Tuesday, 2022-03-01

Saur[m]RP: Not sure I follow you regarding INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE?00:00
RPSaur[m]: If you exclude GPL-3.0-with-GCC-exception can you build any useful system?00:02
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* RP has realised turning on api-docs results in absolutely insane build directory sizes00:06
Saur[m]RP: I fully understand why you selected only GPL-3.0-only and GPL-3.0-or-later to match your GPL-3.0* identifier, because that is typically what you want to exclude. But if you use GPL-3.0* with today's code, you would also include GPL-3.0-with-autoconf-exception and GPL-3.0-with-GCC-exception, which leads me to believe that no one is (or should be) using that today and then it seems odd to add special handling for something that isn't in use.00:06
RPSaur[m]: I suspect people do list GPLv3 and expect it to match or-later and  -only though and we're removing that option now00:08
Saur[m]More correct would be "*GPL-3.0-only" => "GPL-3.0-only LGPL-3.0-only AGPL-3.0-only" and "*GPL-3.0-or-later => "GPL-3.0-or-later LGPL-3.0-or-later AGPL-3.0-or-later".00:09
RPSaur[m]: correct but not I suspect what people actually want00:10
Saur[m]However, why not use something more descriptive like "All-GPL-3.0-like"? The use of "*" can easily be misinterpreted as to what it means, especially given what it used to mean.00:11
Saur[m]It is actually documented in the manual what should be used to cover the various GPL-3.0 licenses in INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE, so whatever we choose, there is a place to inform about it.00:12
RPSaur[m]: manual is ambiguous about the or-later or not though :/00:14
agherzanRP: Are you aware of anyone working on fixing this (dep mods in go packages)? Was there any attempt to figure this out in the past? I've read some discussions (for example https://lists.yoctoproject.org/g/yocto/topic/81968964) but I'm wondering if anyone ever looked into this. Or at least if we have an idea on how we want to approach this.00:15
RPagherzan: it has been mentioned on the lists and on calls, zeddii has been looking00:15
agherzanzeddii: When you have some time, let's sync on this. I'm interested in having an initial solution for this.00:16
RPagherzan: bruce has been spending a lot of time on it and its proving to be a pain to solve :(00:18
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agherzanRP: I know. I tried to wrap my head for a solution on this as well and it is not easy but we need a solution now that any go recipe will just fail.00:20
Saur[m]RP: Well, the current recommendation in the manual is to use `INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE = "GPL-3.0 LGPL-3.0 AGPL-3.0"`, which relies on the current undocumented behavior. Changing that to say `INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE = "GPL-3.0-only GPL-3.0-or-later LGPL-3.0-only LGPL-3.0-or-later AGPL-3.0-only AGPL-3.0-or-later"` would make it explicit what you are expected to do to avoid the GPL-3.0 licenses. Similarly, if we were to introduce a catch all GPL-3.000:20
Saur[m]identifier, using that instead in the manual with proper documentation should give people a simple copy-and-paste instruction for how to avoid GPL-3.0.00:20
RPSaur[m]: like most of this I don't think I can win, I'm just going to get a ton of complaints :(00:22
Saur[m]RP: True, but then I think we should just choose the technically best/simplest solution, and document it, because whatever we choose someone will have objections. However, unless they can give a technical reason for doing otherwise, we are the ones doing the implementation. In the end, what most people (who do not have a legal department like us) probably want to do is to get rid of all things *GPL-3.0 so let's give them a simple option to do00:29
Saur[m]that, which cannot be misinterpreted.00:29
RPwell, GPL-3.0-only doesn't match *GPL-3.0 :(00:30
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RPIt is after midnight and I'm getting nowhere with local development/debugging, my systems are just drowning in IO :(00:35
Saur[m]Sorry, my fault. I didn't mean *GPL-3.0 as an exact pattern, only as something to cover GPL, LGPL and AGPL.00:36
