Friday, 2022-04-01

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rfs613seeing a pile of errors from setscene about "do_package in both covered and notcovered".01:04
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rfs613only happened once; subsequent build seemed normal.01:38
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:38
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mckoangood morning06:41
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RPabelloni: depends on whether we do something like our own version of make07:32
RPrfs613: any idea of how to reproduce it? Was it with master?07:33
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smrfHi o/07:51
manuelI have `file` on my image, but `oe-pkgdata-util find-path /usr/bin/file` is unable to find any package producing that path. Anyone know why?07:52
smrfis there possibility to debug sstate-cache server in devtool from eSDK? In bitbake I was able to add -DDD option but with devtool I see only -d which doesn't provide  SState data.07:52
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LetoThe2ndmanuel: is it an actual file, or only a symlink?07:54
abelloniRP: isn't your master-next stuck too ? :)08:01
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RPabelloni: yes, looks like it :(08:05
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kroonmanuel, maybe try "oe-pkgdata-util find-path */file" first08:33
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manuelLetoThe2nd: You are right, it's a symlink. If I use the symlink target it works. Thanks!08:41
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Saur[m]RP: Why is `ERROR_QA` included in `BB_HASHEXCLUDE_COMMON`? If I add a new QA test to `ERROR_QA`, I would expect `package_qa` to be rerun and catch any offenders of the new test.09:19
rburtonfrom memory, it's a tricky one.  if the package's output depends on the qa tests then changing the tests means sstate can't be reused09:28
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RPSaur[m]: I think ERROR_QA isn't just used by package_qa09:35
RP makes for interesting and depressing reading09:36
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amahnui[m]Hello everyone, I am currently following the instructions on and I'm currently stuck on the "source oe-init-build-env" command where I get the error "No such file or directory"09:43
amahnui[m]Please how can I get around this09:43
rburtondid you cd into the poky directory?09:44
kranzoHi there i'm on dunfell and search for the proper way to eliminate insane[file-rdeps] for a nativesdk- package. TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = " nativesdk-python3" breaks the python3 interpreter in the esdk and RDEPENDS_${PN} = "python3" on package level just does nothing. Any advice?09:44
rburtonkranzo: whats the error?09:44
amahnui[m]> did you cd into the poky directory?09:44
amahnui[m]Yes I did09:44
rburtonthen there should be a file called oe-init-build-env in there09:45
rburtonoh, are you on bsd?09:45
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kranzorburton  do_package_qa: QA Issue: <path/to/script>.py contained in package nativesdk-<package> requires /usr/bin/python3, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_nativesdk-<package>? [file-rdeps]09:47
rburtonkranzo: change path/to/ to do '/usr/bin/env python3'09:48
amahnui[m]> oh, are you on bsd?09:48
amahnui[m]No I'm on Ubuntu09:48
amahnui[m]But I succeeded to install freebsd though I don't have a gui there yet but it is working well on the text console.09:48
amahnui[m]And there is indeed a file called oe-init-build-env09:48
rburtonsounds like you're using a non-bash shell09:48
rburtonchange source to .09:48
rburtonso $ . oe-init-build-env09:48
smrfis there possibility to debug sstate-cache server in devtool from eSDK? In bitbake I was able to add -DDD option but with devtool I see only -d which doesn't provide  SState data.09:49
smrfalso is there psosibility to check variables with devtool in eSDK like in bitbake with -e option ?09:50
kranzorburton wow way to obvious ..  thx. anyway is it known that TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = " nativesdk-python3" leads to a "no such file or directory" error when calling python3 from the esdk?09:51
rburtonnot without live-debugging09:51
rburtonpretty sure we've a test for that09:52
rburtonas buildtools has the same base, and ships python09:52
RPSaur[m]: did you mean to add something there?09:52
amahnui[m]rburton: I get "bash: /home/prodib/Desktop/project: No such file or directory" when I run . oe-init-build-env"09:53
Saur[m]Well, I started writing, but accidentally hit Return. I'm currently doing some more testing and I'll get back to you...09:53
RPSaur[m]: the commit where it was added may have info09:54
rburtonamahnui[m]: something went very wrong.  what is this project directory?09:54
