Thursday, 2022-03-03

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jclsn[m]Good morning07:14
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rob_whi guys ... i am using thud and trying to get devcrypto build inside openssl_1.1.0 ... added PACKAGECONFIG to enable it but nothing comes out07:38
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RPwow, a green master a-quick and a green master-next07:49
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mckoangood morning08:05
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jclsn[m]Does anyone have an idea what is going on here?08:08
jclsn[m]The .dts file used to be fine.08:09
jsandman9Hi good morning! Does someone know a way to skip the recipe parsing bitbake does all the time? Say I know my recipes have not changed but I'm doing some devtool development or something like that. It sometimes slows me down having to wait for the parsing all the time I run bitbake or devtool08:09
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mckoanjsandman9: you can't08:15
kanavin_jsandman9, that usually happens when there is a global change affecting all recipes, e.g. in local.conf08:16
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jsandman9Alright. Thanks for the info! I'll look for ways to keep the config stable then08:18
kanavin_jsandman9, recipe parsing is multithreaded, so the more cpu cores you have, the faster it is08:18
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Saur[m]jsandman9: If you have devtooled a recipe, then bitbake will always parse that recipe every build.08:20
Guest51morning all, ported our project to Dunfell from Rocko and to my surprise Dunfell generated a root password which Rocko did not do. I do not want a password for the resulting embedded linux, is there something I missed?08:21
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kanavin_RP: \0/ nice08:29
kroonjclsn[m], I think you need to dig deeper into those error messages. maybe you can get more in depth help from, or some linux-nxp specific ml08:35
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jclsn[m]@kroon I wouldn't know how. Will try to ask in the devicetree mailing list08:55
jclsn[m] * kroon:  I wouldn't know how. Will try to ask in the devicetree mailing list08:55
LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:56
kroonjclsn[m], i suggest you look for "hdmi_video" in other dts files that include that dtsi. then see why your dts doesn't declare it08:56
LetoThe2ndGuest51: probably you just missed or accidentially disabled the debug-tweaks IMAGE_FEATURE08:57
kroonjclsn[m], or, if you are patching away the declaration08:57
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jclsn[m]<kroon> "jclsn, i suggest you look for "..." <- Problem is that I have a similar error for my other board's .dts as well. If I delete the erroneous lines, I get new errors in the .dtsi files below. Even the imx8mm.dtsi from freescale has the same errors.09:03
jclsn[m]It looks very similar to this
jclsn[m]So I am thinking that there is maybe some flag missing that supports the #include syntax09:04
jclsn[m]I just wouldn't where in the Yocto toolchain that flag is passed09:05
jclsn[m]Only thing I have done is having recently pulled upstream commits from linux-fslc09:05
jclsn[m]Otavio said he is not aware of any related changes though09:06
kroonjclsn[m], "your other board .dts" - so I assume you have a custom dts for your custom hw. then you update the fslc layer. then I'd expect you need to go through your dts to make sure it is still compatible with any updated dtsi files09:08
kroonthat can be trivial or non-trivial, i wouldn't know09:08
jclsn[m]kroon: That is why I had expected as well, but then why would the imx8mm.dtsi coming from Freescale have the same syntax error?09:09
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kroonyou don't compile dtsi files, you compile dts files. maybe the dtsi expects some label to be set09:10
jclsn[m]Okay, I only tried deleting the faulty lines, but I guess that would have been too easy. Will dig a bit deeper now. Thanks09:12
kroonso can you build any other dts(one that is offical from the kernel tree, not modified by you) that uses the dtsi ?09:12
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jclsn[m]I would have to remove my .bbapends09:18
jclsn[m]Worth a try09:18
Guest51LetoThe2nd: from my local.conf: EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES ?= "debug-tweaks"09:20
RPkanavin_: auh change applied09:23
kanavin_RP: thanks, but there's two of them, also for autobuilder-helper09:24