RPSaur[m]: my point is that I think it can still be misinterpreted :(00:37
smurrayfor a "least bad" solution I think I lean towards just having to explicitly list them all vs trying to be clever with magic wildcards00:39
Saur[m]Yes, exactly, which is why I believe it is a bad idea to use a * in the identifier, and instead come up with some name that covers all of the various GPL-3.0 like licenses. I am not saying it should be "All-GPL-3.0-like", but something like that.00:39
RPI can just tell that if we do this, people will want to add alias support00:39
Saur[m]RP: Well, we already have that, sort of (SPDXLICENSEMAP), even though I would like to rip that out as well. Though it doesn't handle one name to many licenses so it is not really an option.00:44
Saur[m]At least not without modifications.00:44
RPSaur[m]: I'm trying to see whether we could remove that, or at least get us to a place where it wouldn't be too hard00:44
Saur[m]RP: I have the patches ready to do it. ;)00:46
RPSaur[m]: sure, but what we don't have is the migration work to get people to a point where we can do it00:47
RPthe removing it is the easy bit00:47
Saur[m]No, I know. I did it to see what it would result in.00:47
RPI should go and get some sleep and forget about any builds overnight :(00:49
Saur[m]I think giving the deprecation warning for the obsolete-licenses in Kirkstone and then removing support for the mappings in the release after Kirkstone (does it have a name yet?) is a reasonable migration path.00:49
RPSaur[m]: the code to do that is just late and not working :(00:49
Saur[m]Ok, I haven't had a chance to actually test it.00:50
Saur[m]But sleep sounds like a good plan at this time...00:54
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wooosaiiiHi guys... I have a BSP layer that sets UBOOT_LOCALVERSION = "something" and also UBOOT_LOCALVERSION_append = "-additional" (both hard-assignments)04:44
wooosaiiinow I would like to change UBOOT_LOCALVERSION in my custom layer... I do UBOOT_LOCALVERSION ??= "custom"... but I always get in the end UBOOT_LOCALVERSION = "custom-additional"04:45
wooosaiiihow can I remove this "UBOOT_LOCALVERSION_append" from my layer? :D04:46
wooosaiiiOK I got it... have to use unset UBOOT_LOCALVERSION04:59
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mckoangood morning07:44
alejandrohsmckoan: good morning07:45
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zyga[m]zeddii: hello, would you have some time to discuss go mod fetcher?08:24
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RPzyga[m]: he'll be sleeping atm (I hope!)08:38
zyga[m]ah, thanks - since I'm quite new to the community I'm not really sure where people are from yet08:39
landgrafzyga[m]: We're all from Yocto community! :)08:41
landgrafRP: Do you remember ffmpeg-dbg bug which supposed to be fixed. Looks like it's not :)08:43
zyga[m]landgraf: yes, but which timezone ;-)08:44
landgraf-dbg rpm is there but it's empty without any meaningful information (no files, no deps, no provides etc)08:44
qschulzwooosaiii: no other choice than using UBOOT_LOCALVERSION_remove unfortunately08:44
qschulzwooosaiii: scream at your BSP vendor to stop using _append/_prepend in their recipes :)08:45
wooosaiiiqschulz: I could not use _remove... because as soon as I set UBOOT_LOCALVERSION, _append from vendor's BSP got re-applied... thus now I do unset UBOOT_LOCALVERSION and this clears it completely..08:47
qschulzwooosaiii: that is impossible. _remove is final, so you're not telling us everything :)08:51
qschulzwait a sec08:51
qschulzyou're right, _remove will only work with full string08:51
qschulzso you cannot remove just -additional out of custom-additional08:52
qschulzyou could _remove the whole string and then _append yours08:52
qschulzbut see, that's bad. So scream at your BSP vendor :)08:52
wooosaiiiqschulz: this didn't work either :D08:52
qschulzwooosaiii: what EXACTLY did you try?08:52
wooosaiiiUBOOT_LOCALVERSION_remove = "something-additional"08:53
wooosaiiiUBOOT_LOCALVERSION = "custom"08:53
wooosaiiiand I got UBOOT_LOCALVERSION = "custom-additional"08:53
qschulzwooosaiii: that's not what I said :)08:54
qschulzUBOOT_LOCALVERSION_prepend = "custom " (note the trailing space too)08:54
qschulzthis  might break stuff too if it's expected the UBOOT_LOCALVERSION is a no-space string08:55
