Wednesday, 2022-01-12

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moto-timotlhonmey: me too... but later on in the series some similar weapons concepts were created00:29
moto-timoactually that extends the metaphor nicely as a drive-by submission on the AB can be exciting00:30
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paulgRP, apparently rburton had a libm fix like 3y ago but his fix had a problem with static linking....01:13
paulgI wonder if now that static linking is no longer, as per...01:14
paulg...that maybe rburton 's fix warrants a revisit (assuming it is still at the link listed.)01:14
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bluelightningzeddii: turns out it's make-mod-scripts do_configure installing those files01:32
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zeddiiah right!03:39
zeddiiin my mind , the spit out of that is still "new". even though it's three years old now :D03:41
paulgfreudian slip.03:43
* paulg hawks a loogie in zeddii 's general direction.03:43
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* zeddii buys an "l"03:59
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moto-timoFor those of you playing along at home:
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coldspark29[m]Morning, if I have two custom kernel configurations in my meta-custom layer, which are named the same, shouldn't bitbake not automatically choose the 5.10 over the 5.4 kernel?08:14
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mckoancoldspark29[m]: depends(TM), if you have a PREFERRED_VERSION somewhere08:22
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coldspark29[m]@mckoan Okay thanks, then something else must be missing.08:30
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landgrafcoldspark29[m]: PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto ??= "5.4%". you have to override/specify your version (PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto = "5.10%"09:14
landgrafotherwise the one from oe layer will be used09:14
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ad__hi, how can i have libudev built on dunfell ? have a recipe claiming for it10:01
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wooosaiiiI have 2 recipes for one is from oe-core and the other one from poky... by default it takes the one from oe-core since this layer has higher priority... however the one from poky is actually buildable and I want to select it... how to do this?10:15
wooosaiiithey have the exact same version...10:15
wooosaiiifind . -name qemu_*10:15
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mckoanwooosaiii: are you using the same branch for both layers?10:19
wooosaiiimckoan: yes10:19
mckoanwooosaiii: but the recipes content is different?10:19
wooosaiiithe recipe in poky has a fix for stime() while the one from oe-core doesn't10:19
mckoanwooosaiii: which branch is it?10:20
mckoanwooosaiii: looks like you have to patch it10:20
wooosaiiimckoan: I would like to avoid that...10:21
mckoanwooosaiii: the recipes should be identical if the PV is the same10:21
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wooosaiiimckoan: OK I see...10:24
wooosaiiiI am actually not using branches but rather revisions from manifest made by BSP vendor10:25
wooosaiiilooks like I have to update the manifest revision to bump oe-core layer10:25
qschulzbut why do you have both oe-core and poky?10:26
qschulzoe-core IS in poky10:26
mckoanqschulz: nice shot10:26
wooosaiiiqschulz: good question... :)10:26
mckoanwooosaiii: probably the vendor mismatched the layers10:26
wooosaiiithanks qschulz & mckoan ... I will troubleshoot it from here :)10:28
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qschulzwooosaiii: our pleasure. Have fun debugging it :)10:30
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landgrafdebugging of dozens of layers with kernel and qemu is always a fun :)10:39
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jannekiiskila - anyone have any idea, if that GitHub "https" download magic ever happened?11:18
jannekiiskilaWe're seeing now (random) failures with GitHub, seems they are brownouting - i.e. it's randomly failing for various recipes.11:18
jannekiiskilaThe idea of manually changing every single failing recipe seems a bit ... daft to be honest.11:18
jannekiiskilaTooling should handle things that impacts potentially hundreds of recipes, in my humble opinion.11:19
jannekiiskilaIf no protocol given, default protocol=https. That would solve the issue, as far as I know?11:19
qschulzjannekiiskila: the default has been git protocol for years now11:21
qschulzjannekiiskila: there's a default, just not the one you would like11:21
qschulzthat being said, we have patches to automatically switch github URI protocol from git to https11:22
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qschulzjannekiiskila: currently supported releases of Yocto all have this patch, so just upgrade :)11:23
