Tuesday, 2022-01-11

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mckoangood morning07:45
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kroonI see noise in buildhistory when doing: bitbake -c cleansstate shadow-native && bitbake shadow-native && bitbake -c clean shadow-native && bitbake shadow-native09:51
kroonThe permissions for /var/spool/mail/ jumps between 755 and 77509:52
kroonI can see that the tar archive in sstate has "correct" permissions (775) for the dir, but when unpacking from sstate it seems the perms are changed to 77509:52
kroonsorry: ".. are changed to 755"09:53
kroonThe target package does not seem to have this issue, only the native one09:53
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HarunHello:) , how can I add glibc-locale to an image?11:10
Harunif done with IMAGE_INSTALL_append it fails with an error that nothing provides glibc-locale.11:10
HarunCurrently the image has locale but no charmaps.11:10
HarunI am using dunfell11:11
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RPHarun: the locales are packaged separately so you probably need to be more specific11:13
qschulzHarun: you have glibc-charmaps package which brings all locales AFAIU11:14
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Harunqschulz: Thank you, that was it :)11:49
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kanavinRP: just so you don't miss it, exclude_packages is now [ ] in repro test :)12:43
RPkanavin: I did notice :D12:45
RPkanavin: feels like we cheated with ruby docs but nice to get there! :)12:46
RPkanavin: thanks for the work on those last pain points!12:46
kanavinRP: yes, it's not perfect, but it doesn't reduce test coverage or runtime support, so I can live with it :)12:50
kanavinand the upstream bug report should be enough for upstream to look into it, if they have capacity and interest12:51
RPkanavin: right, we did try on it12:54
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paulgwas trying to build on ubu 16.04 using buildtools + environment-setup-x86_64-pokysdk-linux ; pseudo-native failed final link with missing pow/exp etc until I added "-lm" to link.13:53
paulgSeemed odd.  pseudo doing math ops?  Not sure anyone cares enough it is worth investigating/patching?13:53
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RPpaulg: which buildtools? libm was merged into libc now so this issue probably goes away soon14:10
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RPor perhaps it was caused by a buildtools which has the merge?14:11
paulgI didn't explicitly choose a buildtools, this is what it gave me yesterday.14:13
paulgpaul@xeon:~/poky/build$ cat ../buildtools/version-x86_64-pokysdk-linux14:13
paulgDistro: poky14:13
paulgDistro Version: 3.1+snapshot-2020092314:13
paulgMetadata Revision: 0a243cd21263f498b6eca7c0b168e655dd823e2214:13
paulgTimestamp: 2020092320005314:13
paulg(needed buildtools since ubu-16.04 doesn't have py3 v3.6+ fwiw)14:13
RP3.1 is dunfell I think so technically still supported and would be pre glibc merge14:13
RP20200923 does sound old though14:14
paulgthis is a machine that hasn't been in use for a while ; all repos should be on master and were updated yest.14:14
RPoh. That is bad then :/14:15
paulgit was idle long enough that I had to do the append dance on local.conf and change conf version from 1 to two ; then blew away sstate tmp cache14:15
RPI was going to say, even dunfell uses a buildtools of autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/non-release/20210214-8/buildtools/x86_64-buildtools-extended-nativesdk-standalone-3.2+snapshot-7d38cc8e749aedb8435ee71847e04b353cca541d.sh14:16
paulgI'm not really familiar with buildtools or how it chose what to wget, but I think I can scroll up and see..  lemme check.14:16
RPpaulg: can you try with the one from https://git.yoctoproject.org/yocto-autobuilder-helper/tree/config.json#n1314:17
RPi.e. https://downloads.yoctoproject.org/releases/yocto/yocto-3.4/buildtools/x86_64-buildtools-extended-nativesdk-standalone-3.4.sh14:17
RPlooks like scripts/install-buildtools is just horribly out of date14:18
paulgok, good - since I can't scroll back that far.   It is kinda alarming how much crap one dumps to the screen every hour...  :-/14:20
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RPpaulg: you can see the url it is constructing in the script, its way old :/14:30
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paulgDEFAULT_RELEASE = 'yocto-3.2_M3'14:42
paulgDEFAULT_INSTALLER_VERSION = '3.1+snapshot'14:42
paulgDEFAULT_BUILDDATE = '20200923'14:42
paulgThat is like from three covid variants ago.14:42
