning to errors flags that are problematic10:11
qschulzby appending to KERNEL_CC IIRC10:11
kernelspaceqschulz: will try, thanks10:12
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qschulzkernelspace: or apparently KERNEL_EXTRA_ARGS could also be used to pass arguments to make of the kernel10:18
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kernelspaceqschulz: thanks10:31
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user_Hi, We are facing issue while integrating cups in yocto. The yocto name is dunfell, cups filter version is 1.27.2 and cups version is 2.2.12. The error we are facing is ParseError at /home/user/yocto/imx-yocto-bsp/sources/poky/meta/recipes-extended/cups/ unparsedline: 'DEPENDS:class-native = "poppler-native glib-2.0-native dbus-native pkgconfig-native gettext-native libpng-native"'10:56
qschulzuser_: which dunfell version of poky?10:57
qschulzI assume your dunfell version is too old and does not support the new override syntax10:58
qschulzso 1) update to latest poky dunfell (highly recommended)10:58
JosefHolzmayrThe2) have a drink10:59
qschulzwait.. cups-filters comes from poky... did you backport patches directly into your dunfell poky from a newer release of poky by any chance?10:59
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kriiveWhat's a production-proven way to secure ssh access to a Yocto IoT device?11:12
JosefHolzmayrThekriive: massively depends on your definition of production proven, and the processes you have in place11:13
JosefHolzmayrThekriive: but the actually best way is not shipping ssh.11:13
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smurrayJosefHolzmayrThe: heh, I believe Mender have a remote access solution ;)13:23
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JosefHolzmayrThesmurray: they do, and it is quite neat - however recommending it is not really worthwhile if it doesn'T fit the rest of the ecosystem.13:30
JosefHolzmayrTheossystems has something too, which is essentially only ssh, so thats another option.13:31
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smurrayJosefHolzmayrThe: yes, but I was amused since they're your new employer13:49
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kriivewell, we're already using mender so that's super neat13:54
kriivei didn't know about remote terminal! thanks13:54
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JosefHolzmayrThekriive: heh thats what i meant by "it depends". yeah, the remote terminal is very neat, however it requires an additional license AFAIK. if you need further clarification, then get in touch with your contact person, or me in private, however you prefer.14:02
JosefHolzmayrThekriive: (note: i work for mender)14:04
kriiveAs far as I can understand from your website, remote terminal is included in the open source license we're using atm for our tests14:07
kriiveI am trying it out right now haha14:07
kriiveIf I have any question I will gladly your offer for clarifications, thanks :)14:07
kriivegladly accept*14:07
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jonmasonI personally blame zeddii for poky-tiny not working and generally being a PITA14:32
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zeddiiI'm ok with that!14:35
jonmason[    0.000000] Linux version 5.14.21-yocto-tiny (oe-user@oe-host) (arm-poky-linux-musleabi-gcc (GCC) 11.2.0, GNU ld (GNU Binutils) 2.37.20210721) #1 PREEMPT Mon Nov 29 01:18:09 UTC 202114:36
jonmasonzeddii: if it is interesting to you, I can a cron job that uses lei and b4 to auto-apply patches off my mailing list to my git tree and run CI14:37
jonmasonits super cool to wake up to CI that ran on a new patch while I was asleep14:38
zeddiinice. I was messing around with b4 just last night.14:38
zeddiibut since I don't use lei, getting the message IDs is a PITA.14:38
jonmasonyou can get it from mailx and grep14:39
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jonmasonlei is better, but I had an early version that just used mail to dump everything outstanding and grep for message-id14:40
jonmasonbut with lei, I can use a unique mailbox that only contains mail from the past hour, and run it every hour14:40
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zigaOne question... I tried enabling systemd and it works if I put configuration at the end of "conf/local.conf". I also tried putting the same configuration to my layers "conf/layer.conf" but it does not work... It is true that I did not put it at the end of the file, but how come? Afteral ".conf" files are global right?15:41
qschulzziga: don't put things in conf/layer.conf except what bitbake-layers create-layer puts there15:43
qschulzto share your work with a systemd enabled image, just create a new distro, that's how you're supposed to do it15:44
zigaSo I create a new layer that provides a new distro annd I do that inside the distro's conf file?15:44
zigaI guess using conf/local.conf is not the proper way even if it works right?15:46
