Thursday, 2022-04-28

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khemzeddii 5.15.36 has all the needed patches for kernel to build with gcc 12 at least known ones when do you plan to bring it in ?01:27
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khemrburton perhaps we need to set IMAGE_LINGUAS = "" for poky-tiny distro conf01:29
khemit wad done in musl.conf which I have removed01:29
khemregardless its perhaps logical to set it in distro config01:31
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zeddiikhem: shortly. I do a weekly -stable update. I have a kernel queue ready to go, but there's some patches breaking qemuarm boot. Everything is stacked on that. I was waiting to see if jonmason had a tweak for me, but I'll send the queue, and then consider a temporary revert if it fails the AB.02:52
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zeddiikhem: I just sent .36 for my own build testing, I'll send the queue out on Thursday morning (assuming it all passes).03:29
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:24
thomasd13RP, I applied your commit from yesterday: regarding the git ownership issue. However, I still have the same problem, but this time at do_rootfs task at my image.06:26
thomasd13Should this patch fix ALL git ownership issues, or just for do_install tasks?06:27
thomasd13morning LetoThe2nd06:27
LetoThe2ndthomasd13: yo06:31
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LetoThe2ndRP: okay now where the heck is langdale??06:32
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mckoangood morning06:46
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LetoThe2ndearly morning sigh. board vendor telling me "its a good thing to dynamically fetch the dts from some random github url during the build so we can change it on the fly!"06:54
RPthomasd13: it should have fixed the issue06:58
RPLetoThe2nd: obviously! :/06:58
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thomasd13RP, I inserted again my debug code at metadata_scm.bblass and it happens when ROOT is trying to execute the git process.06:59
thomasd13If you are interested in that particular issue I can try different things, otherwise I would just give up and downgrade my local git client07:01
LetoThe2ndRP: i wish for a clue bat right now.07:01
paulgLetoThe2nd, agree with them and suggest to fetch kernel and userspace on the fly too.07:01
LetoThe2ndpaulg: don't get me started or it will be either running amok or be shitfaced by 10AM07:02
RPthomasd13: this is when building an eSDK right?07:03
LetoThe2ndbut for some good news, we have a lot of cool new stuff lined up for the YPS, exciting new speakers and topics! schedule will be announced soon! \o/07:03
thomasd13Yes. -c do_populate_sdk_ext07:03
LetoThe2ndand OEDvM is also coming around07:03
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RPthomasd13: we don't see this on the autobuilders which makes me wonder what is different about your setup07:04
thomasd13RP, but im not up to date in respect of OE. My current state is about 9 month old. And I am on the TI distribution "arago"07:05
thomasd13So I'm not sure, if this is not just a waste of your time07:05
thomasd13RP okay, nevermind then. I'll do just the downgrade and go on ;)07:05
RPthomasd13: it is as if the commands are being executed in a context where the export isn't set. Did you post a log showing where/when this happens?07:06
RPthomasd13: I'm just struggling to understand the environment needed to reproduce it07:07
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RPLetoThe2nd: didn't we discuss ?07:10
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thomasd13RP, I can give you any logs, just let me get started with pastebinit07:12
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Guest21can we use inherit extrausers in an image recipe ? After migration to kirkstone branch root password looks not correctly set with EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS07:14
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thomasd13RP just a question in between: Does your patch require, that the user downgraded their local git client to <2.30, to function properly?07:18
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LetoThe2ndRP: thanks, will look at it. sorry was afk for a moment taking my norsk lesson :-)07:22
RPthomasd13: no07:30
thomasd13Which service you use to upload your paste? I have in mind is not welcomed07:32
LetoThe2ndRP: hehe the symptoms look similar but I'm pretty sure its a completey unrelated thing (re SO)07:37
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thomasd13omg - how do I paste the output of bitbake correctly? using "bitbake <recipe> | pastebinit" does not contain the same output compared to run normal in console07:45
thomasd13bitbake <recipe> | cat | pastebinit doesnt work either, also missing some lines at the end07:46
