Thursday, 2022-04-21

khemreatmon yeah I am seeing same. Its same for lore as well. Perhaps halstead has some info00:00
khemvvn are you trying to extend a given service file ? you can do that by fragments drop-ins00:04
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halsteadkhem: reatmon: I wasn't aware. I can raise and issue. Do you have any more details?00:10
khemhalstead patches are appearing after several hours on patchwork sometimes after a day00:10
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reatmonthere is a patch sent to the meta-ti mailing list at 4:34pm central time, and is not in the ti patchwork project.00:10
kheme.g. see
khemnone of patches from today are there00:11
khemhalstead has same problem00:12
khemso I guess its a common problem00:12
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reatmonhalstead: We've been seeing this behavior for the past couple of weeks.  Sometimes it just clogs up and we don't get patches in Patchwork... most days it works just fine.00:17
vvnkhem: I'm doing that for existing services already, but I struggle to package small scripts, such as a service running bmaptool for factory... Do I write a custom bmaptool-something package, do I append an existing package such as systemd-machine-units...00:18
vvnanother example are first-boot one liners00:19
khemsystemd-firstboot could be used for that kind of stuff00:19
khemwhat do you mean by systemd-machine-units00:22
khemI guess you mean Machine specific systemd units00:25
khemwell some of them will be specific to your distro and some to machine00:25
khemso for simple services its perhaps fine to club them into systemd-machine-units or systemd-distro-units00:26
khemsee for example00:27
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kp7299[m]<rburton> "when you find out what you..." <- Is there some specific process for sending patch for sanity check?02:46
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zeddiikhem: yah, it is doable to enable something like that. I can do a fragment in the kernel-cache and we can enable it via KERNEL_FEATURES, with some approriate name for the kernel feature like "allow_warnings"02:57
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khemyeah and its ppc specific since warnings will only be not treating as errors in arch/powerpc dir03:07
khemkp7299 same process where other oe-core patches go03:07
kp7299[m]khem: you are saying about only this, right:  , this would be first time i would be sending thats why just asking if I understood it right03:11
vvnsorry khem I was afk03:17
vvnkhem: by systemd-machine-units I meant the empty packages created for that purpose ;-)
vvneven though it doesn't seem used that much, not sure03:18
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vvnkhem: there's no first-boot packages per-se, there's a systemd-specific service as part of systemd itself only. I thought about adding generic first-boot and factory-reset packages to my distro, so that my BSPs can append them as they like, but again, even add boot targets to pull-in these services on but. Now sure it's the good approach.03:21
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khemsure these are specific to products and distros03:33
vvnthere's no systemd-distro-units thought03:35
vvnkhem: I said that it doesn't seem used because contrary to many other recipes, the layer index lists no bbappend for systemd-machine-units03:35
khemthere is in meta-selftest03:36
vvnho I missed that one then, let me check03:36
vvnho ok, I missed it because it is generated somehow03:37
vvnok so a few pairs of small script + service files seems adequate instead of trying to create an individual myboard-copy-image-to-emmc weird package03:39
vvnkhem: why does meta-selftest append systemd-machine-units if I may ask?03:49
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T_UNIX[m]<khem> "T_UNIX do you intend it for..." <- I intend to source it as part of a initrd. But Imagine an application depends on it and I‘d like to use the host sysroot directory as rootfs via nfs06:23
michalkotylaHello everyone! I have a problem with the QA issue [empty-dirs]. At this time I have no idea why do_package_qa says my directory is not empty, so I want to skip this temporary. It is possible? I tried with INSANE_SKIP  but this do not work for me, and i do not see empty-dirs in QA variables  list
