Wednesday, 2022-04-27

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thomasd13Good morning, just a short question for debugging an bbclass (metadata_scm.bbclass):
thomasd13It seems, I got an exception, because "rev" is returned as <unknown> which later causes some changed signatures. It is possible to "debug print" this exception for further analysis?07:37
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qschulz@all: congrats on the Kirkstone 4.0 release \o/ \o/ \o/08:11
* LetoThe2nd throws confetti08:11
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michaeloqschulz: indeed! I'm very impressed. \o/08:22
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michalkotylaHi, I sent a patch to the meta-security exactly like it was described in README to via git send-email, but I do not see it in mailing list topics: It needs more time (more than an hour), or patch was rejected automatically for some reason?08:25
mcfriskyay, new LTS, long live the old LTS dunfell! Update from dunfell to kirkstone in preparation...08:25
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qschulzmichalkotyla: are you subscribed to the mailing list?08:26
qschulzmichalkotyla: clikc on the "join this group" blue button08:28
qschulzmichalkotyla: your mail address linked to your account needs to be the same as the one you'll send your patch from08:28
michalkotylaqschulz: yes, I subscribe mailing list and it is confirmed here:, I see the date when I join. But I have set email delivery as a daily summary - it may be the reason?08:32
qschulzmichalkotyla: yes that probably is08:34
qschulzI don't know, I don't have this enabled :/08:34
qschulzwell no08:35
qschulzit should appear in the archives08:35
qschulzdid you send the mail before subscribing?08:35
michalkotylaqschulz: I response to some topics but via web browswer, at I will try with disabling summary and I send patch again08:37
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svuorelais there some FILES_EXCLUDED like variable to list files explicitly selected to not be installed, or is the only way to rm them after install ?08:52
Saur[m]svuorela: There is no FILES_EXCLUDED variable or similar. Your options are to either remove the files in do_install(), or to package them in a separat package that you don't install. The latter is generally the better option as it allows the files to be installed in some other image if wanted, the former option is simpler.08:56
selffhi everyone. im trying to set up autossh and sshpass. i was able to successfully install sshpass but not autossh.08:58
selffAfter running the command(autossh), i get an error like this on the log side:08:58
selffautossh[809]: /build/tmp/hosttools/ssh: No such file or directory08:58
selffI share the rest of the errors as pastebin.
svuorelaSaur[m]: thanks. Will just remove them then. I just felt a bit de ja vu .. :)09:12
Saur[m]selff: Are you building autossh as  a native tool? Because the "build/tmp/hosttools/ssh" is the path to ssh within the hosttools directory that bitbake sets up to limit what host tools are available during the build, but I assume that you are using autossh outside the build.09:17
Saur[m]Or are you building it for target? Then its configuration tool has incorrectly determined the path to ssh based on the host path, not the target path.09:18
Saur[m]You probably need add some option like `--with-ssh-path=${bindir}/ssh` or something like that to `EXTRA_OECONF`.09:20
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Saur[m]Or if there is no option to tell the configuration process the path to ssh, then you will have to patch it in.09:21
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rburtonkhem: musl-locales is failing for us:  /bin/sh: 1: MSGFMT_EXECUTABLE-NOTFOUND: not found09:29
selffSaur[m] thank you. i added "EXTRA_OECONF="--with-ssh=/usr/bin/ssh" and problem gone. now i am getting "host key verification" failed error after running the command(autossh). most likely this is not an error related to the yocto side.09:41
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TyakuHi, We have a project where we need to control a WS2812B RGB led strip from imx8mn. Currently we made some changes in DTS (to enable ecspi2 and use spidev) and we drive it using spidev.09:44
TyakuBut, I would like to know if it's possible to enable the SPI from userspace with "sysfs" instead of changing the DTS files ?09:45
TyakuIf it's possible, what is the best option and why should we use one instead of other ? (configuring hardware with .dts files or playing with /sys/)09:46
qschulzTyaku: HW description is stored in the dts09:47
qschulzwhat's the issue with creating DTS nodes?09:47
