Friday, 2022-03-18

* halstead waves at rfs613.00:23
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Guest2Has anyone compiled imx8mplus system in yocto using bitmake phytec-qt5demo-image?01:09
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khemRP qemu 7.0.0 is in rc0 stage as of Mar 15th01:28
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vmesonkhem: RP, fyi, for qemu: 6.0 rc0-->GA :~ 35 days, 5.0-rc0-> GA:  ~ 34 days.01:49
khemoh thats too long01:50
vmesoncould be...01:51
vmesonkhem: for, to support lib32-foo, any tip on the magic suffix:01:53
vmeson+# PROVIDES = "clang-cross-i686"01:53
vmeson+PROVIDES = "clang-cross-${TUNE_ARCH}"01:53
vmesonhardcoded works, I'm not sufficiently x-compile savvy to guess at the right generic suffix, even after several tries.01:54
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vmesonTARGET_ARCH didn't work but maybe I just need to include the right file. consulting ...01:56
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vmeson( somehow the lib32-chromium-x11 build is busted. I don't really care but we have build bots that do...)01:57
khemvmeson I dont have need for multilib much so have not tested it regularly but then some one did do it some months ago02:00
khemwhats are use for lib32-chromium02:01
vmesonkhem: mostly the demanding build bots.... I could exclude that build. I may ping Kai how has been doing much of the multilib support for WR. Thx.02:03
khemI think you will mostly need to fix chromium recipe for multilib02:04
khemyou can try building something simple like lib32-bash and set TOOLCHAIN = "clang" for it02:04
khemand see if that builds02:04
khemif it does then compiler is ok02:04
khemI am open to fixing the multilib case02:06
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landgrafRP: Hi. I have reproduced the resident bitbake bug locally and it doesn't take few hours to test anymore. Hopefully will be fixed soon :)07:02
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mckoangood morning07:44
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jclsnGood morning08:24
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RPlandgraf: that sounds good! :)08:31
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shoraganhas anyone built something to derive a distro version from the git commit information?08:37
shoraganin /etc/build there's the branch and commit hash, but that's hard to compare for humans08:37
qschulzcb5r: you'd need to give us the error log to be able to help you08:38
RPshoragan: poky.conf already does DISTRO_VERSION = "3.4+snapshot-${METADATA_REVISION}"08:39
RPshoragan: you could probably get something like the commit count there08:39
shoraganah, or commit data08:39
RPshoragan: yes, true08:40
shoraganthanks for the idea :)08:40
cb5rqschulz: What's the preferred nopaste site? Should the log.do_compile suffice or what else is usefuL?08:41
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qschulzcb5r: anything works, just make it unlimited in time. You can anonymize your data if you want beforehand08:43
cb5ris 2y enough? cant find a working provider that stores forever :/08:53
dwagenkCurrently UNINATIVE_MAXGLIBCVERSION causes problems with the eSDK on a developers machine. He's using Arch linux so his glibc is newer than the one in uninative. If I understand the commit messages around introduction of that variable correctly a host with newer glibc is only a problem if it contributes to a shared sstate. Am I right to assume that an eSDK user will not contribute to a shared sstate and thus the check could be disabled for eSDKs?08:54
qschulzcb5r: ?08:54
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manuel1985Anyone any advice on how to let my qemux86-64 guest connect to the internet? I started it with slirp. The guest can ping the host. Also, I can ssh into the guest from the host. (qemu forwards localhost:2222 to the guests :22.)09:40
manuel1985The host has ipv4 routing enabled.09:40
manuel1985Do I manually need to adapt the routing tables?09:40
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RPqschulz, michaelo: How do you feel about automating the versioning in the docs?10:41
mihaianyone here playing with k3s from meta-virtualization? I'm having trouble understanding who, what, how does /var/lib/rancher/k3s/data/ gets created10:42
qschulzRP: do you have anything in mind?10:52
qschulzi'm all for automating as much as possible10:52
RPqschulz: a script which queries the current branch/tag and sets the versions magically10:56
RPqschulz: I'm seeing if I can write such a thing10:56
qschulzRP: you said last week you didn't want such a thing 😭10:56
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qschulzthe argument was that people can clone without tags10:56