RPSaur[m]: I seem to remember not being happy about it but didn't see another option09:54
RPrburton: does make any sense to you?09:55
RPrburton: seems close but still doesn't help :/09:55
amahnui[m]rburton: Its in /Desktop/project folder/poky09:56
rburtondon't use spaces09:56
amahnui[m]Maybe I see the issue now09:56
rburtonlinux doesn't like spaces in directories09:56
Saur[m]@rp, rburton : Seems Ross is to blame: "I discovered bitbake rebuilding packages because WARN_QA had changed. These variables don't influence the output, so add them to the whitelist." While that is true for `WARN_QA`, I do not agree when it comes to `ERROR_QA`.09:56
* rburton runs09:56
amahnui[m]rburton: Yea let me change the folder name09:57
qschulzamahnui[m]: yeah, most programs aren't tested with paths with spaces in them, just use _ or - to separate words in directory or file names09:58
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rburtonRP: never seen anything like that before10:01
amahnui[m]qschulz: I will use separators from now on10:01
RPrburton: it is similar to
RPI just don't see how a thread can be stuck in the same import in two places10:03
amahnui[m]<qschulz> "amahnui: yeah, most programs..." <- Is there a way we could make yocto project to use "" for all directories so that in such cases it will just take it as a single directory and not two different words10:03
qschulzamahnui[m]: it's not that simple. most of Yocto is python-based and some things are split by spaces10:05
qschulzso having quotes around the variables won't help with the space splitting in that case10:05
qschulzthat being said, I don't know how much is broken by spaces in paths in Yocto. I know externalsrc does not like it don't know about more conventional use10:06
rburtonthe problem isn't yocto itself, but the vast amount of software it builds10:07
qschulzamahnui[m]: that being said, you can send a patch to have double quotes around variables in the oe-init-buildenv script, that's for sure10:07
rburtonwe'd have to guarantee that all of that was safe with spaces too10:07
rburtonyes, oe-init-build-env should work, but i'm fairly certain the actual build will fail for reasons out of our control10:08
RPwhen you get further in I think bitbake will tell you we can't build with spaces in the pahs10:08
qschulzrburton: maybe we could add a check in it to say that it's not supported10:08
rburtonRP: yeah me too10:08
rburtonso we should let oe-init-build-env work so bibake can tell you nicely :)10:08
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qschulzRP: wouldn't be surprised since builds in specific directories are forbidden too :)10:08
RPI think autotools doesn't work with spaces and when I discovered that, I gave up on the idea of supporting it10:09
Saur[m]RP: I tried removing `ERROR_QA` from `BB_HASHEXCLUDE_COMMON`, and it does give me the behavior I want, i.e., `do_package_qa` ir rerun. However, it rebuilds a lot more than I expected, which is due to `do_qa_patch` (which checks `ERROR_QA` to see if it should error out on patch fuzz). While it is unfortunate, I still think it is the right thing to do....10:10
rburtoni'd say a deal-breaker is sstate not being reusable if error_qa is different, so check that use-case10:11
Saur[m]rburton:  How do you mean?10:12
rburtoni honestly believe that the final sstate shouldn't depend on the amount of QA being used10:13
rburtonpresumably hashequiv mitigates that10:13
amahnui[m]<qschulz> "rburton: maybe we could add a..." <- How can we do this please10:14
rburtonamahnui[m]: easiest is to just add quotes as needed to oe-init-build-env10:14
rburtonso it works, and then later bitbake will error out with its more comprehensive path name restrictions10:15
Saur[m]rburton: But if you add a completely new QA test to `ERROR_QA`, how can you say the build is successful unless you actually rerun the QA tests?10:15
RPSaur[m]: It means all sstate is invalidated when you change ERROR_QA10:15
RPSaur[m]: ideally we should fix do_qa_patch to a contains reference, then it might not10:16
amahnui[m]rburton: Okay thanks10:16
amahnui[m]Please I need pointers to the files so I can comence with chages10:16
rburtonamahnui[m]: oe-init-build-env and whatever it then calls (which is at least one, maybe two, other scripts).  Add quotes around the path names as needed.10:17
Saur[m]RP: What do you mean with a "contains reference"?10:17
RPSaur[m]: use the same magic as we use to stop changing DISTRO_FEATURES from triggering world rebuilds10:18
rburtonewww do_qa_patch doesn't even split()10:18
RPthe magic that probably isn't even in the manuals :(10:18
RPrburton: I now just don't want to look10:18
amahnui[m]rburton: Okay I understand now. I thought I was doing it in the code base10:19
amahnui[m]I had changed the directory to have just a single name10:19