qschulzyou could patch the devicetree at runtime with device tree overlays runtime application (which is NOT upstream)09:47
TyakuIn fact I have a collegue that ask me "i see that peoples configure the SPI using sysfs on raspberry PI, why you are not using it?". In fact in my searchs I found the solution that consist about changing dts files and it works but09:49
qschulzTyaku: RasperryPi folks are doing LOTS of things that are specific to the RPi09:49
qschulzI assume RPi distros have support for runtime patching or some weird stuff09:50
qschulzif you have some tutorials, I could check quickly09:50
TyakuHe gives me this:  where it says "Use these example commands to configure SPI GPIOs"09:51
TyakuBut what i see is just initialisation of some GPIO not really SPI. (or i'm missing something)09:51
qschulzI assume they're doing SPI transfers with GPIO bitbanging09:52
TyakuMaybe not, silicon labs is serious thing.09:53
TyakuBut I think they just configure GPIO used for example as chip_select or something like this.09:53
qschulzmy bad, misread, they configured the host_inst, wake, reset09:54
qschulzwhich is fine IMO09:54
qschulzdon't see how they would configure the SPI_CS, SPI_MISO/SPI_MOSI/ SPI_SCLK09:55
qschulzyou'd need to check what the ./build/exe/EZSP_SPI_Host is doing09:55
qschulzbut again, what's wrong with the DTS node?09:56
qschulzalso, if you want to use SPI on the device, you'll need the SPI controller to be enabled09:57
qschulz(ecspi for you)09:57
qschulzso that's a change already09:57
TyakuMy collegue was asking me this question to prevent changing dts files if we can do it "at runtime".10:01
TyakuAlso I did some changes in the SPI driver (spi-imx.c), for example in "imx51_ecspi_devtype_data" I set "fifo_size" from 64 to 128 because I think it doesn't seems to be configurable (and we need it to transfer more than 64 bytes at once)10:03
LetoThe2ndqschulz:  guess they just to hard register poking somewhere10:04
LetoThe2nd*do, even.10:04
LetoThe2ndTyaku: maybe check, with your colleague if devmem is also involved in his "approach"10:04
qschulzplease no devmem...10:07
qschulzusing devmem to avoid modifying a DTS (which you modify so little in the product lifetime...) is a very bad idea10:08
qschulzfirst because it's a security vulnerability10:08
qschulzsecond because it's reinventing the wheel of things that are in the kernel already10:09
OutBackDingoPACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qemu-system-native ughhh here we go again10:09
OutBackDingousing the old override syntax. Please convert this layer/metadata10:10
OutBackDingois there  an easy way to convert layers10:10
TyakuI just read about devmem because you write it. I like your trolling message :D. It also give me one of the responses: Yes we can configure/control hardware from userland (as we can read/write registers with it). But yeah it's bulls**t10:10
LetoThe2ndOutBackDingo: script/contrib/convert-something or close enough it should be.10:11
TyakuYeah I agree about devmem it's not good practice to use it to configure/control a hardware peripheral. For the reasons that you said.10:11
TyakuSo devmem is more for "debug" maybe.10:12
Tyakuor to make some tests.10:12
qschulzTyaku: devmem is extremely useful during bringup10:12
qschulzor to reverse engineer vendor BSPs you don't have the sources of10:13
qschulzbut it breaks the security layer of the kernel by allowing to write in any memory address space10:13
qschulz(and read!)10:13
qschulzyou CAN give access to specific memory address regions by using uio IIRC10:14
qschulzbut still.. requires changes in the DTS :)10:14
TyakuAnd that's where come another remark/question: To drive my LED strip, i need the MOSI IDLE state as LOW instead of HIGH. This thing is not configured by imx-spi.c (The register "ECSPIx_CONFIGREG" is read in "mx51_ecspi_prepare_message()", then they apply some bitchange according to some options and they write the new register value. But they don't change the field "DATA_CTL")10:17
TyakuSo currently I also had to make a change in this function to set the field "DATA_CTL" at the correct value to make sure "MOSI IDLE is LOW for my SPI channel".10:17
TyakuIn that case, is devmem a better option to prevent doing changes like that in spi-imx.c file (which is in "tmp/work-shared/imx8mnevk/kernel-source/drivers/spi")10:18
qschulzTyaku: the kernel never ends being updated. Someone finds a usecase that is not covered, they add support10:19
Tyaku*And that's where another remark/question comes*10:19
qschulzfirst check that upstream Linux kernel does not support that10:19
qschulzotherwise, just write your own patch10:19
qschulzthis is common practice10:19
qschulzalmost no one uses a vanilla kernel at first10:20
RPkanavin, JPEW: Happened again: :(10:20