kp7299[m]Just wanted to confirm while sending patch, is it required to add resultant build folder too tmp sstate-cache downloads ? As I have created these folder outside the repository analogous to .vs or .exe which is being created while we make projects while using VS on windows06:40
LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:42
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RPDoes anyone fancy fixing the fallout from the recent git security fix? Reproducible build issues :(06:57
kp7299[m]Ok, means I need to change the path of tmp, sstate-cache downloads to inside the poky as presently i have given them outside LetoThe2nd  and need to add it for sending in patch06:58
LetoThe2ndkp7299[m]: hm? sorry i have no idea what you are talking about.06:59
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kp7299[m]ok, no issues LetoThe2nd07:03
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kp7299[m]I thought I got my answer07:04
kp7299[m]But i guess you were just greeting all07:04
RPigt-gpu-tools has a git call in lib/meson.build07:08
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amahnui[m]Hello everyone 👋07:13
amahnui[m]I wish to ask if I there is a way in which I can make a script in yocto-autobuilder-helper/scripts run last.07:13
kp7299[m]Hi RP Could you pls once confirm, that is we require to upload tmp downloads sstate-cache also in patch?07:16
LetoThe2ndkp7299[m]: sorry, but why would you want to have those in a patch? the repos only keep metadata and code. tmp is even completely transient.07:17
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kp7299[m]LetoThe2nd: Yeah, thats why I required confirmation, because I was also thinking the same as wrote above 😅07:18
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LetoThe2ndkp7299[m]: try to approach it from a logic point of view. if those things would make sense in a patch, then you could see them in the public repos, right? ;-)07:22
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kp7299[m]LetoThe2nd: Yeah, got it, thats why required one confirmation, as i dont know all components of repo... But yeah, thanks for the same :)07:25
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qschulzamahnui[m]: hi, just call your python scripts inside scripts/run-docs-build07:43
qschulzamahnui[m]: (that does not answer your question, but knowing the context that's what you're after :) )07:43
amahnui[m]Yes this actually helps as I thnk that is the reason why my changes did not reflect in the extracted tarball.07:46
amahnui[m]Thank you07:46
qschulzamahnui[m]: you might want to update your local branch because we pushed quite a few patches last two days07:47
qschulz(and you can now run the script without commenting out stuff or modifying it, see environment variables in the comment at the top of the file)07:47
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amahnui[m]qschulz: Okay I will do that07:51
amahnui[m]Thanks for the heads up.07:51
amahnui[m]does that involve rsync as well?07:51
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qschulzyou need to set the docs_buildtools, docbookarchive and PUBLISH environment variables correctly08:02
qschulzbefore calling run-docs-build08:02
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amahnui[m]The buildtools_doc you sent on the mailing list was not showing english characters, I don't know if it is normal.08:05
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* amahnui[m] uploaded an image: (739KiB) < >08:06
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qschulzamahnui[m]: mmmm will check. In the meanwhile:
qschulzuse this one instead08:09
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amahnui[m]qschulz: Thank you 🙏08:11
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kp7299[m]Hi qschulz , How would I get to know that for sending email, whom all am I required to add in mailing list, presently I'm trying to solve with that curl issue only, just want to submit first patch08:32
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qschulzkp7299[m]: curl recipe is in openembedded-core, so contribution rules for that project apply08:34
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kp7299[m]So, I need to find mailing list from their org?08:35
qschulzthe link to the mailing list is listed in the README08:36
qschulzyou go to that URL and you get the mailing list address08:36
qschulznote that you need to be subscribed to it to be able to send patches to it08:36
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kp7299[m]How I need to be subscribed , is there some command for the same, while sending the email, bcoz this point I was unable to get08:39
