Thursday, 2022-04-14

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rfs613any gurus still awake? am looking for a way to set CXXFLAGS in a recipe prior to calling ./configure script. I see EXTRA_OECONF but that seems to be for appending arguments like --with-foo02:07
rfs613i tried doing 'export CXXFLAGS = ".."' in the recipe, but the native.bbclass is overriding my assignment with ${BUILD_CXXFLAGS}02:12
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rfs613never mind, i managed to kludge something...02:24
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Saur[m]rfs613: Either add to `BUILD_CXXFLAGS` or use `CXXFLAGS:append`, which is more appropriate depends on the situation.04:25
kp7299[m]Hi all, I'm Komal Pal, I'm outreachy aspirant,working for final contribution, looking forward for guidance in this journey04:44
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kp7299[m]ross: Hi Ross, if I have not mistaken you as outreachy mentor Ross Burton and if mistaken as I'm new then sorry in prior 😅,  I just wanted to ask as per project description I was unable to get about building freebsd, as I was only able to steps for  running yocto project in freebsd in internship steps for outreachy06:46
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RPkp7299[m]: Hi! I think you want rburton and I think he may be on vacation until next week07:36
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qschulzamahnui[m]: don't need to stage the differences, the output of diff -u a b just needs to be sent to the docs mailing list so we can review it. It is fine if it's not following the proper git send-mail process, because like you said, there's no git repo for it.08:04
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qschulzamahnui[m]: just add the content of the diff inside your mail (not as an attachment please) and tell us against which tarball/archive this diff should be applied08:05
qschulzamahnui[m]: in the meanwhile, this looks promising, so good job :)08:05
jclsnWhy is this bug not assigned?
jclsnIt is three years old...08:07
qschulzjclsn: I guess you're volunteering then :)08:10
jclsnI suck at Python...08:11
jclsnBut well, I would love to code for a change08:11
jclsnWill see if I can make time in the upcoming sprint08:11
kp7299[m]<RP> "kp7299: Hi! I think you want..." <- Ok Thanks for info :) , Actually I'm just starting my contribution for outreachy and regarding the yoctoproject I had already cloned that repo on linux operating system but never on FreeBSD, so in all that sense if I required initial help too, either I'll ping here then08:12
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qschulzkp7299[m]: amahnui[m] is also looking into freebsd stuff as an outreachy aspirant (just for your information)08:12
qschulzhello and welcome to the Yocto Project community08:13
* qschulz waves08:13
LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:13
kp7299[m]<qschulz> "kp7299: amahnui[m] is also..." <- When amanhnui has started , means was at that time when Ross was there, then I hope would have been done with initial steps😅08:18
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RPkp7299[m]: if you have yocto specific questions you can ask and we might be able to help. We're not much good with freebsd though08:21
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RPkanavin: I'm going to leave the revert on kirkstone and we can think about the B&W fallback icons on master when we decide what to do with sato09:00
kanavinRP: right, I'm fine with that09:00
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RPkanavin: does "utilities-terminal" fix the missing rxvt one with the revert? That might be worth tweaking on kirkstone. I'd forgotten we had all our own desktop files :/09:02
RPIt is a shame we don't have the svgs for the original sato icon theme09:03
kanavinRP: rxvt had a broken icon even with 41.009:03
RPkanavin: I know, I was wondering if we should fix it09:03
kanavinRP: you can see it if you run 'runqemu kvm nographic', the warnings about missing icons would printed there mixed in with console login prompt09:03
RPkanavin: it just irritates me and I think I see the fix in your patch :)09:04
kanavinRP: there's a patch for removing bogus puzzles app too09:04
kanavinnet-4d82 something09:04
RPkanavin: a patch for puzzles where?09:05
kanavinRP: sorry a fix inside the patch09:05
RPkanavin: oh, right. That should be a separate patch09:06
RPkanavin: plan B - I think I might have the old sato icon svgs09:11
kanavinRP: right, that'd be much nicer09:18
kanavinRP: those symbolic icons are really rudimentary09:18
RPkanavin: took a bit of digging but I found them. Just need to work out how to get them into sato-icon-theme09:22
RPmichaelo[m]: Should I push that transition docs patch?09:36
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RPkanavin: not sure it is a better plan, I think these old icons may be too dated and simplistic. Still trying to work out how to test them09:42