TyakuYeah we are new to yocto in my company, we don't really have the "good practices", only peoples with years of experiences have it.10:20
Tyakuwhat is vanilla kernel ?10:21
TyakuI don't understand when you say "the kernel never ends being updated" what do you mean ?10:23
Saur[m]A "vanilla kernel" is the kernel source as published on by Linus or Greg.10:28
thomasd13Has someone else problems with "fatal: unsafe repository *** is owned by someone else" ?10:29
kanavinRP: can you save the logs and attach them to the bug?10:31
kanavin(or link to the bug)10:31
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RPkanavin: the testimage log?10:41
rburtonthomasd13: that's the new git being 'secure', there are patches heading into the branches to work around it10:45
rburtonthomasd13: downgrading git is an acceptable workaround in the short-term10:46
rburtonRP: doesn't appear on the rendered website. what's michael's nick on irc?10:49
RPrburton: michaelo10:49
RPrburton: how do you mean doesn't appear rendered ?10:50
rburtoncan't find that page on anywhere10:50
RPrburton: ?10:50
rburtonah it's not on the kirkstone branch, missing at
RPrburton: this is what I was talking about yesterday and why the main page is at 4.0.99910:52
rburtonRP: i suspected this was a known thing, but I wasn't paying attention10:52
RPrburton: the problem is that I don't get the docs until late and people rightly tag what we tested as release10:53
rburtonyeah fair10:53
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thomasd13rburton, thanks for that information. I'm just wondering why I am hit by this "feature". I didn't upgrade my local git client?!11:04
thomasd13Does oe/bitbake uses their own git instance, which they do update automatically?11:06
rburtonthat error really does suggest you upgraded your git recently11:08
rburton(or you're using a container which has the new git in)11:08
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thomasd13interesting. My local version is "git version 2.25.1". I think I need to debug that specific do_package task.11:15
thomasd13Thanks for that hint, that saves me a lot of time11:15
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rburtonthomasd13: <-- you're definitely running another git somewhere then11:19
rburtonthomasd13: maybe you have a recipe with a git-native dependency?11:20
thomasd13git-"native" dependency means, a package which requires git on the target system?11:21
thomasd13i try to create the extended pdk. I'm sure there is a git inside it11:22
rburtoneSDKs most likely ship the git we built11:23
thomasd13Task (/home/ewdt/oe/arago/sources/meta-ibg/recipes/images/ Thats the task. I didn't post that earlier since I assumed that this information is not important11:24
rburtonsurprised it runs the git inside the sdk during building it, as it won't work if the sdk is for a different architecture11:25
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SchillerYPAutobuilder first buildstep  (1. Clobber build dir) throws Error: Directory is busy, as i map the Directory into my Docker-Container. I can't really understand it as this shouldn't really be a problem.11:27
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SchillerAny suggestions? Is it safe to change the buildstep into just removing the subdirectories?11:28
thomasd13The eSDK targets A72 (Arm v8 AARCH64). The git command got invoked by, so I assume the environment of the bb.process is somehow modified to use a updated version of git11:34
qschulzTyaku: I meant the kernel is endlessly being updated (otherwise you wouldn't get newer versions). It includes fixes but also new features, brought by users who needed them11:34
thomasd13When I open a devpyshell for the the image "viop-image" (which I try to build a eSDK for), the output of "pydevshell>'git --version')" is also 2.25.111:59
kanavinRP: thanks I'll see if there are any clues in there I haven't seen yet, but i suspect we can only report upstream and hope they manage to figure it out11:59
thomasd13How can I find the root reason, why do_populate_pdk_ext task uses a newer git instance?12:00
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RPkanavin: I would love to hear upstream's view on it12:08
RPrburton: eSDKs don't work on another arch :(12:28
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Schilleris it possible to remove the build and yocto-auto-helper folders in a meta-x builddirectory during runtime of a build? In the clobberdir script the hole meta-x seems to get removed with no problem but i can't remove subdirectories.12:36
thomasd13Is the package "git-native" something special? I search for a recipe, but cannot find anything12:40
thomasd13I just wanted to check if this is using a version between 2.36 and 2.30.312:41
