Monday, 2022-05-23

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JaMarburton: jonmason: Can you please remove meta-arm-toolchain/conf/layer.conf:BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY = "true"? or make it conditional on something, so that just including meta-arm-toolchain doesn't let your stuff dangling with just a warning?06:18
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JaMarburton: jonmason: making meta-arm-toolchain optional (instead of hard dependency in LAYERDEPENDS_meta-arm) would be nice as well (if possible - I haven't checked what is really needed from arm-toolchain), but we have meta-arm in layers just because of dependency from meta-rockchip and it feels too much06:22
JaMalooks like meta-rockchip depends on meta-arm just because of TF-A and meta-arm on meta-arm-toochain just because of trusted-firmware-m, but there is also tf-a -> tf-m dependency in meta-arm-bsp/recipes-bsp/trusted-firmware-a/[depends]+= "virtual/trusted-firmware-m:do_prepare_recipe_sysroot"06:29
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mckoangood morning06:31
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kroonhmm, no way to add HOSTTOOLS entry per recipe ?06:55
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ptsneveskroon no. It does not make much sense. What you want is a -native dependency07:02
ptsnevesor add HOSTTOOLS globally07:02
kroonwhy doesnt it make sense ?07:03
ptsnevesbecause recipe specific hosttools are -native recipes07:03
ptsneveswhat are you trying to achieve07:03
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kroonthat doesnt explain a goddman thing07:06
krooni want to avoid building huge clumsy host tools, and just use the ones from my distro for this recipe07:06
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ptsneveskroon, if you are making this sort of question i am surely not going to explain you bitbake internals and design on why this is the case. What you want is not possible. bitbake builds host tools for reproducibility and host independence. Being huge makes no difference in theory because there is a thing called state cache. Good luck07:11
ptsnevesif you want HOSTTOOLS it is a global thing and that is it07:12
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JaMakroon: the hosttools are symlinked from global ${TMPDIR}/hosttools directory, so in theory it might work, but you would need to extend the functionality to create recipe-specific directory e.g. ${WORKDIR}/hosttools as well and add it to PATH07:21
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JaMaso currently it's not supported, but if you're willing to implement it, then I believe it would be possible as well as useful (e.g. meta-firefox adds python to HOSTTOOLS and that's annoying, because it makes python available everywhere instead of just firefox build)07:25
ernstpIs there any way to track included statically linked libraries in an image?
ernstpTies in with the cve-check question you had mrybczyn[m]07:27
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granjowHi! I'm trying to include a file from a parent directory with SRC_URI = "file://../../foo.txt", but it is not copied to the work directory. Is this not supported or am I doing it wrong?07:29
JaMagranjow: add the directory in FILESPATH instead07:30
kroonJaMa, yeah, and meta-bsp-imx8mp appends git-lfs and bison in its layer.conf, affecting all recipes in builds including that layer07:31
kroon(I guess ?)07:32
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kroon(Or does it only affect the recipes in that particular layer)07:33
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kroonlooks like they affect *all* recipes :-/07:34
JaMakroon: yes all of them07:35
JaMakroon: once it gets symlinked from ${TMPDIR}/hosttools every build will see the new tool in its PATH07:35
kroonJaMa, oh yeah, the directory itself is shared anyway07:36
JaMawhich sometimes causes a bit unexpected behavior, that you build something, then add layer like meta-bsp-imx8mp, meta-firefox, then rebuild the same thing and it might produce different results (without any change in "something")07:37
kroonJaMa, yeah, all the more reason for a per-recipe HOSTTOOLS then ..07:37
kroonHOSTTOOLS dir07:37
JaMaso any changes to HOSTTOOLS shouldn't be taken lightly07:37
JaMabut if you can build your tool with -native recipe, then it's still better for reproducibility in long term07:38
RPI think git-lfs uses go or something which proved quite tricky at the time :/07:39
JaMait can be a pain you pay once, but making sure that all possible builders of your layer will have the tool in right version and working correctly is long-term pain and you might not even have control over all the builders07:40
kroonJaMa, I'll agree to that, but I just don't wanna go through the hassle of that right now. just use the host version for now07:40
JaMayes, depends on the tool and some tools are better staying compatible across versions and distros than others07:41
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granjowJaMa: Thanks, that worked! :)07:50
kroonJaMa, but.. with respect to surprising changing output - isn't HOSTTOOLS seeded into the task hashes ?07:51
Saur[m]kroon: Are you running the tool from the recipe or is it run from the build files? If it is the former, you can always run it as /usr/bin/foo (not very nice, but it works).07:54