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qschulzGuest21: extrausers is supposed to be inherited in image recipes... so it should work. if you can reproduce with vanilla poky only and have a non-working EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS, that'be super helpful07:58
qschulzright now, you could still give us more clue by giving us the content of EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS to check if something obviously wrong07:59
qschulz(e.g. since honister 3.4, the plaintext password option for usermod/useradd is not available anymore08:00
qschulz"Hardcoded passwords are still supported but they need to be hashed, see examples in EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS."08:00
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qschulzmornin' folks :)08:04
RPLetoThe2nd: fair enough, I couldn't remember the details but it did sound similar!08:05
thomasd13I tried my best to copy & paste my workflow RP :D. This is "MACHINE=j7-processor bitbake viop-image -c do_populate_sdk_ext"
thomasd13The problem is, that something changes in metadata:
thomasd13When I track down the METADATA_REVISION, I get this: So I modified the metadata_scm.bbclass to print out the Exception08:09
RPthomasd13: that latter log is much more helpful as I can start to see where the error is coming from. So the issue is buildtools-tarball changing rev08:09
Guest21qschulz I'm using basic encrypted password : inherit extrausers core-image08:10
Guest21IMAGE_ROOT_PASSWD = "\$5\$Jb.nfdgtrhQc\$8jITJIMxyzuA"08:10
Guest21EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "usermod -p ${IMAGE_ROOT_PASSWD} root;"08:10
RPthomasd13: is this dunfell?08:10
RPthomasd13: I'm wondering about
thomasd13This is the exception which leads me to the git owner issue:
qschulzGuest21: in the example, there are single quotes around the IMAGE_ROOT_PASSWD variable08:11
Guest21qschulz already tried ...08:11
thomasd13RP, let me check if this is dunfell - I didnt update oe since 9 months i think08:12
thomasd13Well, meta-openembedded is checked out at 7bd47ef6c08:16
thomasd13oe-core at 7bd47ef6c08:16
thomasd13sorry, i meant oe core at 9b83aefa9c08:17
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thomasd13Yes, it's dunfell08:25
thomasd13RP, that commit (076d50da2e5652088d453d12eba0b5b445f29f85) is not in my local  oe-core repository. Its that the probably the issue?08:29
RPthomasd13: worth a try to see if it fixes things?08:31
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thomasd13RP thank you so much. Now the task goes further. No more git ownership issues. However it still fails, but that is another issue. Something with the EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN. I try to fix that myself08:39
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RPthomasd13: progresss I guess. Sharing fuller logs helps as at way I could see the issue was the METADATA_REVISION variable and I know there were fixes to that recently08:43
thomasd13RP I totally understand that. I would love to show you the full logs and console output. But bitbake -e produces a log which is 2,5 MB large, which fails to paste, and the redirect the bitbake output like "bitbake foo > log.txt" misses half of the console print08:47
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RPthomasd13: it wasn't bitbake -e I was thinking of. My point is that information helps08:48
thomasd13Ok, I see. I try my best :)08:48
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rburtonkhem: the problem is musl-locales inherits gettext but that doesn't depend on gettext-native if NLS is disabled.09:34
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LetoThe2ndzeddii: so tell me, are you a "contributor in the OE dev team?"09:53
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zeddiiLetoThe2nd: just read my email, and now that makes sense.11:40
* zeddii considers how to maybe just not reply11:40
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qschulzRP: ndec: michaelo: I tried to document the issues I had in mind wrt the docs12:34
qschulzI assume the second issue might be better suited for Bugzilla12:34
qschulzthe first one, is a lightly redacted version of the mail I sent yesterday12:34
qschulzit's meant to be a start of a discussion on how to improve the migration/release manuals12:35
qschulzand have notes somewhere12:35
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RPqschulz: added the one comment I had12:38
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vvnhi there -- what is pulling in kernel-devicetree? I used RRECOMMENDS:${KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME}-base = "" to get rid of the /boot artifacts in the rootfs (they are in an external boot partition) but the .dtb files are still there12:53
ndecqschulz: cool, thanks for writing it down.. i will have a look!12:55
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LetoThe2ndzeddii: when has anything that i said or typed ever made no sense?... erm... wait. nevermind.14:54
* zeddii is just learning about kernel configuration. so what do I know ?14:54
