Friday, 2022-04-22

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kp7299[m]I'm getting this error in .bb file of curl :   due to this code snippet being added in .bb  ```... (full message at
kp7299[m] * I'm getting this error in .bb file of curl :   due to this code snippet being added in .bb  being added from previous patch qschulz... (full message at
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kp7299[m] * I'm getting this error in .bb file of curl :   due to this code snippet being added in .bb  being added from previous patch qschulz... (full message at
kp7299[m] * I'm getting this error in .bb file of curl :   due to this code snippet being added in .bb  being added from previous patch qschulz... (full message at
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kp7299[m]if in .bb layer in RDEPENDS if we are getting error for python packages only then in which path those python packages are required so that they dont show those errors for python04:57
kp7299[m]this all is for recipe-support packages and presently for curl04:57
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kp7299[m]And as per the previous issue it was having webpage link to runtest.p1 , so the patch were having line to fetch that runtest.p1 thus added that to .bb file , but now getting these errors...
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kp7299[m]kp7299[m]: but as that issue is few years back old, just wanted to know if there is some update in that runtest.p1 file rburton05:08
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:24
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mckoangood morning07:15
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amahnui[m]Good morning07:26
qschulzvvn: bmaptool works with bmap files too, so you just need to download both the original file and the bmap one07:31
RPqschulz: I don't suppose you'd have some time to look at the migration/release notes patches from paul? I just pushed to master-next. The release is about ready to go apart from these07:32
* RP doesn't know whether to wait for michaelo next week or not :/07:33
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kp7299[m]Hi RP, qschultz , Could you pls help me out with both issues which I'm facing or what could be possibilities of both08:23
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kp7299[m]Earlier there was issue with that 0001-replace-krb5-config-with-pkg-config.patch, file but it is not already present in master branch, so i have copied this from my-honister branch, but it was giving issues for  this thing :  , so according to this, I have checked : but again what exactly it wanted to convey , I was08:38
kp7299[m]unabel to get08:38
qschulzamahnui[m]: you need to set PUBLISH=0 in the environment before calling the run-docs-build script to not have it run rsync08:46
qschulzamahnui[m]: make sure your run-docs-build script looks like:
qschulzif not, you need to update your local master branch (git pull --rebase or similar)08:47
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kp7299[m]qchultz: git format-patch HEAD~... (full message at
qschulzkp7299[m]: I don't understand your question. I assume HEAD~ fails because you don't have more than one commit in your git repo, but this makes little sense except if you created a local git repo for your change and committed there09:27
kp7299[m]then what about file , do i need to mention file path there in my main repo09:28
qschulzkp7299[m]: create a commit in openembedded-core git repo09:31
qschulzthen git format-patch of that commit09:31
svuorelais kirkstone still expected this month ?09:56
jclsn[m]Nooo, kas doesn't use the .netrc09:57
jclsn[m]qschulz: ?09:57
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jclsn[m]I am using kas without docker, so no idea why I would need to bind it manually09:59
qschulzjclsn[m]: I use kas, I do not develop kas nor am I employed by siemens. If something does not work for you, it's a FOSS project, just contribute to it09:59
qschulzor add the correct config options, I don't know10:00
jclsn[m]qschulz: okay okay10:00
jclsn[m]I will write Jan Kiszka10:00
qschulzthere'll never be a default configruation that'll suit everybody10:00
jclsn[m]Wonder why he isn't here anyway10:00
jclsn[m]Yeah but .netrc is quite common tbh10:00
qschulzjust open an issue on github or spend time contributing code or documentation please10:00
rburtonkas doesn't do any fetching itself though, it just tells git to fetch, and git uses netrc10:00
rburtonso what's the actual problem?10:01
