Wednesday, 2022-05-25

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moto-timoNew setuptools will continue to cause pain. Python modules are just not paying attention.02:58
moto-timoCull the recipes that fail to pay attention?02:58
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mckoangood morning06:46
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:10
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DaGoEsdGood morning! I have a problem with a poky distribution created by Yocto, on which depmod -a no longer works. It always creates an empty modules.dep. (The kernel modules are not compressed). Is this problem known and is there a solution for it?08:11
DaGoEsdDepmod comes from busybox and once worked in previous builds (earlier zeus, now kirkstone).08:12
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ernstpmrybczyn[m]: I sent out my cve-check patches to the list now anyway, so they can be discussed08:32
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Juanosorio94How can I patch my external kernel without using devtool?08:42
RPrburton, mrybczyn[m]: We now have the CVE trends graph autogenerated on :)08:44
DaGoEsdJuanosorio94: locate the recipe from which your kernel is made, create an own layer, integrate this layer via your bblayers.conf and create a recipes-kernel/linux/<your_kernel_recipe>.bbappend file. Within this file you specify patches, using SRC_URI:append:<your_machine> = "file://yourpatch_1.patch file://yourpatch_2.patch"08:50
ptsnevesDaGoEsd interesting i understood the question as external src kernel08:51
DaGoEsdptsneves: Also for an external kernel there must be a recipe which can be extended with a .bbappend file.08:54
ptsnevesDaGoEsd  i was thinking not. If the externalsrc kernel is a git repository just patch the repository directly :)  No bitbake necessary08:54
DaGoEsdptsneves: If you have the necessary rights, this will also work.08:56
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Juanosorio94ill try just patching it then09:14
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SchillerRP: I still don't get the SingleBranch or AnyBranchScheduler to work. Can i post the Scheduler for more intel?09:31
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rburtonRP: nice!09:46
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RPSchiller: have you setup the code to monitor the repo to detect changes?10:17
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ptsnevesI am trying to write a self test for fit images due to request here I see that the only self test we have is ./meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/ Should I create a new case or extend
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RPrburton: I tweaked the css to thicken the line and remove the points10:17
rburtonlooks much better without the points10:18
RPptsneves: depends how many tests and whether they fit in with the kerneldevelopemts tests or not10:19
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LetoThe2ndquick poll! what do think about a jester-style presentation about what actually happens during booting (target: ELC-E)10:20
ptsnevesfor now i just want to generate a fitImage and verify it's contents. They are not really related to kerneldevelopment, but just kernel plain and simple. Do we not have any tests for kernel function?10:20
LetoThe2nd(as opposed to the inevitable boot time optimization talks)10:21
rburtonLetoThe2nd: could be interesting.  starting with firmware?10:22
LetoThe2ndrburton: rom code to actual payload kernel. i'm imagining the theme to be "getting up in the morning"10:23
rburtonwhat board?10:24
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LetoThe2ndno specific one, but probably showing a few variations from simple sama5d over imx or such to tegra.10:25
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SchillerRP: I only edited the yocto-docs-changed scheduler [codebases, builderNames, branch etc.]. Can you guide me to where the setup code for the yocto-docs-changes Scheduler is stated?10:28
RPSchiller: change_source10:30
RPrburton: still wondering about zoom and tootips, they can be useful I guess10:31
rburtonyeah they're useful for poking in detail10:31
rburtonwould be nice if the short sha was visible in the tooltip, if there was spike you could know where to look10:31
LetoThe2ndrburton: pokyng in detail? (badum-tsh!)10:31
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SchillerRP: Thanks a lot. That should solve the issue. I was reading about the GitPoller but couldn't find it. Now it makes sense.10:36