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kergothHmm, seeing an issue where globally exported variables being added to the hashbase ignore vars isn't preventing them from being added to task dependencies and changing their basehash.15:01
kergothSpecifically, meta-mingw32 changes quilt-native from a non-mingw32 build, even though it should only actually affect sdk recipes15:01
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kergothHmm, multiconfig multimachine builds in a single tmpdir can see gcc-source conflicts, probably due to work-shared, it's not isolated by package arch..15:33
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kergothHmm, use of BBTARGETS breaks bitbake -e, since it's using the default targets for that too, so it becomes impossible to get the base 'bitbake -e' environment15:47
kergoth(guessing  most don't use bbtargets, i usually dont either, just figured i'd try it )15:47
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RPkergoth: most people don't know BBTARGETS exists!16:03
RPkergoth: master or an older release?16:03
* RP changed something in flags recently but I can't remember what :/16:04
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JPEWkergoth: Ya, a lot of stuff depends on BBTARGETS. We were going to use it for our multiconfig "build selection", but too much broke when we changed it, so we switched to this class:
JPEWOops wrong link16:11
JPEWwhisk uses this so that you can run `bitbake all-targets` and you get the default build targets (defined in the whisk.yaml file) for the currently configured product(s)16:13
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kanavinhalstead, no longer seems to react to 'stat options' :)17:17
kanavinmaybe not a major issue but it's fun to check now and then :)17:17
halsteadkanavin: Good catch. Probably caused when we changed cgit versions a few months ago.17:20
kanavinhalstead, right, it might be causing problems elsewhere then too17:20
halsteadkanavin: The year stats are disabled but if you know the args you can still get stats. Fixing this will have to wait until later.17:25
amahnui[m]rburton:  noticed that but I thought it was intentional17:25
halsteadkanavin: Would you email to log a request to fix this?17:25
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kroonRP, i think its a little unfortunate that there is now both a tag and a branch named "2.0" in bitbake :-/17:52
kroonRP, maybe "2.0.0" would be more consistent as a tag name17:53
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kergothJPEW: ah! i was going to use it for multiconfig targets too! :) that's a cool task, I like it, might use it myself18:02
vvnDo you guys have this issue with the DM_UDEV_PRIMARY_SOURCE_FLAG flag not being set by cryptsetup or device-mapper, causing SYSTEMD_READY=0 and thus subsequent mount points to time out?18:09
vvnIt affect btrfs subvolumes or LVM even (
vvnI have no idea what to look for, especially since I have a pure-systemd initramfs+rootfs (so the same udev rules are present in both images, and initrd context is passed along to the final rootfs supposedly)18:11
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kergothclass, rather18:13
vvnrather than have yet another tool-specific config file and language, I would prefer a tool which assumes you have a site-specific metadata layer containing your multiconfigs and site.conf which depends on a build metadata layer such as meta-whisk18:21
vvnbut at least whisk kinda goes in that direction, providing a layer, not like kas18:22
* vvn hates intrusive tools18:22
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JPEWvvn: That's actually how we use whisk... all our products conf fragements in whisk.yaml are a single line of "require conf/product/product-$NAME.conf"18:30
JPEWBut not to be too opinionated, it will let you put the whole config in the YAML file if you want :)18:31
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manuel1985Can I tell Yocto to do incremental package builds?18:36
manuel1985That is, if I point the SRC_URI to another git tag which has only a few C files changed, can I tell it to reuse the cmake build dir from last time?18:37
kergothvvn: I'd agree with that, and I'm wondering if an official upstream yocto layer configuration and setup tool would better leverage existing capabilities in that way. I just wonder if avoiding yaml entirely would lose too much flexibility, or if inclusion of additional config files for configurations would be sufficient18:37
rburtonmanuel1985: we typically wipe the build tree for safety18:38
manuel1985Do I just have to tell yocto to not delete the working dir or is there mor to do?18:38
rburtonthat would do it, yeah18:38
rburtonif you're using cmake it will clean the build tree, so disable that18:38
rburton(see cmake.bbclass)18:38
manuel1985rburton: Cool, thanks18:38