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smurrayhmm: https://www.windriver.com/news/press/news-2022011114:48
paulglooks like rburton touched it last.  By my childish metrics, that means he owns it.   :)14:52
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paulgRP, no joy - the 3.4 bundle still craps itself.  https://paste.debian.net/1226745/15:09
RPpaulg: clean build or a rebuild?15:10
RPpaulg: if not a clean tmpdir, try a bitbake pseduo-native -c clean first15:10
paulgpaul@xeon:~/poky/build$ history |grep bitbake15:10
paulg    5  bitbake -c cleanall pseudo-native15:10
paulg    6  bitbake pseudo-native15:10
paulgI also exited my shell to ensure no env pollution.15:11
* RP quietly curses15:11
RPpaulg: what is odd is I remember fixing those kinds of errors15:11
paulgwould globally/unconditionally sticking "-lm" on there for everyone as a workaround break anyone else?15:12
RPpaulg: it is wrong with the new glibc :(15:13
RPpaulg: what puzzles me more is that this all works on our autobuilder ubuntu1604 machine15:13
paulgwell, as usual, somehow us "kernel guys" are doing something slightly different.15:15
RPpaulg: do you use uninative?15:15
RPmore specifically, do you disable it?15:15
RPpaulg: oh, hang on. It is saying sqlite3 has the symbol/ Try cleansstate sqlite-native too15:16
RPpseudo uses static linking15:16
paulgok. lemme try15:17
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paulgI did see sq3 on the link line when hacking the Makefile manually, so in theory that might unfsck it.15:18
paulgno joy.  And as for uninative - whatever the defaults are should be in place.  I'd have to know what it does before I'd want to disable it.  :-P15:23
RPpaulg: you'd hate it I'm sure but since you don't know about it... ;-)15:24
paulgthat pretty much is true for everything, yes.15:25
paulghttps://paste.debian.net/1226748/   <--- cleanall of sq315:25
RPthis is very strange. I'll try and see if I can reproduce on the autobuilder worker15:26
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paulgI can nuke everything and restart - wont be speedy as this is an old core2 quad.15:26
paulgturned it on as a heater - was supposedly -34C this AM.15:28
RPpaulg: I have a build going in a terminal. Also meetings :/15:29
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smurraypaulg: heh, never realized you're up north of Toronto, what are you stuck with for internet access up there?15:33
paulgsmurray, same as when I'm over in Ottawa - cable.  Obviously not as all-encompassing over in this area, esp. if you are off the beaten path.15:35
smurraypaulg: yeah, I bet15:35
* paulg watches "Parsing recipes" contribute to global warming for the 1000th time...15:36
RPpaulg: well, my build with 3.4 worked :/15:38
* paulg is up to sqlite3 building...15:41
paulgold hardware keeps you honest.  You care about where your CPU cycles are going.15:41
paulgOnce I manage to kill rust with fire and plague, maybe I can make use of 8G machines again.15:42
RPpaulg: you can blame vmeson for rust ;-)15:43
paulgoh believe me, I do.15:44
paulgNope.  Still blows up.  I nuked everything but conf and downloads.15:46
paulgMust be triggered by my conf and layer selection somehow?15:46
paulgor installed pkgs on host?15:46
paulgWill look at it again after lunch - need to go do some other overdue crap now.15:47
RPpaulg: there is something we're both missing here :/15:49
RPpaulg: are you using poky or nodistro? What is odd is your link line is different to mine in pseudo-native15:53
RPmine has --alow-shlib-undefined on it15:53
RPwhich is a uninative addition15:54
RPpoky enables uninative by default, nodistro doesn't15:54
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paulgI've got the overc layer - which is basically a real-metal version of what was buildappliance, and I think it defines its own distro vars....15:57
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RPpaulg: I think uninative is either not enabled at all or being disabled15:57
paulglet me grep around15:57
paulgunless zeddii can remember...15:58
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zeddiipaulg, remember what ? They day of the week ? Maybe.16:03
zeddiibut nothing special should be in the overc definitions around uninative16:03
paulgRP, my config has roots going back years.  So if we added something to the generic boiler plate template for local.conf around uninative, I might not have it?16:05
paulglike zeddii - I refuse to abandon my config and build directory on a daily basis as the sstate cult seems to do.16:06
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zeddiimy current build dir is 6 years old!16:10
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rburtonRP: "I'm sending it out after this call"16:48
