Saturday, 2022-03-19

halsteadRP: I've done it. The errors should be resolved.00:13
halsteadkanavin: RP, the interrupted build on 2110 restarted at on centos7-ty-400:16
halsteadIt has better shot of finishing this time.00:16
RPhalstead: great, thanks!00:17
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kanavinhalstead, thanks, it actually went green \0/07:09
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manuel1985Is anyone using bmaptool to flash a dunfell-raspberry pi 4 image? Doesn't work for me. The device stops booting 4 seconds in.10:53
cb5rDidn't use it yet, but sounds awesome - thanks for the tip :p will definitely try it out on Monday. BTW: did u get ur VM internet access working?11:20
cb5rCan u try to write the image via `dd` and see if that works? Also, check the boot log via serial cable if you have one (very useful)11:21
manuel1985cb5r: Yeah, going back to putting my image together manually is the next thing I'm gonna do. Just wanted to check if there are known issues which wic to check if it's wort putting effort into finding the root cause.11:52
manuel1985On the serial line I get "sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI removable disk" 4 seconds into booting.11:53
manuel1985Thats the last relevant thing I get. No error messages, nothing. My USB drive seems to get detected fine.11:54
manuel1985But the system is not stuck, some seconds later I get some messages "vss-sd: disabling" and "crng init done". But these things are unrelated. Also it displays the keypresses of my keyboard.11:55
manuel1985cb5r: As for the qemu-network-problem: When pinging a computer in my hosts LAN from inside the qemu guest, I could see the ICMP packages arrive in wireshark running on the host.11:58
manuel1985So it seems the host is not forwarding them.11:58
manuel1985ip4 forwarding is enabled and also a default route exists.11:59
manuel1985Here I summarised everything if someones interested:
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cb5rmanuel1985: if your host uses systemd-networkd you can simply add "IPMasquerade=yes" to the network config file of the interface that connects to the internet. That way IP forwarding and NAT are setup automatically. Works like a charm for me in the same use-case. You can also check e.g. arch wiki systemd-networkd article for more details12:19
cb5rMaybe that's worth a try... I think without NAT I couldn't get it to work either. You could also configure NAT with iptables but its a pain compared to systemd-networkd12:21
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manuel1985cb5r: Cool, was unaware of that. Will check that out.12:30
manuel1985Btw Richard Purdie replied to my mailing list post and told me it ain't gonna work out using SLIRP. Need to use TAP.12:31
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RPabelloni: I pulled a few patches into -next to make use of the autobuilder13:44
abelloniok, I sitl disnt get my internet connexion back at home, I'll rebase on your -next on Monday14:00
abellonistill didn't14:00
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RPabelloni: the lack of internet sounds scary, hope you get sorted soon!15:35
RPabelloni: I figured you'd catch up with what I'd done easily enough15:35
* RP finally got the docs to do what I wanted and just be "magic"15:36
moto-timoRP: I was wondering about the “Add Zeus” commit and whether bitbake version would also be needed?15:37
RPmoto-timo: I just pushed the revised version15:38
RPmoto-timo: goes back to laverne now but should fix a load of things which have irritated me with the doc versions15:39
moto-timoRP: yes, I feel that irritation ;)15:39
* moto-timo thinks about kernel-lab again15:42
RPmoto-timo: the bitbake versions are only needed for things that have poky.yaml which is only the sphinx based docs15:45
moto-timoRP: ah, I missed that subtlety15:46
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hcgHas anyone seen this error: ERROR: Manifest <path>/build/tmp/sstate-control/manifest-x86_64_ubuntu-20.04-dtc-native.populate_sysroot not found in x86_64 x86_64_ubuntu-20.04 (variant '')?17:10
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whuang0389ls -l17:51
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RPmoto-timo: that looks useful if it does what it says it does18:32
moto-timoRP: haven’t tried it yet. But I sure am tired of the long list of kernel CVEs ;)18:37
RPmoto-timo: since you probably know, which python class do I need to build that project? :)18:53
RPmoto-timo: pyproject.toml18:53
RPmoto-timo: setuptools3 I think?18:54
moto-timoRP: python_setuptools_build_meta
RPmoto-timo: thanks :)18:55
moto-timoyou really only need to pattern match three things right now (and reject anything that doesn't match)18:56
moto-timobuild-backend = "setuptools.build_meta" => inherit python_setuptools_build_meta18:57
moto-timobuild-backend = "flit_core.buildapi" => inherit python_flit_core18:58
moto-timobuild-backend = "poetry.core.masonry.api" => inherit python_poetry_core18:58
moto-timoanything else is either old or wrong (or a new backend I don't know about yet)18:59
RPmoto-timo: thanks, it is nice it is simplifying. I just wasn't sure where I had to look to see the build-backend but now I know!18:59
moto-timoRP: not obvious until you've done it 300 times and then you don't even see it anymore ;)19:00
RPmoto-timo: it is why I asked you as I figured you'd know :)19:00
moto-timoRP: woah! cool!19:19
RPmoto-timo: I just can't wait to see what zeddii and paulg make of this :)19:19
moto-timoRP: lol. love or hate? coin toss19:19
RPmoto-timo: I've mailed it out. It is quite simple really19:26
moto-timoRP: matt makes good tools :)19:26
RPmoto-timo: the kernel devs will hate me ;-)19:26
moto-timoRP: seems to be part of the job description19:28
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paulgsmells like a make-work project.21:05
paulgunless you are trying to usurp the gregKH linux-stable team.21:06
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RPpaulg: Maybe, although there does seem to be a lot of work that has gone into it so it must have some use...21:42
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