Tuesday, 2022-04-26

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jclsn[m]Morning lads06:04
jclsn[m]So this is where those weird names are from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jOhnByTLqk06:05
jclsn[m]RP: Are you responsible for this?06:14
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mckoangood morning06:40
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RPjclsn[m]: yes07:20
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* RP notes that eSDK is broken and oe-selftest hangs with his git changes :(07:54
Saur[m]RP: Have you considered patching git-native instead to disable the test?07:57
RPSaur[m]: no, since we use git from the host in most cases, not git-native07:58
Saur[m]Hmm, ok. That's true...07:58
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kanavinRP: I have a task from Siemens to make eSDK 'really nice', so could work directly on that08:29
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kanavinjust trying to wrap up some package updates08:29
RPkanavin: In yesterday's members meeting, "reinventing" eSDK was one of the things we talked about as a way to trying to improve project usability. The technology underneath is good, the implementation and user interface to it isn't08:35
RPkanavin: I'm seeing if I can reproduce the eSDK failure locally atm08:35
kanavinRP: I'm going to start by studying what there is and how it works first08:36
qschulzRP: michaelo: I'm seeing an issue with default and 4.0 pages (same pages but different URL subpath) being reported as obsolete08:37
qschulzI think halstead fixed it in master with https://git.yoctoproject.org/yocto-docs/commit/documentation/set_versions.py?id=e0016979413ab27f2e5db88ae1de180507c759c208:38
qschulzwaiting for the docs job on the autobuilder to finish to check08:38
qschulz(basically, just an FYI for the moment)08:38
RPkanavin: when you'd done that we should talk a little as I have some ideas...08:39
RPqschulz: I did talk with MichaelH this morning about how to fix it so hopefully the current build will correct that08:40
kanavinRP: yes, certainly. I have carte blanche from the customer more or less.08:40
* RP wonders why the docs build is taking 50mins 08:40
RPwould have been nice if that member org talked to us about this...08:41
RPkanavin: the key starting point, at least to me is the small and insignificant sounding bblock and bbunlock command idea08:42
kanavinRP: is the idea described somewhere?08:44
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RPkanavin: https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1342509:00
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qschulzRP: yay \o/ thanks halstead for the docs fix :)09:12
RPqschulz: cool :)09:12
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Saur[m]RP: In an anonymous Python function, is there some easy way to get the name of the file it is part of (e.g., if it is in a bbappend, is there some way to get the name of that bbappend)? I would like to use it in an error message to help the reader to know where the error is coming from.09:36
RPSaur[m]: FILE sometimes indicates that09:39
ptsnevesSaur[m] that is a good request. I am also curious if this possible. The fact that bitbake always reports the .bb and not the bbappend is nightmarish for most people09:40
RPSaur[m]: it isn't easy though as it would mean updating the datastore on every file change and invalidating the data store caches09:40
ptsnevesis there any plan to report .bbappen in the future?09:40
RPptsneves: the key question is report where and when. You mean a parsing failure?09:41
ptsnevesyes. that would be good the first aspect. The other aspect would be to report in which bb or bbappend the command that failed comes from09:43
Saur[m]Unfortunately it seems that ${FILE} doesn't expand to anything (while in the bbappend at least). I tried setting `FOO_FILE := "${FILE}"` just to see.09:45
ptsnevesI think we already have information about that, as when running with -e we have the parsing changes separated by where they came from09:45
RPptsneves: very very hard to do reliably :(09:45
RPptsneves: imagine a do_install set in the main .bb which the bbappend does do_install:append to09:45
qschulzptsneves: we have that for variables but not tasks for example09:45
RPSaur[m]: perhaps I removed that as it wasn't accurate :/09:45
RPSaur[m]: looking at the code, FILE is set but probably not in the append09:46
