Friday, 2022-01-14

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Dhruvagole[m]Hello, any updates regarding GSoc 22? Will yocto be participating?02:53
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coldspark29[m]I am getting this weird error... (full message at
coldspark29[m]But that should thow an error when parsing recipes, shouldn't it?07:31
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coldspark29[m]I deleted the tmp folder and now it worked.08:02
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coldspark29[m]What do you suggest for adding openjdk to the image? The meta-java layers I could find all seemed not to be maintained08:11
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salutlesbgis there any way to have a header-only package shipped in a sdk?08:39
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salutlesbgi made a recipe that creates a -dev & -dbg package containing the headers, but i have no clue how i could ship this in a sdk08:40
salutlesbgwhen i add the package -dev in the meta-toolchain recipe it says nothing provides the -dev pkg.08:41
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qschulzsalutlesbg: only recipes can be listed in DEPENDS. Only packages can be listed in RDEPENDS09:13
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SchlumpfI need to RDEPEND on systemd-networkd. Do I have to use: RDEPENDS_${PN} = "networkd" or RDEPENDS_${PN} = "systemd-networkd" or only RDEPENDS_${PN} = "systemdd"? How to find out?10:08
hmw[m]Hi i like to do a openembedded training is the one from bootlin good or are there any other surgestions?10:17
qschulzSchlumpf: if you know exactly on which file you depend, just run oe-pkgdata-util find-path "*<file>*"10:17
qschulzSchlumpf: it'll give you in which package the file is (if the package has been built already, which is probably the case if you built the systemd recipe)10:18
qschulzthen you add the full name to RDEPENDS_${PN}10:18
Schlumpfqschulz: Many thanks! It did the trick10:21
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usr84134213Hi, how can I add/enable a kernel module for a temperature sensor to my yocto build?10:47
rburtonis the kernel module in the kernel already?10:47
rburtonby which i mean, you just need to turn on a config option10:48
rburtonif so then
usr84134213Yes, the kernel module is in the kernel10:48
usr84134213It is the TMP102 sensor, does that mean I can do something like CONFIG_SERIAL_TMP102=y and the kernel module will be added/enabled?10:50
rburtonif thats the config option, yes10:50
usr84134213Thank you!10:50
usr84134213Just out of curiosity, are there other ways to achieve this within yocto or is this the only (and preferred) method?10:53
qschulz=y will build the driver in the kernel. =m will build it as a module10:55
qschulzalso, use menuconfig + savedefconfig to create your defconfig and not manually modify your defconfig10:55
rburtonyou need to modify the kernel config to modify the kernel config10:56
rburtonthose links in the docs talk about how to do it10:56
rburtonusing menuconfig directly isn't great if you're otherwise using fragments and so on.10:56
usr84134213Thank you both of you, very helpful.10:57
usr84134213I will read the docs carefully.11:00
usr84134213I assume then that I don't need to do anything with the devicetree?11:00
usr84134213(since there is no dynamic device enumeration like usb)11:01
qschulzCONFIG_SENSORS_TMP102 is the option11:03
qschulzand you need a device tree node for it11:03
qschulzc.f. Documentation/devicetree/bindings/hwmon/ti,tmp102.yaml11:03
usr84134213Thank you!11:05
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salutlesbgqschulz: adding ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN}-dev = "1" actually did the trick12:21
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX13:47
LetoThe2nd \o13:48
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: welcome back!14:37
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huseyinkozanI have made a builder for Toradex. Hope that useful.15:53
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mckoanhuseyinkozan: good job!16:20
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RPrburton, JPEW: How horrible is ?16:28
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frayplease, warnonce is something I've wanted for a long time16:29
JPEWRP: Seems reaonable. I suspect the biggest problem will be that custom loggers need to manually add the filter16:31
JPEWcustom logging configs that is16:31
RPJPEW: right. Is there a better way to do it?16:31
JPEWRP: I'll look16:31
qschulzRP: is this multiprocess safe?16:32
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RPqschulz: it is filtering UI side, so yes, it should be16:33
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* RP foresees issues that the context info of the warning is dropped16:33
JPEWRP: It's also a shame you have to skip the taskname prefix... but I get why :)16:33
