Friday, 2022-03-04

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mckoangood morning07:54
Etheryonstarted my day with a typo, nice07:55
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Tamisgood morning to all!08:27
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michaeloHi RP. Yes, you can merge yocto-docs "master-next" into "master". Thanks!09:02
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RPmichaelo: done :)09:39
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dacavHi.  My conf/machine/${machine}.conf defines SERIAL_CONSOLES ?= "115200;ttyAMA0".  For $reasons I'd like to influence that value for a single build.   The following does not do what I expect: `SERIAL_CONSOLES="115200;ttyS0" bitbake -e $image | grep SERIAL_CONSOLES`10:13
dacavAny clue on why?10:14
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kroondacav, probably because bitbake prunes the environment. there is an "allow" list you can poke at10:22
dacavan allow list huh?10:30
dacavI can't see any in my codebase.  I'll check the reference.10:30
michaeloThanks RP :)10:36
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rburtondacav: write that value to conf/auto.conf, do the bitbake, delete conf/auto.conf10:46
dacavrburton: thanks10:47
dacavkroon: also thanks10:47
dacavrburton: I'm not familiar with auto.conf, and I couldn't find it on the reference manual either.  How is it different by local.conf?10:53
rburtondacav: intention is its more for auto-generated config, whereas local.conf is your hand-crafted file.  underlying infrastructure is identical:
dacavI see.  Thanks11:00
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NurettinTopalakIt is my first time to enter yocto chat and i have a question about yocto project. Can we share our questions directly here?11:34
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marekHello, I'm not sure what doing wrong but on honister when following ref manual to set password for root, make image build but then I cannot login with pasword11:43
marekany ideas?11:43
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NurettinTopalakIn Yocto project, built my project which is running on Raspbian OS. When i run executable, i get half FPS compared to executable running on Raspbian OS.11:52
NurettinTopalakThe libraries i use:11:52
NurettinTopalak    OpenCV11:52
NurettinTopalak    Tensorflow-Lite, Flatbuffer, Libedgetpu11:52
NurettinTopalakI use Libedgetpu1-std, Tensorflow-lite 2.4.0 on Raspbian and Libedgetpu 2.5.0, Tensorflow-lite 2.5.0 on Yocto.11:52
NurettinTopalakThinking that the problem is that the versions or configurations of the libraries are not the same, i followed these steps:11:52
NurettinTopalakI ran the executable which i built in Raspbian directly in the runtime of the Yocto project.(I have set the required library versions to the same library versions available in raspbian for it to work in runtime.)11:52
NurettinTopalakBut i still got low FPS. Here is how i calculate that i get half the FPS:11:52
NurettinTopalakI am using TFLite's interpreter invoke function. I set a timer when entering and exiting the function, i calculate FPS over it. I can exemplify like this:11:52
NurettinTopalakSomehow i think the Interpreter Invoke function is running slower on the Yocto side. I checked Kernel versions, CPU speeds, /boot/config.txt contents, USB power consumes of Raspbian and Yocto. However, I couldn't catch anything from anywhere.11:52
NurettinTopalakNote : Using RPI4 and Coral-TPU(Plugged into USB 2.0).11:52
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qschulzmarek: did you follow the instructions from here: ?12:29
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qschulzand specifically to escape the dollar sign?12:30
marekqschulz: yes exactly all is done generate hash, escape $ but still not sucecss12:30
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qschulzand you put this code inside the image recipe you're building right?12:33
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marekqschulz: I've put it to image recipe12:37
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marekqschulz: like that: ```inherit core-image12:41
marek inherit extrausers12:41
marek+ EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "\12:41
marek+    usermod -p '${PASSWD}' root; \12:41
marek "```12:41
marek1325 is just replacement for hash12:42
marekI checked same string as in PASSWD is added to /etc/shadow for root user12:42
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RPmarek: is this that ssh for root is disabled by default or similar?12:49
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marekqschulz: maybe it really regression?13:09
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qschulzmarek: how are you testing the root login? through the console or ssh?13:16