qschulzwooosaiii: https://pretalx.com/media/yocto-project-summit-2021/submissions/WTT3UV/resources/Demystifying_the_OVERRIDES_mechan_no6J6fb.pdf for operator syntax08:55
qschulzand order/precedence and all08:55
wooosaiiiqschulz: will re-check but at the moment unset works perfectly :)08:56
qschulzyou'll understand why it does not work with what you gave above08:56
wooosaiiiqschulz: thanks :)08:56
qschulzand if you don't, you can ask questions here (after reading please :) )08:56
wooosaiiiof course :)08:56
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RPlandgraf: :(09:55
EtheryonI have a SRC_URI that contains several / symbols url encoded. do_fetch fails with "The fetch command returned success for url ... but /path/to/file doesn't exist?!" where file has the last part of the url that comes after an encoded / symbol10:01
EtheryonSRC_URI -> is an URL10:02
Etheryonto make it clearer url = https://somedomain.com/somelink%2FaName   -   error would be. "The fetch command returned success for url ... but /path/to/aName doesn't exist?!"10:04
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Etheryonis this a bug? or how can I overcome this?10:28
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX11:52
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adamtrhonHello, I am upgrading one of our platforms to dunfell, but it fails to build, because meta-openembedded contains both new override syntax (python3-fasteners_0.16.3.bb) and old override syntax (a lot of other recipes). The meta-openembedded layer commit is ec978232732edbdd875ac367b5a9c04b881f2e19. How to handle this?13:07
mcfriskadamtrhon: update to latest dunfell branch, that contains support for both override syntax variants13:15
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adamtrhonmcfrisk thank you, I checked again and it turned out I had old release of bitbake13:24
cb5rDoes anyone have a recomendation for a good (nice looking & somewhat feature rich) wayland virtual keyboard? - I am on latest dunfell13:40
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JPEWcb5r: Good virtual keyboards are hard to find13:56
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cb5rJPEW: I know - that's why I am asking :P13:56
JPEWcb5r: The best one I've found is https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/Phosh/squeekboard , but it requires rust :/13:56
JPEWThere is also a QT5 one I think....13:57
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cb5rwow, that one looks neat!13:57
JPEWYa, squeekboard is pretty cool13:57
cb5ru mean a different one usign qt5 or qt5 version of squeekboard?13:58
Guest51hello, small problem building core-minimal, some recipes complain about not finding automake, however the recipe inherits autotools do I have to explicitely inherit automake as well? others complain about not finding xz should that be inherited as well?13:58
JPEWcb5r: A different keyboard implementation. I might be misremembering. If there was one we avoided it b/c of licensing so I wouldn't have looked too close13:59
JPEWsqueekboard recipe: https://github.com/JPEWdev/meta-phosh/tree/master/recipes-graphics/squeekboard13:59
cb5rqt5 has its own virtual keyboard implementation but I am not sure if its possible to use it outside of Qt applications13:59
JPEWNot sure if it works on dunfell though13:59
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JPEWcb5r: Ya I don't know. The Wayland keyboard protocol is *sort of* standardized14:00
JPEWUnfortunately, there are several, but most keyboards and compositors implement all of them14:00
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cb5rJPEW: Cool, thanks for the recipe! Could you maybe also hint me at some documentation on how to enable/use the squeekboard?14:06
JPEWIt uses the normal wayland on screen keyboard protocol14:07
JPEWAssuming your compositor implements one the same protocols, you can get your compositor to run it on startup and it will negotiate to display the keyboard when a client requests it14:08
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cb5rSo I just have to start it somehow and the rest should work by itself? - I am currently using weston BTW14:08
