Thursday, 2022-03-31

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tlwoernerRP: good! an go ahead and remove recipes-core/initscripts/initscripts-1.0/GPLv2.patch and recipes-kernel/modutils-initscripts/files/PD.patch too ;-)01:16
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selffhello everyone, have a nice day. i asked a question about ap and wpa yesterday, but i couldnt find an answer. im sharing it again today, maybe someone can help.07:26
selffi want to use both wpa and ap in my image. when i run hostapd service in runtime, it switches to AP mode without any problems and read the "" settings.  when i want switch to wpa, i follow these steps:07:26
selffenable "wpa_supplicant@wlan0" and disable "hostapd", reboot. when i run the "wpa_supplicant@wlan0" service, it does not switch to wpa mode.07:26
selffeven though hostapd is closed, wpa uses the "" file which is contain ap ip etc. idk why but wpa is reading "" instead of "".07:26
selffin short wpa_supplicant@wlan0 service reads instead of
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:55
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rburtonsielicki: it got renamed  you only need to use it if youre writing support for a new build system, otherwise use the setuptools/flit/poetry classes08:13
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selffdoes anyone have any idea about my problem with ap and wpa? :'(08:32
rburtonobviously not. try talking to the wpa/hostap maintainers?08:33
selffI dont even know where to contact. need to some research, thank you.08:37
selffrburton again an again ty08:40
LetoThe2ndneed to decide on the correct permutation of these: "work on u-boot for an iMX7 board", "drink", "curse each and everything". suggestions?08:46
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LetoThe2ndwhat flag does wic need in order to create an empty FS?10:24
LetoThe2ndsomething like --fixed-size 50M --fstype=ext4  ?10:27
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LetoThe2ndhave you ever seen a situation where u-boot , specifically u-boot-fslc happily builds, no errors, no nothing, but no artifacts are generated in the Yocto build? Manually building outside works nicely11:10
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: wdym by "no artifacts are generated"?11:21
qschulznothing in the deploy directory or nothing in the build directory?11:21
LetoThe2ndqschulz: the former, primarily. still investigating.11:25
qschulzLetoThe2nd: are you sure there's a do_deploy task?11:25
qschulzis the deploy task called?11:25
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LetoThe2ndwill try to find out11:28
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LetoThe2ndwhat do people buy for personal builders these days? still threadrippers?11:49
rburtonmost likely the best bang-per-buck still11:50
rburtonbut you know you want to get a mac studio and boot asahi on it to benchmark that ;)11:50
LetoThe2ndbeen using an old phenom x2 at the moment, but that really needs upgrading11:51
LetoThe2nd1) looked at prices. 2) decided it will probably be just a run of the mill ryzen11:57
rburtonyeah prices are not great11:59
qschulzLetoThe2nd: if you're going for overkill, I've read that the new i9 12th gen are pretty good12:00
LetoThe2ndqschulz: the overkill days are gone, i'm back to common sense ;-)12:01
qschulzLetoThe2nd: then probably Ryzen product line which should have more cores than Intel at similar price points12:01
qschulz(note that Intel MB are notably more expensive than Ryzen compatible ones for some reason)12:02
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: though note that most Ryzen CPUs don't have integrated GPU (the G and GE product line does have it though, AMD calls them APUs)12:03
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: yeah, 5700g sounds like a good one to get.12:03
qschulzso either go for G product line (last letter in the CPU product ID) or think about buying a small graphics card12:03
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LetoThe2ndI even have one lying around here. but that means more hw, e.g. more power consumption.12:07
