Thursday, 2022-05-26

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JaMaRP: thanks :)06:06
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derRichardfrom time to time i see psuedo aborting on my ci/cd pipeline due to ino mismatch errors. exactly like stated here:
derRichardaffected files/recipes are random07:10
derRichardlooks like psuedo's db gets somehow inconsistent07:10
derRichardis this a known problem?07:11
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derRichardhm, reading pseudo's source/changelog indicates that such problems can happen sometimes ;-\07:36
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JaMatlwoerner: RP: the do_patch issue is caused by introduced in kirkstone still looking how to resolve this08:09
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RPJaMa: glad to have it tracked down a bit at least!08:14
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ptsnevesdoes anybody know how i can see the execution log of a self test?08:54
ptsneves-v does not show me much08:54
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rburtonSaur[m]: commented on the bug09:04
RPptsneves: it isn't easy, usually I look at the code and put in debug prints if needed09:28
ptsnevesRP Ok good to know. I am going this way. I will try to submit a patch to the docs stating that or just using the logger is the way to do prints as print() does not show anything.09:30
RPptsneves: sounds good, thanks!09:33
ptsnevesi have another question. Is there any way to run a test without needing to wipe the build dir, including state cache and download dir? I just short-circuited the check that forces this but then i have a feeling the test does not run correctly. Any clues?09:36
rburtonyou don't need to do that?09:37
rburtoni mean, why do you think you need to wipe a build dir to run a test09:38
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RPrburton: probably as selftest runs in it's own build directory10:50
RPptsneves: firstly, configure a location for an sstate-dir and dl_dir and it will share those10:50
ptsnevesrburton because otherwise i get "2022-05-26 12:51:43,826 - oe-selftest - ERROR - Build directory /home/pneves/Projects/yocto-superproject/poky/build-st already exists, aborting"10:52
rburtonoh that's selftest being stupid. pass -j110:52
rburtoni thought that was fixed, obviously not10:52
ptsnevesscripts/oe-selftest --run-tests kernel.Kernel.test_fitImage -v  -K -j110:53
ptsnevesModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'testtools'10:53
RPptsneves: pip install it?10:55
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ptsneveswithout -j1 i did not have that error modulenotfound issue.10:55
RPrburton: the -j thing will just mean it creates a new dir each time. If you don't have a separate sstate/dldir configured it will do lots of rebuilding/downloading10:56
RPptsneves: -j says "enable parallelism" which means instead of build-st it will use build-st-<PID>. It needs modules for parallelism10:56
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ptsnevesok. so that is not really what i am interested on. Furthermore the testtools in my pip3 takes me to errors.10:59
ptsneves> diff --git a/meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/ b/meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/context.py10:59
ptsnevesindex 78c7a467e2..8403bec5d7 10064410:59
ptsneves--- a/meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/context.py10:59
ptsneves+++ b/meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/context.py10:59
ptsneves@@ -78,8 +78,8 @@ class OESelftestTestContext(OETestContext):10:59
ptsneves         newselftestdir = newbuilddir + "/meta-selftest"10:59
ptsneves         if os.path.exists(newbuilddir):10:59
ptsneves-            self.logger.error("Build directory %s already exists, aborting" % newbuilddir)10:59
ptsneves-            sys.exit(1)10:59
ptsneves+            self.logger.warning("Build directory %s already exists, assuming it is correctly configured" % newbuilddir)10:59
ptsneves+            return (builddir, newbuilddir)10:59
ptsneves         bb.utils.mkdirhier(newbuilddir)10:59
ptsneveswould this be fine to submit?10:59
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Patrick2Hi, I try to build for a TI processor the first time. As far as i understand i can chose if i want to use u-boot-spl or x-loader. Is there a way to chose that in meta-ti ?11:00
RPptsneves: no, we don't "assume things are correctly configured". Instead we should have an explicit command line option11:01
RPptsneves: I think other code will break as it assumes it has a clean build directory, not an existing one to try and beat into shape :(11:02