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qschulzyes to both questions15:49
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SunnyHello All. I am trying to pass variables from do_compile_append() to a custom python function (${@custom_python_function(d)}) inside both inside an .inc recipe file. It seems the python function cannot dereference the value of the variable and is empty. Any ideas on how to pass variables from do_compile_append() into a python function inside a15:54
moto-timodon't abuse the distro conf either. Some folks put IMAGE_INSTALL there... instead create a proper image (you can just 'require' the base image you want to extend). And probably packagegroup(s).15:54
moto-timoand sometimes you want to create a "bsp" layer, even if you aren't creating a MACHINE... you can put kernel changes there and add MACHINEOVERRIDES15:55
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Sunnymy custom python function looks like:15:57
Sunnydef custom_python_function(d):15:57
Sunny    print(d.getVar('do_compile_var'))15:57
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qschulzmoto-timo: systemd is a distro feature AFAIR16:01
moto-timoqschulz: yes, I forgot to mention that is a good example of what SHOULD be in distro conf16:01
qschulzbasically, anything that is hw specific, in machine conf, everything that cna be put in an image should be there, and what's left, in a distro.conf. I think that's an ok summary?16:02
qschulzSunny: are you setting a variable in one task and trying to get it from another?16:02
Sunnyqschulz: I am setting the variable in one task and passing it to a custom python function just outside of the task.16:03
qschulzyeah that's not possible16:03
qschulzexcept if your python function is called from the task16:04
qschulzin which case, d.getVar('var') will work just fine16:04
SunnyYes, I am calling the python function from within my do_compile_append() task i.e. ${@custom_python_function(d)} and passing d as a parameter16:05
qschulzah yes16:05
qschulzthat's not possibel IIRC16:05
SunnyBut inside the python function, I do a print but don't see anything printed16:05
qschulzbecause ${@} will be resolved at parsing time and your variuable won't be set yet16:05
qschulzat least that's my guess16:06
SunnyAh ok. That makes sense. No wonder i wasn't seeing anything16:08
SunnyDo you know how would be able to pass a variable from a task to a python function?16:08
zigaqschulz & moto-timo: Thank you for the philosophy explanation. I am re-watching Josef's video on the "holy trinity" i.e. distro, image, machine. There it is well explained!16:09
qschulzSunny: I don't think postfuncs allows to call a python function otherwise that would have been my suggestion16:10
qschulzit'd be do_compile[postfuncs] += "custom_python_function" for example16:11
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qschulzI think one can call shell functions from a python script but I don't know if the opposite is possible (I mean it is, just it does not share the datastore because it's resolved/parsed too early)16:12
qschulztime to summon the veterans :)16:12
qschulzRP: rburton: ^ sharing a variable set in a task with a python function called from the same task, is that possible? if so how16:12
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moto-timowhy would a recipe that is RDEPENDS in a packagegroup not build and no sign of it in the image? Hmmm.16:20
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moto-timoalso, are packagegroups one of the places we still need to set PR to make sure changes trigger a rebuild?16:21
* moto-timo has Friday foggy brain16:21
qschulzmoto-timo: RDEPENDS syntax typo?16:21
moto-timoqschulz: good point... I better check that16:22
moto-timoI already caught a INSANE_SKIP_${PM} (note the M) typo yesterday16:22
moto-timomy fingers are flying on the keyboard, but maybe not where they should be16:22
qschulzhave we not migrated INSANE_SKIP to use the new override syntax?16:23
moto-timothis is dunfell... sorry brain is split16:23
qschulzmoto-timo: ok then both override syntaxes are fine16:23
moto-timowith new enough bitbake, right16:24
Sunnyqschulz: Ah I see.16:25
qschulzmoto-timo: indeed16:26
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qschulzSunny: so, sorry but I don't have the answer :/16:26
qschulzSunny: if you ever find out, please let us know16:26
qschulzthis feels like something we should document16:26
qschulzsame for variable context16:27
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has joined #yocto16:27
qschulzbecause is not really what I'd expect it to be16:27
moto-timothere is _always_ room for improvement in the docs...16:28
moto-timojust like software is never "done"16:28
moto-timowhich reminds me.... kernel-lab needs my love this weekend16:28
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*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has joined #yocto16:32
qschulzmoto-timo: of course.. I think i'll open a bugzilla to not forget about this :)16:36