Saur[m]RP: No worries. I don't expect this error to more or less ever trigger so grepping for it in the rare occasion it does is fine.09:47
* RP can fix eSDK with the git intercept but it is horrible09:48
qschulzSaur[m]: I'm surprised this didn't work?09:49
qschulzbecause THISDIR (which is used in bbappends!) is derived from FILE09:49
qschulzSaur[m]: https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky/tree/meta/classes/base.bbclass#n7609:49
Saur[m]Duh, it actually worked as it should. It was just me forgetting that `${FOO}` isn't expanded in Python code.09:54
RPqschulz: what bothers me about the docs is that we really want to show the 4.0.99 docs on the main page. Otherwise the 4.0 migration notes aren't there in full, no release notes09:55
qschulzRP: I agree on the issue, disagree on the solution :)09:56
RPqschulz: your solution would be?09:57
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qschulzthe issue we have is that we have migration docs for a given version only from older versions09:57
RPqschulz: oh, this is the move them to the transition branch?09:57
RPthen we ship the release with no inbuild transition doc :(09:57
qschulzRP: yes that's what I had in mind09:58
qschulzRP: yes, but at the moment, older releases do not even point to newer migration manuals09:58
qschulzi.e. dunfell does not even have this page09:58
RPqschulz: that is going to be a bigger discussion and more work09:59
RPright now we have a 4.0 release due out and the website is poor09:59
qschulzI don't know how to fix the inbuild migration notes atm honestly09:59
qschulzlong term I mean09:59
RPwe need to get the docs on the main page right now09:59
qschulzRP: we have hooks for adding patches to releases10:01
qschulzin yocto-autobuilder-helper10:02
RPqschulz: we want to patch in the set of 12 patches or whatever it is?10:02
qschulzthe question I have is why we tagged a commit for yocto-4.0 that was clearly not proper for 4.0 ?10:02
RPqschulz: because nobody can get me the docs changes by the initial build date?10:03
qschulz(probably workflow or timing "issues"/constraints)10:03
RPIf I blocked the release build on the docs changes we'd just never have a release :(10:03
RPqschulz: I wish we had people able to spend the time needed to work all this out and design a nice process which solved every problem. We don't :(10:05
qschulzRP: I'm sadly too much aware of the issues we have with lack of time and contributors :/10:07
qschulzRP: coming up with the list of requested patches and sending something for the autobuilder real soon10:07
RPqschulz: One other idea before you do that10:08
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RPqschulz: In the drop down, perhaps we should have "Unstable (dev), 4.0 (latest), 4.0, 3.4 (latest), 3.4.3, 3.1 (latest), 3.1" ?10:09
RPwith "latest" going to the .99 versions?10:09
RPqschulz: I'm thinking out loud10:10
qschulzRP: this does not fix the issue with the default page not showing the correct migration manual10:10
RPqschulz: it would if the default page went to 4.0 (latest)10:10
qschulzi don't think it'd be easy, because currently we just use the latest tag as default page10:11
qschulzwe'd have to figure out which branch is the latest10:11
qschulzfrom the info we get from git10:11
RPqschulz: we have a list we can use though!10:12
qschulznot in the autobuilder right now?10:12
RPqschulz: in set_versions.py it has activereleases = ["kirkstone", "honister", "hardknott", "dunfell"10:14
qschulzRP: there are two places where changes need to be made10:14
qschulzin yocto-docs for the switchers.js10:14
qschulzfor the dropdown10:14
qschulzhaven;'t looked into that yet but gut feeling is it's an ok change10:15
qschulz(in terms of time to spend)10:15
qschulzthe other one is how the autobuilder run-docs-build knows which branch to use as default page10:15
RPqschulz: We make run-docs-build get the data from set_versions.py?10:19
qschulzRP: https://paste.ack.tf/dba837 NOT tested10:23
RPqschulz: https://gist.github.com/rpurdie/fe9d4dde3fe0ec04fee5b6bf9dd69531 was what I was thinking but yours may be more magic :)10:24
qschulzbasically trying to get the one branch which contains the last commit10:24
qschulzexcluding master and master-next10:25
qschulzthe long term plan being to remove this once we agree on how to handle migration manuals10:25
qschulzyours is ok too, I can write a proper commit if you want10:26
qschulzjust lemme know10:26