RPqschulz: oh, yes. Gah :(10:57
qschulzor do you want this magical stuff in the yocto-autobuilder-helper?10:57
RPqschulz: I was thinking of it in the context of autobuilder-helper where this stuff is known10:57
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RPbut it would mean the branches/tags wouldn't be right10:57
qschulzRP: we need to start writing a wiki page or something to gather our thoughts, issues and reuiqrements because I feel like the lists endlessly grows and we have done nothing to make it easier on maintainers to get things right first try with as little work from them as possible10:58
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qschulzone more thing I should have done long time ago10:59
RPqschulz: I think my argument about tags can be mitigated as even if the tags aren't there it should be able to work out which branch and hence series we're on10:59
RPand then it could just set the number to something silly11:00
qschulzRP: the yocto major.minor release number would be known at least11:00
RPqschulz: right, excatly11:00
RPqschulz: you're right, we need to think this through carefully11:04
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RPqschulz: just sent my script. I also realised we can detect missing tags and tell the user to update, that makes that issue simple11:33
cb5rqschulz: Sorry for the late response - First, "kbd" fails to compile ( and then "gdk-pixbuf-native" fails to install (
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jclsnHey, I am still having this issue with non-reproducible builds. Kind of frustrated by now. Would be happy for any advice on what else I could try11:40
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qschulzcb5r: do you have your old build logs?11:49
qschulzcb5r: I assume the "error" is with -Werror=format-security flag11:50
qschulzwhich turns the format-security warning into an error if I'm not mistaken11:50
qschulznow, I couldn't see any direct addition of this flag11:50
cb5rYou mean the old logs before I updated poky?11:50
qschulzand also.. no change for kdb11:50
qschulzcb5r: yes11:50
cb5rif my -cf clean image didnt remove them..? Are you interested in the cmopiler flag you mentioned?11:51
cb5r/whois cb11:52
qschulzcb5r: yes11:52
qschulzalso, can you run bitbake-layers show-appends kbd ?11:53
cb5rLet me check11:53
qschulzto check you don't have a bbappend for it somewhere11:53
qschulzbecause I'm pretty sure we build everything automatically and if kbd wouldn't build from vanilla poky, we should have known and fixed it11:53
cb5rbitbake-layers show-appends kbd >>> No append files found11:54
qschulzcb5r: you can run bitbake -c compile -f kbd once you've checked out yuor layers with the old dunfell branch11:56
qschulzto get the compile log11:57
qschulzor actually, bitbake -e kdb | grep CFLAGS= should be enough11:57
cb5rI do have logs from poky 3.1.7 I have - which compiled successfully11:57
cb5rIt also had -Wformat-security -Werror=format-security set11:59
rburtonnew gcc has more warnings12:00
qschulzcb5r: time to do a diff of the logs of 3.1.7 and 3.1.14 (not only compile but configure also12:00
rburtonwhich if you set -Werror then you get more errors12:00
qschulzrburton: I would hope that between 3.1.7 and 3.1.14 gcc wouldn't change12:01
qschulzoutside of CVEs12:01
rburtonoh that's a native recipe12:01
rburtonso, host gcc12:01
qschulzrburton: I don't think so? cb5r is talking about kbd not kbd-native12:03
qschulz*there are two pastebins)12:03
rburtonoh i just saw gdk-pixbuf-native12:03
qschulzcb5r: for kbd since the recipes haven't changed, nor the flags, it can only be that the sources or configure task are different I guess12:04
qschulzso doing a diff of the logs would be probably helpful12:04
cb5rBTW: Quick recap of what I (also) did, because I don't know if it's relevant: I had a successful dunfell build with poky 3.1.7. Then I tried to include squeekboard, which requires gnome3 and rust - which I then included - and got some errors. Per your suggestion I then updated to poky 3.1.14 and now kbd fails. *shrug*12:06
cb5rI'm diffing right now12:06
qschulzcb5r: any change to any .conf file anywhere?12:07
cb5rJust the build/conf/device.conf: IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " squeekboard"12:08
cb5r* local.conf12:08
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rburtondo a fresh clone of poky, and literally . oe-init-build-env ; bitbake kbd12:09
rburton(you may set DL_DIR first to save repeating the fetches)12:09
rburtonbut always good to test stuff like weird breakage in a clean tree with no modifications or custom configs12:10
cb5rThe run.do_configure is identical - except for a missing bbnote() and die() func on poky