qschulzamahnui[m]: I downloaded the script and it's fine. You might have a corrupted file?08:39
kp7299[m]And also I wanted to send my patch for sanity check, but now sending to oe, like, unable to get whole context08:40
qschulzand the sha256sum is listed here:
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qschulzclick on the Subscribe mail address I guess, or just create an account there and subscribe from there (that's what I did(08:43
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qschulz(clicking on the big "Join this group" button)08:43
kp7299[m]And what about sending my patch for sanity check?08:44
qschulzkp7299[m]: figure out which git repo will need to have your patch applied, and read its README08:45
kp7299[m]qschulz: you mean to say i need to check oe repo?08:46
qschulzkp7299[m]: I don't know if your change applies to oe repo or not08:47
kp7299[m]qschulz: My changes were for curl ptest in yocto project's recipe's support, so there for curl recipe08:49
kp7299[m]So in that context I wanted to ask08:49
qschulzkp7299[m]: you were asking me about sanity check, that I have no idea which git repo holds your changes08:50
qschulzkp7299[m]: for curl, I told you the recipe is in openembedded-core, so you need to send the patch to the openembedded-core mailing list08:51
kp7299[m]ok, for sanity check I need to ask then rburton only to which repo i need to send , but for mailing then I'm sending to openembedded and cc to rburton , I guess that works fine08:52
qschulzkp7299[m]: no need to cc rburton, he'll receive the mail just fine, it's a public mailing list (except if that is an Outreachy requirement)08:54
qschulzkp7299[m]: what is the file you changed for the sanity check?08:55
qschulzin which git repo?08:55
ptsnevesqschulz you are a cool person :)  Everytime i come to this chat you help. I would buy you a beer08:56
kp7299[m]in master branch, meta/recipe-support/curl/curl/ added ptest-runner for checking first patch qschulz08:56
qschulzkp7299[m]: I'm sorry but I'm very confused now. You are talking about sanity checks but then give information about curl recipe changes08:57
qschulzptsneves: maybe the day it's safe to have conferences in person again :)08:58
kp7299[m]ok, yesterday I was asked by rburton to submit my patch for sanity check, but above one is the file i added to master branch , so dont know08:59
RPkanavin_, rburton: git usage during do_install breaking with fakeroot with recent git upgrades on distros. Do we patch the recipes? Intercept the git calls with a wrapper and exit 1? Intercept the git calls and exit pseudo ?08:59
* RP is torn08:59
qschulzkp7299[m]: what rburton suggested is to add a sanity check on path sthat aren't absolute (I imagine)09:00
LetoThe2ndRP: cure Natalie Imbruglia?09:00
qschulzkp7299[m]: which i very much assume was in your conf/bblayers.conf file09:01
LetoThe2nd*ue, even.09:01
kp7299[m]qschulz: when you find out what you missed, sending a patch to sanity check that would be really helpful09:02
kp7299[m]* "when you, * really helpful" , this was the thing, and it was abt sending for sanity check09:02
qschulzkp7299[m]: the few messages before were regarding your tasks failure and rburton saying your paths didn't start with a / (home/ something instead)09:03
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qschulzand if i remember correctly, he suggested to fix that and if that was the issue, to send a patch to "sanity check" that so it does not happen to other people09:04
qschulzsanity checks are usually performed in meta/classes/sanity.bbclass I think09:04
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kp7299[m]qschulz: Ok, So I just need to send mail for the same and then create pull request nothing else right as per this:
qschulzkp7299[m]: start by sending a mail to oe-core for the curl recipe change so at least we don't get confused09:09
qschulzfor sanity.bbclass, it's also part of oe-core, so you'd still need to follow
qschulzprovided the sanity check needs to be done in sanity.bbclass09:10
qschulzand that your issue was about relative vs absolute paths in bblayers.conf09:10
qschulzbut that you're the only to know09:10
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kp7299[m]qschulz: From where I could get values for this set up for which I'm getting error: Unable to initialize SMTP properly. Check config and use --smtp-debug.09:23