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qschulzRP:  I can't make sense of the switchers.js on
qschulzwhy does it have 2.7.4 listed in the all_versions?09:56
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qschulzand more importantly, why are they not consistent between versions of the docs, we are supposed to copy it from the master branch into all other branches in yocto-autobuilder-helper..10:00
RPqschulz: no, we don't do that anymore, I changed that10:02
RPqschulz: 2.7.4 was the last point release in that series10:02
qschulzRP: we still do?10:02
RPqschulz: we don't10:03
qschulzRP: ah, bitbake only :)10:03
qschulzok, so a bug in somewhere trigegrs this behavior :)10:03
RPqschulz: which behaviour? We merged a change which shows the latest point release in a series10:04
qschulzthe version selection shows:10:05
qschulzdev, 3.4.3, 3.3.5, 3.1.15, 3.2.4, 3.2.3, 3.2.310:05
RPso the duplication?10:05
RPthat is a bug10:05
qschulzbut we still want to show 3.2.4?10:06
qschulzeven if it's obsolete?10:06
RPqschulz: yes, as it is the version you're looking at10:06
qschulzno, I'm looking at 3.2.310:06
qschulzso I'd expect 3.2.3 to appear yes10:06
RPoh, sorry, I misread. We show the latest in that series as a hint too10:06
qschulzbut not the duplicate, nor 3.2.410:06
RP3.2.4 should be there, that was intended10:07
qschulzwell, I need to scrap the nice commits I just wrote then :(10:07
qschulzI anticipated that all-versions would only have supported versions10:07
qschulz(the issue right now is that 3.2.4 is not shown as obsolete on the docs)10:07
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RPqschulz: I'd tried to make this clear in the discussions we had on the docs list :/10:09
amahnui[m]kp7299: I could help you set up your freebsd environment if you don't mind. but yocto is not support by freebsd yet.10:09
RPqschulz: 3.2.4 should indeed be marked as obsolete10:09
kp7299[m]If that is the case, then how we would contribute amahnui  as per yoctoproject on freebsd10:10
qschulzRP: I don't have the best memory and I deal with too many different projects right now and Yocto is one of the least used ones unfortunately :/ So, sorry if I rediscover things over and over again, it wasn't on purpose :)10:10
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amahnui[m]qschulz: I will do that right away, I had a bad network lately10:11
RPqschulz: np, I didn't mean it like that, I was just saying I thought we'd agreed it!10:11
qschulzRP: oh maybe we did :)10:11
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RPkanavin: kind of works for the icon. Not sure what I think though10:14
qschulzkp7299[m]: I haven't read the outreachy intern project but I assume the point is to actually support building Yocto on FreeBSD and we have no support right now10:14
RPkanavin: not even sure it is using the svgs there as yet but the base files are there10:15
amahnui[m]kp7299: I think freebsd comes in but during the internship period and we just need to be versed with it now and have knowledge on how it functions.10:16
kanavinRP: I wonder if it's better to transition to weston, use symbolic icons from adwaita keep sato testing to a minimum (basically one AB job in a-full), and then let it bitrot10:17
kanavinwhich is kind of the patchset I'm going to propose anyway10:18
kp7299[m]Ok, means we just need to set up the freebsd for time being and get familiar with yoctoproject as it cant be installed on freebsd for time being...10:19
amahnui[m]RP: qschulz ndec : The patch will be going to the right?10:24
amahnui[m]kp7299: I think so, while contributing too so you can create a final application.10:25
kp7299[m]RP:  qschulz amahnui So you all three are participating in outreachy?10:26
kp7299[m]amahnui[m]: ok, got it10:26
RPkp7299[m]: I'm one of the Yocto Project maintainers, qschulz is one of our contributors too, we're not outreachy. I believe amahnui[m] is though10:28
amahnui[m]kp7299: just me some other applicants but I don't know their usernames here if they are on irc except @@Gina:libera.chat10:31
ndecand btw.. I am one of the outreachy organizer for yocto.. so if i can help with anything let me know. we are very happy to be participating in outreachy and having you here as applicants!10:37
kp7299[m]Sure, would ask, but presently the way other projects have repo where issues being visible separately so is here something like that, I was just able to see this: which is way different than Github repo10:41
ndecyes, for yocto (and OE) we are using our own infrastructure for git and issue tracking, we are not using github.10:43
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amahnui[m]I just sent a patch for the changes, Please I would like to request for a review and corrections for it.11:11
