Tuesday, 2022-04-12

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vvnis there a way to configure this via device tree? http://ix.io/3UTL01:51
vvnI'd like not to have a custom kernel and machine just for this addition RTC01:52
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RPsmurray: np, just happy to have a fix, thanks! :)06:45
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mckoangood morning06:59
LetoThe2ndyo dudX & mckoan07:00
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Guest5kergoth is there any way to access the value of variable that is set using d.setVar() in different task or in different recipe?07:29
LetoThe2ndGuest5: straight no. Yocto chant #1: recipe data is local, configuration data is global. means, that if you need something across all of your build, putting it into your distro is the best bet usually (but it of course depends a bit)07:31
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LetoThe2ndGuest5: https://youtu.be/DSnOfF6-xZI?t=20007:36
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qschulzGuest5: ONLY if setVar is used in an anonymous python function is it then available to other tasks in the same recipe07:50
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RPok, we broke edgerouter in 4.0rc1 so we're going to an rc208:44
RPWith that in mind, are there other commits we need?08:47
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Schillerin the YPAutobuilder i would like to edit the var:${BUILDDIR}  from ../build/build to ../build but i can't quite find the entry11:22
RPSchiller: I'd probably advise against that. The top level "build" is a buildbot thing, the other one is a yocto project level thing. You do need both for different reasons11:23
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SchillerRP: thx was about to ask if it is even adviseable.11:24
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Guest69Hi everyone. Is it ok if I post a question here ? I am seeing some bitbake behaviour that I cannot figure out.11:50
LetoThe2ndGuest69: sure, go ahead. if the error or log is lengthy, then it might be good to put it onto a pastebinä11:55
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Guest69Thanks. Okay so I am trying to install a pre-built ipk into a yocto image. For that I use the bin_package.bbclass and I override the do_fetch in the recipe. But I cannot get it to work. I made a simplified version of my recipe, which also does not work, here it is : DESCRIPTION = "My simple recipe"11:58
Guest69LICENSE = "CLOSED"11:58
Guest69do_configure[noexec] = "1"11:58
Guest69do_compile[noexec] = "1"11:58
Guest69do_fetch () {11:59
Guest69mkdir -p ${S}11:59
Guest69echo "Test" > ${S}/test11:59
Guest69# Install the files to ${D}11:59
Guest69do_install () {11:59
Guest69    install -d ${D}11:59
Guest69    cp -dpR ${S}/* ${D}/11:59
Guest69After bitbake -c fetch the ${S} contains the test file. But when  I do bitbake -c install I get an error and ${S} is cleared, the file is gone.11:59
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Guest69Using bin_package.bbclass this translates into the error : bin_package has nothing to install. Be sure the SRC_URI unpacks into S.12:01
Guest69I just don't understand why bitbake removes the file I just "fetched". In this case it's created by the echo "Test" > ${S}/test line, but in my real recipe a file is downloaded and unpacked there.12:02
qschulzGuest69: use SRC_URI variable instead of baking your own fetch task12:02
LetoThe2ndGuest69: first, i don't think you need to create ${D}. second, what error do you actually get? "an error" is not an exactly good description.12:02
Guest69Sorry, yeah it says : cp: cannot stat /home/my-home/my-yocto/build/tmp/qemuarm64/work/aarch64-poky-linux/my-simple-recipe/1.0-r0/my-simple-stupid-recipe-1.0/*': No such file or directory12:04
Guest69qschulz Unfortunately I cannot use SRC_URI. I do need some custom code to fetch the package12:06
Guest69But In general I am trying to understand this . I thought bitbake would not remove any content in ${S} between a do_fetch and do_install, Or am I wrong about that ?12:06
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LetoThe2ndI also think that it should not do that. But my gut feeling is that there is something fishy about the whole thing. Can't yet put my finger on it, sorry.12:11
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Guest69Okay everyone thanks for your time to have a brief look at this12:25
Thomas1I'm rather new to yocto and have a problem understanding a concept.12:26