qschulzkp7299[m]: have you set up git-send-email for your mail provider?09:26
qschulzkp7299[m]: to help you figure things out09:26
kp7299[m]Installation i had already done09:27
kp7299[m]but hadnt configured smtp09:27
kp7299[m]because i dont know which values i need to input for same09:27
kp7299[m]or better i could say preferable09:28
ptsneveshey guys what can cause kernel module version magics to mismatch on thud?09:29
qschulzptsneves: kernel in devtool workspace?09:29
ptsnevesno. that is the thing. Normal kernel recipe using vanila kernel.bbclass09:30
qschulzkp7299[m]: you need to get this information from your mail provider09:30
qschulzptsneves: and compiling the kernel module with yocto too right?09:30
ptsnevesyes. It seems like  state cache issue09:30
Saur[m]michalkotyla: Using `INSANE_SKIP:${PN} = "empty-dirs"` should work (at least it does in our recipes).09:30
Saur[m]michalkotyla: But the best option is of course to not create any files in the directory in the first place. You should be able to tell what it is creating by looking in `tmp/work/<arch>/<recipe>/<version>/image/<non-empty directory>`.09:33
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rburtonkp7299[m]: i'm not sure what you meant to send, but that patch is the contents of your build directory and not any changes to curl.  Before sending a patch it's always good to 'git show' or similar to check that the changes you're sending are what you expect.09:58
amahnui[m]qschulz: thank you I will download this ones09:59
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qschulzkp7299[m]: also, I don't think you subscribed to the mailing list because i didn't receive anything (and also does not appear in the archives:
kp7299[m]rburton: Yes, it was mistake by my end, sorry for that, I'll keep this thing in mind from next time before sending, i had just sent the wrong patch which consisted of whole build10:03
kp7299[m]qschulz: I had got three mails from them regarding addingto group, i dont know why i was not added10:04
qschulzdid you use the same mail address for registering as the one you used to send your email with git-send-email?10:05
rburtonthe sender wasn't the same as the account which registered on the list10:07
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kp7299[m]yes, that was email id linked with my github account10:12
qschulzyou need to use the same email otherwise you're not allowed to post to the list10:13
kp7299[m]Ok, I'll change email id in .gitconfig file10:15
amahnuiHello rburton:  I would like to ask you if there are any community specific questions that I can add for my application as requested on the outreachy platform.10:20
amahnui`Please work with your mentor to provide a timeline of the work you plan to accomplish on the project and what tasks you will finish at each step.`10:21
amahnuiThis too10:21
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: ran memrey against bitbake building an image, and now i have a 2mb flamechart which my browser is struggling to load :)10:55
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rburtonah no it was just randomly timing out fetching d3js, because my vpn is terrible10:56
LetoThe2ndrburton: if your box chokes on 2mb, it might be time for a new one... something ppc, maybe? or MIPS? i hear its new new cool chit10:56
rburtoni thought it might have been generating a huge diagram at runtime10:57
qschulzrburton: was wondering how long I'd have to wait for someone to run memray with bitbake :p10:58
rburtonits quite boring, to be honest10:59
LetoThe2ndrburton: thinking is completely overrated. i'm speaking from experience.10:59
qschulzrburton: aren't we more CPU bound anyways?10:59
rburtongod yes10:59
rburtonthis is demonstrating that we're not leaking anything badly during parse at least10:59
rburtoni'll run it with a proper build to check there's nothing growing over time11:00
qschulzthat's a good thing indeed11:00
rburton40mb resident in total, 4mb of which is allocated out of the parsers11:00
qschulzmeh, who cares about 40mb11:01
rburtoncharacter encoding and mime type databases are bigger than the parsed metadata11:01
rburtonhm memrey isn't following into the workers11:06
rburtonah i bet it can't follow an explicit subprocess.Popen11:08
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LetoThe2nd*sigh* gdk-pixbuf failing again.11:21
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michalkotylaSaur[m]: thanks, it works for me now after moving INSANE_SKIP to .bb from .inc file that i include by using `require`11:44
