Friday, 2022-04-15

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amahnui[m]Since the yocto-autobuilder-helper is a shell script, does it mean it is better if the script to be written is a shell script?05:39
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RPsmurray, Saur[m]: Thanks. Given the failures in testing as well, I'll stop the rc2 build07:06
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amahnui[m]I've started with the python script to do so and I'm facing some issues but hopefully I will fix it and send what I have done here.07:21
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qschulzamahnui[m]: I guess it can be a Python script but you've to be careful about hte Python packages you'll use (the import directive in your script) to use only those in the docs toolchain or ask to add more to the docs toolchain07:55
amahnui[m]So far I'm using the `os` module07:58
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qschulzamahnui[m]: that's a core module so that's fine08:03
* RP realises the alsa-tools failure is a sign of sstate sig issues08:04
amahnui[m]qschulz: okay thank you, is `glob` fine too I might use it too to recursively go through subdirectories.08:06
amahnui[m]* is `glob` module fine too08:06
RPamahnui[m]: glob is fine. We're ok with any ard python librarby08:07
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RPamahnui[m]: sorry, I was trying to say we're ok with any module that is part of the core standard python library08:07
amahnui[m]RP: Okay thanks I actually understood, I wrote a python script that adds the html tag that's needed and I can edit it to add the css lines too I think, I'm now trying to write a code that will make it recursively go through the folders and add the div tags to the .html files in them08:10
qschulzamahnui[m]: sounds good :)08:10
RPamahnui[m]: that sounds great! :)08:10
* qschulz hi5 RP08:11
amahnui[m]qschulz: RP thanks08:12
kanavinRP: I forwarded the email to our clients08:14
kanavinRP: I'm not sure where to start with the avahi fail, but I can maybe look at alsa repro08:15
kanavinor anything other08:15
RPkanavin: Thanks. I have worked the alsa-tools one out08:16
RPkanavin: it is actually a symptom of a really worrying issue :(08:16
RPI can fix alsa-tools, less sure about the underlying issue08:16
kanavinRP: I thought so, if it came out of the blue :-/08:16
RPkanavin: it was my fix for 8621 which triggered it08:17
RPkanavin: the question is why it then breaks a reproducibility test with the answer being that sstate checksums are broken08:17
RPkanavin: I don't know what to do with the avahi issue either. Not sure if there would be any more data in the failed build directory08:18
RPwe probably still have that right now08:18
kanavinRP: is there an open bug for the avahi item?08:19
RPkanavin: is perhaps what I was thinking of08:20
kanavinRP: I can see if I can do anything with 'avahi-daemon.service: Unexpected error response from GetNameOwner(): Connection terminated' message, at least find where that comes from08:20
RPqemuppc but looks the same as the arm one08:20
RPkanavin: we should save the build directory on the worker in case anything can be gleaned from that08:21
kanavinRP: this has all the looks of an obscure timing race :-/08:22
RPkanavin: is the alsa tools fix08:22
RPkanavin: sadly, yes, it does have that look08:22
RPlooks like I broke flag handling in 2013:
RPwell, the code is just wrong :/08:29
RP is wrong and wasn't me for a change!08:31
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kanavinRP: I'm running a local build to see if I can get anywhere with avahi issue08:43
RPkanavin: thanks08:46
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RPFor anyone following along, is the real issue causing the alsa-tools problem08:54
RPthat will be a slow rebuild08:54
RPkanavin: I did wonder if disabling connman in systemd images was somehow breaking name resolution btw08:55
kanavinRP: I was thinking of that too, could it be network related, but it's intermittent isn't it - maybe the host networking affects avahi08:56
kanavinmaybe avahi needs to be instructed to avoid eth0 as well08:58
RPkanavin: I had a look at the logs on the failed build and I think they might be helpful09:02