rburtonamahnui[m]: fixing it properly is a code change10:20
rburtonrenaming your build directory is needed, but we can give a nice error instead of aborting10:20
* qschulz hears magic and docs in the same sentence thus runs away10:21
amahnui[m]rburton: Yes thats what I meant.10:24
amahnui[m]I wish to ask if I could work on adding the error message with help from you10:24
qschulzamahnui[m]: we believe the error message will just show itself once you try to build something with bitbake10:24
qschulzbut you need to reach this moment10:24
qschulztherefore, fixing the oe-init-buildenv script (and possibly other scripts it calls during its sourcing) is the first step10:25
amahnui[m]I also wish to ask where I can get good first issues for beginners so I can work on10:25
qschulzamahnui[m]: this one is a good task actually, it'll help you familiarize with the submission process10:25
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qschulzamahnui[m]: for how to contribute10:26
qschulzamahnui[m]: we have newcomers bugs, let me find a link for you10:26
rburtonthe newcomer list isn't great, i glance at it last week10:27
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qschulzi'll refrain to point to it then :)10:28
qschulzrburton: but.. you just said it isn't great10:30
rburtonsure but the page is still useful10:30
amahnui[m]<qschulz> "amahnui: https://docs.yoctoproje..." <- Thanks for this10:31
amahnui[m]thanks I'll go through it10:32
qschulzamahnui[m]: anything that isn't clear first read should be modified, so feel free to give any feedback on things we could improve10:33
amahnui[m]> amahnui: anything that isn't clear first read should be modified, so feel free to give any feedback on things we could improve10:36
amahnui[m]qschulz I will do just that10:36
rburtonhm i wonder why my build isn't pulling rust-native from the ab's sstate :(10:44
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RPrburton: I wish we could query this better :/10:54
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RPyou know the day is going to go well when you have to compile your own copy of the python interpreter for debugging :(11:38
qschulzRP: at that point, let's just rewrite everything in rust11:39
* qschulz runs for his life11:39
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rfs613RP: unfortunately no, it only happened once. It was on dunfell branch, and I had previously built it. I did "git pull --rebase" (I had my CVE fix for bluez5 on top). Then I ran bitbake again and got 600x this strange error. Did the same steps again and no more error.11:51
rfs613the 'git pull' in this case brought in perhaps 1-2 days of changes.11:51
rfs613if it happens again I will try to investigate further.11:52
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selffhi, im trying to create  wlan1 interface with "iw dev wlan0 interface add wlan1 type managed" but im getting this error : command failed: Device or resource busy (-16)11:55
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Guest11Anddd I'm back12:06
Guest11Nvidia's mirrors are down12:06
Guest11rburton 🙈12:06
qschulzGuest11: if  you have a local copy somewhere, just create a PREMIRROR for it and you're good to go12:11
rburtonif you have a local copy, you can put it directly into DL_DIR (and touch a corresponding .done file)12:12
rburtonnot sure what else we're meant to do about nvidia's servers being offline12:13
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amahnui[m]> amahnui: anything that isn't clear first read should be modified, so feel free to give any feedback on things we could improve12:27
amahnui[m] * > amahnui: anything that isn't clear first read should be modified, so feel free to give any feedback on things we could improve12:27
amahnui[m]My build folder is not visible, I don't Know why but I manually searched for the folder before seeing it and also the local.conf is under the conf folder.12:27
JaMaanyone seen python3-setuptools-native failing with ValueError: ZIP does not support timestamps before 1980 ?12:28
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qschulzamahnui[m]: could you elaborate about the "my build folder is not visible" ?12:32
* amahnui[m] uploaded an image: (132KiB) < >12:34
qschulzamahnui[m]: for local.conf replacement by conf/local.conf, please send us a patch to fix this. is where the sources of the documentation are.12:35
qschulzamahnui[m]: explains where the build directory is12:35
amahnui[m]> amahnui: could you elaborate about the "my build folder is not visible" ?12:38
amahnui[m]There is the build folder in poky but as shown in this screenshot there is no build folder12:38
amahnui[m]When I search using the search bar, I can see it among the results, when I right click and select open item in location, it takes me to the poky directory but still the build folder is not showing there12:38