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* kp7299[m] uploaded an image: (6KiB) < >13:37
kp7299[m]One doubt, while running qemu out of these which image, do  i need to choose13:37
tlwoernerwho's doing outreachy this year?13:38
tlwoernerdoing → running13:38
tlwoernerfor YP13:38
qschulzkp7299[m]: none of those. I told you the images are in tmp/deploy/images and you're looking at tmp/deploy/packages (or ipk don't know)13:38
qschulztlwoerner: I believe rburton13:38
RPtlwoerner: rburton and ndec13:39
kp7299[m]qschulz: i cant find this images foler13:39
kp7299[m]only ipk and licenses are there13:40
kp7299[m]under tmp/deploy13:40
qschulzbecause you need to build an image13:40
qschulzand not just curl13:40
qschulzyou need to build an image with curl in it13:40
kp7299[m]i used command bitbake curl13:41
tlwoernerqschulz and RP: thanks13:41
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!> has quit IRC (*.net *.split)13:41
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kp7299[m]means this was not enough? qschulz13:41
qschulzkp7299[m]: no13:45
qschulzcurl is a package recipe13:45
kp7299[m]then what additional i need to add to it for creating image13:45
qschulzpick your poison :)13:46
RPqschulz: I did merge the other docs patches btw, thanks13:46
qschulzRP: I saw, thx13:46
qschulzthe default page still has an incorrect documentation_.js file though13:46
RPqschulz: I did mean to try and debug that but got ditracted :/13:47
qschulzwhat I thought could be the issue is the transition branch running last, but I would have been able to reproduce it locally then13:48
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto13:51
*** TundraMan is now known as marka13:56
paulgRP, I'm not ignoring your e-mail ; I'm just trying to wrap my head around the install issue etc.  If you want to just tweak things yourself - I'm fine with that - it surely will be faster...13:56
kp7299[m]<qschulz> "" <- i dont know why these are so long videos and even without timestamps, thats why i dont like watching youtube videos13:56
RPpaulg: np, I didn't think you were :) I have some local hacking of it in testing. Sadly the issue came up in overnight testing as reproducibility broke :/13:58
paulgthat is why you don't want me hacking python.  :-P13:58
*** OutBackDingo <OutBackDingo!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)14:01
RPpaulg: I think what we need is
*** OutBackDingo <OutBackDingo!~quassel@> has joined #yocto14:03
paulgwhat was (were?) the pkg using git in do_install?  Save me looking.14:06
zeddiikhem: I have that under test for gcc12 and ppc, will send the entire queue later today.14:07
RPpaulg: systemd, llvm, iputils and igt-gpu-tools14:08
paulgthanks - curious to have a look at wtf they are doing.14:08
RPpaulg: is the changes that were detected - basically version strings in the binaries14:09
RPpaulg: in igt-gpu-tools it was from lib/meson.build14:10
RPpaulg: I didn't check into the others, I'm going to assume the same issue14:10
*** Schlumpf <Schlumpf!~Schlumpf@> has joined #yocto14:17
*** paulg <paulg!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)14:17
kp7299[m]<qschulz> "" <- Isnt there some doc for custom image creation, i really avoid videos as i need to replay them again and again if stuck somewhere, although i found few docs, but as they are not official then again i dont want to reply on them14:19
*** paulg <paulg!> has joined #yocto14:25
paulgha ha - the reproducible builds tab OOM'd me - there is some ironic justice there?14:26
RPpaulg: It causes my cpu a bit of work but didn't OOM here, guess I'm used to them14:28
RPpaulg: I was wondering where you'd gone"!14:28
rburtonthose pages are pretty huge14:28
*** BobPungartnik <BobPungartnik!~Pung@> has joined #yocto14:28
*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@2409:8a1e:9112:6900:ca5b:76ff:fe31:2c58> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)14:29
RPpaulg: FWIW, systemd is running "git describe --abbrev=7 --dirty=+ /media/build1/poky/build/tmp-systemd/work/core2-64-poky-linux/systemd/1_250.4-r0/git"14:29
* vmeson nervously notes his 294 tabs in FF...14:29
*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@2409:8a1e:9112:6900:85c7:fa00:f237:cb50> has joined #yocto14:29
RPpaulg: iputils similar. I put a log to a file in the git intercept just to check it was working and see what it was doing14:29
RPvmeson: I recently went over 900 and had to do something about things14:30