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)16:38
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Sunnyqschulz: The variables in this link appear to be default yocto variables. I am still trying different combinations. Will let you know16:50
qschulzSunny: which link ar eyou talking about?16:51
qschulzSunny: ah no, that was not for your specific problem :)16:51
qschulzWas just complaining that we could improve this part to add actual variable scope16:51
vd33where should I centralize the MY_CUSTOM_VARS[doc] flags? is there a specific place?16:52
qschulzAH! it's scope the word, not context /me facepalms16:52
qschulzvd33: in the classes or conf files where they are defined/used feels like a good place to me?16:52
Sunnyqschulz: Haha, no worries16:52
Sunnyqschulz: This part of the manual mentions, we can pass variables through d:16:54
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sgwrburton: well, maybe I did not do the d.setVar() correctly, setting a variable did not help the multiple warns from anon python(), I think it sets it in the recipe scope still, not in the global scope.16:56
qschulzSunny: yup, that's what you do from inline python functions16:56
qschulzSunny: or to call a python function from a python task16:56
qschulzd is the datastore16:56
qschulzSunny: also, except if you're using the very outdated 2.3 poky release, please use docs.yoctoproject.org16:56
qschulzbasically, anything that is currently supported is on docs.yoctoproject.org16:57
qschulzmoto-timo: Sunny: so someone (me?) will not forget to add a section for variable scope :)16:58
qschulzalright folks, time for me to put the computer on the side for two weeks. Happy holidays and "see" you next year :) /me waves16:59
*** angolini <angolini!> has joined #yocto16:59
vd33qschulz: I'm adding a custom distro which you can base your distro on, the best would be to centralize all these in my base distro then. Can you generate the documentation somehow for only your distro variables?17:00
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Sunnyqschulz: Thank you.17:06
Sunnymoto-timo: Thank you.17:06
SunnyHappy holidays :)17:07
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TartarusWell, hunh.17:47
TartarusSo, can you really safely share, concurrently, SSTATE_DIR / DL_DIR between multiple builds now?17:47
*** florian <florian!> has joined #yocto17:51
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Guest80Hi, I have problems with a dynamic library. If I compile it in yocto directly, it's about 400kb. If I compile the same code using the SDK, it becomes 57MB. Any hints how to debug this or what the problem could be?18:15
*** mariusz <mariusz!~mariusz@> has joined #yocto18:24
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SunnyCan I convert bitbake tasks into bitbake python functions?18:30
Sunnyex: python do_compile_append() { print(d.getVar('some_var')) }18:30
SunnyWhen I do this, I get a strange error "unable to parse recipe. Error during parse shell code"18:32
TartarusYou want "${@python ....}"18:40
TartarusGrep around on "${@ for examples18:40
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tlwoernerTartarus: that's what RP's been saying for years (i mostly keep them separate, probably more out of habit)18:47
tlwoerneri believe the AB is setup that way, which does a lot of building of lots of stuff18:47
TartarusYeah, I've long long recommended separate too, but just had a customer point to a thread they had with RP18:48
TartarusI updated my answer to be that I'm not gonna argue against RP, but I still keep them separate out of caution as space is cheaper than engineering time18:48
TartarusDoubly so since they had some "sstate corruption" problem18:49
tlwoernersounds good18:49
TartarusAnd I'm heartened I'm not the only one that still keeps this separate :)18:49
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HerrieI'm trying to get PinePhonePro dev unit (RK3399S) to work with fitImage, DTB and initramfs, but I must be missing something. I get everything to build correctly, however I'm stuck at the BL31 in loop with the fitImage kernel. When I use separate kernel I get a bit further. My WIP tree (don't mind the mess) is at:
HerrieI tried to find some more documentation, but it seems very limited18:57
HerrieI'm probably missing something basic somewhere, just not sure what18:57
HerrieI've cherry-picked and matched a few bits from meta-arm and meta-rockchip to not pull the whole layers in for now, but might end up pulling them in if easier/needed going forward19:02
*** HerrieTP_ <HerrieTP_!> has joined #yocto19:04
tlwoernerHerrie: that build is quite a mish-mash. your kernel is external, and you're building the rest with hardknott19:10
tlwoernerHerrie: could you possibly try building the entire image by using meta-rockchip+meta-arm and adding your machine.conf in there (on master)?19:11
tlwoernerthe rock pi 4b machine conf would be a good one to look at (to copy)19:11