ptsnevesok, so is it worth to add such a command line option?11:02
RPptsneves: I'll admit I sometimes want to do that but I don't know how well it will work11:03
RPI have hacked it locally to do this before myself :/11:04
RPI just worry about the bug reports as we don't support it11:04
ptsnevesRP :(  it's just that when developing a test cased needing to wipe everything every time is very unproductive11:04
RPptsneves: see what I said above, you don't have to wipe sstate or dl_dir11:04
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RPptsneves: you can see the concern that the tests assume starting in a clean location, not trying to reconfigure something11:05
RPthe tests are specifically designed to reuse sstate/dldir where possible11:05
ptsnevesRP Yes i can understand. It just makes dev harder, but fixing that is not my goal so the patch proposal would be only as a nice to do. So on the re-use of SSTATE and DL_DIR should i use build/conf/local.conf or build-st/conf/local.conf for that? I am not sure which one is the "real" build dir for this case11:07
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RPptsneves: sefltest copies your local.conf so just configure somthing there in your normal build dir and selftest will reuse it11:08
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RPrburton, jonmason: good we closed the arm tiny bug but do we need to add to the automated qa?11:18
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jonmasonI build it in my gitlab ci11:19
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RPjonmason: this should probably be in the official test matrix too though? e.g. so the test results are in the releases etc?11:19
rburtonwould be good11:20
RPI can write the patch I guess?11:20
RPjonmason, rburton: qemuarm or qemuarm64? or both?11:21
jonmasonI do all 3.  The trick is that sshd doesn't start in tiny11:24
jonmasonSo all I do is ping11:24
RPjonmason: we're supposed to have some tests for tiny. Looking at the AB config, not sure they;'re run though :/11:27
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jonmasonI'm doing altcfg and rt kernels where they should work11:40
jonmasonqemuppc rt is broken for me.  I'll get around to looking at that eventually11:40
jonmasonand getting ssh working on tiny is on my todo list11:40
RPjonmason: nice. We don't test -rt on the AB but there is an open bug for that11:48
jonmasonIt was working in the previous kernel11:49
jonmasonAnd it should really be working on all the  qemus11:49
jonmasonWhen it's working I'll let you know.   Then it'll be easy to add to the ab11:50
RPjonmason: we could just add the working ones now :)11:51
RPjonmason: that built ok so I'll enable it11:54
ernstpderRichard: which exact yocto version are you running?12:02
denixPatrick2: there's no x-loader - it has been dead and deprecated long ago12:03
Patrick2denix Ah, i see. I dont have a JTAG debugger at home, are there any possiblities to debug that? Or should I just invest in a simple debugger?12:05
Patrick2denix maybe i should add some information: It is an old Beaglebone 2009 C3; The MLO which comes out of the Yocto build is not booting, no output at all.12:07
denixPatrick2: that would depend on what you need to debug12:07
Patrick2denix * iam on dunfell.  If I exchange the MLO (SPL), then its booting... SO i need to debug that.12:08
denixPatrick2: ah, that board is very old. I don't think it has been tested in years and it also got deprecated12:09
denixPatrick2: you can try #beagle and ask if there are any recent known good images (Debian, not Yocto) that support such old board12:11
denixare you Guest43 there?12:12
Patrick2denix most likely you are right, but i think its a bit sad, for my usage it will be more then enough. So as a start i could integrate the prebuilt MLO from the Internet i downloaded.12:12
Patrick2denix yes iam!12:12
Patrick2denix so an old Image from the website (2018) is working.12:12
denixPatrick2: well, that image was built from sources and sources are still available. it's just a matter to figure out what regressed in recent 3-4 years...12:14
Patrick2denix  haha, i see:-D   the git diff will be huge i guess. I still lack a lot of understanding, which i need to gain first.12:15
Patrick2I definetly think it would be easier to buy a RPi. But i still think I should know how this works.12:16
denixTartarus: is the original BeagleBoard from 2009 still supported in U-boot?12:16
Guest87would it be possible to extend toasters functionality to include the option to download generated images/files for recipes? I'm thinking things like files from the deploy folder and key files from tmp/work in recipes12:27