Thomas1I am trying to create a system update workflow with SWUpdate.12:26
Thomas1My problem is that my SWUpdate seems to be missing bootloader support.12:26
Thomas1I've added a enable-uboot.cfg where I set:12:26
Thomas1# CONFIG_BOOTLOADER_NONE is not set12:26
Thomas1I've also created a swupdate_%.bbappend where I add the .cfg file to my SRC_URI:12:26
Thomas1SRC_URI += "\12:26
Thomas1    file://systemd.cfg \12:26
Thomas1    file://rdiff.cfg \12:26
Thomas1    file://enable-uboot.cfg \12:26
Thomas1    file://hash.cfg \12:26
Thomas1    file://archive.cfg \12:26
Thomas1    file://part-format.cfg \12:26
Thomas1    file://get-slot.sh \12:26
LetoThe2ndThomas1: please use a pastebin in the future, and just drop the link to it with the question. thanks!12:27
qschulzThomas1: is your bbappend listed in bitbake-layers show-appends?12:30
qschulzdoes bitbake -e swupdate | grep "^SRC_URI=" returns something with enable-uboot.cfg in there?12:31
LetoThe2ndand, does swupdate support cfg fragments?12:31
qschulzand if it does, does the final config file actually have uboot enabled? (wondering if swudate recipe has a menuconfig task to check?12:32
LetoThe2ndinevitable plug - have you looked at mender? O:-)12:33
Thomas1The official meta-swupdate also contains .cfg files.12:34
Thomas1My SRC_URI contains the enable_uboot.cfg.12:34
Thomas1How can I check the final config file?12:34
Thomas1I have looked at mender but for now we are set at swupdate. :)12:35
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tomzy_0Thomas1: you should be able to look in WORKDIR of swupdate12:40
tomzy_0I believe12:40
tomzy_0Thomas1: smth like `build/tmp/work/XYZ/swupdate/V.X.Z/.config`12:42
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amahnui[m]<qschulz> "so you can also take inspiration..." <- The which package of fedora displays where a particular in path is located12:51
glembo[m]I want to remove a package/tool machine specific in their conf file. Is the conf file even the right place for this? If not, then where? Image (.bb) Recipe?... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/f32ed734216510d23133d70f2a3491c173e6a184)12:57
glembo[m] * I want to remove a package/tool machine specific in their conf file. Is the conf file even the right place for this? If not, then where? Image (.bb) Recipe?... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/18e53ab3bcc5b1dfd2ae7f9e5e1eceac1ead9b64)12:57
qschulzamahnui[m]: yes, that's what which is supposed to do (though admittedly, `command -v` should be used now instead, don't remember the justification.. might even be related to bsd)12:57
qschulzglembo[m]: how is the package added to your image in the frst place?12:58
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glembo[m]qschulz: I think ldconfig that comes with yocto poky by default. Is there a quick way I can find out?13:02
qschulzamahnui[m]: maybe which is already available on freebsd by default, I don't know13:03
qschulzor maybe it just does not exist and we need a replacement and handle things differently so that a freebsd compatible implementation can be made13:04
amahnui[m]These are the packages that I've not seen their freebsd alternative yet... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/82acf393cb025ec06016c0de936c693089aacaef)13:05
amahnui[m]* qschulz:  these are the packages that I've not seen their freebsd alternative yet... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/a4f625d4147b2eaed3b4d0386432026157cbc3e0)13:06
qschulzamahnui[m]: freebsd seems to be provide some linux-compatible package but that just highlights they do things differently and maybe so should we13:06
Thomas1LetoThe2nd: I might have been wrong. I think I need to set the configs in a defconfig file.13:07
amahnui[m]qschulz:  these are the packages who's freebsd alternative i have not seen yet.... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/918abf4e4a2a5d821d7d609f82f8d894554a9c5a)13:07
amahnui[m]qschulz: qschulz: please I wish to ask how we may proceed13:08
amahnui[m]Sorry for taking a lot of time13:10
amahnui[m]We are having electrical problems here for about 2 days now.13:10
qschulzamahnui[m]: don't know, I'm just a contributor and have no knowledge about freebsd or what needs to be done to have it supported as building host for Yocto Project13:11
LetoThe2ndThomas1: very well possible, yes.13:14
amahnui[m]qschulz:  alright13:17
amahnui[m]Thanks a lot for helping out as that has giving me a clue on how freebsd works when packages and how to get the freebsd version of some debian packages13:17