*** BobPungartnik <BobPungartnik!~Pung@> has quit IRC (Client Quit)14:30
paulgok, I thought I was bad, but don't think I've ever had more than 50?14:31
paulgusing an old turd with 4G as an "internet terminal" so to speak keeps me honest, I guess.14:32
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*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has joined #yocto14:37
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kp7299[m]<rburton> "kp7299: https://docs.yoctoprojec..." <- Just wanted to confirmation: , For making image customisable with curl , i just need to add14:41
kp7299[m]> >> IMAGE_INSTALL_append += "curl-dev" in conf/local.conf file and further just do bitbake core-image-minimal , for building up the final  image   as in official doc i can find package name being used, but dont know if curl is pacakge name or curl-dev is package name14:41
qschulzkp7299[m]: it's curl14:42
qschulzcurl-dev contains the headers used for compilation14:42
qschulzsame as -dev package on your Ubuntu or whatever distro (or -devel on Fedora)14:42
kp7299[m]ok, means just this much change would be required to have custom image with curl inside it14:43
*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)14:44
qschulzbecause it's IMAGE_INSTALL:append14:44
qschulzand :append followed by += is not supported anymore14:44
qschulzso IMAGE_INSTALL:append = " curl" should probably be enough14:44
*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has joined #yocto14:45
rburtonkp7299[m]: of course if you actually want the ptests, you want curl-ptest14:55
kp7299[m]rburton: so rather than curl i need to write curl-ptest ?14:56
rburtonyes.  if you want to install the ptests for curl, the package name is curl-ptest14:57
qschulzrburton: shouldn't those be added with ?14:57
rburtonnot if curl isn't already in the image14:57
qschulzDISTRO_FEATURES:append = " ptest"14:57
qschulzEXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "ptest-pkgs"14:57
qschulzrburton: and I assume ptest-runner is required too (except if curl-ptest has a RDEPENDS on it?)14:58
rburtonthe runner gets pulled in via depends14:58
kp7299[m]So finally what my conf/local.conf should look like?  IMAGE_INSTALL:append = " curl" DISTRO_FEATURES:append = " ptest" EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "ptest-pkgs"15:00
kp7299[m]or just15:00
kp7299[m]IMAGE_INSTALL:append = " curl-ptest"15:00
kp7299[m]because i was using first one...15:01
rburtoneither work15:03
*** ptsneves <ptsneves!> has joined #yocto15:07
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has joined #yocto15:09
manuel1985kp7299[m], If I'm not mistaken  EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "ptest-pkgs" will make EVERY package pull in its -ptest package. IMAGE_INSTALL:append = " curl-ptest" will only install curls ptest package.15:11
rburtoneither way you need the DISTRO_FEATURES line otherwise the ptest package won't be generated at all15:12
manuel1985So with EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "ptest-pkgs" you will also have bash-ptest etc. as well.15:12
*** GLumen <GLumen!> has joined #yocto15:15
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kp7299[m]Where i need to add these things for ptest as file was not mentioned in the doc,                                                                                                                                                             Be sure the recipe inherits the ptest class: Include the following line in each recipe:15:24
kp7299[m]inherit ptest15:24
qschulzkp7299[m]: you are adding support for ptest to curl15:24
qschulzso the recipe to add inherit ptest to is curl15:24
kp7299[m]so I need to add this in meta/recipe-supports/curl=> .bb file15:25
qschulzkp7299[m]: you were sent an early version of what is requested for ptest support in curl yesterday15:26
qschulzso this should also help you trying to understand things15:26
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)15:26
qschulzyou would have seen that ptest class is added to the inherit line in that patch15:27
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has joined #yocto15:27
kp7299[m]I was only able to find this +inherit autotools pkgconfig binconfig multilib_header ptest in .bb file in that patch15:30
kp7299[m]other than this, i was not able to find inherit ptest15:30
qschulzkp7299[m]: well... you can see that ptest was added in the line starting with inherit15:31
kp7299[m]ok, that simply means he has added some more packages besides ptest  in that line15:33