marekqschuld: console13:17
qschulzmarek: can you check with a password that uses keys whose location are identical whatever the keyuboard layout is?13:18
marekqschulz : using only ascii chars and letters only no special characters13:19
qschulzmarek: typing qwerty on a French keyboard won't output the same thing depending on the layout the system has picked for the keyboard13:21
marekqschuIz: have password root :)13:21
marekso keyboard layout is not case here ;)13:22
qschulzmarek: can you run bitbake-getvar EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS on the image recipe?13:23
qschulzWondering if PASSWD is redefined somewhere else before EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS is resolved?13:23
qschulzhonestly I don't know13:23
marekqschulz: But same string as in $PASSWD is stored in /etc/shadow13:25
marekin final rootfs13:25
qschulzmarek: then an issue with getty not allowing root login somehow?13:25
marekqschulz: I'm using systemd13:26
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whuang0389hi, does anyone know what the command is to generate a diff on a non git-indexed file? For context, there's a file in a recipe provided by the BSP. I would like to patch that file instead of overwriting it in my recipe14:12
riverdiff -Naur i think14:12
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pasherringHey there! Could anyone share a tip on how to enable clipboard sharing when running the runqemu? :)15:17
RPDoes anyone remember why python3 depends on util-linux?15:22
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rburtonone of the libraries?15:26
rburtonuuid, maybe15:27
RPrburton: could be15:27
RPrburton: so it could probably use util-linux-libuuid now?...15:29
rburtonremove it, see what breaks :)15:29
RPrburton: it just broke with uuid for target :)15:29
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rfs613pasherring: I don't know if there is existing integration in yocto.16:14
vdIs it expected that CONVERSION_DEPENDS_foo uses underscore rather than : like CONVERSION_CMD:foo?16:18
rburtonyes, they're not overrides16:19
dv__when building core-image-weston, the ethernet adapter isn't automatically given a DHCP IO16:44
dv__is this no longer automatically done in core images?16:44
dv__it was done in dunfell images from what I recall, but in current master, it doesn't16:45
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RPkanavin: is perlcross-native needed at runtime for perl-native?17:00
khemqschulz: try this
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qschulzmarek: ^ that was meant for you I think17:08
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rburtonRP: sent part 1 of my python fixes17:17
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sgwRP: dumb question, maybe related to reproducible builds, but why does pkgdata have file dates in the past (and how are they generated).  This is from clean sstate builds.  I am trying to debug kernel sbom issues and keep seeing pkgdata with old dates (I thought it was sstate at first)17:21
RPrburton: looks like some nice cleanup thanks17:21
rburtonRP: part 2 is more invasive :)17:22
RPsgw: we clamp the files to SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH17:22
RPrburton: I feared that and am trying not to think about it17:22
rburtonRP: it mostly removes complication!17:22
RPrburton: I like doing that17:23
* RP is hoping people enjoy some speedup with the sysroot cleaning patches17:23
sgwRP: Ok that helps, I thought I was lost my mind (but I am sure you already know I have).17:25
RPsgw: I'd probably think of glass houses ;-)17:26
khemStream based distribution for Automotive17:30
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kanavinRP: I do not think so. It's a set of build time configuration files that is copied over the perl source tree at build time.17:47
kanavinkhem, yeah, after they failed to displace yocto head-on :)17:47
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rolearyHi Yocto project! I'm new. When does a change like typically make it into the dunfell branch?18:02
RPkanavin: that is what I thought. We should probably make the sysroot code skip it...18:04
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khemfinally seing meta-openembedded world builds go from red to orange phew18:26
khemonce the setupttools_legacy changes merge into oe-core then we can turn it into green18:27
alimonRP: hey for SWAT related things my email at Linaro is not available, I changed job, who could update the email? is limon.anibal at gmail.com18:30
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RPalimon: abelloni is the person, thanks!23:45

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