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I know I know, been looking for CPUs to replace my old server at home but don't want to increase the power consumption really..12:09
qschulzquite a difficult task to find 35W CPUs with integrated graphics today :)12:09
rburtonget a mac mini and boot asahi on it ;)12:20
rburtoni wonder if anyone makes thunderbolt sata docks that take four disks12:20
qschulzrburton: no thank you :)12:25
qschulzdon't have time to debug things on my server, it needs to work :)12:25
qschulzand I had a Mac mini at work running Linux (intel based, old one), graphics glitches every now and then12:26
rburtonwell if its a server it will be headless, right? :)12:27
qschulzrburton: well.. no :p12:28
qschulzwant to replace my RPi running Kodi/LibreElec with the server12:28
qschulzand also hope to be able to replace my desktop (which I very rarely use) with it12:28
qschulzbut I've yet to understand if it is possible and how to share GPU+VPU among different containers/KVM12:29
qschulzand now the 5600GE I'm after is impossible to find12:30
qschulzrburton: is it you who has a microserver gen8 too?12:31
qschulzI remember reading a tweet, either you or paul12:31
qschulzand looking for ARM based replacement12:31
qschulzwell.. maybe #yocto isn't the best place for this kind of discussion but it's rather calm today :)12:31
LetoThe2ndeverybody is busy day drinking and preparing bad jokes for tomorrow.12:34
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MrSaturnsilly question: If I do a "devtool build" where does the binary go?13:02
qschulzMrSaturn: ${B}13:04
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MrSaturnAlright, odd. I think something isn't working quite right in the recipe.13:09
MrSaturnIs there a way I can make this work with both bitbake and devtool?  When I do a devtool modify, then a bitbake build it can not find the logo.13:10
rburtonMrSaturn: don't use a task, just tell the fetcher where to put the file in the SRC_URI:
rburtonqschulz: yeah thats me13:12
qschulzrburton: the only Aarch64 consumer board that was "suitable" for NAS was the Helios64 IIRC, but they shutdown last year13:14
MrSaturnrburton: The layer already has a 'SRC_URI += "file://company.bmp"' line. It looks like that task is move the logo to a specific location. This isn't my layer, so I am guessing at intention.13:20
MrSaturnIn devtool, "company.bmp" is in a directory called "oe-local-files"13:22
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rburtonMrSaturn: someone didn't know that you can tell the fetcher where to put a file, that's all13:55
rburtona new task is overkill13:55
LetoThe2ndqschulz: the u-boot boot is weird. builddir is empty other than the .scmversion file.14:56
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RPkergoth: do you think the failure in might be related to the sys.modules reset? :/15:36
RPJPEW: there is also an asyncio event loop issue in there :(15:36
RPkergoth: I mean the KeyError re: sys.modules15:37
kergothI'm wondering if sys.modules and sys.path are actually just dicts or another type, if assignment could cause an issue vs clearing and updating the dict15:54
kergothRP: ^15:54
kergothdon't really know15:54
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RPkergoth: Yes, that is what I'm wondering too. I'm pretty sure sys.path is just a list but sys.modules' contents might not copy well :/15:57
kergothModule import handling is voodoo to me, I should probably read up on that more15:57
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kergothI'd try clearing and updating sys.modules and see if that changes the behavior16:03
kergothI do wonder how these things are affected by multiconfig builds, since it's global state set by metadata which isn't global16:04
kergothguessing layers wouldn't change with that so probably fine16:04
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dvorkindmitryIs there a way to install SYSTEMD_SERVICE machine-specific, like SYSTEMD_SERVICE:${PN}:myarch = "ssss.service" ?16:06
qschulzdvorkindmitry: if this does not work you can always do SYSTEMD_SERVICE:${PN} = "${SSSS_SERVICE}" and have SSSS_SERVICE:myarch = "ssss.service"16:09