kanavinRP: link?09:03
RPkanavin: working on it09:03
RPkanavin: if I read that correctly, one of the tests causes avahi to stop/start along with wpa-supplicant. avahi then fails to restart correctly, suggestive of some restart race issue09:04
kanavinRP: thanks09:06
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kanavinRP: yeah, it looks as though avahi gets stuck on restart09:09
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kanavinRP: I'll run testimage locally, and if it succeeds, the point where things diverge could be a further clue09:13
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zen_coderI have build the meta-toolchain-qt5, but I do not need Qt itself, I only need the dependencies of Qt. How can I adjust the tool chain?09:34
RPkanavin: sounds good, thanks. Finding what triggered the restart and looping it might brute force it09:37
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kanavinRP: I think I got somewhere. The problem starts in the dnf tests, which install and deinstall run-postinsts in quick succession, which in turn run 'systemctl daemon-reload'10:16
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kanavinI think those calls step on each other, and basically dnf tests need to be rewritten to use something that has 'safe' scriptlets or none10:20
RPkanavin: how do they step on each other though? Isn't there some race there which needs to be resolved?10:30
kanavinRP: that's what I am trying to understand. It seems as though 'daemon-reload' operation could be asynchronous.10:31
RPkanavin: that would explain it. Hopefully there may be some what to know when it is complete?10:31
kanavinRP: I'll poke a bit more10:33
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RPkanavin: thanks, sounds promising10:39
* RP notices we have a CVE fix for git we need11:08
kanavinRP: I suspect we should drop 'daemon-reload' operation altogether from the systemd.bbclass. systemctl enable/restart pair should handle any package updates, although systemctl documentation isn't very clear on this.11:09
kanavinRP: I would want to see how fedora/debian handle this11:09
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RPkanavin: "daemon-reload won't reload/restart the services themselves, just makes systemd aware of the new configuration"11:14
RPkanavin: that isn't a definitive statement from docs but shows someone thinks it is needed11:15
RPkanavin: it is possible systemd behaviour has changed over time11:15
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farukHello. I want change version of qt from 5.15 to 5.12. I think I should this inside meta-qt5 but I couldn't. How can I do this?11:27
farukI want compile SDK for Qt environment11:28
qschulzfaruk: easiest would be to find a version of meta-qt5 which uses 5.12 instead of 5.15 and stick to it11:28
qschulzotherwise, you'll need to backport older version of ther ecipes (or write them yourself) and set PREFERRED_VERSION_qt5base (and others) to 5.1211:29
farukI tried change branch version but I couldn't compile. This made me think I was on the wrong track11:32
qschulzfaruk: not the bvranch version as there is a compatibility check embedded in layer.conf11:38
qschulzwithin a same branch, if any is compatible with 5.1511:38
qschulzbut it might be difficult without modifying layer.conf manually (to add the currently used version to the compatibility list)11:38
qschulzand that is probably not enough also to make it build11:39
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farukqschulz: I'm very new at this job. What way should I follow? Do you have any advice?12:03
qschulzfaruk: trying to find a commit in the branch of the release you're cuirrently using which points to 5.12 seems like a good first try12:07
qschulzthen there might be some more work involved to make it compile12:07
qschulzthere's no one-size fits all answer here unfortunately12:08
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qschulzqt is a complex beast so the usual recommendation of "just backport the recipe" might not be the best12:08
qschulz(especially since there's the qmake bbclass and all other include files and whatnot)12:08
farukOk. Thanks for your helping.12:11