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: FYI, Bootlin has a slide or two in their cc-by-sa training material about different booting mechanisms (IIRC, Atmel boards, probably BBB and Marvell boards too?)11:30
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SchillerRP: It still seems to not be working. Can you confirm my approach: in master.cfg i got Gitpoller(repourl='ssh://me@server:<path>' etc.) and in the i got the SingleScheduler and AnyScheduler setup. Then i just do a commit on given repo which should trigger a build correct or am I missing smth.11:40
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RPSchiller: it should work. Does the buildbot log on the controller show it poll the repo and see the change?11:45
JaMaFWIW: I think meta-handheld isn't compatible with any recent release (other than meta-handheld incorrectly claiming the compatiblity till honister)
rburtonyeah, there's also that :)11:48
RPJaMa: fair enough. I was just using it as a marker of where things had updated or hadn't :)11:48
SchillerRP: I think i was to impatient before. I checked the logs but didnt wait for the polling. Yeah there seems to be smth wrong. Ill try fix it then it should work thx.11:48
RPSchiller: since it polls it isn't instant11:49
RPSchiller: you can push updates with it but you need git server side config for that11:49
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: thx12:18
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sotaoverridehow do i make sure a recipe is run before another, whats the RDEPENDS syntax or the best way of doing this?12:45
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sotaoverrideone recipe creates a directroy structure, other adds a systemd mount service to mount partions on the directory structure. I want to make sure the directory structure recipe is run before the systemd mount service recipe.12:46
LetoThe2ndyo go people! we're (supposedly) seeing the do_unpack stage cleaning out an EXTERNALSRC directory in a go based recipe. any pointers on what to look for? the externalsrc bbclass is beyond me, unfortunately.12:49
Juanosorio94I built an image using bitbake-core-image minimal, I found what appears to be an image for me inside the poky/build/tmp/deploy/images/machine but as I was flashing my sd card it said that it has no partition table and that it wont probably be able to boot from it, and surprise, it didnt :D  am I looking at the wrong place, did the wrong bitbake12:50
Juanosorio94target, or is my process just misconfig"d?12:50
LetoThe2ndJuanosorio94: it depends on the type of image that you built/chose. ext4: no partitions, just a filesystem. tar.gz: only filesystem contents. wic: usually a kind of binary for direct usage on the sd card.12:51
Juanosorio94how do I find that out o.o12:52
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zeddiiRP: I am now seeing that python3-six build failure repeating. I'll try and figure out what is different here than everywhere else.12:57
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zeddiiurk. maybe this is slightly different ... I see python3-six-native, now that I'm drinking my coffee and after I typed that in.12:58
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LetoThe2ndJuanosorio94: by looking at a) the deploy/machine/images directory, and b) the IMAGE_FSTYPES variable of your build12:58
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ramacassis[m]<sotaoverride> "one recipe creates a directroy..." <- I found this link that could be useful :
ramacassis[m]I guess you could do it with RDEPENDS, but otherwise the proposed syntax "do_compile[depends] = "my_first_recipe:do_deploy" looks good to me12:59
ramacassis[m](don't take my word for it, kinda new to Yocto)12:59
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LetoThe2ndzeddii: do you have any wisdom on go+externalsrc?13:02
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zeddiithat ... I have never tried. I imagine it will be tricky, you'd need -mod=vendor, or there will be fetching, and the placing of the bits in possibly some host directories.13:03
LetoThe2ndzeddii: go.bbclass coming in my way, i presume? or the go mechanisms per se?13:04
RPzeddii: hmm, not good but we haven't see that elsewhere :/13:05
zeddiisome of both. if the go environment isn't fully set (but it should be), then go won't look for the source, or the dependencies in the right place.13:05
LetoThe2ndzeddii: hmhm.13:05