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amahnui[m]*  Hi qschulz: RP: ndec: I just11:18
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ndecamahnui[m]: thanks, I confirm that the patch hit the list, and I received it , well done :)11:19
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qschulzRP: ok, I think I got the docs warning messages for gatesgarth releases and the dropdown menu duplicate fixed11:35
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amahnui[m]ndec: please how do I proceed. Did I do it right?11:52
RPqschulz: Just curious what testing you did? (so I don't duplicate)11:53
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qschulzRP: comment the ./ in Makefile, then make clean && ./ $VERS && make html12:18
qschulzI tested 3.0.1, 3.0.4, 3.1.14, 3.2.3, 3.2.412:18
qschulzamahnui[m]: just wait, there'll be reviews by mail in a few days12:19
qschulzif not, then after a week or so, you can reply to the mail and say that youre just making sure we haven't forgotten about it12:20
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amahnui[m]RP: okay thanks.12:20
amahnui[m]I will do just that.12:20
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amahnui[m]ndec: can I record this a12:52
amahnui[m]* record this as a, * a contribution?12:52
ndecamahnui[m]: yes, you can . It's a weird one, since it won't show up in the yocto/oe trees directly, but it's a good and important contribution to the docs website :)12:57
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amahnui[m]ndec: thanks, I will.13:04
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amahnui[m]Also the information on the outreachy portal said that there is a freebsd co mentor, Please I would like to know if I could get in contact with them.13:08
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qschulzndec: ^ do you happen to know? RP mentioned rburton but he wasn't so sure (at least that's what I gathered from the phrasing) and rburton happens to be silent (on holiday?) today :)13:14
RPI don't know who the comentor is. awafaa might?13:27
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RPamahnui[m]: I just tested your patch and it looks good to me!13:32
RPamahnui[m]: the docs build is make using this script:
RPamahnui[m]: you can see where it is extracted on line 30. I think we can add this patch to that git repository inside a /docbook-docs/ directory and have it apply inside that script as a next step?13:34
qschulzRP: did you test in different responsive design modes too? (ctrl+shit+c and the tablet+phone icon on the top right of the bar that popped up)13:34
RPqschulz: no13:34
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ndecRP: qschulz : amahnui[m] : i don't think there is a comentor.. i will check the website, but i think it's not correct.13:37
RPndec: there was someone on the freebsd side13:39
ndecwell, then it was not properly requested to the outreachy website.13:39
qschulzRP: :sob: why is it so bad (not talking about amahnui[m] work :) )13:40
RPqschulz: so bad?13:42
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qschulzRP: Galaxy S10 in portrait mode, it's WAY bigger than the screen width13:42
RPqschulz: oh, I didn't dare look. It is old crusty docbook13:43
qschulzRP: yeah, I probably shouldn't have looked :)13:43
RPamahnui[m]: our choice now is whether to try and patch all the different doc html files or whether we can write a script which would patch them13:44
RPamahnui[m]: we could run that script in the docs build at the point I mention13:44
RPobviously it is much easier now we know what we need to change things to13:45
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amahnui[m]RP: if we are to write a script will we use rust or shell?13:55
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RPamahnui[m]: Definitely not rust. Python would probably be easier than shell13:57
RPamahnui[m]: I'll be happy if we just apply the patch in the script to one of the manuals for now, we can incrementally improve from there but I wanted to give you an idea of where this ultimately needs to get to13:58
amahnui[m]RP: that means it will recursively add the code to the the .html and .css files in all the versions?14:00
RPamahnui[m]: exactly14:01
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amahnui[m]I will look for a way to do it.14:05
amahnui[m]I'm having issues thinking of how to do so to a file that contains code already.14:05
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jonmasondoes anyone know how to get poky-tiny to start sshd by default?  I'm trying to automate the testing (via testimage) and this is stumping me14:12
RPjonmason: does poky-tiny have sshd installed?14:13
RPjonmason: I think it was always serial only?14:13
jonmasonRP: yes, I can run it by hand, but its not autostarting14:13
RPjonmason: interesting. Probably the minimal init not working then?14:14
jonmasonyes, I debated switch it out but that is a different PITA :)14:14