jclsn6Any Raspberry Pi + Qt pros here?12:11
jclsn6Stil trying to get this *!"§($ thing to work
*** jclsn6 is now known as jclsn12:12
qschulzjclsn: "EGLFS Raspberry Pi ................... no"12:25
jclsnqschulz: you?12:25
qschulzjclsn: also, did you check that you actually have the GPU driver built in your kernel?12:25
qschulzjclsn: no, from your log12:25
jclsnAh yes12:26
jclsnI think that is correct12:26
jclsnAccording to this guide
landgrafagherzan: ^ :)12:30
jclsnSo in the guide it is using EGLDEVICE12:30
jclsnIf I set QT_QPA_EGLFS_INTEGRATION=eglfs_kms_egldevice I get12:30
jclsnqt.qpa.eglfs.kms: platformInit: Opening DRM device12:31
jclsnqt.qpa.eglfs.kms: Found 1 EGL devices12:31
jclsnFailed to query device name from EGLDevice12:31
jclsnSeems like one step further12:31
jclsnI think I did try this earlier though12:31
jclsnwith the same outcome12:31
jclsnI just need to export a name somehow I guess
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qschulzjclsn: might help12:34
qschulzbut also, I remember there was one environment variable for enabling logs of different things12:34
jclsnI already read that back and forth12:34
qschulzand that helped me a lot to debug stuff back then12:34
qschulzbut that was about 6 years ago12:34
jclsnI already enabled that12:34
qschulzthen I cannot help more :)12:35
jclsnThanks you anyway as always12:35
jclsnAh seems like eglfs_kms is using the proprietary Broadcom driver and eglfs_kms_egldevice an open source one12:38
jclsnMaybe I should try the proprietary12:38
agherzan@jclsn have you tried khem: 's yoe distro?12:41
agherzanI personally haven't played much with Qt on rpi12:42
jclsnagherzan: I tried the qtbase_%.bbappend from meta-yoe,b ut not the whole distro12:42
agherzanStart with something that works. I'd give yoe a try first12:43
jclsnI think there is just one package missing12:43
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jclsnI'd rather compare my setup to this .bbappends  in the layer than start from scratch12:48
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jclsnqschulz: I btw created a ticket for Yocto community work considering the PREMIRRORS bug during the sprint planning yesterday. I will see how my company feels about giving something back. ^^ My boss wasn't present12:53
qschulzjclsn: don't remember an issue with PREMIRRORS, is there a bug report somewhere?12:57
RPkanavin: Just to finish things off, my desk's chair has collapsed :)13:04
* RP will have to go and weld it back together13:05
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paulgjust put two unused desktop PCs together and set a cushion on top.  :-P13:22
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qschulzRP: michaelo[m]: ndec: I don't like that the default docs are pointing to the dev version, anyone against using the latest release instead  as defaultand have a "dev" sub-URL (what's the name? for the master branch?13:26
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qschulzwhy I don't like it: it shows something that isn't released yet and might confuse users. I assume most people aren't using the master branch but the latest release. And if there's a significant change in behavior and variable and they are looking at the docs after that change, they'll try something that does not work13:27
qschulzone perfect example is the variable rename for example13:28
qschulzor during the override syntax change for example13:28
MisterMongoliaHowdy! Is there a way to see a human friendly list of task dependencies? If I were to do just `bitbake recipe` what would be the list of tasks in the chronological order which will be executed.13:28
paulgsee also section
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qschulzRP: michaelo[m]: ndec: the main painpoint at the moment is that the URLs are incorrect for dev (default)13:51
qschulzc.f. "SSTATE_MIRRORS ?= "file://.*;downloadfilename=PATH""13:52
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MisterMongoliapaulg: Thanks. Can't get the UI to load. As for the `bitbake -g recipe` that gives a global dependency list. Can filter out by the recipe name, but not sure if I'm allowed to trust the print order to be the execution order13:54