glembo[m]> <@glembo:matrix.org> I want to remove a package/tool machine specific in their conf file. Is the conf file even the right place for this? If not, then where? Image (.bb) Recipe?... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/8e650c4a3cc9f3b3ce55a7ede3eaf9d12aaf8810)13:19
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qschulzglembo[m]: which version of yocto are you using?13:24
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glembo[m]qschulz:  dunfell13:25
qschulzglembo[m]: I assume removing ldconfig from DISRO_FEATURES should be enough13:26
qschulzglembo[m]: you can run bitbake -g <image-recipe> to check what pulls it in from the .dot file13:27
qschulz(don't try to run dot on it to output an image or pdf, it'll take hours and will be unusable in the end, just use a text editor)13:27
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Guest14690: rust-native-1.59.0-r0 do_compile - 2h29m19s  just this task running and there is no progress bar for it. is it normal? there are 100 remaining tasks14:40
vvnGuest1469: the remaining 100 tasks certainly depend on rust-native:do_compile ;-)14:48
Guest1469woww i see14:48
Guest1469but it taked too much time:( but it finished now14:48
Guest1469where can i see sizes of these packages14:58
rfs613Guest1469: tmp/deploy/deb/all is where *.deb files are placed, if that's what you are looking for14:59
vvnGuest1469: luckily native packages are likely built only once. You should read the documentation (see the channel topic) to find out how to re-use the cache (SSTATE_DIR) and how to inspect built images (BUILDHISTORY_FEATURES)15:00
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vvnkergoth: I derivated beaglebone.conf into beaglebone-sdcard.conf and beaglebone-emmc.conf as I need images for both. What changed really is only the bootloader config and two configuration files in the rootfs (including fstab). Problem is the kernel, qtwebengine, and other stuffs get build twice. Did you have a similar experience to deal with different target mediums of the same machine, with15:09
vvnmachine/distro features maybe?15:09
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kergothvvn: for us, we have a separate variable to control that behavior without changing machine, so haven't run into that particular issue. still, rebuilding the bootloader shouldn't result in rebuilding everything that depends upon it, so i'd investigate why those things are changing. see bitabke -S printdiff and also sstate-diff-machines15:24
kergothOof, populate_sdk_ext is rather messy. There's so much hardcoded about what packages get included and controlled via booleans rather than obeying variables listing what targets we want. and assumes an esdk has to involve an image, so assumes the target is an application developer. it handlesl that use case well, but that's not the only one where an esdk could be useful15:26
kergothAlso can't change SDKDEPLOY as it uses that to pull buildtools-tarball, not just to control output..15:27
vvnkergoth: this I will do. I can still split my work better. My concern about the variable (and multiconfigs I presume?) is that you cannot share the same deploy dir I think (images will have the same basename, even if you set IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX = "-sdcard" (same IMAGE_LINK_NAME in fact).15:27
kergothThe esdk that comes out of the build is impressively useful, don't get me wrong, just reading the bbclass...15:27
vvnwell maybe I can merge the deploy dirs later15:28
nk058[m]Has anybody tried esdk on Honister? It does not seem to get the header and libraries in PACKAGE_INSTALL apart from core-image ones, or I've been doing something wrong.15:29
RPkergoth: it was developed to a point and then people got pulled off. There are neat ideas there, it needs re-envisaging15:37
nk058[m] * Has anybody tried esdk on Honister? It does not seem to get the header and libraries from `PACKAGE\_INSTALL` apart from `core-image` ones, or I've been doing something wrong.15:38
kergothRP: yeah, agreed. the concept is sound. I can see why it's on future directions to get somebody diving into it15:38
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RPkergoth: its actually going to be on the top 5 list as about the only thing we have to try and improve usability but we need to be clear it needs to be rethought in some areas15:40
RP(for usability, saying you want to improve it is fine but we need specifics which we don't have many of)15:41
* kergoth nods15:41