jonmasonI didn't know if there was a trick to it or if it is broken14:15
qschulzamahnui[m]: in the end what you need to do in the html is insert a div, so with the appropriate regex it should be possible to find the place where to inject it and then do it (e.g. with sed or awk if you go for shell commands)14:17
RPjonmason: I suspect the latter sadly14:18
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RPDoes anyone know of anything which should be in kirkstone which isn't for an rc2?14:19
jonmasonRP: all good.  As soon as I get this working properly, it'll be part of the nightly meta-arm regression testing14:19
RPsakoman? abelloni?14:19
sakomanRP: I'm here14:19
jonmasonRP: qemuarm tiny enablement ;-)14:19
RPsakoman: anything I'm missing for kirkstone rc2?14:20
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moto-timokanavin: did you stage a python3.11 anywhere?14:20
RPjonmason: too late ;-)14:20
RPmoto-timo: no, we're not talking python 3.11 :)14:20
sakomanRP: not that I am aware of14:20
RPmoto-timo: I know you didn't mean that14:21
moto-timoRP: alpha7 for the win!14:21
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smurrayRP: a fix for the bluez + systemd issue would be useful, but it seems upstream are still deciding on what they want as a fix14:25
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RPsmurray: right, I think we'd best wait until that is resolved14:26
RPit can come in a point release14:26
smurrayRP: it breaks us in AGL, so we'll have to carry a patch14:27
RPsmurray: hmm. Is the fix ready though?14:27
RPsmurray: or are you saying we should wait?14:27
qschulzamahnui[m]: if you are ever looking for another HTML/CSS task, having the warning header on the new docs website stick at the top of the viewport would be awesome too. It should be done in this javascript script:
smurrayRP: a single line added to the systemd unit fixes it, the upstream discussion seems to be about the intent of the original breaking change14:29
smurrayRP: it's here
RPsmurray: it is far from clear what I should be merging :/14:31
smurrayRP: at least in my testing here, just adding StateDirectory=bluetooth allows it to start, that's what I'll carry in a systemd drop-in file if there's no change in poky14:33
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amahnui[m]qschulz: thank you I will check it out too.14:38
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awafaaSorry, I see I was mentioned but can't seem to find where/why (:15:00
qschulzawafaa: who's the comentor for freebsd outreachy internship15:01
qschulzwas the question some thought you could be able to answer15:01
awafaaah, that would be Ed Maste - emaste on EFNet, not sure if he's on Libera.Chat15:03
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qschulzamahnui[m]: kp7299[m]: ^15:04
amahnui[m]Thank you I will try contacting him there.15:10
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vvnhi there -- I use a host tool to package a firmware update, which needs a target file in deploy dir. How do I append foo-native to deploy a target file?15:36
LetoThe2ndvvn: its just not foo-native that deploys it, but your firmware update packaging recipe DEPENDS on foo-native and uses it.15:39
vvnI see15:40
RPsmurray: I'm going to hold off that, we can fix in the point release once there is a clear decision15:48
smurrayRP: okay, you may want to document it being broken for the release notes15:52
vvnLetoThe2nd: didn't work, I add to explicitly add do_image_wic[depends] += "foo:do_deploy"15:53
smurrayRP: I guess the poky-altcfg testing is limited, so it doesn't manage to get tripped up by it?15:54
RPsmurray: is there a summary you could share with me of the issue and the mitigation? I still don't have it straight in my head15:54
RPsmurray: it doesn't find the issue, I don't know whether it should or if there is some corner case in testing we should be adding15:54
LetoThe2ndvvn: well of course the dependency chain needs to be intact. however you do that, there are variations.15:54
smurrayRP: bluez fails to start if you have INIT_MANAGER=systemd, as it wants to create a directory and is prevented by the ProtectSystem=full that was added to the unit15:56
smurrayRP: hence the original suggested patch on the list being to create that directory during packaging15:57
RPsmurray: I guess we had better do something about this15:58
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smurrayRP: I was hoping upstream would merge something we could pull out as a patch, but they're not moving that quickly16:00
RPsmurray: so I patch bluez to add ConfigurationDirectory=bluetooth +StateDirectory=bluetooth16:01
smurrayRP: I think the configuration directory happens to already exist, but both would be good to be safe, yes16:02
* RP doesn't even have a build easily available to test :(16:02