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JaMaMisterMongolia: bitbake --dry-run is also helpful13:54
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amahnui[m]I think I did it.14:11
amahnui[m]I tested it in directories that have many subdirectories and contains html and css files as well and it successfully added the codes to them14:11
amahnui[m]the main issue I am facing now is how to go around the `UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xa0 in position 99: invalid start byte`  and the `UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xe9 in position 158: invalid continuation byte` error I get after the script has edited some of the files in the folder containing the versions you sent (0.9 to 3.1.3) and i'm thinking it has to do with the encoding of the html14:11
amahnui[m]`<meta charset="UFT-8">`  and it might be stopping it from accepting modifications.14:11
* amahnui[m] is just thinking that could be the issue especially as it successfully modifies some of the files before stopping at this error.14:13
amahnui[m]RP qschulz ndec what are your thoughts please14:14
amahnui[m]Can I send the files here so you check it out?14:14
qschulzamahnui[m]: send a patch for yocto-autobuilder-helper git repo14:17
qschulzyou can add that it's an RFC and can explain the issues that currently exist with this patch (or series of patch)14:18
amahnui[m] * qschulz: Thank you I will do that right away.14:20
jclsnGod this yoe distro is just a complete mess14:27
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jclsnIt says "simple", but it presents itself with a whole different structure14:32
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jclsnI realized that I don't have /dev/dri. Could that be the reason for the missing DRM device?14:49
qschulzjclsn: you don't have the GPU driver built-in14:50
qschulzso yes, it'll fail to use the GPU14:50
jclsnHow to change that?14:50
qschulzjclsn: modify your kernel configuration to build the driver14:50
qschulzor if it's already built but as a module, add kernel-module-nameofmodule to IMAGE_INSTALL14:50
jclsnor maybe not build core-image-base14:50
qschulz(or kernel-modules which will bring ALL modules into your image)14:51
jclsnbut core-image-x11 and then just remove x1114:51
qschulzjclsn: the image has nothing to do with kernel configruation14:51
qschulzrecipes cannot impact other recipes in any way14:51
qschulzand images are recipes14:51
jclsnYeah but why would the image build without a gpu driver?14:52
jclsnI mean this is the standard Raspberry Pi kernel afaik14:52
jclsnOh I wrote DISTOR_FEATURES instead of DISTRO_FEATURES14:53
qschulzjclsn: because your kernel configuration does not have the gpu driver built-in14:53
qschulzor has it but built as a module and your machine or image does not install it14:54
qschulz(it should be your machine that installs it, via MACHINE_EXTRA_IMAGE_INSTALL or something like that)14:54
jclsnMACHINE_FEATURES=" pci apm usbhost keyboard vfat ext2 screen touchscreen alsa bluetooth wifi sdio vc4graphics qemu-usermode"14:59
jclsnvc4graphics is there14:59
jclsnbut there is also a userland driver14:59
amahnui[m]Hi qschulz please whats an RFC.15:00
jclsnagherzan: ?15:00
amahnui[m]I just sent a patch for the scripts15:03
amahnui[m]* qschulz: RP ndec I just15:04
Saur[m]amahnui: RFC = Request For Comments. Typically, if you have an idea about how to solve something, but you are not sure it's the best way to do it, then you can send the patch (or what you have) as an RFC and ask others for tips and ideas.15:05
jclsnqschulz: So there is nothing in MACHINE_EXTRA_IMAGE_INSTALL, but the drivers should be there
amahnui[m]Saur: thanks a lot for that I will definitely add that to my patch15:08
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jclsnqschulz: Damn it15:14
jclsnThe problem was that I was using the vc4-kms-v3d instead of vc4-fkms-v3d15:15
jclsnSo just an an entry in the config.txt needed to be changed15:15
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jclsnagherzan: Shouldn't eglfs run with normal kms?15:16
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qschulzamahnui[m]: RFC = Request For Comment15:18
jclsnThere is also not an option to set this from the local.conf15:19