jclsn[m]rburton: I have files from Artifactory. All the PREMIRRORS problems are fixed now. Turns out I needed to have a .netrc to let wget know about the credentials10:02
jclsn[m]I tested everything with Pyrex, where I have manually bound the .netrc, but I can also just use wget in the terminal to GET stuff from Artifactory10:02
jclsn[m]Only in Kas this doesn't work10:02
jclsn[m]Which is a problem because my CI Pipeline uses kas10:03
jclsn[m]There is nothing regarding this in the documentation unfortunately10:06
jclsn[m]kas' documentation that is10:06
jclsn[m]Works when I use oe-init-environment too, so definitely a kas issue10:08
ptsnevesHey. It used to be that the DEPENDS var was read in base.bbclass and was a deptask for do_configure. Did this change or i am confusing things?10:11
jclsn[m]Oh I think with kas you have the use KAS_PREMIRRORS. Will see if that makes a difference10:11
ptsneveslike do_configure[depends] = "D1:do_prepare_recipe_sysroot"10:12
jclsn[m]Another things that is weird is that bitbake-getvar is not working for me atm10:16
qschulzjclsn[m]: if you don't give us more info, we'll never be able to help10:19
qschulzalthough this is about kas and we're merely users here10:19
qschulzso going through the proper channels for bug reporting would be better10:19
Saur[m]RP: I have read through Paul's migration/release notes and sent a couple of comments to the mailing list.10:20
qschulzSaur[m]: thx, will have a look too. Though I haven't exactly followed the new features/fix for kirkstone so it'll be cosmetic/syntactic comments10:21
jclsn[m]qschulz: Well bitbake-getvar is not there, although the bitbake environment is sourced10:23
jclsn[m]I don't know how to give you more info on this10:23
jclsn[m]For the kas matter I have written an email to their mailing list10:23
qschulzjclsn[m]: well, this is already more info than "bitbake-getvar is not working"10:24
RPSaur[m]: thanks! I'll see if I can tweak the patches as I know Paul might be away for a few days10:42
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rburtonptsneves: that’s what DEPENDS is, yes11:00
ptsnevesand if the do_configure[noexec] = "1" is set will the dependencies still be populated?11:00
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qschulzRP: went quickly through paul's patches for the 4.0 release docs11:18
selffrburton ptsneves hi, you were helping me yesterday with this issue :
selffi did perf proofiling test for rpi4(raspbian) and rpi4(yocto). There was a big difference in the results on the cpu,thread side.11:24
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ptsnevesdid you find the symbol on which there was a big difference?11:25
selffwrong message11:25
ptsnevescongrats by the way11:25
selffbtw , i wrote a code in C++ that only does math on an empty main. i kept a timer before entering the loop and at the end of the loop. on raspbian it was completed in 20 seconds, on yocto it took 55 seconds.11:26
selffthere was a huge difference in avg per-thread latency, wokeup 4 of 4 threads , 4 threads, each operating on 1024 [private] futexes for 10 secs tests. if you want, i can share the test results with pastebin.11:28
selffi think i tested the performance of single thread in the code i wrote.11:29
selffthe frequencies look the same on paper.11:29
selffptsneves think you deserve the compliment. it was your and rburton idea11:30
selffI did not do anything :)11:31
ptsnevesI think this is a bit outside yocto but i am curious of your problem. Can you share the code and perf logs?11:32
ptsnevesperhaps we talk in private to not spam the channel11:32
selffokay, im zipping and sharing the test results and code.11:36
ptsnevesok please paste. I will go for lunch11:36
selffi uploaded it from if there is another place you want me to upload, i can do it from there.11:40
ptsneves'The file you requested has been deleted11:40
ptsnevesthanks will have a look later11:42
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qschulzRP: any plan to switch to the new buildocs tarball?12:05
qschulz the text is broken for CVEs because we use a feature from sphinx 4.0+12:05
qschulz(just to know if I send a patch for it or if the buildocs gets updated :) )12:06
qschulz(I anyway need to send a patch ,either to fix/mitigate it or update the min sphinx version)12:06
RPqschulz: I haven't tried to see what breaks with that12:11
RPqschulz, Saur[m]: thanks for the review, I've updated master-next with the tweaks and posted any of the bigger changes12:12