LetoThe2ndGuest51: that should give you a password less root login. If that doesn't apply, then bitbake -e your image and see if it actually is applied or overridden somewhere.09:24
RPkanavin_: it is there now, my tree was out of date and the push I backgrounded failed09:25
jclsn[m]kroon: Yep it builds without our .dtsi for this board at least09:25
kanavin_RP: right, let's try it then :)09:26
kroonjclsn[m], you say "our dtsi" - that sounds unusual. usually the dtsi are common for multiple hw configurations, and you only provide your own custom dts. but maybe you have your reasons09:28
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jclsn[m]kroon: I guess we have those, because we have our custom boards09:30
jclsn[m]I am pretty new to device trees, so I can't really say why09:30
* RP thinks we might be close to the M3 build09:31
* RP isn't sure what to do with the cmake cflags patches09:32
kroonjclsn[m], dts can include a dtsi, which can include another dtsi, etc. you just need to track down why/how "hdmi_video" label got removed somewhere along the line09:32
* LetoThe2nd inserts lame arm M3 pun09:32
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jclsn[m]kroon: It should be in here, but I can't find it here or in any of the other included files09:33
jclsn[m]It definitely still used to work in 5.409:33
kroonjclsn[m], if you have the git tree you can look for with "git log -Ghdmi_video"09:35
kroonjclsn[m], maybe it got removed along with the fslc layer update09:35
Guest51LetoThe2nd: does not seem to be inhibited by any variable that I can see09:36
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LetoThe2ndGuest51: so if you look at the final contents of IMAGE_FEATURES for your image then it is there?09:37
Guest51LetoThe2nd.: what is the best way to see the "final content" of IMAGE_FEATURE?09:39
LetoThe2ndGuest51: bitbake -e your image, and look at IMAGE_FEATURES :)09:39
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Saur[m]Guest51: If you are working with Honister or master, you can also use `bitbake-getvar IMAGE_FEATURES`.09:41
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jclsn[m]kroon: Last commit regarding hdmi was in March 2021, so I guess not09:44
jclsn[m]It is more probable that I broke something09:45
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kahlenbergHow can I install newer arm-poky-gcc compiler with c++20 in yocto?09:55
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LetoThe2ndkahlenberg: *in* Yocto? like, into the target? or use it for the build process?09:59
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kahlenbergI mean, I want to build a software with c++20 support with sdk.10:00
LetoThe2ndkahlenberg: on which release?10:01
kahlenbergDo I need newer arm-gcc ?10:01
kahlenbergI am using yocto 3.1.1010:01
LetoThe2ndkahlenberg: thats dunfell, so should hopefully work. does the compiler not accept -std=c++20?10:01
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kahlenbergI didn't try -std=c++20, but I think when I write arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc -std=c++20 not every feature of c++20 might be available. gcc version 11 supports c++-20 features.10:07
kahlenbergMy arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc has version 9.3.010:08
kanavin_kahlenberg, backporting new gcc onto old yocto is very difficult, you need to update your yocto10:08
kahlenbergFrom which version of yocto is it available?10:09
kanavin_for example, master10:09
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kahlenbergok, thanks10:09
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Guest51Saur[m]: bitbake-getvar command not found, the output of bitbake coore-image-minimal -e is confusing and I cannot say what the "final value" of IMAGE_FEATURES is10:11
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qschulzGuest51: the line starting with IMAGE_FEATURES= is the final value10:11
Guest51qschulz: it is IMAGE_FEATURES="debug-tweaks"10:13
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Guest51qschulz: still the image is asking for a root password10:24
Etheryonanyone know how can I add boot options in yocto?10:25
Guest51qschulz: all research on the net point to that  debug_tweaks line in local.conf so am at in a bit of a loss here10:26
EtheryonI'm using EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES ?= "debug-tweaks" in local.conf10:28
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Etheryonalso you can do something like 'bitbake core-image-minimal -e > env.txt' and look through that text file10:29