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jannekiiskilaOk, that sounds good. Now the question is - what is a new enough Yocto release? We should using a fairly new one...11:31
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rburtonjannekiiskila: of course changing the default to https then breaks every recipe where the server doesn't support https11:34
rburtonif you want to send a patch changing the default, you'll want to run a bit of analysis proving that https is the better protocol to default too11:34
qschulzjannekiiskila: anything more recent than 3.1 (included). So, dunfell, hardknott, gatesgath, honister11:35
qschulzand pull the newest version of poky (or bitbake if you use openembedded-core git repo instead of poky) so the branch you use is at its ltaest commit11:35
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* rburton grumbles12:34
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rburtonmeta-virt and meta-clang are both broken with oe-core master, so our CI is just a bonfire12:37
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smurrayqschulz: RP backported the fetcher fix for github all the way to back to thud13:21
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zeddiirburton: what exactly in meta-virt ? I have a sizeable set of updates in flight at the moment.13:39
rburtonthe kernel thing13:39
zeddiiah. I was going to say if it is the non-fetch network thing, I need to flag around that when it lands.13:39
zeddiisince I know there are go packages breaking the rules.13:39
zeddiieven though I've attempted to vendor them all.13:40
rburton'kernel-module-xen-blkback' doesn't get built, guessing its the bbappend that was removed13:40
zeddiiyah. that would be the cause of that.13:40
zeddiilet me revert it, and push. who knows how long the default version bumps will take to get in.13:40
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paulganyone know why python keeps bleating about this when I start a build?14:32
paulg  return f(*args, **kwds)14:32
paulgpaste fail.14:32
paulg /usr/lib/python3.6/importlib/ ImportWarning: can't resolve package from __spec__ or __package__, falling back on __name__ and __path__14:32
paulg  return f(*args, **kwds)14:32
paulgstupid xchat and its penchant for eating lines starting with /14:33
qschulzpaulg: same for weechat and irssi don't worry :p14:33
paulgmultiple vanilla ubu 18.04 system seem to spit that out.14:35
* paulg continues to ignore it.14:37
qschulzpaulg: it's just a warning, wcgw14:37
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tolszakHi there. I'm wondering if there is generic way to replace variables in a file. E.g. let's suppose I have a few variable (e.g. in file) that should be replaced and saved as custom_systemd.service. Those variables of course come from yocto configuration (distro/machine etc)14:40
tolszakCurrently i'm sedding every single variable in do_install14:41
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manuel1985Can I RDEPEND on "any ssh client" instead of one in particular, such as openssh?15:03
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qschulzmanuel1985: ssh15:04
vmesonmanuel1985: we have virtual/libc virtual/kernel, virtual/libgl but not virtual/ssh so I think you'd have to add that abstraction to the openssh, dropbear15:06
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qschulzthere,s one, it's "ssh" for the client and "sshd" for the server15:06
qschulzthere's no meaning for virtual packages, only virtual recipes15:07
qschulzlook for RPROVIDES in recipes :)15:07
manuel1985thanks both115:08
smurraytolszak: I'm not aware of such a thing, I've done it with sed in do_install a few times.15:13
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Perceval[m]Hello everyone :)15:49
Perceval[m]I have a problem with my distribution, I want to use the physical serial port on my device but debug messages are sent on it apparently15:49
*** marc1 <marc1!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)15:50
Perceval[m]Do you have an idea on how  I can disable system debug on serial port to repurpose is for my need?15:50
*** marc1 <marc1!> has joined #yocto15:50
qschulzPerceval[m]: SERIAL_CONSOLE in Yocto layers needs to be set correctly so that getty does not use the one serial you don't want.15:54
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)15:57
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Perceval[m]okay, how I do that? In wich recipe or config file?16:00
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*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has joined #yocto16:04
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tolszaksmurray: That's what i've noticed so far too, thanks fo rreply16:25
smurraytolszak: wic does it for its files, it's possible it's using something from lib/oe for it, but I suspect not16:26