* RP wonders if this is good enough to merge12:12
qschulzRP: yeah, let's do this change after the release so we don't put more on your plate :)12:14
RPqschulz: I don't think I can take many more problems :/12:15
jclsn[m]Seems like kas builds with its own user and therefore doesn't have access to the .netrc12:16
jclsn[m]I am using oe-init-build-env as a workaround for my pipelines now. Don't think that this will be changed any time soon12:16
qschulzRP: need to send a patch for kirkstone+master to fix this thing12:18
qschulzotherwise we need to have one more patch in yocto-autobuiler-herlper12:18
qschulzare you looking at the EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS yet or should I check what I can do?12:19
RPqschulz: I have not looked at that one so please :)12:19
rburtonjclsn[m]: kas container, i presume12:19
rburtonas kas on its own doesn't change user12:20
RPqschulz: a patch to about the sphinx 4.0 issue would be useful please. I'm sure we will update eventually but not now12:20
jclsn[m]rburton: I don't use the kas container12:21
Saur[m]RP: Hmm, I don't see any changes to Paul's original patches on master-next?12:21
selffrburton did you see what i wrote? do you have any idea if you have seen it?12:21
RPSaur[m]: I only updated the docs repo, one second and I can update poky12:21
jclsn[m]The ~/.netrc is in my home directory. I guess kas is binding the ~/.ssh directory, but not that file12:21
RPSaur[m]: pushed12:22
rburtonjclsn[m]: kas without a container doesn't do anything like that12:22
rburtonselff: haven't looked, have never used opencv and my rpi is still in a box, so you'll have to ask someone with experience with those pieces, or dig yourself.  a smaller test case is good.12:23
jclsn[m]RP: Well in that case something funky is going on here. As soon as I use Pyrex or the oe-init-build-env instead of the kas build command everything works12:25
Saur[m]RP: Looks good to me, with a caveat that I do not know how the example for QA_EMPTY_DIRS_RECOMMENDATION will look once it is rendered.12:25
Saur[m]I.e., will it look like example code.12:25
qschulzRP: patch for sphinx <4.0 sent12:26
qschulzRP: i'll let you cherry-pick for kirkstone I guess?12:27
RPqschulz: I think the changes will just go to both branches, thanks!12:28
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RPSaur[m]: I think I put the right sphinx magic in there12:29
qschulzSaur[m]: once merged in master-next you can check here
qschulz(provided the autobuilder built the thing)12:29
RPqschulz: snap! :)12:30
qschulzRP: fast vs precise :)12:30
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ctxnopHello all, I have a question about making a multiple package recipe. I have a repository that builds 3 kernel modules, out of tree. I think I got this part correctly. But the very same repository provides also 3 command line tools. I want to have a package for every single one. And finally, I want a last package that ship headers to go inside the12:38
ctxnopSDK. I wrote a "do_compile:append" to add the extra compilation steps for the said tools, and a "do_install:append" to install those where I want. Finally I added the differents files to FILES:${PN}-tool-X variables.12:38
qschulzctxnop: did you add some entries to PACKAGES variable too?12:40
ctxnopIt all compiles correctly, the tools packages aren't generated, what am I missing? and I also wonder how I can refer to those separately, like I want tool-A on an image, but tool-B on another image?12:40
ctxnopqschulz yes I did12:40
qschulzctxnop: IMAGE_INSTALL += "tool-A" on one image, IMAGE_INSTALL += "tool-B" on the other12:41
qschulzctxnop: triple check with bitbake-getvar (or bitbake -e tool | grep -e ^PACKAGES=12:41
qschulzhonestly, what I would do is have two recipes12:41
qschulzone for the kernel moduels which inherit module class12:41
qschulzand the other for the tools12:41
qschulzclean separation, maybe less hackish too12:42
qschulzat the cost of twice the fetching of sources12:42
ctxnopqschulz I'll check again for the IMAGE_INSTALL cause I remember that I did that for another package and did not worked, ended up in adding all in all images as it wasn't that important. But I surely missed something, so I'll check again12:42
qschulzctxnop: check the RDEPENDS of your packages so they don't pull in too many packages they don't need12:43
ctxnopqschulz Yeah I was think of making two recipe as well but I really dislike the idea it has the same SRC_URI because it mean that the two can get out of sync (one recipe pointing to a different commit than the other)12:44