smurrayyeah, I missed it until I started doing more AGL testing of the kirkstone build on h/w16:03
*** xmn <xmn!> has quit IRC (Quit: xmn)16:03
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smurrayRP: I can cook up a patch and send it as a reply to the thread on oe-core16:04
*** florian <florian!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)16:05
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:69f2:70a6:19e0:a01a> has joined #yocto16:05
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:09
RPsmurray: I think I have one but I am just guessing :/16:11
RPsmurray: does that look right?16:12
smurrayRP: I don't believe you need to remove the Read{Only,Write}Path directives, but I'd need to dig in systemd to see if it honors them when you also specify {Configuration,State}Directory16:13
smurrayRP: in my testing here I left those alone and just added StateDirectory=bluetooth16:13
RPsmurray: I was going off comments in that bug16:14
smurrayRP: yeah, I wasn't sure how definitive some of what's said there is16:14
smurrayRP: I can test your patch, will take me half-hour - hour to shift gears and get a build to put on a board to check16:15
RPsmurray: so the version you've tested and know works doesn't have the deletions?16:16
smurrayRP: effectively, yes, I just added StateDirectory on top with a drop-in here16:16
RPsmurray: so you didn't add ConfigurationDirectory either? :/16:17
smurrayRP: right16:17
* RP now doesn't know what to do :(16:17
RPI did have rc2 building but cancelled it as I'm sure I'll get complaints if I don't fix this16:17
RPI'll get complaints when I get it wrong too16:18
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!~gsalazar@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)16:20
smurrayRP: yes, it's less than ideal16:21
RPsmurray: I've posted it, I'll wait on your testing16:23
smurrayRP: another option would be to temporarily carry a revert of the 442d211 change, but that also seems not great16:23
RPsmurray: this is probably the best path forwards rather than the revert16:24
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smurrayRP: I think removing the Read*Paths directives w/o switching to ProtectSystem=strict disables the namespacing anyways, but I'll check that16:32
RPsmurray: ok, so the patch is wrong16:34
smurrayRP: I believe it'll work in that bluez will start, but the sandboxing is somewhat lesser16:35
RPsmurray: right, which isn't ideal16:37
smurrayRP: I'm getting a build to test, I can try ProtectSystem=strict on top and see if bluez works16:38
RPsmurray: thanks, much appreciated16:39
*** nsbdfl <nsbdfl!~nsfbdl@user/nsbdfl> has joined #yocto16:42
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kp7299[m]<amahnui[m]> " Hi qschulz: RP: ndec: I just..." <- Hi Just figuring out, what sort of contribution it was, means was unable to get, like beside those things which were given there in the outreachy page, we could contribute to any other platform too supported by yocto project or what it was, just bit confused... As even I'm unable to get that where I could find link for issues ndec  for contribution 😅17:06
*** Tokamak <Tokamak!~Tokamak@> has joined #yocto17:08
smurrayRP: so your patch works, and then doing s/ProtectSystem=full/ProtectSystem=strict/ on top also works (bluez starts, phone pairs, etc.).  I nuked the /var/lib/bluetooth and restarted in between to double-check17:11
*** Tokamak <Tokamak!~Tokamak@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)17:12
smurrayRP: and that matches what's proposed in
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kanavinmoto-timo, no, I usually don't start looking at python until it reaches rc stage, which is september-ish17:36
kanavindon't want to shoot fast moving targets17:36
moto-timokanavin: fair enough... I might start with beta1 in may17:37
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kanavinmoto-timo, why so early? is there something particularly interesting?17:37
* moto-timo wants the tomllib17:37
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WRL_UserHi, all. First time IRC user, so please be patient if I make a faux pas. I'm open to being steered in the correct direction.18:52
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WRL_UserI have a question about the meta-java layer from Yocto. At work, we're using Wind River Linux (WRL) 10.18, which is based on Yocto thud. WRL doesn't provide meta-layer, so we're using that directly from Yocto. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get more current versions of OpenJre8 (for runtime) and OpenJDK 8 and iced-tea7 for build time.18:55
zeddiivmeson: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^18:56
WRL_UserDoes anyone have any suggestions on the best way to include newer versions of java into out product?18:57
WRL_UserIf this isn't the best place/manner to ask, I'll accept advice on a better place and/or manner.18:58