Etheryonyou'll find something like this: IMAGE_FEATURES="splash ssh-server-openssh" with a bunch of comments preceding it in the lines above explaining how it got to that value10:30
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abellonior use bitbake-getvar10:33
EtheryonI've tried using procps but that doesn't seem to do what I need10:44
qschulzEtheryon: can you give us more info on what exactly you want to do?10:45
Etheryonat startup rfkill puts a soft block on the wifi interface, which I need to be on. I've searched around and found that people suggested adding rfkill.default_state=1 to boot options, but tbh I'm not even sure what that means10:47
EtheryonI found this documentation that mentions it
Etheryonbut I'm not sure how to get it into my build10:48
qschulzEtheryon: if you use U-Boot bootloader, you need to set bootargs environment variable appropriately and that should be it10:51
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EtheryonI don't think I'm using u-boot10:54
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qschulzEtheryon: well, youll need to figure out which bootloader you're using and how they pass information to the kernel via the kernel command line11:01
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Etheryonsystemd-bootx64.efi.   grub-efi-bootx64.efi   I'm guessing these are bootloaders?11:02
qschulzEtheryon: Pretty sure it's not, but I'm not super familiar with where UEFI stands in the boot process11:04
qschulzat least between the bootloader and the kernel for sure but I don't think that's a bootloader11:04
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qschulzanyways, you probably have grub then?11:04
Etheryon"Examples of first-stage bootloaders include BIOS, coreboot, Libreboot and Das U-Boot."   so I'm guessing in my case it's BIOS11:05
Etheryonwith GRUB as second stage?11:05
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Etheryongot any recommendation for useful resources where I can learn more about this boot process?11:08
Etheryonif anyone else is interested this seems relevant
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Etheryon - english11:14
Etheryonlinux /bzImage LABEL=boot root=/dev/sda2     <- I;m guessing somewhere here? This is from grub.cfg11:22
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qschulzsounds about right?11:23
qschulztry and see :)11:23
qschulz(and let us know:) )11:24
Etheryonso I found I have this in  grub_live.cfg    menuentry 'boot'{11:37
Etheryonlinux /bzImage LABEL=boot root=/dev/ram0  rfkill.default_state=111:37
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Etheryonok, so I installed the image on the machine, edited /boot/grub/grub.cfg and added rfkill.default_state=1 to the boot line and that had no effect on my rfkill issue11:46
Etheryonso back to the drawing board I guess11:46
qschulzEtheryon: check that it made it to your kernel by checking the content of /proc/cmdline11:48
EtheryonBOOT_IMAGE=/bzImage root=PARTUUID=*** rootwait rw quiet rfkill.default_state=111:49
Tamishello. I am build an image for powerpcspe arch. This image was compiled fine in sumo branch and now I am trying to upgrade to dunfell branch. All recipes have been compiled fine. But when the core-image is being compiled the postinst_intercept scripts are getting invoked which are calling the qemu-ppc. The qemu is failing with: qemu: uncaught11:49
Tamistarget signal 4 (Illegal instruction) - core dumped11:49
TamisIllegal instruction (core dumped)11:49
TamisEven of the simplest command.   This was not happing with the previous sumo branch. And I also found that the newer qemu version program does not have an issue in dunfell branch (I executed the command with the parameters and paths of the sumo branch and worked fine).11:49
Etheryonso I guess it's there11:50
TamisSo I suspect a problem in the glibc libraries?  Does anyone have seen something like that before? And can anyone propose what I can do to debug the issue?11:50
RPmichaelo: should I merge the master-next docs changes that are queued?12:05
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Etheryonto wrap up the boot options saga I got the option set with APPEND += "rfkill.default_state=1" in image recipe12:18
Etheryonthat seemed to add it to grub configuration12:19
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frosteyesHey folks. Trying to include clang in a SDK using meta-clang (dunfell with dunfell-clang12 of meta-clang)13:44
frosteyesI add CLANGSDK = "1" in local.conf13:45