qschulzctxnop: use a .inc included by both recipes12:44
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ctxnopqschulz Ohh silly of me... I just didn't think about a .inc file -_-12:45
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ctxnopjust checked out my PACKAGES variable and it is as expected listing the extra tools12:48
qschulzctxnop: then I think you might have an issue with the ordering of your packages in PACKAGES12:48
qschulzand/or FILES filters of other packages being too wide12:49
ctxnopthe extra tools are the lasts in PACKAGES12:49
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qschulzctxnop: oe-pkgdata-util find-path '*file*' should help you see if your file makes it somewhere at least12:49
qschulzctxnop: the PACKAGES is read from left to right12:49
qschulzwhatever matches the FILES filter of the package currently being populated will be in that package only12:50
qschulzso it is possible (and likely) another package took your files in12:50
ctxnopoe-pkgdata-util says that no packages are producing the extra tool I tried12:51
qschulzctxnop: mmm not great, then I guess you need to check that your do_install actually works12:51
qschulzcheck inside ${WORKDIR}/image that your file is ther12:52
ctxnopyes, that is my conslusion also12:52
qschulzctxnop: you can also check what's the content of the do_install task in ${WORKDIR}/temp/{log,run}.do_install12:52
ctxnop(I'm sorry to be a bit slow, I'm forced to work remotely today, so accessing anything takes times ...-_-  )12:53
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arkadoshello EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS can be used only local.conf not in a receipe ? in a receipe I must inherit user_add  ?12:54
ctxnopso, indeed, none of my extra files are in $WORKDIR/image, I'll will investigate on that, thanks a lot for your help qschulz12:55
qschulzctxnop: gives me time to work on other stuff too, so it's alright don't worry :)12:55
qschulzctxnop: ahah! so an issue with do_install:append indeed. Are you sure you are on a yocto release that supports :append override syntax?12:55
qschulz(it used to be _append before)12:55
ctxnopYes I'm sure of that, I'm on honister, waiting to go on kirkstone as soon as it's released12:56
qschulzarkados: you can specify it in an image recipe provided you inherited extrausers.bbclass12:56
ctxnopI also have to maintain an older image based on dungell so I'm used to this particular issue :p12:57
RPqschulz: I think that top level doc version issue might now be working?12:58
qschulzctxnop: update to latest dunfell and th newer syntax is supported too12:58
* RP didn't touch it12:58
qschulzRP: ah yes12:58
qschulzwas this a local cache issue?12:59
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RPqschulz: don't know12:59
qschulzbecause I had to Ctrl+Shift+R to see it12:59
qschulzbecause it was still incorrect12:59
qschulzso probably cache indeed12:59
qschulzhappy it's fixed :)12:59
arkadosqschulz, when i made it a receipe inherted from extrausers bitbake compile the receipe but produce an error when I IMAGE_INSTALL:append " myasers"12:59
rburtonwhat was the error? hard to comment otherwise.13:00
arkadosUser-Agent: falling back to 'libdnf': could not detect OS or basearch13:00
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rburtonthat's not an error13:02
arkadosI didn't add do_install in the receipe .. Do I have to do ?13:03
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arkadosError: Unable to find a match: myusers13:03
*** xmn <xmn!> has joined #yocto13:03
arkadosbut bitbake-layers show-receipes show  myusers13:04
rburtonthe package probab;y didn't generate as it was empty13:04
rburtonset ALLOW_EMPTY to generate an empty package which creates a user (see the docs)13:05
amahnui[m]Hello, I ran the `runqemu qemux86_64` a few days ago and was meaning to say that my mouse is not functioning on QEMU, I wish to ask if it is normal and if there is a way to make it work.13:05
rburtonarkados: oh, extrausers is an *image* class13:05
rburtonHere is an example that uses this class in an *image recipe*:13:06
arkadosrburton : I can add user with EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS from local.conf  but I wanted to make a receipe for adding a lot of users ...13:08
rburtonarkados: then don't use extrausers13:08
rburtonarkados: if you want a recipe that creates users,
arkadosarkados yes I read .. it was my question ...13:09
qschulzRP: I think I sent all changes I needed to send for the docs?13:23