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WRL_UserI just noticed my typo. I should have said "WRL doesn't provide meta-java, so we're using that directly from Yocto"19:04
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smurrayWRL_User: if you're stuck on WRL 10.18, you'll have to try backporting the recipes for newer versions from one of the newer branches in meta-java19:18
WRL_UserThanks. I was afraid that was the right answer. I already tried just using a newer version and changing LAYERSERIES_COMPAT, and that didn't work.19:20
WRL_UserWould you recommend starting from just checking out a newer version, changing the LAYERSERIES_COMPAT, and resolving the errors? Or try merging specific recipe files into what I have?19:22
smurrayWRL_User: it's hard to say, tbh, there's a lot of moving parts in the JDK/JRE builds AIUI19:25
WRL_UserThanks, again. I guess I'll just have to use old-fashioned elbow grease and determination then!19:26
WRL_UserOr convince my management to pay Wind River to do it for me :-)19:26
smurrayWRL_User: heh, exactly19:27
smurrayWRL_User: not that I recommend doing it in general, but you can tweak LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_layer in local.conf to avoid needing a local fork (though a fork might end up needed to tweak other things to work)19:28
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WRL_UserI'll keep that in mind, smurray. I'll try the old fashioned (more correct?) way for a bit, keeping that as a last resort.19:30
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vmesonsmurray: zeddii thanks. WRL_User: I agree with smurray and you wrt doing yourself, paying WR services . The other option is a 3rd party Java provider that some have worked with previously: Azul19:42
amahnui[m]<kp7299[m]> "Hi Just figuring out, what..." <- For  issue tracking , bugzilla is used for the yocto project. bugzilla.yoctoproject.org19:52
amahnui[m] is where newcomer issues are found.19:52
vvnIs kirkstone officially released?19:54
vmesonvvn: no, RC1 had a few issues so RC2 is underway.19:56
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vvnvmeson: thank you!19:59
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hushmoneywhat is this syntax so that i can read about it?  YAML_DT_BOARD_FLAGS_ultra96 ?= "{BOARD avnet-ulgra96-rev1}"20:13
hushmoneyBOARD is a variable the vendors asks me to specify in my local.conf20:14
vmesonhushmoney: I could be wrong, but that seems to be something specifc to xilinx:,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate/sticky,,,20,2,0,84943737,previd=1634663165200341028,nextid=1619105365533374721&previd=1634663165200341028&nextid=161910536553337472120:17
hushmoneyit is a xilinx layer yes, thanks. i thought it was a yocto feature i didn't understand. thanks20:17
RPsmurray: thanks for confirming. I ended up stepping away for food and coming back20:21
vmesonhushmoney: that email was about changing the _ to : (the overrides symbol) so the syntax is variable=YAML_DT_BOARD_FLAGS , override=ultra96   but I"m not sure what the intent is.20:21
smurrayRP: no worries20:21
RPsmurray: so do we want to update the patch to make it strict?20:21
hushmoneyvmeson: thanks thats okay. i don't need to understand it if it's something xilinx invented. i just thought if it was a yocto feature i would like to know about it in case i can use it later20:22
* vmeson steps in a pahole and has trouble getting out: news uprevs, native recipes and who knows what else to make bcc happy it seems.20:22
vmesonhushmoney: k20:22
smurrayRP: I'd say so, my reading of the systemd docs suggests it should give the originally desired sandboxing as herbrechtsmeier says in that comment on the github issue20:24
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RPsmurray: ok. I'll have a second try at the patch.20:24
*** vvn <vvn!> has joined #yocto20:25
* RP powers up the build machine again20:29
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vmesonamahnui[m]: hello! What's up?20:51
amahnui[m]Hi vmeson sorry I was just  trying out how the `/` commands work.20:53
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* vmeson nods20:55
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smurrayRP: I think your runqemu autodetect change is perhaps breaking specifying a backend, it seems to not be using the publicvnc option now and doing sdl23:17
smurrayRP: ah, looking at the logic, I'd guess it's that it doesn't consider publicvnc option, so the autodetect kicks in23:19
*** dlan_ is now known as dlan23:37
smurrayRP: I've sent a patch to oe-core23:38
Saur[m]RP: To answer your question from the other day if there is anything more that should go into the rc2, I just sent a patch for `shadow`. It solves a problem with useradd & friends spamming the host's syslog. A problem that was supposed to be fixed a month ago, but apparently wasn't. :(23:39

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