RPbut if we don't drop the context, it isn't a unique warning16:34
RPJPEW: can't win :/16:34
JPEWRP: Ya; you could make two logging levels I suppose... but maybe only if someone asks :)16:34
RPJPEW: I did have a version where it stashed the message into a new variable which the filter code looked for but it was horrible16:35
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RPif your warning needs context, it probably isn't a warnonce16:35
JPEWgood point16:35
JPEWRP: Worst case, you can force it into the JSON in bb.msg.setLoggingConfig(); we already perturb the JSON to convert the string level names16:50
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JPEWSomething like:16:52
JPEW    for name, h in logconfig["handlers"].items():16:52
JPEW        if name.startswith("BitBake."):16:52
JPEW            h.setdefault("filters", []).append("BitBake.warnonceFilter")16:52
JPEWIt might also be possible to add it programatically after the JSON is parsed16:53
rburtonRP: quite horrible but would work17:04
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rburtonmoto_timo[m] khem: so how soon can my slew of distutils patches get into meta-oe?17:10
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JPEWRP: Sent and RFC to fix the RPM bug. Let me know if that looks like the right track17:12
moto-timorburton: I think we just need to stage the patches and run through AB or other builders17:15
moto-timorburton: ultimately up to khem discretion17:17
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rburtonkhem: sent a patch to fix meta-clang honister branch17:58
RPmichaelo: I deleted most of that autobuilder wiki page18:01
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RPJPEW: looks like the right direction to me. I wondered if we should write the data into that hash file so it is easier to debug?18:05
RPJPEW: that is a lot neater than I worried it might be18:06
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RPJPEW, sgw: could you have a look at the sdk sdpx changes in -next and let me know if they look ok to you?18:15
* RP isn't qualified to review that18:15
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sgwrp: Looking18:23
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moto-timoSpeaking of qualified to review, who do we have that can review the layerindex patch bomb?18:29
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JPEWRP: "write data into that hash file" which data, and which hash file?18:56
JPEWYa, I'll look at the SPDX stuff18:56
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sgwRP: about to reply, you should pull it from master-next as it uses the old _append syntax19:13
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JPEWsgw: What did you think about the 4 spaces?19:19
JPEWI wasn't really sure that was necessary TBH, but I've gotten used to piping things through jq to get pretty output :)19:20
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sgwJPEW: yeah I was thinking about that, I am used to using jq also, it can make it more convenient to directly review the output19:25
sgwThere will be a small increase of disk usage19:29
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moto-timoEveryone pipes to jq20:18
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sgwJPEW, maybe at a minimum, split the formatting part out of the SDK patch, really 2 distinct changes to create-spdx21:15
JPEWya probably21:15
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moto-timoLOL. laptop fell over and guess which key was pressed down.21:32
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RPsgw: ah, that is bad :/23:01
RPJPEW: I was thinking of the file in ${T} the outhash code generates23:02
JPEWRP: Write the depdency unihash into ${T}/depsig.do_foo ?23:06
JPEW*dependency unihashes23:06
RPJPEW: yes, I was wondering.23:07
RPJPEW: or am I misremembering something? :/23:07
JPEWThey are there already.... the outhash code simultaneous writes out the file while generating the hash, so it contains everything that the hash does23:08
JPEWYou can actually just sha256sum the file to get the outhash :)23:08
RPJPEW: ok, sorry, I'm just misremembering the code then23:09
RPJPEW: I can try the patch on the autobuilder over the weekend, see what happens23:10
RPJPEW: thanks for writing it, I think it should help some of the weirder failures23:10
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sgwRP: we have stumbled on a problem with cmake-native and Ubunutu1804 and possibly NIS/YP package installed, we are digging deeper into cmake. I set do_configure[network] = "1" and it succedded, so cmake seems to be trying NIS if it finds it (maybe).23:20
RPsgw: fun. We'll have to find a way to disable that23:21
sgwRP: Yeah, will be looking at it next week (maybe over the weekend if I can).23:26
sgwOff to run now!23:26
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