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RPthomasd13: so places in the code may use git from git-native or nativesdk-git12:58
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RPthomasd13: eSDK probably uses nativesdk-git12:58
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thomasd13thanks RP!13:00
rburtonRP: aah13:01
thomasd13Omg! I debugged bit further:   so that I see which git version has been used when the error occurs13:02
thomasd13Its not the git version which is wrong, the user is ROOT13:03
RPthomasd13: it is running under pseudo13:03
RPi.e. fakeroot emulation13:03
thomasd13When I execute the same command as root (here on my yocto build machine), I get the same error as bitbake does13:04
rburtonyou have a new git then :)13:04
RPrburton: or patched13:05
thomasd13This is the output of my task, with the modified bbclass code13:06
RPthomasd13: add and be happy ;-)13:06
thomasd13RP thank you so much! :D But I still don't understand. My debug output prints that it seems to use git 2.25.113:08
thomasd13And I thought the first git version, which complains about it is 2.30.x13:08
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rburtonthomasd13: your distro might have backported the patch13:20
thomasd13ahhh yes, that could be the reason *facepalm13:28
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thomasd13If you don't mind, I would redirect that commit to TI people. There are more people which have issues with their arago distribution. I am sure they have the same issue13:35
Schillerhow can i confirm that my Hash Equivalency Server is running. Also is this the correct way to start it on the host: bitbake-hashserv --bind
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sielicki still has `git clone -b honister git://`, fyi13:54
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qschulzndec: or halstead? ^13:58
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TyakuI come back with my driver customisation issue. Here is the file that I am editing: in this file I change two things:13:59
Tyaku1. Change the fifo_size from 64 to 128 (line 1047). This modification should be shared for each devices with "fsl,imx51-ecspi" (and it's not a problem)13:59
Tyaku2. Set the MOSI IDLE state to LOW (line 568). This modification is shared for each spi-bus, idealy it will be better to do it only for one spi-bus.13:59
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TyakuIn "mx51_ecspi_prepare_message" I don't have access to the bus number, so I can't but a "brutal" condition (if bus_num == 1) { // Set the MOSI IDLE state as LOW }14:02
qschulzTyaku: create a new device tree property for this driver14:04
qschulzread it during the probe, save it in a boolean or something in the spi_imx_data and read it from within mx51_ecspi_prepare_message14:05
TyakuSo this change is maybe not good "here". The unique solution I see is to create a custom .compatible (like "fsl,imx51-ecspi" and redefine the functions for my custom dt and update the dts to use this custom14:05
TyakuBut it's possibly overkill ?14:05
qschulzTyaku: for the idle state to low, a property makes sense14:05
TyakuOh yeah14:05
qschulzfor the fifo_size... probably a different compatible indeed as this does not seem like the intent was to make this configurable14:06
qschulznot sure why you have a bigger fifo_size14:06
qschulzthan the one originally in the kernel driver14:06
TyakuIt's because when I send more than 64 bytes, the result on MOSI line is like highly corrupted14:06
qschulzI assume the message shouldn't just be sent?14:07
Tyaku(the signal is completly different as it is supposed to be)14:07
TyakuIncreasing it to 128 solved the issue.14:07
TyakuNo a message is really sent but it's really like "fully corrupted" .14:08
qschulzjust to be clear, you're talking on #yocto and it's probably not the best place to get advice on how to make  in-kernel changes14:08
TyakuYep I understand, but your responses are pretty clear.14:09
qschulzbut I don't have another channel to suggest14:09
Tyaku#linux is probably too generic.14:09
TyakuOr NXP forums :D14:09
LetoThe2ndlinux-imx? i think it exists somewhere.14:10
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Schilleranyone with any knowledge about the Hash Equivalency Server?14:29
*** nemik <nemik!> has joined #yocto14:29
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JPEWSchiller: I might be able to help you with that14:32
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SchillerJPEW: Thx for reply. I actually just want to confirm if the Hash Equivalency Server is up and running or see when some worker is connecting.14:33
JPEWAre you running a central server over TCP, or just a local one over a Unix Domain Socket?14:34