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JPEWcb5r: Ya, for weston you would set squeekboard in the [input-method] section14:09
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JPEWcb5r: I've never used squeekboard with weston, so YMMV, but it *should* work ;)14:10
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cb5rAah, I see! Thanks for the hint! - This is my very first little project so thanks for helping me out with these basic things! :]14:14
RPrburton: meta-arm seems very slow (both https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/113/builds/2091 ) and the previous cancelled one that took 3 hours14:25
rburtonwe've not changed much that would cause that14:26
RPI guess it is up against selftest but even so :/14:26
rburtontimestamps in the log would be useful :)14:26
RPrburton: patches welcom ;-)14:26
Guest51hello, small problem building core-minimal, some recipes complain about not finding automake, however the recipe inherits autotools do I have to explicitely inherit automake as well? others complain about not finding xz should that be inherited as well?14:26
rburtoninherit autotools will be sufficient14:27
rburtonwhat recipe, what release of yocto, and can you pastebin the actual error14:27
Guest51rburton that is what I thought as well...14:28
Guest51rburton: recipe is shadow, will paste bin in a sec14:28
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Guest51rburton: https://pastebin.com/sW4qTyXS14:32
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rburtonGuest51: 'Once accessed, you can no longer view this paste, it will be permanently removed. '14:34
*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)14:34
Guest51oh bugger14:34
*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto14:34
Guest51Paste ID: P8qR1Pbc14:37
rburtonGuest51: don't use -b14:55
rburtonbitbake --help literally says "WARNING: Does not handle any dependencies from other recipes."14:55
rburtonRP: i think bitbake --help should show only the common options and hide the client/server/debugging options behind --help-full14:56
rburtonif you want to build shadow, just 'bitbake shadow'14:57
*** Tyaku <Tyaku!~Tyaku@lfbn-orl-1-217-225.w92-152.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #yocto15:00
RPrburton: fine with me15:04
*** Guest23 <Guest23!~Guest23@> has joined #yocto15:12
*** ykrons <ykrons!~guillaume@> has joined #yocto15:23
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!~florian@port-217-146-132-69.static.as20676.net> has joined #yocto15:27
Guest23anybody can tell me how to joint public virtual meeting by zoom? i tried many time but found no any attendee15:28
*** Guest23 is now known as zw15:29
LetoThe2ndGuest51: you mean the engineering sync call?15:29
LetoThe2ndmeh, meant zw15:29
zwjust like bellow link address15:29
zwJoin on the first Tuesday of each month at 15:00 GMT. In the US, this is 11am ET , 10am CT, 9am MT, and 8am PT.15:30
zwJoin Zoom Meeting15:30
zwi try to join this meeting, but nobody there15:30
LetoThe2ndthe link is correct, but its at 17:00 CET, which is 16:00 GMT, or not?15:31
fray10am Central is in 30 minutes15:31
rburtonyeah its in 30 minutes15:31
rburtonzw: where did you get that quote from? Sounds like it needs fixing.15:31
qschulzIt's bound to be broken twice a year at least anyway with DST since US/UK/EU don't change at the same date.15:33
rburtonqschulz: i can never remember if the canonical starting time is UK or PST15:34
* qschulz shrugs15:34
rburtonndec: can you edit the web page? ^^^15:35
qschulzzw: thanks for the report :)15:36
*** Guest51 <Guest51!~Guest51@pc.renesas.eu> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)15:37
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*** Guma <Guma!~Guma@c-73-247-184-23.hsd1.il.comcast.net> has joined #yocto15:44
ndecrburton: i can do anything :)15:44
* moto-timo starts a list of things for ndec to fix in the world15:46
LetoThe2ndndec: throw money! throw money! send beer! throw more money! send more beer!15:46
LetoThe2ndmoto-timo: see, got you covered.15:46
ndecwhy is it always about beer with you!15:46
*** Tyaku <Tyaku!~Tyaku@lfbn-orl-1-217-225.w92-152.abo.wanadoo.fr> has quit IRC (Quit: Lost terminal)15:47
LetoThe2ndndec: because its so much both being your own clichee and living up to it!15:48
ndecso what is the actual time for this meeting?15:48