RPqschulz: This is basically to patch things up for release until we can get a better solution and improve on it10:27
RPqschulz: I leaning towards mine simply as it has hopefully less to go wrong?10:27
qschulzRP: agreed.. whatever floats your boat then :)10:27
qschulzRP: mine does not require a change in yocto-docs that's all :)10:27
qschulzRP: wondering if you cannot have shell run the output of "git show master:documentation/set_versions.py"?10:28
qschulzin which case no need to git checkout and the whole thing with keeping the local git clean afterwards10:29
RPqschulz: haha, interesting thought10:29
* RP is trying to avoid being "too clever"10:30
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qschulzRP: where is the fun in that :D10:32
RPqschulz: we can save that for a later patch ;-)10:33
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RPqschulz: I sent it to the lists but pushed it. Lets see what that does10:38
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qschulzRP: python -c "$(git show master:documentation/set_versions.py)" getlatest10:41
qschulzFYI, that's what I could come up with10:41
RPqschulz: if that works we can update to that10:41
RPqschulz: feel free to send a patch and michaelo can process in due course. I want to see if the docs look right and we can release :)10:42
qschulzRP: I don't want to spend time on things I believe will be removed at some point :) it was just a "challenge" for me to figure out if it was possible :)10:43
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RPqschulz: we may be able to use this tricky more widely...10:47
RPbut I understand10:47
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rburtontoday' favourite typo is 'farktoot farks'11:29
rburtontypod the typo.  'farktoot farts'11:29
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RPrburton: nice :)12:05
RPqschulz: site updated. "4.0.999" isn't great but better to have the migration guide complete on the front page12:05
qschulzRP:  I agree12:06
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rburtonand now i discover my mails have a disclaimer attached, sorry about that12:46
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ptsnevesHas anybody ever looked at the gn build system https://gn.googlesource.com/gn/? Does anybody have experience integrating it with yocto?13:17
Guest1431Hey there! II'm quite new to Yocto and I have a problem. I was building a Yocto image and while it was at the do_rootfts task, my power went out... Now when I try to build again, it gives me an error - "abort()ing pseudo client by server request..." and then it also prints some "inode mismatch". How can I fix this?13:20
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kranzoGuest1431: did you try to remove $BUILDDIR/tmp? Should be rebuild from sstate pretty fast13:22
ptsnevesGuest1431 just do bitbake <name of the recipe with the broken abort> -c cleanall13:22
ptsnevesshould get you going13:22
ptsneveskranzo should not need to get a whole tmp wipe13:23
Guest1431Ok I'll try that13:23
qschulzGuest1431: are you building in rootless podman containers?13:26
Guest1431I'll be honest, I don't know what that is so... probably not13:27
Guest1431Also, will cleanall remove the sstate cache? If so, will it take long again to build everything? I'm really new to Yocto so sorry if I'm asking dumb questions13:29
qschulzyes it removes the sstate cache13:30
qschulzhowever, iut only removes the sstate-cache of the image recipe13:30
ptsnevesGuest1431 it will remove only that recipe's state cache which is probably not relevant or unexistent13:30
qschulznot of the other package recipes13:30
Guest1431Oh okay, great. Thanks again!13:30
ptsnevesif you are concerned -c clean is enough. I just said cleanall as I do not know exactly how your image is built13:31
Guest1431Ok I'll try with -c clean first then13:31
ptsnevesgreat. Let us know if it worked13:31
Guest1431It worked! Thanks :D13:35
ptsneves:)  good job!13:35
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thomasd123Hi, I've a strange behavior during a task "do_package". The error message is like this: https://zerobin.net/?0c86876f33bbcad1#Zk5gHyZwVYe3E+0NIlZzwQA1IjvVAsgCFsilwwkKqXA=13:44
thomasd123Bascially, a path is cut of, at some cp call.13:45
thomasd123However, If i print out the environmental variables for that task, I see that at "populate_srcipk_package() " the path is complete13:46
thomasd123I have included the error message, the content of the logfile, and the "-e" output of bitbake for that package in that paste.13:47