HerrieTP_Yes I know... Kernel is external because that's a known working mainline kernel for other distros19:11
tlwoernerHerrieTP_: oh... are there lots of patches? not mainline?19:12
HerrieTP_Well it's mainline with integrated patches19:12
HerrieTP_Probably similar to what's in linux-yocto-dev for rk339919:13
*** HerrieTP <HerrieTP!> has joined #yocto19:14
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HerrieI doubt the issue is the kernel as such, but more some config or defconfig issue somewhere...19:15
HerrieI could try a build with those layers of course19:15
tlwoernerwith an external kernel i don't know it's config, and there's a chance it's the config that's the issue19:16
tlwoerner[meh, the first "its" shouldn't have the apostrophe, grr]19:16
HerrieOK, but you have had a working fitImage + DTB + initramfs before with RK3399 right with the meta-rockchip?19:17
HerrieI could switch to honister if that's easier19:24
HerrieWe have the layers ready for that as well so can just as well do that19:24
tlwoernerHerrie: not quite. we build up the wic image by placing the various parts (tf-a, u-boot spl, u-boot, rootfs) in their correct locations19:25
*** florian <florian!> has joined #yocto19:25
tlwoernerwe don't use an initramfs19:25
Herrietlwoerner: Well that's what others seems to do as well with PKGBUILD but in a lot less elegant way imho with boot.txt, boot.scr19:26
tlwoernerand although we build the fitimage (probably a default part of the u-boot build) we don't use it19:26
HerrieYeah I've piggybacked on that one. I get a WIC with 7 .img. of which 1 called boot.img and 1 called root.img and 5 primary.img19:28
Herrieboot.img contains fitImage + extlinux/extlinux.conf19:28
tlwoernerthat wic cleanup happened after hardknott19:29
*** mariusz <mariusz!~mariusz@> has quit IRC (Quit: WeeChat 2.3)19:29
HerrieOK let me just do honister19:30
HerrieSince I anyway need to rework19:31
tlwoerneroh, yea. i guess we are using fitimage, just "earlier" than the wic step19:31
tlwoerner(d'oh, of course we're using fitimage, i look at the console output of the fitimage dozens of times a day) lol19:32
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HerrieWhat is the latest kernel you've tried?20:45
HerrieI could also just go with master and take it from there to be on bleeding edge20:45
Herrietlwoerner: ^20:49
vd33FOO ?= "A" FOO += "B", ${FOO} will equal "B", right?20:57
vd33hum maybe not20:59
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zigaI think it should equal to "B"!21:09
ziga?= and += are evaluated imediatelly21:10
rfs613it will depend if FOO had a value previously...21:10
vd33so if they are evaluated immediately and FOO ?= "A" is before FOO += "B", then FOO must equal "A B"21:10
vd33rfs613 true, I'm assuming FOO had no value before the ?= is encountered.21:11
*** jadudm <jadudm!> has joined #yocto21:20
zigarfs613: True21:21
jadudmHi all; where is a good place to ask questions about a yocto deployment and managing it? I have a project where we've piloted some RPi-based sensors (n=~20), and we'd like to improve the infrastructure in terms of repeatability, stability, and maintainability. I've built a test Yocto image, but questions about how best to provision and maintain a21:23
jadudmsecond-round pilot fleet (n=~50) is not obvious to me.21:23
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dvorkindmitrymc:myarch:glib-2.0-1_2.68.4-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: glib-2.0-ptest rdepends on locale-base-fr-fr, but it isn't a build dependency? [build-deps]22:20
dvorkindmitryI have a lot of warnings like this. how can I get rid of it?22:21
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RPTartarus: the autobuilder stresses that *massively*. It is engineered to work23:01
RPqschulz: in theory it would be set into the datastore and the function should see the same datastore and be able to retrieve it. A lot 'depends' on what you're doing though23:02
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TartarusRP: Yeah, and I can't argue on behalf of the customer that reports "sstate corruption" and doesn't have a reproducer.  Still feels odd to share the actual SSTATE_DIR / DL_DIR among concurrent users but I guess I need to update my personal guidance23:03
TartarusWe are tracking down a different wtf with sharing TMPDIR between two similar MACHINES and somehow the wrong file being used out of SSTATE_DIR, but that's different, the sstate itself is correct23:12
perdmann_Hi, i just stumbled upon DRM / FB . I thought i could just use an existing tool (fbi) to print a picture to Framebuffer. Now it turns out that I can't, its all DRM now. Does anyone know a tool or a Framework which i could use? I know about libdrm but its not well documented...23:13
WadeBerrier[m]<JosefHolzmayrThe> "the first thing to think about..." <- mostly a couple of layers for consumption.  What would you suggest for these two different scenarios?  (Also, what did you mean by a "push strategy" ?)23:36
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