LetoThe2nd*much fun15:48
RPndec: 12 mins15:48
ndecis it 4PM UK time (and it follows UK DST?)15:48
RPndec: I suspect it follows PST as Stephen runs it15:49
ndecright, it's an our earlier (for us in EU) on 3/15, after US DST.15:49
ndecand back at the same time on 3/29.15:50
moto-timondec: send wine?15:50
ndecso the rigth time is 8AM PST, and that should be always correct, right?15:50
RPmoto-timo: not that we have an alcohol problem? :)15:51
ndecI guess that what we need to use in the webpage, then, agreed?15:51
moto-timondec: that's how it has been for me (a resident of 8am PST)15:51
*** Schlumpf <Schlumpf!~Schlumpf@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)15:51
moto-timoRP: no problems here. Everything is fine. 🔥15:51
*** adamtrhon <adamtrhon!~adamtrhon@176-74-132-138.netdatacomm.cz> has quit IRC (Quit: Ping timeout (120 seconds))15:51
LetoThe2ndmoto-timo: as we (with some degree of knowledge in chemistry) know: "alcohol is not solution. its a solvent."15:53
ndecI will update the page with 8AM PST then, up to everyone to do the local tz conversion, but at least nobody can say the website is wrong ;)15:53
RPndec: yes, it has always been 8am PST15:53
LetoThe2ndRP: we have alway been at.. erm, wait.15:53
ndecwell, i am sure we can find a wordpress plugin that converts to local tz too.. but that's a bigger change!15:54
GumaI am new to Yocto. I was able to build image and it boots. Can some one please give me some direction how to add iptables rules so it is cookced into the image? I already have all rules configured the way I want. I just need to add them to yocto. Where should I start. Thank you15:57
moto-timoput an atomic clock on the moon and beam the signal into a wordpress plugin15:57
* moto-timo overengineers yet again!15:57
ndecactually it's PT, not PST, right?15:57
fray /msg moto-timo but then what about the nazi moon-men?15:57
fraylol oops15:57
ndecI think I always use PST.. but it should be PT15:58
fray(reference to Iron Sky movie if you've not heard of it)15:58
moto-timowe've been trying to get rid of the time change...something something federal trade law something something15:59
frayisn't it the state needs to ratify it, then the feds approve it for it to change?16:00
LetoThe2ndGuma: aren't those rules jsut files that need to be placed at some specific location, in the end?16:00
moto-timonot my understanding... I thought CA, OR, WA were all on board already16:00
moto-timobut I am not a legislator16:00
ndecwebsite was updated..16:01
zwwebsite is correct, thanks16:02
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GumaLetoThe2nd perhaps. I just do not know where. So that is what I am trying to find out16:47
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rfs613Guma: it seems there are already files for this included (iptables.rules, ip6tables.rules), although they are empty by default: https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky/tree/meta/recipes-extended/iptables/iptables17:49
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*** river <river!~My_user_n@tilde.team/user/river> has joined #yocto17:59
riveri tried to run this https://docs.yoctoproject.org/brief-yoctoprojectqs/index.html18:00
riverbut it failed18:00
riverbitbake -k core-image-sato  ran for a long time, but seems to have finished with errors18:00
rburtonpastebin the errors, and we might be able to help18:01
rburton-k tells it to carry on building as much as it can once it hits an error, so you don't normally pass that18:02
riveroh sorry18:02
riveri was following this https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/1.5.2/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.html18:02
rivermaybe i followed old instructions18:03
rburtonyes, very18:03
rburton1.5.2 is from ~201318:04
riverthank you!18:04
rfs613river: just FYI, I built from that same document (the one rburton just linked) yesterday... it take a good while but it did complete successfully.18:23
riveri wonder why i got the errors18:23
rfs613the old version you tried was asking for older source code tarballs, which likely no longer exist (at least, not at the same URL as they did in 2013)18:24
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rfs613so basically the error message is "404 not found" for old tarballs.18:26