kergothIt kind of feels like archiver, a ton of little variables to control behavior, which isn't usually how we like to do things. I'd like to see more flexiblity on what's included, vars more like TOOLCHAIN_*_TASK rather than a bunch of flags to flip, and potentially a new SDKEXT_FEATURES or something15:42
kergothmight be nice to still be able to run bitbake from an esdk also, not only through devtool, but that might not be a valid use case, we should articulate the use cases we're looking to satisfy with it to begin with15:42
RPkergoth: right. I'd also like to be able make an existing build into an eSDK and vice-versa15:43
kergothThat's a good idea15:43
RPkergoth: that is kind of the concept that was behind the bblock and bbunlock commands there is a bugzilla entry for15:43
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vvnkergoth: how did you organize your code to fetch a different fstab depending on a given variable? FILESEXTRAPATHS:prepend := "${THISDIR}/${MACHINE}/${MEDIUM}:" or SRC_URI:append = " file://fstab-${MEDIUM}.conf" or something else?17:13
kergothvvn: iirc we didn't, as we use wic, and used a .wks.in to adapt to the media17:13
kergothand since wic updates fstab..17:14
vvnkergoth: unfortunately I use --source rawcopy for my image. I'll see how I can produce that without duplicating the recipes.17:17
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linumsis there any guide how to create an uefi image?19:28
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m_jimmer12345Hello there is there a way to add arch's to DNF ?  Example;. I have all these "arch's"  armv7at2hf_neon cortexa9_vfp  sdk_provides_dummy_nativesdk cortexa5hf_vfp  noarch sdk_provides_dummy_target x86_64_nativesdk19:56
m_jimmer12345sudo dnf  --downloadonly --destdir=/tmp  install binutils-cross-canadian-arm19:57
m_jimmer12345  - package binutils-cross-canadian-arm-2.34-r0.x86_64_nativesdk does not have a compatible architecture19:57
m_jimmer12345" x86_64_nativesdk "19:57
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RPm_jimmer12345: that sounds like you're trying to install our packages onto your desktop system which isn't supported. nativesdk only works as part of the SDK20:13
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RPNot sure if people have seen it but we have two bugs, 14782 and 14783 which block our rc2 4.0 build :(20:21
RPThe icons look messed up in my qemu image too20:21
RPI couldn't see the pcmanfm delay though20:21
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m_jimmer12345RP you are correct was trying to just update one package. So you are saying that only target packages are good ?20:43
RPm_jimmer12345: update them inside what?20:44
m_jimmer12345the VM that I have20:45
m_jimmer12345or say that my sdk only changes as local lib20:45
* RP notes that icons in M3 looked better so this is some regression during M4 :/20:45
m_jimmer12345would like it so that I amn not shi[pping the sdk each time20:46
RPm_jimmer12345: we stopped supporting package upgrades in the SDK a long time ago. It sounds like a good idea but it simply doesn't work20:46
m_jimmer12345I am also just really testing out the idea of OTA and how much I can and can not use20:46
RPm_jimmer12345: we did design the eSDK to be more updatable but is is a bit different20:47
m_jimmer12345Ok so all sdk's and all there rpm's/debs/ipks should never go to my local repo ?20:47
RPm_jimmer12345: we do build the sdk from those packages but once built it isn't designed to be updated with them20:48
m_jimmer12345Now comes the issue that there are "other" archs that are based off the MACHINE env20:48
RPNo part of the SDK is designed to be package updatable20:48
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m_jimmer12345Cool but what about the target ?20:49
RPm_jimmer12345: within the SDK or inside an actual target image on device20:49
m_jimmer12345the target20:50
RPm_jimmer12345: I'm asking as the SDK does have target components and I want to be sure we're talking about the same thing20:50
m_jimmer12345yes forget the sdk and all the native stuff20:51
RPm_jimmer12345: that can be updated with packages, at least in theory and is documented to a degree20:51
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m_jimmer12345I am saying on my board (one of 45+ machine.confs) I use the MACHINE to add custom code and make the PACKAGE_ARCH to be the MACHINE20:52
*** JPEW <JPEW!sid500061@helmsley.irccloud.com> has joined #yocto20:52
m_jimmer12345I would like to keep that so we don't break our Free software guidlines vs non-free20:52