zeddiiand other than that, if some tasks are inhibited for externalsrc, then go will happily go out and fetch things, and again, if the variables aren't set properly, could put them in the local go paths, (i.e. ~/.go, etc)13:06
ramacassis[m]Hello all, the project I am working on uses plenty of "volatiles" files. They are later put in /etc/default/volatiles so that the OE script "" can process the rules.13:06
ramacassis[m]The script verifies/creates a directory, a file or a symlink. But I don't see documentation about it in the manual.13:07
ramacassis[m]Is that the preferred way to handle the creation of symlinks on the target ?13:07
zeddiiRP: it is likely just the same root cause of my old sysroot, I should have noticed the -native (although, i did do a cleanall on it yesterday .. so that should have take care of it)13:07
RPrburton, mrybczyn[m]: Do you think we should add the json cve pieces to honister so it can generate CVE numbers on the AB?13:08
RPzeddii: ah, right13:08
zeddiiafter the destruction in Ottawa over the weekend, I'm not thinking straight yet13:09
zeddiibut electricity is nice!13:09
RPzeddii: hope everything is ok. We had a dose of that at the end of last year13:09
RPhouse next door still isn't fixed13:10
zeddiitornado level winds, but almost as wide as the city. Was quite 'impressive'13:10
zeddiiI think I read 1300 snapped power poles (everything is buried where I live though)13:11
RPzeddii: not good. Sounds quite familiar, damage was a bit wider spread here13:12
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zeddiionly 24 hours without power here, but there are parts of the city they hope will be restored by friday and some a bit longer, so all in all ... ok for me, but not for others.13:14
RPzeddii: I didn't lose power thankfully but there were a lot of places like that here, some for a few weeks.13:15
RPzeddii: in one case they put new poles up along a road, only for the next storm to come in and knock them all over again13:16
RPwe had three nasty ones in a short period13:16
zeddiiouch. just something to look forward to as the storms intensify. these didn't really happen here when I arrived 20 years ago.13:16
zeddiinow we are tornado alley north13:16
Guest87how should i go about troubleshooting a bitbake crash when using toaster? here is a paste of the error I am seeing
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RPGuest87: when it has a "handledexception" like that it means that bitbake thinks it printed an error message for the user. Clearly there wasn't one :(13:19
RPGuest87: anything under the files in tmp/log/ ?13:19
RPzeddii: I remember a storm like that one when I was about 7. Plenty of time for trees to get old/weaker since then ready for that storm though (and bits of my house to rust ready to fail under pressure)13:20
Guest87RP: nothing recent enough to be relevant (everything is 5+ days old)13:22
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SchillerRP: Can you give me some more insides about what i am doing wrong? In logs I find after a commit <change contains codebase  that is not processed by scheduler AnyBranch-...> even tho in codebasis i did set the repo.  And what is the codebases ['',] for? When i include i don't get the log error, but then it seems to try to set the13:54
Schilleryocto-auto-helper repo branch of the commit.13:54
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JaMasakoman: hi, would you consider for kirkstone?14:12
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sakomanJaMa: yes, I'll add it to my test queue14:18
RPSchiller: did you give the project a name in the change_source and refer to it with that name in the scheduler?14:19
JaMasakoman: thanks, I'm still bisecting gcc to find out what else I need to fix some strange build failures in gtest templating14:21
SchillerRP: Yes i did fill out the <porject> variable.14:22
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SchillerRP: I only get the log error when i miss the <''> in codebases. Idk why it is necessary. But then still it throws an error when Fetching the auto-helper.14:24
Guest87anybody have success/tried running toaster in wsl2?14:27
SchillerRP: Also the "yocto-docs-changed" Scheduler doesn't use <properties>. I customized the whole scripts heavily. Where does he get his build-infos from?14:29
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qschulzRP: mrybczyn[m]: rburton: nice graphs for the CVEs!14:40
qschulzi'm missing some info though... what's the actual setup used? basically which layers are reported in those graphs?14:41
qschulzlike,oe-core only? poky? poky+meta-openembedded? etc..14:42