qschulzamahnui[m]: didn't receive anything from you on the mailing list15:19
jclsnWill just append it. What the heck..15:19
qschulzamahnui[m]: triple check the address is correct15:19
qschulzamahnui[m]: and check that you're also subscribed to the mailing list15:20
amahnui[m]qschulz I sent the ptch here.15:20
qschulzamahnui[m]: ahah! my professional mail address is not subscribed to that one yet so I didn't see it :)15:21
amahnui[m]qschulz: I sent it twice before realising that I was not subscribed to it :)15:23
amahnui[m] * qschulz: I sent the patch twice before realising that I was not subscribed to it :)15:24
jclsnGod, for one month I have been searching for this and it was just the wrong dtoverlay... :D15:27
jclsnqschulz: Thanks for the GPU tip. That really brought me there15:27
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*** bonalais is now known as amahnui15:34
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RPqschulz: I'd be ok with changing the default16:32
* RP thinks we may be nearly ready for rc3. Just an open question of whether to risk any more fixes that are on the list and the question on systemd intermittent issues16:33
RPpaulg: I should have gone for the old servers, that would have been much simpler16:34
paulgwell, I guess that depends on where it broke and how much welding you've done in the past.  :-)16:35
paulgand if you've got a couple old unloved PCs around (I was willing to gamble on that one)16:36
jclsnagherzan: SPI is still not working althoug I have activated it in the config.txt. Do I have to use another kernel that linux-raspberrypi?16:45
jclsnI actually checked whether the needed modules are present and they are, which is weird16:46
jclsnUsually the ADC is listed under /sys/bus/iio, but with the Yocto build there is nothing16:46
khemjclsn: is it enabled in kernel confg and dtb16:47
jclsn@khem will check16:48
jclsnI was assuming that the standard Pi kernel is built though16:48
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jclsnAlso: The MCP320X module is activated. So I would assume that all necessary dependencies are as well16:49
khemhmm ok then it is some dt overlay issue then16:51
jclsnkhem: But the config.txt is identical to the one from my Raspbian installation16:54
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jclsnENABLE_SPI_BUS="1" is set. I also tried doing it manually with dtparam=spi=on, which is the same16:54
jclsnI will try to just always load the driver regardless of the overlaay16:55
jclsnsee if that makes a difference16:55
khemcheck lsmod | grep spi_16:59
jclsnHmm I can only build it as a module. Weird17:01
jclsnlsmod is not installed haha17:01
*** beneth <beneth!~beneth@2001:41d0:c:a71:1000:25::> has quit IRC (Quit: Gateway shutdown)17:02
jclsncoreutils I guess?17:02
khemI think you should include all kernel-modules in image17:02
paulg"cat /proc/modules"  perhaps?17:02
paulgin the beginning, I think lsmod was a shell script that did that?17:03
paulgthat would be 1990s kind of time frame17:03
paulg<---- old.17:04
jclsnShould be there17:04
khemwe do have it in MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS. do you have .ko files in /lib/modules17:04
jclsnroot@healthpi64:~# cat /proc/modules | grep spi17:04
jclsncat: ''$'\302': No such file or directory17:04
jclsnspidev 24576 0 - Live 0xffffffc008cf400017:04
jclsnspi_bcm2835 24576 0 - Live 0xffffffc008d4a00017:04
khemok so it seems to be loaded17:04
jclsnThe other two modules are not there though17:05
jclsnyeah but the mcp320x is not17:05
jclsnand the max3010217:05
jclsnThey are checked with <m> in the kernel17:06
jclsnWeirdly I cannot alway build them, because I can't put <y>17:06
khemdo you have CONFIG_MCP320X=y or m17:06
jclsnI can't set y anywhere17:07
jclsnAh well, I guess the basic Pi config is quite empty17:08
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)17:09
khemand see if the dtbo is there17:09
jclsnIs it like the Yocto way to include as little as necessary?17:09
khemfor your device17:09
khemyes but it should be easy to add stuff17:09
jclsnkhem: It is. I did the PR
jclsnIt has been merged some time ago17:10
jclsnIt should use the standard bcm2711_defconfig.