RPthe on target package manager should be configured to handle the package arches20:53
RPwe built the images using the package manager and the same config20:53
m_jimmer12345How ?20:53
m_jimmer12345I get that but there is no arch called s1234520:53
RPm_jimmer12345: depends which package backend, they're all different20:53
m_jimmer12345but I have a board called s1234520:54
m_jimmer12345I dont want to expose to others20:54
RPm_jimmer12345: which backend(s) are you interested in?20:54
m_jimmer12345we are done with debs and ipks20:54
m_jimmer12345just need to handle the rpms20:55
m_jimmer12345for debs I jsut use the path to hack around it20:55
m_jimmer12345inhouse "repo manager tool"20:55
m_jimmer12345the issue comes down to the fact that alot of the archs are not in dnf as vaild archs \20:55
RPm_jimmer12345: I suspect we configure it to accept them as archs20:56
m_jimmer12345yeah I think that is what is going to have to happen20:57
m_jimmer12345was looking at https://github.com/ubinux/dnf-plugin-tui/20:57
m_jimmer12345For a better Idea all of our EFSG is open to the public here.  (keep in mind there are alot more machines else where)20:58
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RPm_jimmer12345: the code writing the arches is in meta/lib/oe/package_manager/rpm/__init__.py in _configure_dnf where it writes etc/dnf/vars/arch21:01
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has joined #yocto21:01
m_jimmer12345our closed source stuff uses the PACKAGE_ARCH = "${MACHINE_ARCH}"    for all the packages so we know not to include these in our EFSW(emac free software )21:01
RPm_jimmer12345: wouldn't it make more sense to add an extra arch specifically for that rather than using that existing arch which already has uses?21:02
m_jimmer12345We want to keep the packages seperate so "other" users can use our   EFSW  but not the ENFSW(emac non free software)21:03
m_jimmer12345keep in mind that we have over 40 + images21:03
RPm_jimmer12345: Right, but having a separate arch for the thing you want to separate would be easier wouldn't it?21:03
m_jimmer12345we dont want base files to over right base files21:04
m_jimmer12345that is what we do21:04
m_jimmer12345the arch is the machinename21:04
m_jimmer12345example meta-something/recipes-core/basefiles/    in the bbappend we add  PACKAGE_ARCH = "${MACHINE_ARCH}"21:04
RPok, whatever then, you know best clearly. The answer to your question is the code line above which is where the arch is written21:05
m_jimmer12345yeah I guess we are going to have to hack dnf. It seems like there would be something for this. Sorry I dont think I understood what you said I will re-read21:06
m_jimmer1234540 + machines*21:06
RPm_jimmer12345: You can add in extra values, i.e. your own package_arch21:06
RPthis is an example: https://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-intel/tree/conf/machine/include/intel-common-pkgarch.inc21:07
m_jimmer12345RP thanks:)  reading now21:07
RPyou can order PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS in whatever order you want and the priority will take effect21:07
RPthat example is using it to share things between machines but you could make it machine specific and just use it have your private stuff21:09
m_jimmer12345But how does DNF know that that is a vaild arch on the target ?21:09
RPm_jimmer12345: I suspect there is a list in  /etc/dnf/vars/arch  on target21:10
* RP doesn't have an image handy to check21:10
RPI do mention where such a file is written above21:10
m_jimmer12345That is awesome thanks for your help  looking into the arch file now. Im really new to dnf if you cant tell. More of a joey hess guy:)21:12
m_jimmer12345bogusarch lol21:16
m_jimmer12345thanks again21:17
RPm_jimmer12345: glad I could hopefully help21:25
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RPzeddii: second time we've seen: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/86/builds/3404/steps/14/logs/stdio "] __common_interrupt: 0.37 No irq handler for vector"21:48
RPzeddii: any ideas? :/21:48
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khemzeddii: 5.15 kernel does not build with gcc 12 see https://errors.yoctoproject.org/Errors/Details/654593/22:50
khemthats for qemuarm but I have seen it for other qemu machines too22:51
*** xmn <xmn!~xmn@cpe-72-225-198-203.nyc.res.rr.com> has joined #yocto22:51
khem__popcountsi2 is a libgcc function, I wonder if kernel needs it in its own implementations as well22:51
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