*** mariusz1 <mariusz1!~mariusz@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)16:27
tolszaksmurray: Yeah, I'm aware of files, that's why I hoped something like that exists for regular recipes too, perhaps writing a class for that would be beneficial.16:27
paulgha ha ha.  Check out the dependency chain of core-image-sato that brings in rust...16:31
paulgdependency chain was: ['core-image-sato', 'packagegroup-core-x11-sato', 'adwaita-icon-theme', 'librsvg-native', 'rust-native']16:31
paulghours of building rust and rust-llvm stuff for a friggin ICON THEME !?!16:32
kanavinyeah, and I am responsible :)16:32
kanavinwhat's the issue?16:32
kanavinyou have a dual core CPU to build on? :)16:33
paulgI think we need something like an explicit opt-in like "ENABLE_RUST_NATIVE=1" or similar so that people get a chance to see the dependency chains that bring in rust.16:33
paulgso they can reflect on their package lists with the knowledge of what they will be building and decide whether to punt the stuff that uses rust, or eat the cost.16:34
*** Guma <Guma!~Guma@> has joined #yocto16:35
kanavinI don't see a problem with using rust, what is it?16:35
kanavinbesides, how do you otherwise provide librsvg where it's expected to exist?16:36
paulgusing rust excluded everyone from building yocto who was using a machine with less than 16G of ram and a server class CPU.16:36
kanavinnot everyone. you don't have to build -sato.16:37
paulgand if it is only used for some triviality, then we owe it to those people to show them an option that lets them avoid it, while also leaving it easily enabled for those who want it.16:37
rburtonpaulg: easy enough to PNBLACKLIST rust16:37
fraypaulg you can disable rust (native) using the PNBLACKLIST system to serve the same purpose.. but ya16:37
paulgrburton, sure - and I've blacklisted it locally so I can see the dependency chain.16:37
kanavinicon theme is not a triviality in sato, it;s essential to the UI16:38
paulgI'm not talking about what I can do - sure I can (and have) solved it for myself.  I'm trying to figure out how to make that easier for Joe Average.16:38
kanavinif you don't want icon theme, don't build sato, build -minimal16:38
rburtonthrow a faq in the docs saying 'my build takes forever as it builds <llvm/rust/etc>' and explain how to use blacklisting to see the reason16:38
rburtonbecause rust isn't special.  llvm takes forever and there are numerous routes to it16:38
paulgrburton, I guess a doc patch would be better than nothing...   :-/16:39
kanavinat some point all useful drivers in mesa will probably need llvm too16:39
rburtoni just hope that at some point there is just one llvm16:39
kanavinand a future where some components explicitly become incompatible with gcc is also very possible16:40
kanavinchrome already is16:40
kanavinand of course rust usage will spread, including, oh, the kernel ;)16:40
kanavinso please: get a better machine for builds, what are your specs?16:40
rburtonrelatedly, i'm right now testing mold to see how much faster it is at linking16:41
paulgagain, I have access to plenty of capable machines.  It isn't about me.16:41
rburtonpublic native sstate should help the 'everyone else' problem16:41
paulgIt is about excluding a large class of users with one fell swoop.16:41
rburtonpaulg: the problem is the alternatives are 1) keep an obsolete librsvg with security issues and rendering bugs, or 2) remove gtk from oe-core16:42
*** marc1 <marc1!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)16:43
paulgor 3) simply making the dependency chain explicitly visible so end-users can make a more informed decision on what to do in their particular circumstance.16:43
kanavinexplicitly visible how?16:44
rburtonpaulg: but what is their choice?16:44
rburtonif they want sato they don't have an alternative16:44
rburton(s/sato/anything gtk)16:44
paulgkinda like what a blacklist prints out - as what I pasted in at the top here.16:44
neverpanicI think the "librsvg depends on rust now, isn't this too large of a price for just this package" discussion has been had in about every distribution now, and all of them that I know have decided that it'll just be neccessary.16:45
kanavinfor every task? that'll clutter the output16:45
paulgof course not.  I wouldn't advocate spamming the screen.16:46
paulgbut the other case I came across was where a pointless vim gtk extension was auto-enabled based on x11, and that dragged in rust via librsvg - and that one is completely avoidable if the end user simply gets to see the dependency chain.16:48
rburtonso send a patch to remove the gtk option by default if its "pointless"16:48
paulgthat is on my to-do list.  But I was trying to anticipate the "next vim" which was the icon theme...16:49
paulgAnyway, if this discussion has been beat to death in all the other distros already, then I'll let it alone.16:50