cb5rAlrighty - I'll completely set it up cleanly again12:13
rburtondo nothing apart from setting DL_DIR, you want an entirely clean build to remove all other changes12:14
rburtonas dunfell built on the autobuilder, so we need to find out what the difference is12:14
rburtonmaybe your host is newer than anything the AB tests with and you've hit a new pain point12:14
rburtonarch users for example find build breakage before most people12:15
cb5rYeah - I have never had a successful build under arch - I only use older ubuntu/debian (currently deb 11 for this build)12:15
cb5rI could also try deb 10 or even ubuntu 18.04 but I guess deb11 should be just fine??12:17
rburtonyeah should be12:17
qschulzcb5r: listed as supported in the docs so yes12:18
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opellois there a nice way to PREMIRRORS git:// SRC_URIs that don't have ;protocol=https to add it?  even appending it unconditionally would be fine (to fix ls-remote calls now that github has blocked unauthenticated git binary protocol)12:42
opellousing git://*/.* git://;protocol=https doesn't seem to work when there are other semicolon delimited parameters like ;branch=12:43
cb5rrburton: When you say "literally . oe-init-build-env" - do you really mean NOT to use the "setup-environment" script provided my OEM that calls oe-init-build-env?12:48
rburtoncb5r: *just* poky.  if that works we know its not the host and something else broke it.12:49
QorinHi everyone,12:52
Qorini have a question regarding yocto variable.12:52
Qorinlet's say I have 2 files: and recipe.bbclass.12:52
Qorinin recipe.bbclass there is this function12:52
Qorindo_task() {12:52
Qorin    if [ -z "${FOO}" ]; then12:52
Qorin        bbfatal "'FOO' not set."12:52
Qorin    fi12:52
Qorin    # do things12:52
Qorinnormally in, FOO would be defined as a recipe variable.12:52
Qorinhowever I would like to move this into a function.12:52
Qorini tried using d.setVar("FOO", "bar") or export FOO="bar"12:52
Qorinhowever, FOO is not set in the do_task12:52
Qorinam I missing something?12:52
sotaoverrideTrying to see if this way of going about python dependencies is in line with the "YOCOT style"
rburtonsotaoverride: its not the yocto way, no13:07
rburtonQorin: variables changed in one task don't persist to the next13:08
sotaoverriderburton: is it becuase now we wont have a way of tracking exactly what all python modules we'll end up using?13:08
rburtonif you've a setup which has a billion python deps, then fine, but it's not how the core layers will encourage13:09
RPqschulz: I've sent an actual patch to give us something to discuss :)13:09
sotaoverriderburton: things like: httpaio and FastAPI, would you consider them something that's in the "billion python deps" realm?13:11
rburtoni mean if you have a big app which has 100 deps and all locked to specific version, then just pip install the lot13:12
Qorinrburton ah i see. I have also tried to prepend export FOO="bar" to the do_task function however this also doesn't work.13:13
rburtonjust setting it in the recipe will work13:14
rburtonno need to complicate things13:14
rburtonif you need it set differently in different tasks, there are task overrides13:14
Qorinthe thing is, to get the input for the variable, it needs to get the input from a tool. originally what I did is set the FOO variable in the recipe FOO="${@get_foo_from_network(d)}". this works, however since this is done this way during parsing of recipes when the tool fails due to network, parsing will also fail. would be nice if i can change it13:19
Qorinso that parsing is just parsing and not including execution.13:19
cb5rrburton: poky is FETCHING for ages now... Even though I've exported DL_DIR=.../yocto-dunfell/downloads <<< was that not correct?13:20
rburtoncb5r: set it in local.conf13:20
rburtonnot sure if its on the whitelist13:20
rburtonalso, assuming you checked out dunfell and not using master as that would mean fetching a lot more stuff13:20
rburtonQorin: make the function take arguments then the recipe can get the value and pass tem13:21
cb5rIts on tags/yocto-3.1.14. I thought the export would suffice but looks like not... Its about half way through so probably 30 more minutes to go +.+ Should I just let it run for cleanliness sake or set the DL_DIR in local.conf and re-try from there?13:23
* rburton shrugs13:25
rburtondepends how fast your internet is13:25
cb5rNot as fast as I would like it to be :P13:26
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sotaoverrideshould the df command be showing the currently active rootfs partition? I see my other patitions fine (all rootfs partitions are mounted at all times)13:28
* RP wonders whether to do much further with the docs script or not13:30