* amahnui[m] uploaded an image: (191KiB) < >12:38
qschulzis this schrödinger's build folder :)? both present and absent12:41
qschulzamahnui[m]: what's the exact command you used to source oe-init-buildenv?12:42
qschulzyour seach bar seems to be doing a recursive search12:42
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amahnui[m]> is this schrödinger's build folder :)? both present and absent12:48
amahnui[m]I don't actually know, but the local.conf folder is found in /build/conf/local.conf12:48
amahnui[m]> amahnui: what's the exact command you used to source oe-init-buildenv?12:49
amahnui[m]source oe-init-build-env12:49
qschulzamahnui[m]: from which directory?12:50
qschulzamahnui[m]: mmmm, was this the same terminal from where you tried to source o-einit-build-env when you had a space in the path?12:54
qschulzif that is the case, i'd suggest starting a new terminal and source from there12:55
amahnui[m]> amahnui: mmmm, was this the same terminal from where you tried to source o-einit-build-env when you had a space in the path?12:57
amahnui[m]yes it is but I restarted the whole processes as you said in the next message12:57
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*** ping is now known as Piraty13:00
amahnui[m]but the bitbake command is running well13:10
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qschulzamahnui[m]: bitbake -e busybox | grep "^BUILDDIR" to know where your build directory is13:14
qschulzbut from a brand new terminal (type "exit" and then start terminal again), from poky directory, source o-einit-build-env should create a build directory in the poky directory13:15
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amahnui[m]> but from a brand new terminal (type "exit" and then start terminal again), from poky directory, source o-einit-build-env should create a build directory in the poky directory13:23
amahnui[m]this worked13:23
amahnui[m]Now the build folder is visible13:23
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amahnui[m]Hello qschulz I did the change on my local repository and used the command git send-email -1 --to Please is there something else I had to do? I new to using git directly14:48
qschulzamahnui[m]: you need to be subscribed to the mailing list first14:51
qschulz this one specifically14:52
qschulzand you'll need to subscribe to another mailing list for sending patches to bitbake, openembedded-core or poky but that'll come later :)14:53
qschulzto know if your mail made it to the public, you can check it appears in the archives: (wait a few minutes before thinking there's a problem with your setup)14:54
amahnui[m]okay thank you so much🙏14:55
amahnui[m]I am currently signing up for them14:55
qschulzamahnui[m]: looking forward to your patch!14:55
amahnui[m]> amahnui: looking forward to your patch!14:57
amahnui[m]Please I wish to ask if the command git send-email -1 --to is enough to send the patch after doing the changes14:57
qschulzamahnui[m]: mmm I always use git format-patch first to create a patch file and then pass this filename to the git send-email command14:59
amahnui[m]Please I wish to ask if the command "git send-email -1 --to" is enough to send the patch after doing the changes after subscribing to the mailing list14:59
qschulzamahnui[m]: but you can test yourself if your whole setup is correctly configured by modifying the --to to point to your personal address15:00
amahnui[m]okay I will test it out now15:00
rburtonyou'll need to register at too i think, otherwise you'll be in a moderate queue and that might take a while15:00
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amahnui[m]> you'll need to register at too i think, otherwise you'll be in a moderate queue and that might take a while15:05
amahnui[m]I just checked the link out and my subscription was approved.15:05
amahnui[m]The command "git send-email -1 --to" gives me the error message "git: 'send-email' is not a git command."15:08
rburtonyou need to install git-send-email,15:08
amahnui[m]> you need to install git-send-email,15:09
amahnui[m]Thanks I'm on it15:09
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* amahnui[m] uploaded an image: (272KiB) < >15:20
amahnui[m]Please I wish ask if it is normal to have this screen15:20
* amahnui[m] uploaded an image: (206KiB) < >15:22
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rburtonamahnui[m]: you're not posting your commit15:25
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rburtonits going to post michael's migration guide commit there15:26
rburtonamahnui[m]: did you git commit your change first?15:26
amahnui[m]Yes I did but it returned... (full message at
rburtonyou didn't save anything then15:28
amahnui[m]Even though I did some changes15:28