kanavinat the end of the day it's the users responsibility to manage their build dependencies, really. They will bring in other layers, and make private layers, and at that point they ought to make a sample build from scratch, and find out the pain points in dependencies (e.g. the critical path, or simply what the heaviest items are).16:50
rburtonit has to be done on a case-by-case basis.  there's a debate to be had over vim and whether gtk should be on by default. but it's too late to object to librsvg using rust, as that happened literally years ago now, we're just very late to the party.16:51
rburtonthe gtk icon theme uses librsvg, and that isn't going to change either16:51
paulgfor the sato case, I was primarily thinking the cost to our autobuilder times - it has to impact the builds/day we can do.  But if it is unavoidable, then I guess that is the cost of doing buisness currently.16:51
RPwe did put this off for as long as we could. I'm still hoping things like public sstate give us some improvement in end user usage16:52
rburtonits native, and uninative, so the sstate does a good job at  mitigating the impact on the AB16:52
kanavinthe heavy item in there is rust-native, and if your sstate works properly, that's built once and rarely changes16:53
kanavinrust-llvm is surprsingly snappy on a decent CPU16:53
rburtonrustc is annoyingly single-threaded so noticably faster on x86 compare to arm servers :(16:55
kanavinbut is it? I do see rustc processes take up 400% cpu or similar in top regularly16:57
RPrburton, jonmason: So this stap failure that keeps happening? ;-)16:58
rburtonkanavin: the slow bit is single threaded16:58
* RP would like green builds16:58
rburtonRP: i harassed someone who knows more than me, and he'd like some logs with the kernel debug symbols in. was going to do a build this week and let it run in a loop16:58
GumaA noob question. I was able successfully build image for my board and install SDK. SDK seems to work after source in env script. I have two questions. 1. Is there a way to integrate couple of my 3rd party libs as part of Yocto image/SDK build? So after installing SDK, such libs would already be available? Or do normally people build such libs using SDK on host after installation?16:59
RPrburton: ok, it seems to happen about every other build so pretty common :/16:59
kanavinGuma, the best is to write a recipe and build them with yocto directly16:59
RPrburton: I have another five or so occurrences to add to bugzilla16:59
RPzeddii: I suspect this stap thing crept in via some 5.10 stable patch :(17:00
zeddiiannoying. since I wouldn't use systemtap even under threat of pain.17:00
zeddiiI didn't see anything suspect in the short logs, but pretty much everything makes it into -stable now adays17:01
Gumakanavin Thank you. I will read about how to create recepie. Could you point me where such recipe should be created? some meta-sdk folder?17:01
RPzeddii: I've not looked but it feels like something 5.10 specific and "recent"17:01
kanavinGuma, as you have built an image, presumably you have a set of layers configured: check if the recipe can be added to one of them, or you need a new private layer17:02
kanavinGuma, it's also possible a recipe already exists somewhere in some layer, you just need to find where17:03
zeddiiRP: and never shows on 5.14+, right ? I have a -dev kernel qemuarm64 build around, and can confirm there. but can try 5.10 as well.17:03
*** tlwoerner_ <tlwoerner_!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)17:03
RPzeddii: always 5.1017:06
Gumakanavin I am not sure. I have to educate myself on it. A bit lost at this point where I should start looking or reading about this specific task I can do... Any pointers or specific information like "what to specifically google for?"17:06
RPzeddii: always poky-altcfg17:06
*** frieder <frieder!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:06
RPzeddii: it is possible it could be something like the init system but kernel version seems much more likely17:07
zeddiiagreed. I'll test my 5.16 kernel and then rebuild with 5.1017:07
vd_Can you remove a package for a specific image fstype? e.g. if I don't want kernel-image and kernel-devicetree in core-image-minimal.tar but I need it to boot in the rootfs partition of core-image-minimal.wic?17:09
rburtoncurious why you're making multiple image types17:10
rburtonyou can put the kernels into a /boot partition which is generated by wic and leave them out of the rootfs17:11
vd_rburton: because I do want to bundle the kernel and device tree inside the rootfs and use a boot loader specification entry to tell the bootloader what to load17:13
vd_problem is that if an image is used as a container image or a sysroot image to switch to later on, I don't want the kernel and device tree to be in there17:14
rburtonsounds like you want a separate /boot partition to me17:14
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*** Guma <Guma!~Guma@> has joined #yocto17:29