RPqschulz: Yes, I think so. I see I did miss a couple of changes, thanks!13:25
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GhastlySnowflakeHi, do you have any recommendations on on what SoC OEMs do a good job providing an up to date BSP?13:36
ptsnevesGhastlySnowflake  is yocto LTS good enough?13:38
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GhastlySnowflakeYup, (anything not stuck on Sumo is great :D)13:39
ptsnevesthen i think you have St micro seems good enough13:41
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ptsnevesi work with them and they update frequently.13:41
ptsnevesThey have their weird conventions and their own kernel recipes. If you can live with that then that is it.13:42
ptsnevesAlso what do you look for in the SoC?13:42
qschulzGhastlySnowflake: also, SoC OEM highly depends on what you mean by that. Do you mean SoC vendor (i,e, are you doing your own hardware based on an SoC?), a SoM vendor (basing your hardware on a System on Module, like Toradex for example)13:42
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qschulzGhastlySnowflake: also, what do you mean by BSP? Yocto layers? Decently recent U-Boot, Linux kernel, etc... ?13:43
qschulzcombination of that?13:43
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GhastlySnowflakeqschulz: Good point! I am mostly interested in the SoM. Hopefully I'd like something which is a bit more enterprise supported then the RPi which has a BSP yocto layer. What i mean by BSP - that it's at least on some lts version on the kernel and yocto (don't know if uboot has lts), and one doesn't have to work on low level stuff to get to a booting13:47
ptsnevesmaybe have a look at balenaos?13:49
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ctxnopqschulz Seems that whatever I try my do_install:append is not called. Tried with "do_install_append" but obviously got the error that it's not a supported syntax anymore. Tried to create my own task "do_install_tools" and used "addtask do_install_tools after do_install before do_package", but it then install files using my user instead of 'root' so13:50
ctxnopthat do_package fails because of permissions. So I ended up into writing simply 'do_install', which completly override the default, but as the default is only doing a "module_do_install", then I added this in my do_install and now everything works as expected13:50
qschulzctxnop: mmm, this does not look too good13:53
qschulzctxnop: is this something you can share publicly?13:53
qschulzso that we can reproduce on our side?13:53
qschulzI'm pretty sure do_install:append should work for recipes inheriting module bbclass13:53
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ctxnopunfortunately no, I'm on NDA on all of this stuff :/13:54
ctxnopI'll try to make a reproducible exemple out of dummy sources later if you want13:54
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ctxnopbut as of right now, I think I can live with it, it so much better than the previous way on handling all this stuff13:55
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qschulzctxnop: yes, a small example would be plenty enough for us :)13:56
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ctxnopqschulz Just to let you know, I just tried to reproduce the issue, starting from scratch, using the hello-mod as a starter. As of right now it just works out of the box, so I can't reproduce my issue. It then means that I have something, somewhere, that as a side effect. When I'll have some time I'll chase down the differences to find what cause16:16
ctxnopthe bug. If I find something I'll reach you out to let you know.16:16
qschulzctxnop: good and bad news at the same time :/16:29
ctxnopmore bad than good in my opinion, because it means that I may have some other issues that I haven't spotted yet16:30
qschulz(good for us, bad for you :) )16:30
ctxnopyes ^^'16:30
ctxnopAs this project will be ported to kirkstone as soon as it's released, it may disappear in the process, so I won't run on this for now16:31
BignauxRonan[m]hi, if i've some COMPATIBLE_HOST = 'xxx" in meta/recipes-core/images/ , can i override it in a bbappend in my layer ?16:32
BignauxRonan[m]or it should have ?= to be able to ?16:32
BignauxRonan[m]it uses to "Use the same restriction as initramfs-module-install" but i don't want to use it, i can since INITRAMFS_SCRIPTS has "?=" ...16:33
qschulzBignauxRonan[m]: yes you can in a bbappend16:34
BignauxRonan[m]so i should make it bad16:34