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moto-timoPython 3.11 schedule for the curious: https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0664/16:51
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RPpaulg: what is DISTRO set to?16:57
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JPEWRP: Didn't get to that hashequiv issue. I have another meeting, then lunch, but I should be free in about 2 hours if you still want to go over it today17:01
paulgRP, https://paste.debian.net/1226768/  <--- DISTRO settings17:02
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fullstopHi all.  I'm attempting to build lcurses (lua curses module) with 3.1.4 and I'm running into a bit of trouble.18:20
fullstopIt uses automake and I have been able to get it to build, but the rpath is kind of messed up.  Some sort of variable is expanding to /usre/18:20
ziga__Is solution to this question (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57015416/how-do-i-set-an-environmental-variable-on-my-target-board-using-a-yocto-recipe) still the perfered way of setting up environmental variables?18:22
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paulgRP, so I created a new dir (build-sato), used the default conf dir that oe-init-build-env makes and pseudo-native built ok. (same shell, same buildtools env)18:42
paulgit would seem I found a way to break buildtools with my conf/layers.18:42
paulgI'll diff the conf files and look for suspects18:43
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bluelightninganyone happen to know what would influence whether or not ${B}/tools/* gets installed to ${STAGING_KERNEL_BUILDDIR}/tools ?20:40
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mischiefwhy are both dunfell and kirkstone marked apr 2024 LTS when kirkstone is released 2 years later?20:47
JPEWmischief: dunfell was extended, kirkstone hasn't been20:48
JPEWmischief: dunfell was originally also 2 years FWIW20:48
LetoThe2ndyoyo dudX20:48
JPEWLetoThe2nd: Little late (or early) for you?20:49
LetoThe2ndJPEW: ~10pm. ok-ish20:50
mischiefJPEW: thanks.20:50
JPEWLetoThe2nd: Ugh, 24 hour clock threw me off :)20:51
zeddiibluelightning: do_shared_workdir() (but I'm sure you found that already). but we are currently pretty selective about what gets copied over20:51
bluelightningzeddii: the weird thing is I have the results of one build where stuff has been installed, and one were it hasn't, and I can't tell what would be different between the two at the moment20:52
bluelightningstill digging into it20:52
zeddiiah. that's different. task racing ? or is it objtool ? That's conditional on a kernel config20:52
bluelightningin one build just the objtool binary is there, in the other (older build) I have bpf/ and objtool/, and objtool/ contains sources as well20:54
zeddiisame machine both builds ? That is odd.20:55
bluelightningyeah... could be that someone has hacked in something somewhere in here to copy those files over20:56
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RPpaulg: try adding INHERIT += "uninative" into local.conf. We do this in poky but overc won't pull that in21:02
RPpaulg: that should work around the issue but what the real fix is, not sure21:03
RPJPEW: sorry, I was afk, long day. I'm back around now. Did you have any ideas on a fix?21:03
JPEWRP: From a high level, all I could think of was that the unihash for all the dependencies (RDEPENDS?) needs to be in the output.... which doesn't seem fun21:04
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paulgyeah - I'd fired off another new dir, and copied in my old overc conf dir and still got the fail.  I'll look at it some more in an effort to understand wtf and what crimes uninative does, now that you've made me curious.21:04
JPEWRP: That would be the only "automated" method that would get all the cases.... otherwise it's just manually annotating cases we find21:04
JPEWAt least AFAICT21:05
RPJPEW: that is basically what I was thinking. Either the unihash of dependencies or of things with shlib dependencies21:05
RPwe could inject those into the outhash21:05
RPJPEW: I don't like it21:05
JPEWeven shlibs is insufficient; imagine a bash script that execs zstd21:05
RPJPEW: right, I know21:05
paulg(or I could move to 18.04 and do a "didn't see it ; didn't happen"...)21:06
RPpaulg: I look forward to seeing your reaction when you realise what it does :)21:06
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RPpaulg: it basically lets us use binaries built on one system on any other system regardless of distro21:07
JPEWRP: Perhaps.... do_populate_sysroot_setsecene() can add a file with the deps an their unihash to the sstate archive?21:07