vd_rburton: but having the kernel and dtb part of MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS is machine specific anyway and it's not that simple to remove it from image recipes where you don't want it17:30
kanavinGuma, you can start with the documentation on the yocto website, i think it's ranged from beginners' to expert17:30
*** florian <florian!> has quit IRC (Quit: Ex-Chat)17:33
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:44
zeddiiRP: stap OOM'd on me with 5.10. I'll bump the memory and try again.18:00
*** Guma <Guma!~Guma@> has quit IRC (Quit: Good Night Everyone...)18:07
zeddiiRP: hmm, with more memory. no issues here18:08
*** behanw <behanw!> has joined #yocto18:10
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RPzeddii: it seems to fail every other build on the AB :(18:13
RPzeddii: qemuarm thought, not qemuarm6418:14
RPrburton: we don't test qemuarm64-alt18:14
rburtonoh i best stop this build then18:15
rburtonfor some reason i thought it was -arm6418:15
rburtonand we should test arm64-alt!18:15
*** marc1 <marc1!> has joined #yocto18:15
RPrburton: have a word with the arm people and get them to get their act together ;-)18:18
RPrburton: you know how to do the patches ;-)18:18
zeddiiahah. I'll switch to qemuarm and retry.18:18
rburtonRP: on the list18:20
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smurrayRP: is there anything special wrt BB_NUMBER_THREADS and multiconfig?  Or is there still effectively a single runqueue and it works the same?19:53
RPsmurray: there is only a single runqueue19:53
smurrayRP: okay, that was my suspicion.  I'm hitting an OOM with one of the AGL configurations, but I think I'm just getting unlucky now with what's getting run at the same time19:55
vd_is it possible to have a machine configuration include a file depending on a the presence distro feature?19:55
smurrayRP: I'll see if lowering PARALLEL_MAKE helps enough19:56
vd_depending on the presence of a distro feature*19:56
RPsmurray: that is likely to have the better effect19:56
RPvd_: ordering is "fun" when you start doing that as you'd need immediate expansion and since it hasn't parsed all the files, you won't have all the info19:57
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vd_RP: I assume that's because the machine conf is read before the distro conf. Hence that would be a bad practice, correct?19:58
smurrayvd_: yes.  If you look at the top of 'bitbake -e some-recipe', you'll see the order20:00
RPvd_: effectively. Less bad practice and more just the parsing process20:00
vd_RP: they are software features like certain firmware updaters which may require a specific partition, so the conf naturally goes into the machine config, but you should be able to use the machine conf in another context I suppose. I'm struggling to organize that case.20:00
smurrayRP: iirc, the issue with the make jobserver investigation was that it didn't seem to actually work?20:01
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vd_hum, include machine config fragments depending on distro features might not be that bad, bitbake.conf actually does that even though it's the very first file read.20:11
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX20:27
RPsmurray: I don't remember20:27
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vladestHello guys20:31
vladestI'd like to add to my SDk package wpa-supplicant-dev, added it to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK but still dont have wpa_ctrl.h installed in headers. any other way to install it on host's SDK?20:31
smurrayRP: okay20:31
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rburtonvladest: do you mean TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK? Why would you want wpa-supplicant for the build host in a SDK?21:38
rburtonif you really mean host you want nativesdk-wpa-supplicant-dev21:39
rburtonbut again, that's really weird21:39
vladest@rburton basically I want to build app, using hostapd C api21:39
rburtonfor the target?21:40
rburtonor to run inside the sdk on the build hsot21:40
vladestfor target, but cross compiled on host, so it should have its includes/libraries21:40
rburtonso you want to add to TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK21:40
rburtonas you want something for the target21:41
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vladestaha, thanks for the hint! will try that21:41
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jatedevI'm finally upgrading to dunfell 3.1.13. I had some problems with bitbake hanging at "Initialising tasks: 44%" requiring a kill -9 on the bitbake server processes. It downloads the uninative and is stuck. I reduced down to a poky only build. Any tips?21:45
rburtondelete tmp and try again, might be a bad cache21:53
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jatedevThat didn't work. I dropped it back to dunfell (yocto) 3.1.8, and it started building.22:09
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