thomasd123Has anyone an idea, why the path can be cut of during the process? It seems that the recipe stuff is okay, since the "-e" output of bitbake seems to be sane.13:48
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ptsnevesno idea on my side. I do not know populate_srcipk_pacakge task. I guess this is TI specific13:52
thomasd123Alright, I hoped this is something from OE. Or more generic13:52
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thomasd123But is my guess right? I'm still a yocto noob. The content of "-e" should be executed 1:1? So for example the "populate_srcipk_package()" function should be executed as it is defined at the "-e" output?13:55
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qschulzthomasd123: what is executed 1:1 is what you have in ${WORKDIR}/temp/run.do_<task>13:57
qschulzthomasd123: you might want to check the variable that is used in this task and check it with bitbake -e13:57
thomasd123Thank you very much, I'll check that13:57
qschulzand not only check the final value (which should be stripped/incomplete, but the history, to see if something smells fishy13:58
qschulz(the history is above the final value in the bitbake -e output)13:58
jclsn[m]RP: Thought so :)14:04
thomasd123Okay, if anyone is interested: It is a TI specific problem https://e2e.ti.com/support/processors-group/processors/f/processors-forum/1093610/dra821u-sdk8-1-yocto-build-error-occurred-a-few-days-ago/4059469?focus=true14:19
thomasd123Thanks for listening my nightmares ;)14:19
ptsnevesthe logs of the IRC are available in search engines so all was not for nothing ;)14:22
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rburtonptsneves: there's a few recipes floating around for gn15:07
rburtonptsneves: the big problem is gn can and does change behaviour without ever being 'released'15:07
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ptsnevesYes and the projects that use it as well. I am working with https://github.com/project-chip/connectedhomeip and they basically track dependencies through the gitmodules hashes. That means they download all their dependencies and build them as part of the actual target library. It leads to long compilation times and even longer downloads due to them15:10
ptsnevesnot being cached in the download dir15:10
qschulzRP: can the GDoC in the Yocto Project Status be at least readable by all without a Google Account? (clicking on the link asks me to login)15:10
qschulzStatus +mail15:11
qschulzndec: maybe more a request for you?^15:11
LetoThe2ndunderscores in recipe names are bad, right?15:13
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rburtonuse hyphens15:15
rburtonmy_recipe.bb becomes PN=my, PV=recipe15:16
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RPqschulz: I think I tweaked it so you can15:21
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moto-timojust noticed old override syntax in https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky/tree/bitbake/lib/bb/utils.py#n123015:23
qschulzRP: thanks :)15:25
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LetoThe2ndrburton: what about my_fancy_git.bb?15:49
rburtoni'd have to check but i imagine PN=my_fancy15:49
rburtonyou're then relying on other bits of the stack respecting the same algorithm15:49
qschulzLetoThe2nd: wpa_supplicant is named wpa-supplicant15:50
qschulzjust rename it to avoid weird stuff :)15:50
qschulzthough maybe there'd be less issues now with the newer override syntax?15:50
rburtonyes, but there's still the pn_pv.bb behaviour15:51
rburtonjust use -15:51
LetoThe2ndyeah thats my preferred solution too, but alas, wonky hw vendors...15:58
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tlwoernerwhat is the output of meta-environment ?15:59
JPEWndec & LetoThe2nd: I recorded a talk I gave to the SPDX project about SPDX in Yocto, are you the ones I need to talk to about "promoting" it?16:00
ndecyes! i've heard about that talk just a few mins ago :)16:00
tlwoernerthe point of meta-environment is to create an environment file (that can be sourced) that points you to your build's sdk tools without having to build and install an sdk explicitly?16:01
LetoThe2ndJPEW: heh actually RP already poked me about it. i wanted to ask you if its public, as unlisted at the moment.16:01
JPEWLetoThe2nd: I just made it public16:01