rburtongit can't see them, so you either didn't save, or you're in the wrong directory15:29
amahnui[m]Okay I will clone the repository again with the current git settings15:30
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rburtonno need, just look where you saved the changes and be sure its in the same clone that your terminal is in15:30
amahnui[m]Okay I will do that15:31
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TiborHello Yocto Community, I am not sure that I am using the right forum, so please bare with me. I have a question about how I can create multiple partitions with multiple file systems in one Yocto build. Is this right place to ask for any idea?15:51
qschulzTibor: have a look at wks files which are config files for wic and use IMAGE_FSTYPES wic for your image15:58
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amahnui[m]> no need, just look where you saved the changes and be sure its in the same clone that your terminal is in16:02
amahnui[m]I think I'm in the right directory because I did some changes in the just to see if "git status" will show that there are changes and it acknowledged the changes in the README but it does not do same for index.html16:02
amahnui[m]I also checked gitignore to see if index.html has been added to it but I wasn't16:03
rburtonwhat index.html?16:05
rburtonin the documentation?16:05
rburtonthat's generated, you want to edit the .rst files16:05
amahnui[m]yes that in documentation16:06
TiborThank you, qschulz. What is not clear how I can preserve the file permissions. Here is some detail: I want to put a few files with a special owner into a separate partition. In the do_install step, I use chown, and if I do not move these files into a separate partition, all work fine. However, if I followed this instruction16:06
Tibor the files are properly moved into the other partition, but I loose the ownership settings.16:06
rburtonamahnui[m]: edit documentation/brief-yoctoprojectqs/index.rst, that's the source file16:07
amahnui[m]rburton: thanks I'm on it16:07
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amahnui[m]> amahnui: edit documentation/brief-yoctoprojectqs/index.rst, that's the source file16:42
amahnui[m]I had some issues with SMPT:  "Unable to initialize SMTP properly." but it's finally working now16:42
amahnui[m]I sent the patch.16:42
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artie1977Hello everyone. I'm having difficulties building yocto recipe that uses rust+gtk3 project. I did successfully manage to create recipe for c++ and gtk3 as well as my own custom image, but the rust+gtk3 is simply not happening. I'm on poky branch master-next.17:25
artie1977I just want to add that the project rust+gtk3 is building and running successfully on host machine17:26
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kergothHuh, I forgot existed. Clones a layer by querying layer index and filtering with fzf to prompt for selection if it finds multiple matching the query. i.e. oeclone meta-clang, or the like. handy19:00
kergothwell, scraping really. do we have an official mechanism to do that?19:01
kergothoh, righ,t there's a bitbake-layers command, but would require from a build dir19:01
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manuel1985Which bitbake command do I have to run if I want to clean `build/tmp/deploy/images/<machine>`?19:19
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kergothRP: we're importing in base.bbclass with __import__, not import, and adding to context, not sys.modules, so i tihnk we don't need to restore sys.modules, but we might need to think about how to go about invalidating old imports that reside in bb.utils._context. Do we clear it out entirely every time we reparse the config? Do we do that already? anyway, i think sys.path is probably the most important part right now19:33
kergothI also think we'll be able to do something like to avoid modifiying and then restoring sys.path in the long term, after adding the layer.conf mechanism.19:35
RPkergoth: I think __import__ will update sys.modules though19:37
RPkergoth: We do already clear bb.utils._context and sys.path wasn't enough19:37
kergothHmm, okay, interesting. I'll have to read the importlib code19:39
RPkergoth: I have spent the day staring at it as I have an interesting reproducer for what I think is a bug in python itself :/19:39
kergothwonder if importlib.import_module has the same side-effect. i think that's what wer'e supposed to be doing nowadays anyway19:43
RPkergoth: see what you make of
RPkergoth: note that I'm hacking importlib so you may need to make aquire() match your python but the code hasn't changed much recently19:47
* moto-timo needs a week off to catch up with “what we’re supposed to be doing nowadays”20:05
moto-timo2014 is calling and wants your old Python knowledge back.20:06