kroonSaur[m], nah, its an autotools configure script that I want to trick into picking up the host versions. but I can workaround it for now by appending to HOSTTOOLS in my layer.conf07:57
LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:57
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kroonJaMa, RP, looks like HOSTTOOLS is not included in task hashes. is there a good reason for not including it ?08:09
kroonor maybe not considered to change that often and not important enough to track I suppose08:12
JaMaI think it's partially because it would need to be global (like exported variables) so any time it changes, really everything gets invalidated and including just the list of tools (as HOSTTOOLS variable) doesn't prevent your host distro upgrading a tool to produce different result as well08:13
JaMaas long as the list is relatively short and includes mostly sane tools it's a risk we're willing to take, but extending the list with heavy often incompatible tools cannot be taken lightly08:14
JaMabefore HOSTTOOLS filtering (not long time ago) any recipe could see any tool on host in PATH, now they can see them only with full path or through HOSTTOOLS, so it's huge improvement08:16
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JaMawell 2017 in pyro (damn the time flows fast..)08:19
JaMamaybe you can create a -native recipe which tests that the host tool is sane and then just installs a /usr/bin/<tool> symlink?08:20
kroonyeah, nothing wroing with HOSTTOOLS in general as I see it08:21
kroonJaMa, hah. yeah thats a nice idea08:21
JaMathat might be easy way to implement recipe-specific access to hosttool with a simple way to provide reasonable error whenever the tool is missing on host or has wrong version of something, without actually trying to build it08:22
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rburtonJaMa: i wasn't aware there was a dangling appends thing, i'll look08:40
rburtonthe dependency on the toolchain is needed for tfm right now, long-term plan is to just mandate multiconfig for building things like that08:40
JaMarburton: can tfm be added in DYNAMIC so that for tfa you don't need to pull whole layer?08:42
rburtonmaybe. dynamics are a bit fragile08:43
JaMaagreed, maybe it's just me never used multiconfig so I didn't see how it helps in this situation (better than BBFILES_DYNAMIC)08:44
JaMaFWIW: I haven't seen any dangling bbappends from meta-arm-toolchain itself (in kirkstone, honister, master builds), only now base-passwd from other layers (and that's why I've noticed that there is only a warning instead of expected error)08:46
rburtonah its because there's a grub bbappend in meta-arm-toolchain08:52
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rburtonhm maybe not, it predates that fix up08:53
rburtonand is most likely legacy from the linaro import08:53
rburtoni'll nuke it08:54
wCPOI have the kubernetes recipe from meta-virtualization failing building with: "Subprocess output:/bin/sh: line 1: opkg-build: command not found", looking at the PATH it contains "build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/defaultpkgname/1_v1.23.6+gitfbcfa33018159c033aee77b0d5456df6771aa9b5-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin", notice "defaultpkgname" which08:56
wCPOshould be "kubernetes". What could cause it to not use "kubernetes" as the "recipe name"?08:56
qschulzwCPO: try with bitbake -e kubernetes to check which variable is set to this value and the history of it to know where it comes from08:58
qschulzwCPO: pipe/redirect into a file because it's often several million of lines for the output of that command08:59
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wCPOthanks, looking at the output the PN is to set kubernetes and none of the variables are set to defaultpkgname09:01
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Saur[m]wCPO: If ${PN} is used outside of recipe context, it defaults to "defaultpkgname". E.g., `bitbake -e | grep '^PN='` will yield `PN="defaultpkgname"`.09:25
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wCPOSaur[m]: that make sense, in this case it is failing in the do_package_write_ipk task:
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selffhi, where can i find all abbreviations? like sysconfdir,workdir. i searched a little but couldnt find any documentation.10:04
qschulzselff: bitbake.conf usually10:05
selffqschulz ty, found it.10:06
JaMaor 'bitbake -e' which shows them all including explanation where they are defined10:08
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rburtonRP: have you looked at the new CVEs yet?11:54
RPrburton: I looked at the list and thought we probably need to look at tiff and vim (yet again) but nothing more11:56
rburtoni'll handle tiff now11:56
RPrburton: thanks11:56
ernstpIs there any way to track included statically linked libraries in an image? Seen some questions in the past but no answer:
RPernstp: "track" in what sense? for license issues or some other reason?11:57
RPernstp: the new spdx manifest code would know how to track the debug symbols and get some license info that way11:58
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ernstpRP: license for example. or just the manifest. (was thinking of tuning the cve-check generation but then they would be excluded..)11:59
ernstpRP: i'll have a look at the spdx manifest then11:59