kergothoverrides work fine with any variable. they don't work on flags, but variables are fine16:10
kergothHmm when will kirkstone be branching? Wonderinga bout submitting stuff that doesn't belong in the release16:13
dvorkindmitryqschulz, kergoth, thank you to both of you. looks like it work16:13
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RPkergoth: not sure I want to think about multiconfig in this context!16:14
dvorkindmitrywhy machine-specific SRC_URI should be written like SRC_URI:append:mymachine, while SYSTEMD_SERVICE:${PN}:mymachine ?16:15
smurraythe latter isn't an append?16:19
smurrayi.e. it overrides the definition.  If you did that for SRC_URI you'd lose the presumably non-machine-specific default value16:21
RPkergoth: going to give a try16:24
manuel1985'Subprocess output:x86_64-poky-linux-objcopy: Unable to recognise the format of the input file' <--- how can I skip this check? The file in question is a downloaded rust executable16:25
kergothRP: looks reasonable16:28
kergothI wonder if we couldn't subclass and use importlib.machinery.PathFinder to search our own bbpath-based-path directly rather than mucking about with sys.path. I also wonder if we could change sys.modules or import behavior in our python eval so it doesn't persist in bitbake's global sys.path and sys.modules.16:29
kergothlong term16:29
RPkergoth: yes, I think we do need to improve this longer term, probably with layer.conf syntax too16:31
* RP notes kirkstone branches are now available16:41
RPthey're not diverging yet but available16:42
kergothah, okay, so no need to hold off on post-kirkstone submissions?16:42
RPkergoth: just make them clearly not for kirkstone16:43
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amahnui[m]Hello rburton: I have set up freebsd tho I never successfully set up a de but I will begin setting up my coding environment while trying to set it up the de16:55
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MrSaturnSorry about the accidental paste. Just to make sure I understand: to fetch a file and put it in a specfic location, you do "SRC_URI +=..." then you need to put something in do_unpack?18:01
rfs613MrSaturn: only if you have some very esoteric unpacking needs. Normally the existing yocto handles all formats you're likely to encounter.18:08
MrSaturnrfs613: I have a file that I need to put in ${S}/tools/logos. Can this be accomplished without a do_unpack_append?18:09
rfs613MrSaturn: I think you may be confusing the unpack with the install18:10
MrSaturnrfs613: Perhaps. The file needs to be inplace before compilation18:12
rburtonMrSaturn: yes it can. i pointed you at the precise bit of the documetation that tells you how earlier today18:12
rburtonthe default location is WORKDIR18:13
rburtonbut you can change that, to ${S}/tools/logos18:13
MrSaturnrburton: oh shoot. I think I understand. I had to read it a third time.  SRC_URI += "file://mfg.bmp;subdir=${S}/tools/logos"18:17
MrSaturnSorry I am daft. I missed that it was a parameter in the URL18:19
MrSaturnHoly cow that worked. Let's see if devtool does the trick now.18:20
MrSaturnOk, this is madness. I am going to reach out to them and ask them their workflow.18:22
MrSaturnNow when I do a devtool build I get a "subdir argument isn't a subdirectory of unpack root"18:23
amahnui[m]<amahnui[m]> "Hello rburton: I have set up..." <- Hello rburton: please I can't find the issue tracker for yocto project18:25
amahnui[m]rburton: Thank you18:29
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ferlzcHi, I created a recipe that's builds a library. I compile the library on the do_compile() and afterward I installed it using the following:do_install () {18:32
ferlzc     install -p ${D}${libdir}18:32
ferlzc     install -d ${D}${includedir}18:32
ferlzc     install ${S}/ ${D}${libdir}/libulf.so18:32
ferlzc    18:32
ferlzc     install ${S}/lib-ulf.h ${D}${includedir}18:32
rburtonversion your library18:32
rburtonthat's why you get insane errors18:32
rburtonif you really don't want to version your library then covers how to work around it18:33
rburtonbut version your library (i.e.