Patrick2denix kindoff oftopic question now: Will a segger jtag debugger be enough? I usually work with Lauterbach12:32
Patrick2Segger jlink edu12:32
derRichardernstp: so far i saw it on zeus, dunfell and hardknott. just upgraded to kirkstone, let's see whether i face it there too12:38
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oberoncI have an issue with logind12:42
oberoncI want to keep proceeses running after I exit ssh12:43
oberoncfor that to happen I changed KillUserProcesses=yes to KillUserProcesses=no12:43
oberoncin /etc/systemd/logind.conf12:43
oberoncand restarted12:44
denixPatrick2: yeah, don't know on that one12:44
oberoncbut "$ sudo loginctl show-user"12:45
oberonc.. still has:12:45
oberoncwhy ?12:45
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oberoncI dont have it set anywhere else:12:46
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rburtonRP: so if has RDEPENDS=bar, why does foo:do_populate_sysroot depend on bar:do_populate_sysroot13:13
sotaoverridei brought over fsoverlay.bbclass to whatever openembedded tree the bsp im working on is using. what does this error mean? missing required distro feature 'overlayfs' (not in DISTRO_FEATURES)13:19
rburtonit means the required distro feature 'overlayfs' is not in your DISTRO_FEATURES13:20
rburtonoverlayfs is opt-in, so you need to ask for it13:20
sotaoverridedoesnt the bbclass already do that for you? REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES += "systemd overlayfs"13:21
rburtonthat defines the required distro features13:22
rburtonits up to your distro to set the features it has13:22
RPrburton: historically that would have been required, it probably isn't now13:24
rburtonits annoying when dealing with dependency cycles13:24
RPrburton: you're going to make me change that just before you leave on vacation aren't you?13:24
rburtoni'll make a note to comment it out and try a build when I get back :)13:25
RPrburton: did you look at those cve warnings?13:25
rburtonbah, no.  I can do this afternoon after I've ran a chore13:25
RPrburton: I can do it if you want13:25
* RP just doesn't want to annoy swat too much13:26
rburtonif a patch isn't on the list by 5pm tonight, i'm sorry so please do13:26
sotaoverrideneed help with this (trying to make overlayfs work with my bsp), or just have someone share an example of a systemd or some other intit script that brings up mount overlays13:27
* RP wishes he could leave for a few weeks and make things "someone elses problem". Sadly I'd just come back to it13:27
rburtonsotaoverride: that says you didn't copy the oe.overlayfs class (meta/lib/oe/
rburtonthe easiest way to backport a function is to cherry-pick the commits, not copy files, as it's easy to miss files or related changes13:28
RPrburton: was that for a native recipe?13:30
RPrburton: that code looks strange :/13:31
rburtonBURN IT ALL13:31
yudjinn[m]hey all, I'm still  running into an issue that I'm not sure how to approach resolving; I'm upgrading a system from zeus-> dunfell and it has a meta-tegra layer. That layer is now giving me a error that I dont know where to begin solving:... (full message at
rburtonyudjinn[m]: you need to update that bit of anon py in the layer to work with modern python.  or just delete the ${@build_date(d)} bit as its just pointless churn to cause rebuilds13:35
yudjinn[m]the thing is It works with python3, just not python2 (if I manually run it), rburton  are you suggesting I just override this step to do nothing in my conf?13:36
rburtoni'm suggesting you delete that bit entirely as it's pointless13:36
rburton*surely* meta-tegra supports newer than zeus13:37
yudjinn[m]I'm on the dunfell branch of meta-tegra, and ideally we dont want to make changes directly in the 3rd party layers13:38
RPrburton: it is going to break if we remove that :/13:38
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RPrburton: basically we look like we're injecting dependencies at slightly the wrong point on the dependency chart13:38
RPrburton:  I did confirm that m4-native blows up without that too13:40
landgrafDo we have triage meeting today?13:41
RPlandgraf: yes13:41
RPrburton: I don't think we have syntax for "get the rdepends of the recipes this task depends upon"13:42
landgrafRP: Thanks13:42
Tartarusdenix: Yeah, original  beagles should work, but I don't test mine often13:48
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* RP notes his insane config options and tries again13:59
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RPrburton: added surprisingly recently:
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wyreis there some equivalent to python 'pass' statement for bb recipes? 🤔14:18
JPEWwyre: For shell code?14:19