RPernstp: the manifest code works off the debug symbols so it can know there is code in there from given code. Whether it can trace that given code back to the original recipe probably "depends"12:00
RPit should be able to12:00
ernstpRP: the old manifest code also?12:03
rburtonRP: oh good, the tiff CVEs are master specific, not 4.312:10
RPrburton: ah, handy :)12:12
RPernstp: no12:12
ernstpRP: right, so only the new create-spdx.bbclass12:13
jclsn[m]Can someone help me understand this? I want to install a simple file with this recipe... (full message at
jclsn[m]I found this explanation here
jclsn[m]But I still don't understand what is wrong12:15
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jclsn[m] * Can someone help me understand this? I want to install a simple file with this recipe... (full message at
rburtonjclsn[m]: FILES:${PN} not _${PN}12:16
rburtonalso you can remove the FILESEXTRAPATH unless that is a bbappend12:16
rburton(override syntax changed from _ to : in the last release)12:17
jclsn[m]Oh stupid me12:17
jclsn[m]That is the punishment for copying old recipes12:18
rburtonthe change was a pain but was for the best12:18
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Guest87how do i go about troubleshooting the spp tool not finding my BSP definition?12:38
ernstpWhoever setup this sync to Github it seems the sync stopped working:
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LetoThe2ndGuest87: what even is the spp tool?12:41
Guest87LetoThe2nd: it is called in the kernel-yocto.bbclass on line 21712:42
rburtonGuest87: ask zeddii when he is here12:43
Guest87rburton: ok, any idea when that might be?12:44
rburtonhe's canadian so a couple of hours.12:45
rburtonor, paste the actual error here and someone else might now12:45
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Guest87"Could not locate BSP definition for xbox/tiny and no defconfig was provided"12:48
rburtonhow do you want to build the kernel? with a defconfig, or fragments?12:49
LetoThe2ndGuest87: it might make sense to elaborate a bit. what kind of bsp is this, and what makes you thing the yocto-provided kernel should support it?12:49
rburtonas thats not a machine configured in linux-yocto, you need to provide the config somehow12:49
Guest87I'm providing the config in a repository at
rburtondid you add that to SRC_URI?12:51
rburtontbh if you're experimenting, just providing a defconfig is easier in the short run12:51
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Guest87rburton: yes, I can confirm that the files in my repository make it into the proper location on tmp/work12:53
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wCPOthis is really weird, now I tested with bare minimum yocto/poky build without any modifications and kubernetes still fails packaging: , somehow the PN variable is getting set to a incorrect variable is my hunch13:58
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zwelchRP: if my patch went in, I am mortified that I brought it up as an example. :( However, I know that I was carrying it in my local tree for quite some time after that, so I suspect that the version referenced in the recipe did not get bumped to include it (which is probably logical), but i know that i didn't see any e-mail follow up anywhere... (i still feel bad though)14:08
Juanosorio94I am trying to get yocto to build using a custom kernel, for an arm architecture. Im trying to use qemuarm first as a machine to test the image, but I am getting the following error:14:08
Juanosorio94ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'virtual/arm-poky-linux-binutils'. I have just copied the from the meta-skeleton directory into my layer, and made a few minor modifications. I dont know how to proceed atm. Would be very grateful of any tips, I am new to Yocto14:08
LetoThe2nd                                                                         14:09
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LetoThe2ndJuanosorio94: so what does your machine look like, and on what release are you? can you put the kernel recipe into a pastebin?14:10
Juanosorio94 this is the kernel recipe :)14:13
LetoThe2ndJuanosorio94: you can't set MACHINE and PREFERRED_PROVIDER in a recipe. MACHINE goes into local.conf, PREFERRED_PROVIDER either into the distro or machine config.14:17
LetoThe2ndJuanosorio94: and adding "arm" to compatible machine also won't work14:17
Juanosorio94im kind of overwhelmed tbh14:17
LetoThe2ndJuanosorio94: well my advice would be to start with the simpler things first. a layer, an image, a recipe. the kernel is quite special and requires correlation with the machine, so working on it is better done once you have some basic understanding of how things work.14:19
Juanosorio94where is the distro / machine config in the poky build dir?14:32
LetoThe2ndJuanosorio94: conf/machine and conf/distro. but you should not modify those. everything you do goes into your own layer.14:33
qschulzzwelch: ah, that is very likely indeed. kirkstone has it, I just checked14:33
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qschulzbut honister doesn't14:35
manuel1985I've got an idea for the next yocto project summit: "Debugging yocto recipes: What do if a configuration option doesn't do what it's supposed to"14:37
manuel1985I'd really like to learn how to do printf debugging in Bitbake14:37
rburtonbbwarn or bb.warn, shell or python respectively14:38
rburtonthat's printf debugging. i've attached remote pdb to tasks before when they end up doing weird things in pythonland14:38