rburtonI'm assuming I'm right as to what the problem is ;)18:33
ferlzcrburton that's one problem and you nailed18:34
rburton talks about the library naming convention18:34
ferlzcthe other one is: I need to use this library in another recipe, but during the makefile I can seem to find the .h that I link for18:35
rburtondid you DEPEND on ulf or whatever you named the library recipe?18:36
ferlzcfor some reason the only way I found .h was using -I${TMPDIR}/sysroots-components/core2-64/lib-omneulf-client/usr/include, which is not a good solution18:36
rburtonyeah don't do that18:36
rburtonif you DEPENDed on ulf then its in the recipe's private sysroot18:37
ferlzcI did DEPEND the library on the new recipe18:37
rburtonare you manually compiling the app?18:37
rburtonbecause you're probably driving the compiler wrong18:37
ferlzcno I'm patching an Makefile18:38
rburtoneven worse: the makefile is probably terrible18:38
rburtonmakefiles are typically terrible and wrong18:38
rburtonspecifically, its probably ignoring LDFLAGS from the environment18:38
rburtonwriting a proper makefile is hard.  people think its easy, hack one up, and then wonder why people building distributions get annoyed at the makefiles.18:39
ferlzcthis an example of the Makefile18:39
ferlzcLDLIBSOPTIONS=-L/opt/omne/lib -L/opt/addons/lib -lulf -lcrypto -lpq -lpcrecpp18:39
ferlzc# Build Targets18:39 ${BUILD_SUBPROJECTS}18:39
ferlzc"${MAKE}"  -f nbproject/Makefile-${CND_CONF}.mk ${CND_DISTDIR}/${CND_CONF}/${CND_PLATFORM}/libomnecpp.so18:39
ferlzc${OBJECTDIR}/OmneAuth.o: OmneAuth.cpp18:39
ferlzc${MKDIR} -p ${OBJECTDIR}18:39
ferlzc${RM} "$@.d"18:39
ferlzc$( -O2 -I/opt/addons/include -I/opt/omne/include -fPIC  -MMD -MP -MF "$@.d" -o ${OBJECTDIR}/OmneAuth.o OmneAuth.cpp18:39
ferlzc${OBJECTDIR}/OmneCrypto.o: OmneCrypto.cpp18:39
ferlzc${MKDIR} -p ${OBJECTDIR}18:39
ferlzc${RM} "$@.d"18:39
ferlzc$( -O2 -I/opt/addons/include -I/opt/omne/include -fPIC  -MMD -MP -MF "$@.d" -o ${OBJECTDIR}/OmneCrypto.o OmneCrypto.cpp18:39
ferlzc${OBJECTDIR}/OmneStrings.o: OmneStrings.cpp18:39
ferlzc${MKDIR} -p ${OBJECTDIR}18:39
ferlzc${RM} "$@.d"18:39
ferlzc$( -O2 -I/opt/addons/include -I/opt/omne/include -fPIC  -MMD -MP -MF "$@.d" -o ${OBJECTDIR}/OmneStrings.o OmneStrings.cpp18:39
ferlzc${OBJECTDIR}/OmneULF.o: OmneULF.cpp18:39
ferlzc${MKDIR} -p ${OBJECTDIR}18:39
ferlzc${RM} "$@.d"18:39
ferlzc$( -O2 -I/opt/addons/include -I/opt/omne/include -fPIC  -MMD -MP -MF "$@.d" -o ${OBJECTDIR}/OmneULF.o OmneULF.cpp18:40
ferlzci'm patching those /opt/omne/lib which is bad18:40
rburtonI'm assuming it doesn't define itself?18:40
ferlzccan you tell me more on how not to ignore the LDFLAGS on this Makefile ?18:41
rburtonwell, does it define or does it use the default?18:41
ferlzcit uses the default18:41
rburtonthe default does respect CXX CXXFLAGS CPPFLAGS so it *should* work18:42
rburtonread the tmp/****/recipename/temp/log.do_compile to see what compiler flags are being passed.18:42
rburtonit should be passing --sysroot pointing at the recipe sysroot for the recipe, which should contain an include/ulf.h18:43
rburtonits its now quarter to 8 so im going to see my kids. hope someone else can help when you have more info.  always hard to debug secret recipes though.18:43
ferlzcis like this:18:44
ferlzcg++    -c -O2 -I/usr/include -fPIC  -MMD -MP -MF "build/Release/GNU-Linux-x86/OmneAuth.o.d" -o build/Release/GNU-Linux-x86/OmneAuth.o OmneAuth.cpp18:44
ferlzcg++    -c -O2 -I/usr/include -fPIC  -MMD -MP -MF "build/Release/GNU-Linux-x86/OmneCrypto.o.d" -o build/Release/GNU-Linux-x86/OmneCrypto.o OmneCrypto.cpp18:44
ferlzcg++    -c -O2 -I/usr/include -fPIC  -MMD -MP -MF "build/Release/GNU-Linux-x86/OmneULF.o.d" -o build/Release/GNU-Linux-x86/OmneULF.o OmneULF.cpp18:44
ferlzcIn file included from OmneAuth.cpp:1:18:44
ferlzcOmneAuth.h:8:10: fatal error: libpq-fe.h: No such file or directory18:44
ferlzc    8 | #include <libpq-fe.h>18:44
ferlzc      |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~18:44
ferlzccompilation terminated.18:44
*** agners <agners!~ags@2a02:169:3df5:10:5232:3053:9692:978b> has joined #yocto18:44
rburtonthat's using the host compiler, not a cross compiler18:44