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vvnkergoth: multiconfig and site.conf do it all already. I think it would be great that instead of making people write or copy a build/conf/local.conf, Yocto encourages people to define a project layer with all the build-specific crap: multiconfig + site.conf + various keys or certs files, etc. <git root>/meta would be an ideal path for a versioned project.18:49
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kergothHmm, gcc-cross-canadian is being rebuilt between different arm multiconfig configurations with different DEFAULTTUNEs, but the same arch. That shouldn't be necessary...19:24
kergothAh, gcc-cross-canadian depends on glibc as you'd expect, and glibc's TUNE_CCARGS is different. I don't think gcc-cross-canadian is supposed to be rebuilt for different tunings, though, only architectures.19:34
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kergothAh, gcc-cross was made libc indpeendent and had the libc dep dropped, but not gcc-cross-canadian. dont see any reason we couldnt drop that one also and avoid this issue19:54
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hushmoneydoes anyone know how, from a client python module, how do i access recipe vars from the server?20:05
hushmoneybitbake server20:05
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*** florian_kc is now known as florian20:06
kergothtinfoil python module in bitbake20:06
*** cmd <cmd!~cmd@user/cmd> has joined #yocto20:07
hushmoneyi've been reading the tinfoil module all day and it's not clear to me how i can get a particular recipe's SRCREV variable20:07
hushmoneyis there an example you can point me to somewhere?20:08
hushmoneyi think i'm supposed to use TinfoilDataStoreConnector but it needs a dsindex parameter. where do i find this for the recipe i'm interested in?20:11
JPEWI thought there were some public tinfoil examples somewhere....20:12
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hushmoneyi would really appreciate that because i've been looking and i can't find diddly squat20:12
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JPEWhushmoney: bitbake/bin/bitbake-getvar ?20:14
hushmoneyJPEW: ah-ha, that's not in my version. and i see it does exactly what i'm doing - calling tinfoil.parse_recipe. i was thinking that since tinfoil.prepare() already parsed recipes there must be some way to access cached data so that it doesn't have to be parsed twice20:18
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JPEWhushmoney: Ya, I've never needed to use tinfoil in a context where time mattered (usually in scripted batch jobs on CI), so I don't know how to get it to use the parse cache (maybe it does already, I'm not sure)20:20
hushmoneyi see. ok, thanks anyway20:22
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kergothremember that the up front recipe parsing is only used for runqueue creation, we don't keep all the parsed recipes in memory, only specifi cpieces of data needed to set up the run queue20:27
kergothhushmoney: ^20:27
kergothprepare with recipe parsing will get you things like taskdata and dependency info and stuff, but not full recipe metadata20:27
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hushmoneykergoth: ok, i misunderstood. thanks for explaining20:30
kergothno problem20:30
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RPkergoth: starting to wonder if we could compress and save it somehow...21:09
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JPEWHas anyone had trouble with (traditional) SDK .sh files not seeming to transfer correctly between hosts? I'm wondering if the mix of text + binary data is causing us some headache21:17
* JPEW wonders if the SDK should be base64 encoded21:17
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turkeykittinI've been trying to compile and install a python library with my own cpp bindings using pybind11 with bitbake + cmake. Ive been able to get the compiling working but I'm not sure how to specify to cmake to install the resulting bindings. Usually on my development pc, would handle this. Any thoughts on how to approach this?21:55
kergothAha, archiver is what causes gcc-source to be different across my multiconfig builds. If archiver is enabled, have to use separate tmpdirs.22:02
turkeykittinI had wanted to include all dependencies including my source in my meta-layer but it looks like I'll just have to handle it externally, build it into a wheel, and pull it in as a dependency in a .bb :\  But I suppose that means easier testing as I can push the wheel over to the device for dev testing as opposed to rebuilding image and flashing each22:08
turkeykittintime :X22:08
turkeykittinSomething inside me just screams there has got to be a more 'proper' way22:08
RPJPEW: I've never seen that fwiw22:11
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JPEWIt was a problem on our end. Turns out if you have two things uploading a (separately built) sdk to the same path, it's hard get a correct SHA122:31
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RPJPEW: if only you could atomically create files! :)22:50
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