wyreJPEW, so bb recipes are shell code? 🤔14:19
JPEW... no14:19
JPEWTasks are shell code or python14:19
JPEWI'm not sure what you mean by "pass"; it's just the "no-op" command in python14:19
wyreJPEW, you mean tasks inside those recipes, right?14:19
wyresure, I guess the equivalent in shell code is :14:20
RPrburton: I have a patch which replaces it with "correct" dependencies at the expense of adding an extra 3000 connections to the taskgraph14:22
RP(for core-image-sato)14:22
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wyreJPEW, not sure why this recipe is causing me errors in do_rootfs task 🤔
wyredpkg it's apparently having problems with it14:29
wyrebut it's the one which gives me this issues 🤔14:30
wyreit's just to deploy a single python script14:30
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wyreapparently dpkg has some problem when installing the deb file14:35
wyrebut not sure why it's bad formatted 🤔14:35
JPEWwyre: Weird14:35
wyreJPEW, can't see the actual error in the whole log
wyrewell, apparently it returned 100 as exit code? 🤔
ernstpderRichard: a lot has happened between dunfell 3.1.0 and 3.1.16 for example though...14:49
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wyreJPEW, the deb is apparently correct, and I'm able to build another images without this recipe14:57
wyreso ... some suggestion?14:57
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derRichardernstp: can you please be more specific in terms of commid ids in pseudo that fix such issues14:59
wyreJPEW, the problem was this recipe was shipping the very same file than another one 😥15:06
wyresorry, it was my fault again15:06
ernstpderRichard: not really, wondering if you were on an up to date yocto or not...15:06
ernstpderRichard: but I recognize the problem and know that I haven't seen it in quite some time15:07
JPEWwyre: Weird, that should have given a better warning than that15:07
wyreJPEW, sure, I think the same! 🤔15:07
JPEWUsually it tells you more explicitly if your overwriting files15:08
wyreJPEW, I can't see anything about this in the whole do_rootfs failed task log even ...
wyreoh, yes, it's there 😥15:10
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RPJPEW: we probably fixed valgrind-ptest with a specific dependency btw15:33
JPEWYa, that I figured15:33
* RP feels bad for sounding depressed in bug triage :/15:40
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jonmasonRP: you just sounded tired, and said you were tired15:58
jonmasonRP: I reproduced the newlib issue.  What should I be looking for in the logs?16:00
RPjonmason: do a "find -name config.log" on the workdir16:00
RPjonmason: you want the one that matches the error on the console16:01
landgrafor grep -R 'Link tests are not allowed after' in the workdir16:04
landgrafit will gives you config.log16:04
* landgraf did this few times today for different bug16:04
jonmasonfound it16:08
jonmasonlots of missing headerfiles16:08
jonmasonand gcc flags that are not valid16:08
jonmasonI'll upload to the bugzilla16:08
rburtonideally, compare with a known working build, because it may be usual for stuff to be 'missing'16:08
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jaskij[m]I'm experimenting with LXC containers, including building them with Yocto. Would there be interest in a layer providing a minimal container to build Yocto?17:19
sotaoverridemy bsp uses a git submodule for openembedded-core layer, its currently on ecd636154e7cfc1349a7cfd8026a85eafa219535 layers/openembedded-core (yocto-3.1.8), can someone help me figure what commit I can cherry pick to add overlayfs.bbclass? its a git submodule, so Im also trying to see if cherry picking would work. I tired merging master into the submodule but thats gicing me a lot of conflicts and might17:22
sotaoverridealso break some of the recipes.17:22
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yudjinn[m]what does the error message "no recipes available for: ..." mean?18:43
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jonmasonit means that you are missing a layer or using the wrong name19:08
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yudjinn[m]hm.. I'm trying to build meta-tegra on dunfell and am getting `Nothing RPROVIDES 'cuda-command-line-tools-libcupti'`19:15
JaMaRP: there are 3 possible fixes for do_patch issue, A) needs extra .patch for quilt which probably won't be upstreamable, B) might bring long-forgotten issues when ${S}/patches isn't wiped between do_unpacks, C) creates empty file just to keep new quilt happy - A) and B) are in but now I'm tempted to just do C), do you have any19:26
JaMaanyone in possition to sponsor SPDX identifiers in glibc?