LetoThe2ndJPEW: nice! I would actually like to postpone its promotion to next week or so, this week the YPS CFP ends, and OEDVM needs stage time.16:02
LetoThe2ndndec: thoughts?16:02
ndecsure. fine with me16:04
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LetoThe2ndJPEW: fine for you too?16:04
JPEWLetoThe2nd: Yep16:05
LetoThe2ndJPEW: awesome! will set myself a reminder to put it out early next week then.16:05
JPEWLetoThe2nd: Sounds good. Thanks!16:05
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kevinrowlandIs it crazy to want to maintain Kconfig fragments _in_ my Linux or U-Boot source trees? If so, I don't think I can use the existing configuration machinery provided by `cml1.bbclass`, because it expects `.cfg` fragments to be in `SRC_URI`, and they can't be in `SRC_URI` alongside my `git://` URI because they'd be _inside_ that repository.. so they16:21
kevinrowlandcan't be fetched until the repository is unpacked. I hope someone is following. Just looking for thoughts, or maybe someone has done this before?16:21
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tlwoernerkevinrowland: i don't think that's the place where config fragments are expected to be stored. i think the assumption is that they're stored either in-layer or in a layer used for nothing else other than config fragments16:33
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tlwoernermeta-environment (i found it) seems to expect the tools to be installed in a specific location (/usr/local/oe-sdk-hardcoded-buildpath)16:42
rburtonthats normally replaced iirc16:43
RPtlwoerner: oh, we must have broken it. There is an envvar we need to set16:43
RPtlwoerner: that is worth a bug16:43
nagua[m]Hello everyone,16:47
nagua[m]I'm currently using yocto to generate an SDK with rust-cross-canadian. The rust project that we are building with it relies on bindgen to link native libraries from the yocto sysroot. I had to do a few patches to cargo and yocto until it worked well enough for us. Does anybody else use the SDK for that? Can I start a conversation somewhere on how to upstream the changes at least into yocto? I might also need some guidance if the approach that16:47
nagua[m]was taken so far is satisfactory for everyone.16:47
rburtonnagua[m]: feel free to send a RFC patchset to the openembedded-core list to start a discussion16:47
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nagua[m]<rburton> "nagua: feel free to send a RFC..." <- Ok, I will try to bundle everything together and send a patch.16:53
rburtonnothing talks better than code16:56
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kevinrowlandtlwoerner: gotcha, thank you17:02
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kergothHmm, considering taking on the layer setup and configuration future directions development task.17:51
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tlwoernerRP: oh, there is an SDKPATH variable that is set to /usr/local/oe-sdk-hardcoded-buildpath by default18:11
tlwoernerso i guess i have to set SDKPATH before building18:11
kergothrelocation is supposed to fix the sdkpath in setup environment, but you shouldn thav eto ajdust SDKPATH to change the default install path, you want SDKPATHINSTALL or so18:13
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RPkergoth: this is using meta-environment in an existing build18:20
RPtlwoerner: I think we should just be setting SDKPATH to the right value when the script is generated18:20
RPtlwoerner: I guess the challenge is there isn't a proper non-recipe sysroot any more18:21
RPtlwoerner: perhaps we should display a message telling the user they need to set SDKPATH? :)18:21
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JPEWtlwoerner: Whats Abstract vs Description?19:40
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moto-timoJPEW: I used Abstract for the usual "short blurb" that quickly summarizes the talk... I used Description to add some more details, more verbosity.. haven't used Notes yet21:19
moto-timoJPEW: you can go back and look at the phosh one from 2021.1121:20
* moto-timo very happy that d.getVarFlags returns a dict and that d.getVarFlag exists... for my evil mad scientist usage completely not as intended21:21
RPmoto-timo: it also optionally takes a list of variables to expand as the expand parameter fwiw21:21
moto-timoRP: even better! (I've never really looked at varFlags before for some unknown reason)21:22
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