qschulznote packages, classes15:34
qschulzand no15:34
qschulzthat person only added one more class15:34
qschulzon top of the other ones that were already there15:34
*** argonautx <argonautx!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)15:38
qschulzthat they did exactly what is stated in the docs: inherit ptest15:39
*** argonautx <argonautx!> has joined #yocto15:39
qschulzin curl recipe15:39
qschulzbut instead of having it on a new line, it's concatenated with other inherited class15:39
qschulzso you only have one inherit line15:39
*** Schlumpf <Schlumpf!~Schlumpf@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)15:45
kp7299[m]And even in the patch we can find these functions: +do_compile_ptest() {... (full message at
qschulzkp7299[m]: if those functions were in the patch, we wouldn't need to have someone look at supporting ptest for curl15:49
qschulzbecause everything would be done15:49
qschulzyou have to understand that patches on the mailing list are merely suggestions15:50
qschulzin the world of GitHub, it's a pull request more or less15:50
qschulzit's not because you see a patch in the mailing list that it is merged and available in git15:50
qschulzin that case, it is very much not in git15:50
qschulzand also, I can already tell you that at least the RDEPENDS line needs to be updated because we have a new override syntax since honister. see
kp7299[m]Got it, but in make doc we it is there that we are require to add  do_compile_ptest() RDEPENDS_${PN}-ptest , but presently I'm trying to figure out on which basis in the patch they have written more of the content inside these function and even one new function do_install_ptest() is also added15:53
kp7299[m] * Got it, but in main doc we it is there that we are require to add  do_compile_ptest() RDEPENDS_${PN}-ptest , but presently I'm trying to figure out on which basis in the patch they have written more of the content inside these function and even one new function do_install_ptest() is also added15:53
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khemT_UNIX: OK busybox should provide /bin/sh16:13
*** BobPungartnik <BobPungartnik!~Pung@> has joined #yocto16:15
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kanavin_RP: can you summarize the git in distros situation in an email please? I am on holiday now, will be back tomorrow16:29
RPkanavin_: I have a patch on the list :)16:30
kanavin_RP: right, I'll get to it but not today most likely :)16:30
RPkanavin_: it is fine, I think we have a solution in hand16:30
RPkanavin_: thanks16:30
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moto-timoI'm working on a somewhat generic approach to LUKS disk encryption... does it make sense to move cryptsetup from meta-oe to oe-core?16:37
moto-timoProbably better to wait for the dust to settle on kirkstone... I'll revisit later16:39
moto-timo(target is currently dunfell anyway)16:39
vvnHow do you guys make DEPLOY_DIR_IPK privately available to the outside world? (because you have proprietary software, images and whatnot)16:40
vvnor DEPLOY_DIR in general so employees and customers can do bmaptool copy <company-url>... or opkg install foo16:41
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~nerdboy@> has joined #yocto16:44
kergothI doubt most do that16:44
kergothBinary based distributions are few and far between from what I've seen16:45
qschulzrburton: some ARM toolchain question unrelated to Yocto for you. shouldn't actually have some license files somewhere?16:47
vvnbut don't you guys make your DEPLOY_DIR directory available to developers at least?16:47
qschulzvvn: I archive artifacts with Jenkins and then you go to a build and you can download whatever was made available16:47
qschulzrburton: need to list the licenses used in there (e.g. glibc) and give the license. was wondering if I was missing on something or if I need to do everything by hand :)16:48
rburtonqschulz: the tarball has a licenses file in iirc16:49
kergothIf it's only internal, it's easy, have your CI deploy the bits wherever you need them. rsync them to a server, whatever. Exposing that to your customers is a rather different question given access control16:49
kergothat siemens disw for our sokol flex os product we have jenkins build and archive artifacts and deploy sstate and downloads to an internal server to act as a mirror for the devs, but that's about it16:50