sgwRP: send you and zeddii and another reply, I think am in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.21:07
JPEWThat's the really... ugly... way to force the issue21:07
RPJPEW: that was kind of what I was thinking. I wish I'd come up with somethig better21:08
JPEWsgw: The way out of any hedge maze is to always turn left (or right if you prefer).... takes a while though :)21:08
sgwxyzzy works well also, but not sure it will with the kernel.bbclass and package.bbclass21:09
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RPsgw: I think you'll have to tweak do_strip to create a copy and then deploy to use that copy, or move the strip and size check into a larger do_deploy21:10
paulgRP - ok but it does, as you hint, leave one wondering how that bleeds into pseudo-native link flags...  presumably some "configure" test...21:14
RPpaulg: no, that much is clear to me. the stuff uninative does changes LDFLAGS (see uninative.bbclass) so the options passed in will mean it sees a modern libc with libm merged21:16
RPpaulg: my main question is how we'd fix the non-uninative case21:16
paulgOh, oh, I know!   We add "-lm".21:18
* paulg runs21:18
paulgaside from kooks like me, how big is the expected user base for buildtools w/o native unicorns?21:19
sgwRP: yeah, I was thinking about the copy part, I was not sure of changing the ordering of strip/size check wrt install/deply, since install happens first.  Thx21:19
RPpaulg: it isn't needed with any recent glibc now so it is a backwards step21:20
paulgso was systemd, but that happened anyway.  :-P21:20
RPpaulg: that space is rather small else we'd have a bug report before now21:20
* RP is ignoring conversations that bring systemd in21:21
paulgkinda what I figured 1st thing this AM - probably nobody is hitting it and largely nobody cares.21:21
paulg[01/11/22:08:53] <paulg> Seemed odd.  pseudo doing math ops?  Not sure anyone cares enough it is worth investigating/patching?21:22
RPpaulg: sqlite3 is doing math ops21:23
RPpaulg: this will be what changed things btw: https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky/commit/?id=84bd11c62e860031c1615ada76d7140b4717276a21:24
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RPsgw: I haven't looked in detail so I don't have all the details in cache, I'm just saying what I'd be thinking/looking at21:26
* paulg contemplates a "configure: checking whether "-lm" is needed for ..." kind of deal.21:27
sgwRP:  I guess is was more a checkpoint that a copy might be OK, so I will go down that path for and send a v2 later today (I hope).21:27
RPpaulg: we could justify that into pseudo "upstream", which happens to also be effectively me atm21:36
paulgI'll see if I can come up with something that doesn't make me embarrassed to hit send.21:38
RPpaulg: pseudo's configure script is shell iirc, no autotools21:38
paulgall the better for me.  I'm basically a two trick pony.  kernel C and shell.  :)21:40
paulgand it is a bit of a stretch to say I'm any good at either of those.21:42
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RPpaulg: right, you're rubbish at kernel stuff :)22:35
paulgRP, I don't write kernel code ; I just fix other people's screwups.   :-P22:41
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moto-timoI wonder why rust toolchain takes so long to compile...23:11
* moto-timo asks the Universe23:11
fraymoto-timo cause it's downloading everything it needs when it needs it, and your internet is slow?23:13
fraypre-downloaded sources, that's so 201023:13
moto-timoit's actually compile time, but nice theory anyway23:13
moto-timo-j 0.12523:14
fraywell, I've found python modules that download at compile time before.. rust wouldn't surprise me.. :P23:14
moto-timobuild from source, so 199023:14
moto-timooh, I have found many evil download urchins23:14
moto-timo`make test` why are you downloading ANYTHING?23:15
moto-timoair gap all the things23:15
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RPmoto-timo: I put your series in for testing on the AB, thanks23:34
moto-timoRP: thank you for letting me know... I'll start watching for failures23:34
RPmoto-timo: meta-aws shows some nice meta-oe warnings so it works :) https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/122/builds/68123:35
moto-timolet the shouting and gnashing of teeth begin23:36
moto-timoI'll put on my shield belt, hopefully no one brings a lasgun to the party23:36
tlhonmeyI always wondered why they didn't just do remote-controlled lasguns that could do the shooting from a safe distance and let the potential explosion be irrelevant...23:38

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