jclsnRP: What are these stare notifications?13:32
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RPjclsn: just irc formatting for /me XXX messages13:35
jclsnLet me try13:35
* jclsn is on the brink of a nervous breakdown13:35
* jclsn wonders if there is any other reason why bitbake could break his kernel build when the source is not checked out in workspace13:38
qschulzRP: thanks!13:39
qschulzRP: this is where things start to duplicate and we would like to avoid this13:39
RPqschulz: duplicate?13:40
qschulzbasically, you have versions, lts?, eol?, name, etc... in switchers.js already13:40
qschulzsome related entries in poky.yaml too13:40
qschulzand now this python script13:40
RPqschulz: right, I was hoping to make one of these definitive eventually13:40
jclsnSo no one can help /me it seems13:41
jclsnPity that didn't work13:41
qschulzRP: the replacements stuff could be part of yocto-vars so it's transparent to the user and done by sphinx directly13:41
RPqschulz: right, that could be a future optimisation :)13:43
RPqschulz: I was trying to at least get something we could diff with the current yaml file and see if it worked13:43
RPqschulz: I can continue with this to tweak too and probably autogenerate switchers.js as well13:43
qschulzRP: up to you, I won't stop you working on the docs :D13:44
RPqschulz: question is whether it is the right direction13:44
qschulzbut we have a "problem" with requiring some files from master branch to replace existing ones13:44
qschulzswitchers.js being one of them13:44
RPqschulz: I don't think we can avoid that13:45
RPat least for one file13:45
qschulzRP: an additional git repo for common files13:45
RPdo we really need that?13:45
RPfor a single file13:45
qschulzRP: you have migration guides, release manuals also13:46
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RPqschulz: that sounds like a different problem13:46
qschulzRP: too many problems :)13:47
qschulzneed to start this wiki page to gather them all13:47
RPqschulz: I think I continue and try and solve the smaller subset of making the releases and getting the versions right13:48
qschulzRP: cannot hurt and worst case scenario it's a good inspiration and something to talk about13:49
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jclsnqschulz: This is all the diff shows on the two sources btw
qschulzjclsn: diff the build dirs too now14:15
jclsnqschulz: work/my-machine-fslc-linux-gnueabi/linux-fslc-imx/5.10.98+gitAUTOINC+8e27b711e7-r0/ I guess??14:17
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RPqschulz: ok, patch to tie to set_versions added. I've not changed switchers.js since I think that is probably different enough we just update it on master14:18
qschulzjclsn: seems reasonable14:18
qschulzRP: will have a look, I'm preparing some changes for automatically fetching and building new yocto-docs and bitbake docs branches14:20
qschulzin yocto-autobuilder-helper14:20
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RPqschulz: I've tried to make the changes less invasive so we could retrofit to the older release branches easily and keep everything in sync. I think to make this backwards compatible we'd need to add POKYVERSION support14:22
moto-timolangdale ;)14:23
RPmoto-timo: yes!14:23
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RPThe combination of docs, python build, pseudo, bitbake performance and libtool at once means I think I need to lie down :)14:27
jclsnqschulz: Fetching binutils is taking ages again. Guess I can't do it today14:27
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RPjclsn: wiping out DL_DIR will not help with your reproduction issue. It is very well isolated from your build output and I very much doubt will change anything other than you waiting for the downloads a lot14:28
RPWe checksum anything coming into the build (or have git shas)14:28
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jclsnRP: I know, I am just desperate and very unsure about everything14:31
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jclsnDid you ever experience issues using zsh?14:40
qschulzjclsn: shell tasks are run with your host;s shell, so if they are not zsh compliant or have a different behavior between bash, dash, zsh, you name it, then it could be an issue yes14:41
qschulzhence why it's important to write POSIX compliant shell tasks14:42
jclsnqschulz: Yeah I realized that shell scripts are not always compatible with bash if they are compatible with zsh14:44
qschulzjclsn: been bitten by this the last few weeks a bit more than I expected :)14:45
qschulz(not in Yocto to be clear)14:45
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qschulzRP: what I thought would be a patch or two starts to be a bit bigger of a patch series than I ancitipated :D14:52