kergothshould probably set up the error reporting service, pr server, and hashequiv servers one of these dyas16:50
rburtonqschulz: its basically just gcc, so says there's a Copying.html file16:50
qschulzrburton: there's glibc in there though16:52
*** bps <bps!~bps@user/bps> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)16:53
qschulzrburton: BTW, line 11 is wrong I assume16:54
qschulzshould be :${HOST_ARCH} instead of _${HOST_ARCH}16:54
vvnqschulz: kergoth: so to have opkg and bmaptool work for developers at least, have jenkins copy DEPLOY_DIR to a locally http server16:55
vvnand use VPN for accessing from outside16:55
vvnaren't they HTTP auth mechanisms that may be used to avoid using a VPN or give access from outside to arbitrary people to http content?16:56
qschulzvvn: devs just have access to Jenkins via LDAP so they fetch whatever they need themselves16:58
qschulzfor customers, not automated right now, don't know how they send images16:58
qschulzbut ACL should be something supported by most if not all HTTP servers?16:59
vvnqschulz: login in to jenkins and downloading files manually doesn't help for opkg/bmap, which requires classic http access17:03
vvnbut I'll figure something out17:03
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rburtonqschulz: line 11 is luckily replaced by the overrides anyway, i've a patch to send which deletes it18:29
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vvndoes bmaptool support any kind of http auth? so that it can fetch images from artifactory with basic auth enabled or even an S3 bucket20:07
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moto-timohmmm... can classes be added to dynamic layers?20:32
RPmoto-timo: classes are searched for in BBPATH20:33
moto-timoRP: ah. thank you20:34
* moto-timo should have read two variables further in the manual20:41
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amahnui[m]Hello qschulz RP rburton I sent a patch for auto-builder modifications for copy the scripts I wrote into the $outputdir and run them there, and it work on my local repository.21:14
amahnui[m]But rysinc was still giving me errors until I commented it.21:14
amahnui[m]It is at the list21:16
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RPamahnui[m]: I think you're a bit lost unfortunately. We're looking for a patch which changes that script to run your modification scripts against the tarball of docs21:31
amahnui[m]RP: ah, Please I wish to ask if the tarball of docs is that which you sent a download link of?21:35
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amahnui[m]I'm saying so because I added some commands in run-docs-build which moves the modification scripts into the $outputdir and runs them there, making the modification to happen immediately after the tarball has been extracted in the $outputdir.21:39
RPamahnui[m]: yes, it is the one in the link we previously discussed21:49
RPamahnui[m]: our autobuilder doesn't have "/home/abongwa/Documents/auto-builder/" so your patch needs to first add these scripts to the repository, then use them from there21:50
RPamahnui[m]: also, since python3 is at the start of the files, you can just call "", no need to "python3"21:51
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amahnui[m]RP: I actually sent a patch for the scripts to, but I could send a different patch which contains the most recent file names I gave to it.22:00
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amahnui[m]RP: That means the scripts have to be added to the repo in order before I can add its path to the run-docs-build22:13
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amahnui[m]If I'm not mistaken22:16
RPamahnui[m]: we usually ask that submitters put together a patch series that incrementally builds up these changes, so the first patch in the series would add the scripts to the repository, the second patch would add entries to the build script much like your second one22:17
RPamahnui[m]: the fact that the file names don't match and there are incorrect path names as well as the calling convention for the scripts is incorrect means things need to be tweaked in that second one too22:17
amahnui[m]I sent a more recent for adding the scripts to the repository which contains filenames included in the second patch22:21
amahnui[m]For the second patch too, I will send a patch in which I think the only tweak to be done will be setting the path of the scripts to that when they are in the repository22:21
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