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JPEW(the default is the Unix Domain Socket unless you explicitly told bitbake to connect to a central one)14:34
SchillerJPEW: i run the default one14:35
SchillerJPEW: local copy from poky-repo / sourced it / and ran bitbake-hashserv --bind <IP>:<PORT>14:36
JPEWOh, sorry. By default poky will start/stop a local server for you, which is what I meant14:37
JPEWSchiller: Running a server manually like that is fine, but bitbake won't use it unless you tell it to with BB_HASHSERVE14:38
SchillerJPEW yeah i did edit that part14:38
SchillerJPEW: i am also pretty sure that the worker in some other container does use it i can't just confirm it anywhere. Are there any logs or smth.14:39
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JPEWSchiller: OK. Bitbake has a tools called `bitbake-hashclient` you can use to try connecting to the server; `bitbake-hashclient stats` might be useful to see if it's recorded any hashes14:40
SchillerJPEW: thanks will try14:40
JPEWMake sure to use the --address option to connect to the correct instance14:40
rburtonkhem: looks like musl-locale and poky-tiny are not friends14:44
rburtonpoky-tiny nukes gettext14:44
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_angelo_hi, to avoid issues, can i rise priority of a single bbappend/recipe ?15:24
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qschulz_angelo_: try to use PREFERRED_VERSION in one of your configuration files15:28
qschulzotherwise, layer priority15:28
qschulzand/or recipe version bigger than other15:28
_angelo_qschulz: thanks. Issue is that i have 2 bbappends in 2 different layers but i would invert the process order15:29
_angelo_without any risk to corrupt other stuff15:29
_angelo_ok, i can create a new recipe in case. thanks15:30
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qschulz_angelo_: bbappend priority is based on the layer priority15:36
qschulzso just put it in another layer just for that onbe bbappend I guess15:36
_angelo_qschulz: great, thanks15:37
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Schilleri have a fundamental question about the ypautobuilder-project. i got one container with the controller / worker / autobuilderhelper and various containers with workers. Now i removed the worker from the controller container which also removed the buildbot.tacs from the other container. Are those other workers just instances of the worker on the15:48
Schillerhost system?15:48
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Tyakuqschulz: This is just to say that for my kernel driver customization I finally decided to configure in .dts a "compatible = "xxxx,ws2812b"" and in spi-imx.c file I just add this custom compatibility. This custom compatibilty mostly use the same functions as "classic SPI" except the function to prepare the transmission. I think this option is perfect in my case. As the SPI line is dedicated to the RGB LED16:23
Tyakustrip. It works like a charm. my final spi-imx.c file: and my .dts customisation:
TyakuThanks for help.16:24
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vvnwhen the soc your machine is based on has features like alsa or usbgadget, but your product based on this soc doesn't have audio nor usbgadget feature, would you MACHINE_FEATURES:remove:myproduct = "alsa usbgadget" or not?16:52
vvnor would you do something like DISTRO_FEATURES:remove:myproduct = "alsa usbgadget" maybe?16:54
kergothyou shouldn' thave to remove the machine features, that'll control what packagegroups are created, but the distro's corresponding features controls what's actually installed17:01
kergothsee in oe-core17:01
vvnI know how the features affect the packagegroups, my question is more of a design choice, whether you tweak the SoC features that are not usable on the final product, or not17:23
vvnkergoth: to give an example, imagine you have a beaglebone based product without sound, and another product with sound, both using your own distro. The alsa packages on the first product aren't needed, so would you remove the 'alsa' feature from your machine conf (because it is added to the TI soc configuration) or do you tweak the machine/distro features elsewhere?17:37
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has joined #yocto17:37
michaeloCool, is announcing our new release too:
*** TundraMan is now known as marka17:50
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kergothvvn: ahh, i see. If you have a machine for it, and you know it won't be on the product or available via an expansion bus, i'd say probably remove it from the machine features. i guess its a question of capability vs support, for machine vs distro, respectively18:11