ferlzcrburton thank you very much for the help so far18:45
khemwhere is being set ?18:45
rburtonits a default make rule18:45
khemperhapps EXTRA_OEMAKE += "'${CC}'"18:45
khemmight be a good thing to do in recipe18:45
rburton$ make -f /dev/null  -p|grep COMPILE.cc18:45
ferlzcis not defining the COMPILE.cc18:45 = $(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) $(TARGET_ARCH) -c18:45
khemOK is there some hard define for CXX in makefile ?18:46
rburtonoh do you need EXTRA_OEMAKE = "-e"?18:47
rburtonto force it to pull from the environment18:47
rburtonalways forget that we don't force make to do that anymore18:49
rburtonits only been what, five years18:49
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ferlzcyes there is some hard define for CXX on the file, like so:CC=gcc19:09
rfs613sakoman: available for a quick chat about CVE backports in dunfell?19:10
sakomanrfs613: yes19:10
rfs613great! so I notice there are a lot (92 according to last metrics email)19:11
rfs613quite a few of them also exist in other branches19:11
rfs613do we have a requirement to fix them in newer branches before they can go in dunfell?19:12
rfs613I'm finding it challenging to switch between branches, to verify a fix works in all of them19:12
sakomanThere is a requirement that fixes go first to master before dunfell and the other branches19:13
sakomanThen it is up to the branch maintainers to take them if possible19:13
sakomanIn reality, with different versions in the various branches it is pretty rare to be able to cherry-pick19:14
khemmaster is must as sakoman says19:15
sakomanWhen kirkstone is out and I am maintaining two LTS branches I'll probably try really hard to get the fixes in both after master19:15
khemwe need to ensure its either fixed in master via virtue of new version being in master or apply the patch to master and ask for a backport to related branches19:15
rfs613indeed, but the effort of finding the patch, applying it, adding the approprate tags etc, sort of makes sense to try and do it for all branches. Otherwise I end up re-doign the same work again.19:16
khemyeah LTSs would matter19:16
sakomanBut the reality is that many CVEs only exist in older branches and not in master since they have more recent package versions19:16
sakomanSo more often than not CVE fixes for dunell don't have a master fix since they don't exist there19:16
zeddiiThat's always fine as well. AS long as someone shows the version in master doesn't have a given problem, a cherry-pick/patch to an older branch is fine.19:17
sakomanrfs613: I and other maintainers would love to see you do the patches for all currently supported branches19:17
sakomanBut please test that the patches not only apply but build in those older branches :-)19:18
rfs613sakoman: my only challenge is workflow, keeping multiple branches up-to-date, testing that the CVE fix at least builds on each branch... it slows down the cycle significantly. And I find it mentally challenging to jump between branches a lot, get my wires crossed.19:19
rfs613having fewer active branches would of course help... dunfell, kirkstone, master would be nice ;-)19:19
sakomanrfs613: I totally understand!  The important branches at this point would be master, kirkstone, and dunfell19:20
khempractically yes19:20
rfs613ok, so as I am focused on dunfell for now, maybe I'll just note which other branches a fix might be applicable to (it's pretty easy to check while I'm in there), but leave the actual work of fixing honister/hardknott (if applicable) to someone else.19:21
khemyeah knowing that other branches would need this fix too would be good atleat release maintainer will know19:22
rfs613the patches would have [dunfell] tag, so other branch maintainer might not look at them19:23
sakomanrfs613: honister and hardknott just have one to two months of active maintenance left so it is a short term problem19:23
sakomanrfs613: I know that for dunfell I look at all CVE patches in master and do a quick evaluation as to whether they exist in dunfell and whether a cherry-pick is possible19:24
rfs613my other question relates to timing w.r.t releases, do we have a preference on when to submit (esp) CVE fixes?19:25