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!~gsalazar@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)14:42
*** kroon <kroon!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)14:42
rburtonits the autobuilder, so poky14:43
rburtonbut poky ~= oe-core14:43
RPSchiller: are you using the codebaseGenerator function? That doesn't look suited to your needs14:43
*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)14:43
*** nemik <nemik!> has joined #yocto14:43
RPrburton: it could be other layers but isn't :)14:44
*** Schiller <Schiller!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)14:45
qschulzrburton: autobuilder = poky is not clear to me :/ can we add this info somewhere on the page what's being tested?14:46
*** nemik <nemik!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)14:48
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ramacassis[m]> <> Hello all, the project I am working on uses plenty of "volatiles" files. They are later put in /etc/default/volatiles so that the OE script "" can process the rules.... (full message at
*** Tokamak <Tokamak!> has joined #yocto15:06
*** tre <tre!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)15:08
RPqschulz: sure. I'm trying to resist asking for a patch :)15:08
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!> has joined #yocto15:14
qschulzRP: thank you very much. I could have sent a patch indeed sorry.15:15
rburtonqschulz: the underlying tools work on all layers, i run the patch review scripts on meta-arm occasionally15:16
rburtonrunning it on meta-oe would be... interesting15:16
RPrburton: we have options now...15:20
RPlandgraf: I like the look of that fetcher patch, thanks! Do we need any extra tests?15:22
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*** Tokamak <Tokamak!> has joined #yocto15:26
yudjinn[m]whats the best process to upgrading a project from zeus to dunfell?15:36
zwelchyudjinn[m]: switch all of your repos over to the dunfell branches and fix what breaks? :) Some migration issues will be documented in the release notes, but i have found most of my pain comes from my own layers' deficiencies.15:38
ramacassis[m]yudjinn: also this page lists common updates that may affect your recipes
yudjinn[m]thanks a bunch!15:40
*** Juanosorio94 <Juanosorio94!> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)15:41
JaMaand in ideal world I would recommend preparing for this incrementally, e.g. now we don't have any plans to upgrade after kirkstone, but building our layers with oe-core/master shortly after gcc-12 was merged allows to quite easily fix the issues caused by gcc-12 itself, while next time bunch of other recipes were broken by boost upgrade and so on15:42
zwelchI am currently migrating a target from dunfell to kirkstone, and i wrote that generates the required patch series for me. That way, I have been able to continue working on dunfell, deferring the creation of a forking branch. As I started my migration well before the official release, that saved me a lot of effort of maintaining parallel branches that would have lots of merge conflicts (caused by the new override syntax).15:42
JaMaLTS releases are great, but trying to figure out what broke your components during the 2 years in between is much more work than doing small incremental steps every few weeks15:43
zwelchs/wrote/wrote a script/15:43
*** ptsneves <ptsneves!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)15:43
zwelchand i agree with JaMa, jumps between LTS are painful... I'm hoping to move our targets onto each successive release as they come out.15:43
JaMaI'm just rebasing my branches on top of dunfell (until the product switches from dunfell to kirkstone)15:44
zwelch(also because i hope to start contributing upstream more, which effectively requires tracking the master branches anyway)15:44
JaMathat way I can continually push backwards compatible changes to product (including overrides syntax changes)15:44
zwelch(when i started my script, i hadn't realized that the new override syntax was supported in dunfell)15:47
JaMaunfortunately too many people still haven't realized that even today15:49
RPzeddii: are you crazy busy? I have a thorny topic I'm not sure I dare mention15:50
JaMae.g. even when I tried to describe it with all necessary details in
zeddiiI'm heading to the airport (assuming I can get there) later today, so now is as good a time as any, since i'll be offline for a few days after this.15:51
LetoThe2ndRP: i dare!15:51
LetoThe2ndzeddii: where can i get free beer?15:51