moto-timo(Last timeframe I was going deep Internals)20:07
RPI'm open to opinions from anyone on the above "reproducer"20:07
RPit is the only real way I can imagine that code breaking in the way we've seen it break but what the interrupt is in our runtime case, I don't know20:08
RPI mocked it up with an alarm signal just to prove it is possible20:08
kergothAh, so they both set _blocking_on and then both try to delete it from there, but only one of those succeeds20:20
kergothI can't imagine we'd be trying to import in a signal handler, though20:21
RPkergoth: I can't see where we are, but one of the python libs might be?20:24
RPkergoth: I decided to file
RPkergoth: it might also not be a signal handler, although I don't know what else it could be20:24
kergothClearly the keyerror is a bug, it should error out more cleanly even if it's doing something that's not allowed20:25
kergothI wonder how we can avoid the situation, though20:25
RPkergoth: All I could think of was hooking acquire and checking in advance but that would be horribly hardcoded :/20:26
RPkergoth: if we make it traceback at the start we'd at least know which code is causing it20:27
kergothYeah, we need that traceback for sure, the one we have doesn't show the actual import line?20:27
RPkergoth: we know the second import but never the first20:27
kergothah, of course20:28
kergothsince that one doesn't fail20:28
RPkergoth: right, you can argue about which is first and second but yes, we only know the not useful one20:28
RPkergoth: the tracebacks are in
JaMarburton: opkg is failing with "nothing provides python3-cryptography-vectors = 36.0.2 needed by python3-cryptography-ptest-36.0.2-r0.0.qemux86_64" even when I do have python3-cryptography-vectors_36.0.2-r0.0_qemux86_64.ipk and python3-cryptography-ptest_36.0.2-r0.0_qemux86_64.ipk20:31
Saur[m]RP: Would it make sense to add `do_devshell[network] = "1"`?20:32
RPSaur[m]: that is a tough call20:32
Saur[m]Yeah, it is not obvious which is correct...20:33
JaMarburton: is rpm parsing the version differently or is the issue somewhere else20:34
JaMarburton: I guess forcing identical EXTENDPKGV between python3-cryptography and python3-cryptography-vectors would be too much as well for people with PRserv20:35
Saur[m]For the record, I've just had the most bizarre experience for the last couple of hours. All of a sudden my build started to fail when running `do_patch` for one of our recipes, due to it failing to do `git ls-remote` using ssh. It failed with an error about ssh considering the ownership of a file in `/etc/ssh/ssh_config.d/` to be incorrect. A lot of googling and bisecting later I finally figured it was  due to the use of unshare, which causes the20:46
Saur[m]files owned by root to show up as owned by nobody when unshared, and that triggers ssh to not accept them. While trying to figure this out I used devshell, which failed the same way when I tried to run ssh in it. So in this case it was lucky for me that devshell doesn't have network enabled. And eventually, of course, the build started to work again by itself...20:46
RPSaur[m]: it could be the revision is in the cache now so you don't see the error any more?20:47
RPSaur[m]: we're supposed to only be changing the network situation with the unshare call20:48
Saur[m]RP: Definitely likely.20:48
Saur[m]I think the problem started when I ran `bitbake --runall=package_qa <some packagegroup>`, something I normally don't do.20:50
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Saur[m]RP: Btw, based on the discussion we had earlier today about ERROR_QA, I changed the code in do_qa_patch() to check whether "patch-fuzz" is set in ERROR_QA using bb-utils.filter(). That solved both the problem to make it depend only changes to patch-fuzz in ERROR_QA and not unrelated QA tests, and the lack of splitting the value of ERROR_QA before looking for patch-fuzz in it.21:08
RPSaur[m]: sounds good21:09
Saur[m]Turned out I made the right thing regarding contains when I added bb.utils.filter() many years ago. :)21:09
RPJPEW, kergoth: I wonder if asyncio could be making an import instead of a signal handler to trigger this?21:12
moto-timoJaMa: we might have to bite the bullet and merge python3-cryptography and python3-cryptography-vectors into one recipe. They absolutely MUST be kept in lock step.21:23
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RPkergoth: not sure I'll catch anything but trying in master-next...22:17
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* JPEW reads back to catch up23:18
JPEWI don't think it would be asyncio. Async behaves like "normal" python Ingles unless it's an explicit async call, and in don't think there is an 'async import'... It wouldn't really make sense to have one since it's imports shouldn't be blocking23:24
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