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Gumarfs613 Thank you18:27
rfs613river: actually... you might also have some kind of DNS/network problem, wget seems to be saying it cannot resolve hosts, but the ones in your paste all exist and respond.18:28
riverohh that makes sense18:28
riveri did actually do funny stuff with dns18:28
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rburtonthere's a sanity check for connectivity, but if you did use a really old release maybe it didn't have it back then19:57
rburtonkhem: did ufw fail with the distutils3 inherit?20:09
rburtonits sad to introduce warnings into a build20:09
rburton(especially as our CI has a strict no-warnings policy)20:09
*** cb5r <cb5r!~cb5r@user/cb5r> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)20:11
khemyes, it needs distutils20:13
khemor atleast not able to deal with setuptools after the wheel change20:13
khemI am open to someone fixing it20:13
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kergothHuh. did a quick port and tweak of the oe-lite ply-based oe/bitbake file lexer to sly and got it working. dang, that's .. messy. there's a certain nice simplicity in our current parser despite how we hacked it together, but this one splits it up into so many component regexes and contexts due to how context-sensitive the format is that i''m not sure it's an improvement22:54
*** SSmoogen <SSmoogen!~Smooge@centos/qa/smooge> has joined #yocto22:55
RPkergoth: what we have is pretty efficient too, it is all the hash stuff on top and the anonymous python22:57
kergothYeah, agreed, I'd just wanted to try the ply based one for years and never got around to it. The split of lexer and parser doesn't work well when nearly everything is context sensitive.22:58
RPkergoth: makes sense to experiment22:58
kergothThere's some interesting little additions, though. For example, FOO = True is valid and turns into "1" under the hood. they also added multiline triple quoted strings, which is a nice touch to avoid all that \\n cruft22:59
JPEWkergoth: ply is really nice for regular grammers, but ya I wouldn't expect it to work well for bitbake metadata23:00
JPEWIt would probably work well to parse SPDX license strings though :)23:00
RPJPEW: we have an ast for that :)23:03
JPEWRP: For which part?23:04
RPJPEW: parsing out the license components or working out the effective license23:04
RPJPEW: LicenseVisitor and friends in license.py23:05
RPkergoth: we do still have non-strings in the datastore which can make things fun23:06
* RP is torn on that being a good idea23:06
JPEWRP: Ah, ya. ply dose basically the same thing with less boiler plate.23:06
RPJPEW: fair enough. This isn't my strong area :)23:07
JPEW... it's interesting that license.py uses ast.py from bitbake23:07
JPEWI would not have expected the AST's from those two things to be compatible23:07
RPJPEW: hmm, it does? :/23:07
RPJPEW: isn't that python's ast?23:08
JPEWI'm just going to close that file for now23:09
RPI'm surprised some of that works but it does seem to23:09
RPnow you can wonder which bit of the code I was referring to as that isn't clear at all :)23:10
JPEWcodegen.py is.... something23:10
RPJPEW: it does all work surprisingly well considering :)23:12
kergoththat's the module that turns the ast back to a string?23:12
kergothhuh, wonder if oilshell's efforts could be used for the shell parsing eventually23:12
RPkergoth: there are some open bugs on the shell parser but it is the devil we know...23:13
kergothheh, that applies to a lot :)23:13
RPkergoth: probably me included? :)23:14
kergothThere are higher priority items, but I feel like that's always the case, so *shrug*. Sometimes I just say the hell with it and dive into what's currently interesting instead of the highest priority item.23:14
RPkergoth: right, we need both to keep things interesting23:15
* JPEW goes to eat23:15
RPI spend too much time trying to fix bugs and not enough doing anything I'd consider fun :/23:15
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RPsgw: I sent out the license patches I have and included a version of yours which was reworked a bit with reference to the others, hope it is ok23:42
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