qschulzLetoThe2nd: by sending a patch :D ?15:51
LetoThe2ndqschulz: that is ethically unacceptable!15:51
RPzeddii: I accidentally enabled CVE checking for linux-yocto and was having a panic attack at the number of CVEs in master. I'm basically wondering what we do with them15:52
JaMazeddii is giving beer for meta-virt patches? I hope I'll be drunk soon :)15:52
RPzeddii: I'm seriously wondering about adding them to the default exclusions list so we have a clean slate and then worry about the new ones?15:52
RPzeddii: I was wondering if you have any plans/thoughts15:53
zeddiithat's as good a plan as any. for the kernel, we really don't want to get into doing anything much more than comes via -stable. so knowing about them is good, but doing too much about them is hard.15:53
RPzeddii: I'm asking now while I'm looking at the hardcoded "ignore" in a script15:53
zeddiisince there are teams at the OSVs that handle them, it can take a long time to deal with them.15:53
RPzeddii: agreed. I'll see if I can come up with a patch and see what people make of it15:55
RPrburton, mrybczyn[m]: ok with you?15:55
zeddiiRP: and of course, I'll do what I can with them. just no SLA implied :)15:55
rburtonthe kernel cves are "interesting"15:56
rburtonso yeah15:56
RPzeddii: the same as the rest of OE-Core! ;-)15:56
RPzeddii: I just don't think we can continue this blanket "ignore it", much as I'd like to15:56
zeddiias long as it won't be something that blocks a release, because you'll never get a CVE free kernel :)15:57
RPzeddii: nothing in the release process gates on this, it is just a guide15:57
zeddiiand -stable quite honestly, doesn't get them all nominated, and if the backport is even slightly non-obvious, it doesn't happen either.15:57
RPzeddii: quick other question - how much of a pain is the edgerouter bsp code?15:58
zeddiiit's mainline, we don't have any patches, just config.15:58
RPzeddii: ok, cool. That is good to know15:59
* RP is wondering about cleanup of older stuff and where to concentrate effort15:59
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sielickihas anyone encountered this?
rburtonsielicki: master or kirkstone?16:25
rburtonthe recipe clearly inherits python_flit_core which clearly DEPENDS python3-flit-core-native which provides that class16:26
rburtonso, weird.16:27
rburtontry deleting tmp/ and trying again?16:27
sielickiprobably something on my end, yeah.16:27
sielickithat's what I was thinking too -- that recipe isn't doing anything complicated, something deeply wrong.16:27
rburtonif it happens with a clean poky i'm very curious so maybe the sysroots got messed up16:27
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RPzeddii, rburton: cve patch of doom sent16:47
RPgah, with the wrong syntax :(16:48
RPmy local config is messed up :(16:48
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* RP has sent a v216:56
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mrybczyn[m]RP: i don't use the exclusion file, doing own analysis. So the patch is neutral in my case17:47
landgrafRP: Only tests from previous version. I've not resent them because nothing changed18:01
landgrafFetchPremirroronlyLocalTest - this18:01
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RPlandgraf: ok, that wasn't clear but makes sense! :)18:21
RPJaMa: you're working around the bug for makedevs now? :)18:22
JaMaand devmem2 as well, but then still plan to figure out how to fix it properly (or at least why it happens only recenly)18:23
JaMatlwoerner_: your patch just changed the error message, because the file COPYING was already created during previous do_patch, so to properly cleanup you would really need to wipe whole WORKDIR18:24
JaMatlwoerner_: removing the files listed in SRC_URI would be easy, but removing also files created by .patch files might be too fragile to even support this18:24
tlwoerner_JaMa: did i send a patch?18:24
tlwoerner_i think that was RP?18:24
JaMatlwoerner_:  you did inline in
RPJaMa: now I noticed you replied here :)18:28
yudjinn[m]so I'm trying to move a project from zeus to dunfell, and it uses tegra. I18:28
yudjinn[m]I'm getting an error of `MACHINE=jetson-xavier is invalid. Please set a valid MACHINE in your local.conf, environment or other configuration file.`18:29
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zwelchyudjinn[m]: machine names change from time to time.... check meta-tegra/conf/machines/18:38
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!> has joined #yocto18:38
tlwoernerJaMa: oh right, that "patch" :-)18:39
yudjinn[m]thanks! that should get me further down the road18:51