moto-timoDon’t look behind the curtain14:53
RPqschulz: I'm just having trouble stopping :)14:53
qschulzRP: I meant more about the patch series I'm working on for the autobuilder-helper script :)14:54
qschulzI've yet to look at my mails to see your patches :)14:54
RPqschulz: ah, right. Sounds like my problem :)14:55
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jclsnqschulz: Yep, I could fix my Pyrex setup script for bash now. I should always test it in bash before pushing15:02
jclsnzsh ist more forgiving15:02
jclsnAnd the answer to this question is not true in my case
jclsnScripts behave differently even with the shebang15:10
qschulzjclsn: not possible15:14
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jclsnqschulz: True story15:14
jclsnAh seems like this isn't true for sourcing scripts15:16
qschulzjclsn: yup15:16
cb5rqschulz: bitbake kbd succeeded.15:16
* jclsn needs beer15:17
qschulzcb5r: add your layers one by one and check15:17
* jclsn is going to start with Spanish wine actually15:17
cb5rqschulz: What is the best way to go about this? Just build anything from each layer?15:35
qschulzcb5r: add one layer after another and run bitbake -c cleansstate kbd && bitbake kbd15:39
qschulzif still not an issue, source your OEM script and see15:40
rburtoncb5r: i'd start by adding your BSP layer and switching MACHINE15:41
rburtonbut you've demonstrated that its not a fundamental problem with oe-core15:41
* RP suspects that set_versions script just gained enough magic to be semi-sentient :/15:44
cb5rAye aye, Sirs!15:45
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qschulzRP: what I would have loved to see for switchers.js and co was a JSON file with all the necessary info in it16:24
qschulzI think that was ndec dream too16:24
qschulz(just saying)16:25
qschulzbut loading a JSON from another file securely in JS was not straightforward to me16:25
qschulz(never done JS so can't really say it was a good investigation :D)16:26
cb5rOh great - now openssl fails on do_configure +.+ I don't quiet understand how this is possible..? "bitbake-layers show-appends openssl" says there is nothing :l16:26
qschulzcb5r: only vanilla poky?16:27
cb5rthe log.do_configure says "Something wrong with this line: ^@^@^@^@^@^@^@..........."16:27
cb5rqschulz: I added the other BSP layers to bblayers and set the MACHINE to my target and the DL_DIR while I was at it16:28
cb5rBut now when I think of it - the target arch is somehow defined in the BSP layer from the OEM so that could be a problem I guess?16:29
RPqschulz: I just made switchers.js update from set_versions.py16:30
RPqschulz: the data we need doesn't lend itself to a nice json file16:30
cb5rI saw those thousands of ^@^@^@^@^@ somewhere in a *.po file this morning... Does anyone know what this means? Some kind of file corruption?16:30
ndecRP: how are you doing that?16:34
RPndec: see the patches. Its pretty horrible in places but tries to make everything magically work16:35
ndecthe reason why we talked about a JSON file was to have a 'database' with release information outside of git. so that a doc website (or anything else) could use it. are you achieving something like that?16:36
RPndec: I'm using the git tags as the database16:36
qschulzcb5r: are you sure this is not something displayed by your text editor?16:38
ndecRP: ok, so the generation of switcher is dynamic (based on tags), but once it's on it's 'static', right?16:39
RPndec: correct16:39
qschulzRP: finally was able to send the patches, only 6... meh. Took time to make sure the output was identical16:40
cb5rOfc I think that these are just undisplayable chars. However, it doesnt make sense to me where this comes from. Shouldnt this be like bash or python code or something?16:40
RPndec: I know older releases would be nice to be dynamic with new data but I don't know the JS to do that16:40
cb5rqschulz: `less` warns about "binary file". This is what the configure log looks like:
RP - the parsing section shows a 10% improvement with the bitbake changes :)16:45
smurrayRP: nice16:46
ndecRP: ok.. i suppose i should look at these patches..16:47
qschulzcb5r: private pastebin16:47
RPndec: It might solve the release/versions updating issue, there are other challenges that remain but it is a start at something16:48
RPqschulz: patches look good, thanks!16:52
RPqschulz: I really need to do a before/after comparison with my changes to the switcher, see if it makes sense16:52
qschulzRP: how come my +yocto is gone from the mail address when you answer to me on the ML?16:55
qschulzmichaelo: also does this, wondering what's happening :)16:55
RPqschulz: I didn't reply on list16:56
qschulzRP: true :D16:56
qschulzbut the question remains16:56