manuel1985The problem is that I don't speak Python at all. :(14:38
manuel1985Major obstacle.14:38
rburtonbb.warn() is your friend then, it just prints what you pass to the console as a warning message14:39
manuel1985Hmm will give it a try14:39
manuel1985I'm currently diagnosing why KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD doesn't autload my kernel module.14:40
JaMatlwoerner: was there some applicable patch for do_patch issue discussed in ? I'm still seeing these issues with latest master14:41
Guest87I'm building linux for a custom machine, and it appears that scc is crashing or something, it returns error code 1. I am using as my repo for the BSP definition files14:42
Guest87it crashes/stops in kernel-yocto.bbclass at "configs="$(scc --configs -o ${meta_dir})""14:43
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has joined #yocto14:52
Juanosorio94I need to set a defaulttune for my machine config ( I want to build first for qemuarm), is there any place wheer I can find all the available tune?14:58
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Guest87how can i go about troubleshooting why scc crashes/stops unexpectedly?15:04
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Guest70Hello everyone. I need some help with recipe. I'm creating an image but i need include a external project of my github (writen in python) in my build but i cant figure how to specify my recipe and git token15:33
Guest70any ideas?15:33
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rburtonGuest70: you mean the github project is private so you need to provide authentication?16:03
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Guest87how can i print the current directory in bitbake python functions? like bbwarn "${something}"16:13
*** GillesM <GillesM!> has joined #yocto16:13
RPGuest87: bb.warn(os.getcwd()) ?16:14
Saur[m]Guest87: Well, in shell code, `bbwarn "Current dir: $(pwd)"` should work16:15
Guest87thank you16:17
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rburtonmoto-timo armpit khem: did you know that unattended-upgrades in meta-python  fails to build?16:39
Guest70rburton i have a bunch of projects on my github and i want to include all of them in my image. i create a new recipe but now i don't know how to build it correctly.16:40
khemrburton: yes started seeing this over weekend16:40
khemhavent triaged it though16:41
rburtonGuest70: write a recipe for each project16:41
rburtonkhem: i suspect its new setuptools16:41
khemyeah possibly16:41
Guest70write but do you have any example?16:41
Guest70for python?16:41
khemrburton:  there is another one
khemdistutils.errors.DistutilsOptionError: No configuration found for dynamic 'description'.16:42
Guest70but could you show me an example or where i can get one?16:44
khemand here is the other one
armpitshouldn't unattended-upgrades  fix itself?17:03
moto-timounattended-upgrades isn’t creating tags… Debian says it is 2.8
moto-timoNot that it would fix the error17:06
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moto-timoalimon: can you please work with upstream to fix unattended-upgrades?17:19
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rburtonmoto-timo: oh joy
moto-timorburton: 🤦18:53
rburton<insert everyone-can-have-a-build-system meme>18:53
rburtonthere's going to be an absolute explosion of almost identical build systems isn't there18:53
Saur[m]rburton: They've created a monster...19:02
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rburtonWell at least I have a new slide for the next presentation…19:21
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manuelI'd like to get the value of variable `modules` from this bbclass:
manuelHow do I get that?19:46
manuelIn inserted a `printf("MYMARKER " + modules)` at the line after, but when doing `bitbake -e virtual/kernel` I just get the unevaluated function body.19:47
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Guest87what might prevent a patch.queue from being generated when I try to build my kernel? (in the tmp/work-shared/<machine>/kernel-source/.kernel-meta/patch.queue)19:56
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Guest87maybe it is config.queue I am looking for20:21
ernstpmanuel: it's python so it should be print(). But try"")20:25
jsbrondermanuel: `bb.warn(f"MYMARKER {modules}")` and then `bitbake -f -c package virtual/kernel`20:27
jsbronderprintf isn't a python thing, you'd want print, but that output gets eaten.  So bb.warn it is which will show up on the console.20:28
jsbronderand then you need to actually get that function to execute, you could just `bittbake virtual/kernel`, or you can force just the packaging task.20:28
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RPzwelch: I think I was expecting someone would send a patch updating the recipe22:12
RPzwelch: the update for the psplash recipe did go in a week later:
*** dgriego <dgriego!~dgriego@user/dgriego> has quit IRC (Quit: Textual IRC Client:
RPI can totally believe we've missed patches but that wasn't an example! :)22:14
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tlwoernerJaMa: neat! what host distro? not many seem to be hitting it. Richard found an easy reproducer, but I haven't had time to dig in yet. the work-around (ugly as it is) is to delete $TMPDIR before the build ;-)22:45
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