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JaMaJPEW: can you recommend a tool/script which would allow to easily query GENERATED_FROM in tmp-glibc/deploy/spdx/qemux86-64/packages/*.spdx.json to map licenses from the non-SPDX header in source file to all packages which were generated from that specific source file? is the context for this question19:00
JaMaJPEW: or should I just use e.g. jq and some adhoc shell script19:01
JaMaJPEW: also if I'm reading create-spdx.bbclass correctly then GENERATED_FROM is really just from debugsrc, so if there is e.g. shell script with some license header included in one of the packages I need to separately check in which package it ends (as it won't be listed anywhere in GENERATED_FROM relation)19:03
JPEWJaMa: I'm unaware of anything to do it19:04
JPEWI'd probably ad-hoc, but I'd also use python instead :)19:05
JaMayes, python would make more sense :) .. but still more work then quick grep I was hoping to use :)19:07
JaMaFWIW: upstream glibc ticket for SPDX
*** seninha <seninha!~seninha@user/seninha> has joined #yocto19:10
yudjinn[m]yocto is using python2 to interpret the .bb file, can I coerce it to use python3?19:31
yudjinn[m]             dt = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(int(epoch), tz=datetime.timezone.utc)19:32
yudjinn[m]    >        return 'DATE=' + dt.isoformat(timespec='minutes')19:32
yudjinn[m]         return ''19:32
yudjinn[m]bb.data_smart.ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable EXTRA_OEMAKE, expression was EXCLUDE_BUILD_FLAGS=1 PLATFORM=aarch64 JETSON=TRUE WITH_LIBELF=yes ${@build_date(d)}  WITH_SECCOMP=no which triggered exception TypeError: 'timespec' is an invalid keyword argument for this function19:32
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JaMayudjinn[m]: bitbake is using python3 for few years now19:34
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:c5b2:fdff:b718:9edf> has joined #yocto19:35
yudjinn[m]this is on dunfell19:36
JaMapython3 is used since 1.31.119:38
yudjinn[m]gotcha, then I'm unsure why it's having an issue with timespec19:38
*** seninha <seninha!~seninha@user/seninha> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)19:40
yudjinn[m]this is in meta-tegra>dunfell, by the way.19:50
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zwelchyudjinn[m]: i seem to recall running into that myself. I can't remember the exact problem, but i believe that i had to change something in my project layer(s) to fix it.20:04
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yudjinn[m]hm, any other pointers?20:17
*** seninha <seninha!~seninha@user/seninha> has joined #yocto20:18
zwelchyudjinn[m]: not presently.20:18
yudjinn[m]gotcha, thanks!20:18
moto-timotlwoerner: the YPS email arrived20:25
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tlwoernermoto-timo: yea i had to poke. apparently it was supposed to go out on friday, but <issues> and it didn't run20:38
*** camus1 is now known as camus20:40
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Saur[m]moto-timo: I'm getting a number of this after updating my layers: I assume it happens to all python packages that need to rebuild for one reason or another. :(22:04
Saur[m]A `bitbake -c clean ...` fixes it, but it is not a long term solution...22:05
*** pietrushnic <pietrushnic!~pietrushn@2001:470:69fc:105::1:69c> has left #yocto22:05
moto-timoSaur[m]: can you try changing 'inherit setuptools3' to 'inherit setuptools_legacy' ? that package has scripts installed and probably does not behave well with new setuptools22:12
moto-timoSaur[m]: otherwise, not sure what to say... rburton might have some other insights22:13
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Saur[m]moto-timo: Well, there were a couple more affected recipes in that build: python3-docutils-native python3-mako-native python3-inflection-native python3-setuptools-scm-native python3-packaging-native python3-cython-native python3-pygments-native python3-scons-native python3-pytest-native python3-lark-native python3-sdbus++-native python3-numpy-native python3-six-native22:47
moto-timoSaur[m]: can you file a bug in bugzilla so we talk about it in bug triage in the morning?22:47
Saur[m]Will do.22:52
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moto-timoSaur[m]: thank you... needs more eyes (and not tired eyes)23:04
RPJaMa: fun command to play with: glibc/2.35-r0/pkgdata/extended$ zstdcat *.json.zstd | grep rexec.c (in the glibc workdir)23:05
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