zwelchyudjinn[m]: it probably means the name of the recipe changed.  i usually look through git log and search for the old recipe name, as that usually turns up the commit where it got renamed.19:31
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manuelIf I add an out-of-tree kernel module to KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD, will a `bitbake -c compile -f virtual/kernel` do the trick? Or do I need to bitbake my kernel module recipe?20:06
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moto-timomanuel: See slide 106 of also add the module recipe to MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS20:22
JaMamanuel: it's postinst in /etc/modules-load.d/basename.conf file in the package with that module, so you need to rebuild the module (not the kernel itself)20:23
manuelmoto-timo: Thanks, have these slides open right now. Am diagnosing why my module doesn't get autoloaded.20:24
manuelJaMa: thanks20:25
JaMamost often it's due to different basename and modulename (e.g. - and _)20:26
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JaMacheck the content of the package, if the modules-load.d call is there and the module name in modprobe call works on target20:27
moto-timomanuel: the kernel lab slides were originally based on the kernel-lab manual (wip). For a few more words see:
* moto-timo looks at the clock and calendar and shakes fist at time20:28
JaMabrings old memories
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manuelmoto-timo: I am at slide 106 of and get the expected results. However, when I add "hello" to KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD, it doesn't get loaded. Is there anything which prevents module autoloading for out-of-tree kernel modules?21:26
manuelIIRC in lab 3 KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD worked as expected.21:27
manuelIn other words, is KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD not meant to be used for out-of-tree kernel modules?21:28
RPJaMa: hmm, interesting. I think if we wipe ${S}/patches we should be wiping .pc as well. I'm starting to think we should just "ban" ${S} == ${WORKDIR} as unworkable21:29
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RPre: glibc, I'm half tempted to try and send some patches, it would be nice to clarify things there21:30
* RP realistically doesn't have the time21:30
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yudjinn[m]on dunfell, I'm running into: `ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'python-subprocess' `, what is supposed to provide this?22:17
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smurrayyudjinn[m]: python3-core.  If you need to track modules -> package for the Python standard lib modules down, good place to check is meta/recipes-devtools/python/python3/python3-manifest.json, it drives that22:44
yudjinn[m]isn't python-subprocess part of the standard lib, though?22:48
smurrayyudjinn[m]: it is, but they get split into binary packages per that manifest.  iirc, the RDEPENDS for python3 doesn't pull modules in, you either need to add the python3-modules meta-package or pick them individually22:51
yudjinn[m]can you give me an example?22:52
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smurrayyudjinn[m]: of what, pulling module packages in?22:54
yudjinn[m]of how you'd address this22:55
smurrayyudjinn[m]: look at the RDEPENDS definitions in some of the other recipes in meta/recipes-devtools/python22:55
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yudjinn[m]ahhhh I think I follow now, thanks!22:57
smurrayyudjinn[m]: ah, your error message says "python-subprocess", not "python3-subprocess", I missed that.  You need to either fix whatever it is you're trying to build to use python3, or live with using meta-python2 for the last release of Python 2.x22:57
yudjinn[m]I can up it to python3-subprocess, but that was not resolving the issue, just moving it22:58
smurrayyudjinn[m]: whatever recipe has a dependency on python-subprocess is out of date, basically, Python 2.x support was removed before dunfell22:59
yudjinn[m]yep, this is a project that was running on zeus and I'm working on bringing to dunfell22:59
smurrayyudjinn[m]: if it's in some layer you don't control, like a BSP, meta-python2 is an option, but Python 2.x is EOL now so upgrading to 3 is what you'd really want to be doing23:00
yudjinn[m]yep, I'm setting everything to python323:00
yudjinn[m]hm, maybe I'm missing something else. python-subprocess doesnt have a separate recipe23:08
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