frosteyesAnd don't change anything else. And I have then problem with compiler-rt13:47
frosteyesThe dependency target "clang" of target "check-all" does not exist.13:47
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JaMaRP: I know it's not contest (and more is worse), but after seeing your e-mail about native populate_sysroot I've checked and my biggest is 92091 tmp-glibc/sstate-control/manifest-x86_64-enact-dev-native.populate_sysroot15:37
JaMaand it's nodejs and downloads half the npm registry during do_compile, so the number of files it installs is only one of its issues :/15:39
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landgrafRP: was it before move completed? or all these failures are caused by BB_SERVER_TIMEOUT ?16:13
RPJaMa: that sounds horrific :)16:14
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RPJaMa: out of interest are there any other offenders you noticed at are particularly common?16:39
RPJaMa: what triggered my interest was how horrible the docs builds sysroots are16:39
JaMaRP: top 4 recipes were all from webOS :/ top9 in show the python3 and cmake you've already tackled16:42
JaMaall 4 are using nodejs and there is nodejs-native itself as well, probably not coincidence :/16:44
RPJaMa: thanks, that does at least suggest we're right to tackle those then16:44
RPJaMa: If python/perl are bad, I thought node might be a nightmare :(16:44
RPJaMa: qt4 is better than expected tbg16:45
* JaMa luckily haven't touched qt4 for last 8 years16:46
JaMaeven qt5 is slowly dying out16:46
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moto-timotoo bad meta-qt6 isn't on the layerindex... but branch naming la la la la17:15
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kanavinRP, halstead: AUH emails are back \0/17:44
kanavinhopefully less upgrade 'rollups' will fall to me now17:45
RPkanavin: nice. Success rate doesn't look bad either.17:56
RPkanavin: I'm thinking of being a bit more flexible on upgrades in the run up to this release FWIW17:56
kanavinRP: how come?17:57
RPkanavin: because it helps with CVEs and general release health post release and it isn't where we hit significant issues in the stabilisation window usually.17:57
RPkanavin: obviously there are some upgrades I'd say no to17:58
kanavinRP: right, I think in the latest batch there's very little that could destabilize things17:58
RPkanavin: exactly17:59
RPlandgraf: has some failures in that look interesting18:04
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moto-timokanavin: nice to see the AUH emails back... thank you and halstead18:26
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vdWith latest masters I have a few metadata not determinitic errors, even though I removed TOPDIR and TMPDIR19:30
vdDo the changes for kirkstone require to clear sstate too?19:30
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moto-timoI can finally upgrade python3-importlib-metadata now that we have the pyproject.toml classes in core19:37
moto-timokanavin: I'll take care of the python3-jsonschema upgrade as well... I already had it staged19:53
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ad__hi, how can i set ext4 block size ?20:38
kanavinmoto-timo, cheers :)20:38
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vdad__: EXTRA_IMAGECMD:ext4 = "<some mkfs.ext4 options>"21:46
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mickeypashHey gang!22:29
mickeypashDoes anyone have a YT video, blog post, wiki post on best practices in 2021 for patching/update management?22:30
mickeypashAt my company the approach we take is we build our images using Yocto. We host them in S3 and then we use mender to do over the air updates22:30
mickeypashBut then we still need to do some post update steps to configure the device so we make API calls to our platform which more or less just pulls state from a DB22:32
ad__vd: thanks, that solved22:32
mickeypashI don't know much about this space but I've seen a very different approach taken when configuring machines in the cloud22:33
mickeypashUsing things like Puppet, Ansible and Chef to managed this config22:33
khemzeddii: I am seeing this on qemuriscv32
RPmoto-timo: are you ok with changing the pyc files around as per my patches?22:57
moto-timoRP: yes. They can always be generated at first runtime22:58
RPmoto-timo: ok, good. Just wanted to double check my reasoning :)23:00
zeddiikhem: yah, it looks like we only cleaned that up for risc64, I can drop that commit and send it in my pull request tomorrow.23:00
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