jclsnAnd it does17:15
jclsnJust checked with getvar17:15
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)17:15
khemmaybe you need to enabel ENABLE_I2C = "1" as well17:16
jclsnkhem: I did17:19
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jclsnI can load the modules manually but then they still don't work17:30
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kheminteresting are you on pi4 ?17:45
khemabelloni: RP I have sent a v3 of gcc12 patch, perhaps give it a shot on AB so I can work upstream on any remaining issues17:46
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amahnui[m]Hi ndec The bug was assigned to Michael Halstead on already.18:13
vmesonThere are graphs of the YP patch count and Upstream-Status ... link anyone?18:17
kanavinRP: I wrote a summary to the avahi systemd bug, I'm currently out of ideas how to move forward18:18
*** PriyanshSingh[m] <PriyanshSingh[m]!~ps-19matr@2001:470:69fc:105::1:f9f4> has joined #yocto18:19
jclsnkhem: yes, seems like the .dtbo files are missing on the boot partition18:20
jclsnI have them on the Raspian installation18:20
jclsnI will clean build the kernel. See if that helps18:20
jclsnI think I had a similar issue when I manually built the kernel last time. I thought there was something wrong on my end at let Phil merge it anyway18:29
jclsnSo maybe there is a bug in the makefile18:29
jclsnYeah but why would that be the case for the health sensor and the ADC. Doesn't make sense18:31
khemjclsn: see
khemsee if its missing here then add it18:39
jclsnThey are18:39
jclsnThis is not the standard list of the Pi kernel is it?18:39
jclsnI would assume it to be minimal because it is supposed to be in Yocto18:40
khemits certainly not all, its what people have used and needed18:43
khemI am fine if you create a patch to add the missing ones18:43
khemalso check for any conflicts where two dtbo might be overlapping18:43
jclsnWhy not just put all? I mean that is what I would expect from the Pi kernel18:44
khemthe build is this way because people want to customize18:46
jclsnSure but people should be able to follow all the guides out there for the Pi in Yocto as well imo18:48
jclsnLikes this for the ADC
jclsnIt just assumes that the overlay is there, which it is in the kernel that ships with Raspbian18:48
jclsnBut well I won't argue18:49
khemraspbian != yocto and in that article it would have been good to document the platform it assumed perhaps18:50
jclsnSure it assumes Raspian18:51
jclsnBut given that the whole overlays folder is ~750kB in size...18:53
* jclsn shrugs18:53
khemas I said, add the missing ones and send a patch to meta-raspberrypi18:53
* jclsn said he won't argue 18:53
jclsnWill make a list18:53
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halsteadamahnui[m]: May I assign the bug to you?19:11
*** rber|res <rber|res!~rber|> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)19:13
amahnui[m]I would like to know the approach you used as what I'm doing is not certain yet and is open for corrections19:16
amahnui[m]* halstead:  I would19:17
*** amahnui <amahnui!> has joined #yocto19:20
jclsnkhem: Works!19:20
jclsnI will make a PR with the ADC19:21
jclsnShould be enough for now19:21
halsteadamahnui[m]: I haven't worked on that bug recently enough to recall. I'm happy to advise.19:21
jclsnIt didn't build with the whole list from Raspian, so I guess you have a point19:21
halsteadamahnui[m]: One part of the bug is to download the current tarball and modify the files to have headers. Then I can place a new tarball. I'll add that to the bug.19:22
amahnui[m]halstead: I sent a patch here and I really like to get ways to improve it19:23
amahnui[m]It encouters an error when it meets uft-8 encoding so the modification does get completed.19:25
halsteadamahnui[m]: I added some information and assigned the bug to you for now.19:27
halsteadamahnui[m]: I'm in a maintenance window right now but I can look at your patch after. I'm curious, will we need to run this script more than once?19:30
amahnui[m]No there are two scripts, one modifies the .html files while the other modifies the .css files.19:33
amahnui[m]But as I said, there is an encoding issue withholding the script from completing the recursion. But if that is fixed then I believe it will go through the whole directory and carry out the modifications19:33
amahnui[m]Each of the 2 scripts will be run just once.19:33
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amahnui[m]halstead: I would be very grateful.19:44
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RPkhem: I queued a gcc 12 build22:11
RPhalstead: my thinking is we'd extract the tarball and then run the script against the output, at least for now22:12
RPhalstead: we may or may not choose to update the tarball. ndec also suggested we may want to make the tarball a git repo or branch but I'm not sure you want that sized data being pulled in.out22:12
* RP wonders if we really still want subversion in core22:14
RPkhem: the gcc12 build may fail due to other autobuilder issues :/22:14
RPkhem: I'm totally overloaded so I really don't want to do this but I know it will make life simpler if we can get gcc 12 fixed now22:14
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