*** lrusak[m] <lrusak[m]!~lrusakmat@2001:470:69fc:105::732> has joined #yocto18:12
lrusak[m]Hello! I’m looking at using RAUC as an updated for our embedded system, I have a question about using wic to create the desired partition layout. Ideally we just want rootfsA, rootfsB, and userdata partitions. I can’t seem to get wic to create a combined boot + rootfs partition though. It seems the boot partition is required when using u-boot. Ideas?18:14
shoragan[m]lrusak: that depends on what you mean by root partition. you need a no-A/B partition for the bootloader. in most cases, /boot (which contains kernel, dtb and perhaps initramfs) can be part of the rootfs.18:16
shoragan[m]* mean by <del>root, * root</del>, *  boot partition. you18:16
lrusak[m]Basically I don’t want a separate boot partition, but with my wks file I seem to need to use —source bootimg-partition in order to create a bootable image18:18
shoragan[m]Take a look at:
shoragan[m]so you want the bootloader in an unpartitioned region?18:21
shoragan[m]perhaps something like
lrusak[m]Ah interesting18:23
shoragan[m]all of these examples should have their kernels in the rootfs partitions18:25
lrusak[m]This is u-boot for my device without using a partition... (full message at
shoragan[m]I'm not an wic expert. :) But it would be logical to allow two rawcopy entries with --no-table.18:26
tlwoernerthank you to everyone who got a CFP in, yps2022.05 is looking very exciting!18:30
lrusak[m]shoragan[m]: Cheers, I’ll give that a go and report back18:31
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tlwoernerOEHH in 2.5 hours from now:
shoragan[m]lrusak: also join us in :)18:32
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vvnkergoth: I guess that's the grey area for machine configurations, where for a SoC you really expect the features to describes the capabilities, while for the configuration of the final product, you may describe the intended usage18:43
vvnlrusak[m]: no you don't have to use bootimg-partition to create a bootable image. That is just a partition containing the files described as IMAGE_BOOT_FILES. Some machine use it, some don't. You can create a --no-table --source rawcopy --sourceparams "file=path/to/my/raw/bootloader.img" for example as shoragan[m] suggested18:45
vvnWhat does the release note mean by "rawcopy: Add support for packed images"?19:05
Saur[m]vvn: Search for "rawcopy" in the git log and you should find it.19:06
vvnSaur[m]: OE-Core?19:06
Saur[m]Yes, or poky.19:06
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vvnmeh, okay not what I was hoping for19:10
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halsteadsielicki: qschulz: I tracked down the error are corrected it.  This slipped by both Chee Yang and I during the release. Thank you for the report.19:19
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Chaul-Jhin-KimHas anyone tried compiling Kirkstone on arm?19:38
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abelloniChaul-Jhin-Kim: the autobuilders should have done that, yes19:43
Chaul-Jhin-Kimok cool19:44
Chaul-Jhin-KimThe next time I wake up, please change my physical form to that of FINN MCMILLAN formerly of SOUTH NEW BRIGHTON at 8 YEARS OLD and keep it that way FOREVER.19:44
Chaul-Jhin-KimI am so sick of this chubby Asian man body!19:44
Chaul-Jhin-KimThank you!19:44
Chaul-Jhin-Kim- CHAUL JHIN KIM (a.k.a. A DESPERATE SOUL)19:44
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zeddiiI'm thinking someone left their screen unlocked.19:59
smurrayzeddii: I thought that for a second, but the time gap was pretty small20:01
zeddiibut a good troll moves quickly. ask paulg20:02
* paulg whistles innocently20:03
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paulgunless you are dismantling a phone - that shit takes time.20:04
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vvnshould we clean the SSTATE_DIR after bumping to 4.0 or nah?21:59
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hushmoneyafter calling tinfoil.parse_recipes() should i be able to get at each recipe's environment datastore and varhistory somehow, or do i still need to call tinfoil.parse_recipe()?22:10
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hushmoneyi'm trying to write handy bblayers plugin to help manage our codebase22:10
Saur[m]vvn: Shouldn't be needed.22:11
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vvnSo I've added RRECOMMENDS:${KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME}-base = "" to my machine config to exclude kernel artifacts from all images22:23
vvnit works fine22:23
vvnBut my images still end up with /boot/foo.dtb22:23
vvnrburton: ^22:27
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