qschulzeverything is flattened and read from top to bottom, bbappends content is added after the original recipe16:34
qschulzwait.. COMPATIBLE_HOST???16:35
qschulzI thought it was COMPATIBLE_MACHINE16:35
qschulzwhy would you need COMPATIBLE_HOST?16:36
BignauxRonan[m]i tryied to had my machine but i need to add mipsel ok16:36
qschulz(well, COMPATIBLE_MACHINE on an image recipe does not make much more sense to me, just highlights there's not enough abtrsaction in your layer and recipes16:36
BignauxRonan[m]for non-native recipe, compatible-host is the target16:36
BignauxRonan[m]seems to work with COMPATIBLE_HOST = 'mipsel-poky-linux'16:37
qschulzBignauxRonan[m]: well, I learned something new today16:37
qschulzstill don't understand why you wyuld use a COMPATIBLE_HOST for an image recipe since to me a native image recipe makes very little sense16:38
qschulzif that is even possible16:38
qschulzBignauxRonan[m]: you could also append to it to keep the original value16:38
BignauxRonan[m]yeap, i try to find where i read that in manual16:38
qschulzI assume something like COMPATIBLE_HOST .= "|mipsel-poky-linux" would do16:38
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BignauxRonan[m]yes was here16:39
BignauxRonan[m]    A regular expression that resolves to one or more hosts (when the recipe is native) or one or more targets (when the recipe is non-native)16:39
qschulzyeah but still, a native image recipe?16:39
qschulzanyways, not important :)16:40
BignauxRonan[m]yeah, it refuses to build if i don't fix that so ...16:40
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qschulzBignauxRonan[m]: I was more challenging the use of COMPATIBLE_HOST in an image recipe over COMPATIBLE_MACHINE (and actually... COMPATIBLE_MACHINE itself in a recipe is telling something;s not done according to best practices somewhere :) )16:41
qschulzglad you found out how to fix it :)16:42
ctxnopthere is a COMPATIBLE_HOST in poky's images:
BignauxRonan[m]ah yes but that's not my business, i can't contribute yocto when i don't have something working here :D16:42
BignauxRonan[m]but yes, i don't think it should have inherited COMPATIBLE_HOST here since we can use this recipe without initramfs-module-install16:44
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khemRP: we need to replicate create_merged_usr_symlinks() for recipe specific sysroot too18:28
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janvermaete[m]To start with  ptest for my own recipes, what's the best example to look at?19:09
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kergothkhem: Do you run sstate-diff-machine in CI/autobuilder, and if so, how do you go about doing that in a clean way? I'd like to make sure things that we expect to be shared between some of our configurations are, and would like to know which pieces are not, across our build matrix.19:28
khemkergoth: see
khemI create a copy machine
khemand use that as testpad19:31
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kergothkhem: ah, okay, so comparing a specific subset of machines. thanks19:33
kergothkhem: I'm looking at using more generic arm tuning, the way it was done by angstrom and others, and I want to *know* the toolchain and its runtime isn't being pointlessly rebuilt across similar machines, sstate-diff-machines is probably the best bet, yeah?19:34
khemyeah it is19:34
kergothWhen using an external toolchain, we usually have a specific list of supported configurations, often somewhat generic, and the build maps the machine to the most specific compatible external configuration. If I then move to internal builds, I want to make sure across the matrix of machines that we don't build more configurations than the external would have had, if that makes sense. Reduces the need for increased test coverage19:35
kergothbetween the two19:35
kergothlooking for equivalence between the two. sstate-diff-machines looks perfect, but haven't played with it much. time to do so!19:36
khemyeah its doable, but I think you have to bridge the gaps between defined configurations first between external and internal, since that is critical, internal can have many variations19:39
kergothHmm yeah, that's true. Right now we only support glibc, so that helps, but I might need to add warnings to our distro if the user is building an unsupported toolchain configuration or something19:43
kergothmust be nice doing builds in a tmpfs :)19:47
khemheh the tmpfs is on 15year old RAM, SSDs of today are faster than that19:53
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