RPqschulz: there were three different addresses for you in the reply so I removed the "list" ones16:57
qschulzor is it something in your address book maybe?16:57
qschulzRP: i used to send patches without the +yocto, but now that should be gone16:57
RPqschulz: your email comes from one address, cc'd to two others16:57
qschulzso foss+yocto and pro address16:57
RPqschulz: it shows as from the foss one, no +yocto16:58
cb5rqschulz: I guess I just broke pastebin with those binary chars :p Here is an "ASCII version":
qschulzRP: I can't change the user on my mail provider, which is the only place I think where I have foss only16:59
qschulzso I'm clueless17:00
qschulzbut I have problems with you and michaelo just because you're the only ones reviewing my patches :D17:00
qschulzcb5r: honestly clueless at this point. Something's broken in your OEM layer most likely17:01
RPqschulz: I just replied to the email using the address it said to use17:01
qschulzRP: yup, I understand now.17:01
qschulzBut there's probably nothing I can do about this17:01
RPqschulz: filter mail that includes the +yocto ?17:03
RPqschulz: I can include that in future17:03
qschulzRP: not doing it now, but planning to soon yes17:03
qschulzRP: you're not the only one doing this, so there's probably something I need to do on my side to make your mail client happy17:04
cb5rMmmh :/ I see that the OEM has actually just updated their sources to "latest dunfell commit" so I guess that's something to try...17:07
cb5rThank you very much guys for all the help and patience BTW :]17:07
qschulzcb5r: worth a try :)17:09
*** mait[m] <mait[m]!~maitrforg@2001:470:69fc:105::e170> has joined #yocto17:15
rburtoncb5r: ^@ is NULL so something is writing garbage and corrupting file17:32
rfs613indeed, and is a text file in the openssl source, so why is it being modified?17:40
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:55
khemvmeson: , should fix multilib issue you reported with clang yesterday ... I had few moments to look into it last night18:05
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rburtonsounds like cb5r possibly has disk corruption18:14
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cb5rrburton: It might be, idk... the zpool on my host doesn't report any corruption and inside the qemu VM @ ext4 I also don't see any cues about corruption *shrug* the nvme is brand new19:11
cb5rbut its the second file today :/19:14
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manuel1985Anyone any advice on how to let my qemux86-64 guest connect to the internet? I started it with slirp. The guest can ping the host. Also, I can ssh into the guest from the host. (qemu forwards localhost:2222 to the guests :22.)21:47
manuel1985The host has ipv4 routing enabled.21:47
manuel1985Do I manually need to adapt the routing tables?21:47
*** florian__ <florian__!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)21:59
mihaimanuel1985, with slirp qemu should be able to access the same network as your host, maybe you're behind a proxy22:05
cb5rmanuel1985: if ipv4forwarding is enabled and a default route on both guest and host is set correctly, it should work. try `tracepath` on the guest to see where the routes are going.22:06
manuel1985Thanks both22:08
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vmesonkhem: ty  for works for me for lib32-chromium-x1122:49
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RPsecond worker says 8-9% speedup on parsing
kanavinhalstead, pls don't forget to provision vgem module on new workers23:27
kanavinhalstead, I think it's missing on debian11 and ubuntu211023:27
RPkanavin: I wondered about on ubuntu2004-ty-1 too23:28
kanavinRP: qemu-system-x86_64: egl: no drm render node available - seems like same issue23:29
halsteadkanavin: it is supposed to be automatic. I can find out why.23:29
RPhalstead: it is odd to have so many failures suddenly :/23:30
halsteadRP:  upgrades were pretty basic at a glance. I'm not sure why .23:32
halsteadkanavin: vgem is loaded on ubuntu2110-ty-2, debian11-ty-1, and debian11-ty-3. Huh.23:36
RPhalstead: permissions change?23:37
halsteadRP: that could happen. When I pushed the new local-conf it would have changed any permissions to what is expected by the config management.23:38
RPhalstead: that is what i was worrying about :/23:38
RPhalstead: all debian ish systems23:39
halsteadRP: Yep. the config run kicked pokybuild out of the video and render groups.23:41
halsteadkanavin: RP, it's an easy fix but I'll need to restart buildbot on those hosts.23:41
RPhalstead: I'd say just do it. I think the builds will just restart if running23:42
RPhmm, there is an a-full on 2010 :/23:44
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