sakomanrfs613: for CVEs the answer is always ASAP :-)19:25
sakomanI try to do some each week independent of whether a release is imminent or not19:26
sakomanThough at release time it does go to zero since I'm occupied with the release19:26
khemsakoman:  on this note when is 3.1.16 planned ? there are some important openssl fixes on dunfell since 3.1.1519:34
sakomankhem: from the weekly status update:19:35
sakomanYP 3.1.16 build date 2022/04/25YP 3.1.16 Release date 2022/05/0619:35
khemok thanks19:36
rfs613i've just posted CVE-2022-0204 for dunfell. In the comments after the shortlog, I put info about the other branches. Feedback on the formatting, usefulnes, etc welcomed.19:40
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RPNice, first ever oe-selftest pass with BB_SERVER_TIMEOUT set20:06
rfs613hmm, this is odd, I used "b4" to download my patch (in another copy of poky). It said it applies clean to current tree, and yet when I do the 'git am' on the .mbx file, it complains that the patch is corrupt.20:07
khemrfs613:  there patchwork too
khemI have had more success with pw20:09
rfs613khem: there was a commandline tool for patchwork too, I seem to recall...20:10
khemgit-pw yes20:17
abelloniRP: so you started a master-next build to celebrate? :)20:18
RPabelloni: using server_timeout so it may explode20:19
RPabelloni: I saw the system had space and was curious to see how bad the issues are now20:19
RPabelloni: it isn't causing an issue is it?20:20
*** GillesM <GillesM!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)20:21
abelloninope, I'm waiting for my build to finish, that's all20:23
abelloniand then I'll send the series from rburton which I'm not really sure will be successfull ;)20:23
*** ferlzc_ <ferlzc_!~ferlzc@> has joined #yocto20:26
RPabelloni: I hadn't seen that series. Hmm ;-)20:27
rfs613khem: oh, it looks like I corrupted the patch before sending it. Oops.20:29
*** Circuitsoft <Circuitsoft!> has quit IRC (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)20:29
rfs613I'll do a v2 later, time to pick up the little ones.20:29
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RPabelloni: I'm worried that build is hanging :(21:15
abelloniRP: mine seems to be stuck too:
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:c5b2:fdff:b718:9edf> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)21:29
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RPabelloni: I was referring to yours!21:30
abellonithen yes, it seems stuck, I've started another one just to see21:32
RPabelloni: I logged into alma8 and it is inside a linux-yocto kernel build. I think it is the make hang21:34
RP$ pstree -p 341574921:34
RPand 4044706 is a zombie21:34
RPabelloni: I think I can unblock it if you want. Or if anyone wants to study a make/signal bug...21:35
abelloniah, I'm pretty sure you'd love to do that before going to sleep ;)21:36
RPabelloni: unblock it or study it? I did study one of these before. I don't know what the issue is :(21:37
abelloniI'm not quite sure what would make that centos specific21:38
RPabelloni: make version?21:38
RPabelloni: something like maybe?21:40
RPalthough that should be in 4.2.121:41
abellonifrom 2014?21:41
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)21:42
RPabelloni: i.e.
RPabelloni: I suspect something like this21:44
RPabelloni: to be clear I think it is bug on our side21:45
RPabelloni: I updated the bug21:48
abelloniok, I guess you can kill this build then21:48
RPabelloni: not quite sure what I did there but it has died21:50
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RPJPEW: - second time I've hit this despite the patches in -next and on the list :(22:00
JPEWRP: Weird, is that new? did something change?22:01
RPJPEW: it is memres bitbake22:01
RPI'm really tempted to just error if make 4.2.1 is present22:09
*** dgriego <dgriego!~dgriego@user/dgriego> has quit IRC (Quit: Textual IRC Client:
JPEWIs it warning in all the tests and we just don't see it?22:10
abelloniRP: wouldn't that just disable all the centos based workers?22:22
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