Thursday, 2022-06-02

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX05:49
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mcfriskso annoying when kirkstone "bitbake -e | less" ends up with endless output of "Broken pipe[Errno 32]". Using lxc-execute to Debian stable to run bitbake builds which somehow results in this in the interactive shell.06:54
mcfrisksame was in dunfell but with much longer timeout, e.g. days of keeping bitbake output piped somewhere, in kirkstone this now happens right away06:55
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kroon_Was there a way to dump all depsigs ?07:22
kroon_ugh.i don't think there was, except rebuilding07:23
RPkroon_: for task outputs?07:36
kroon_RP, yeah07:36
kroon_the depsig.* files07:36
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RPkroon_: you need the build output to generate those :(07:55
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kroon_RP, I do have the output in sstate cache, so as of now there is just no way to regenerate the depsig.*, right ?08:11
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zen_coderrfs613: is there a difference between removing stuff from the SDK or the image?08:30
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RPkroon_: I guess technically it would be possible but we have no such scripts09:27
RPzen_coder: they are two different things but can be related09:28
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SchillerRP: Hey. I looked more into the AnyScheduler / SingleScheduler and the yocto-docs example. Atm when i do a commit on a branch other then master the target-present script from the autobuilder doesn't find the target and the build hangs. Yocto-docs has its own Buildfactory and script <run-docs-builds>. Can you confirm that i need to edit that stuff09:46
Schillerto make the branch targetable or am i interpreting to much into that.09:46
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RPSchiller: You have multiple sources in the build, the autobuilder-helper and whatever it is that you're building09:49
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RPSchiller: I suspect it is not mapping the branch config of whatever you're building over to the target build. I doubt the buildfactory piece is related, that is just because docs for us build differently to everything else09:50
RPSchiller: I'm just guessing though since you know your configuration and I can just guess09:51
RPkanavin: I've put the AUH successes into master-next for testing FWIW09:51
SchillerRP: The build depends on 4 - 5 different repos09:51
RPSchiller: right, and I think there may be mapping needed in a similar way to that function I pointed you at a while back. I don't remember the details though, I just made ours work09:53
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SchillerRP It is rly hard to find the Error for me. When i have a force, nightly, periodic build i can set my properties function and in Buildproperties the branch is null or master and everything works fine as it configures exactly what i defined in the branchdefaultslist ( But when i use the SingleScheduler and commit on a different10:02
SchillerBranch, in the Buildproperties it then displays that branch and the run-target script doesn't know it. Further the fetch step tries to clone the autobuilder with that committed branch and revision even tho that commit is not on the autobuilder repo.10:02
SchillerRP: I guess the autobuilder tries to switch branches because of some buildvariables in scripts which i don't need. I just need the autobuilder to clone normally (branch master or null) into the builddirectory but can't find where this is done.10:05
RPSchiller: did you implement ?10:06
SchillerRP: It's in the master.cfg but it still is configured for the yocto-docs.10:07
RPSchiller: perhaps update that to match the repos you're using? I have suggested this several times10:08
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SchillerRP: Ahh then i missread or smth. I thought this part is not important. I will configure it and try again thx.10:09
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zen_coderRP: is there a way to force removal of a package?10:24
qschulzzen_coder: just do not include it :) ?10:25
RPzen_coder: usually not easily as that breaks dependencies10:25
zen_codersure that might be, but I want to build an SDK an know that dependency XY is not required by me. Is there nothing like "--force"?10:26
qschulzzen_coder: find which package you have included (directly or as a dependency of a dependency) and try to work on removing this dependency XY10:27
qschulzit might be as simple as a bbappend to add/remove a PACKAGECONFIG option, or it might getmore difficult10:27
qschulzthat's the usual way of working that kind of issues. If there are some dark-alley tricks, that I don't know10:27
zen_codere.g. I know that cmake will not be required by me the HOST SDK later, but it will be requied by yocto for building some packages10:27
zen_coderI mean HOST toolchain10:28
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RPzen_coder: the question is where is cmake being pulled in from?10:32
RPzen_coder: host tools are normally from packagegroups in the SDK and those are normally configurable10:32
zen_coderwhat do you mean with normally configurable?10:33
RPzen_coder: you can change the nativesdk packagegroups (which is where nativesdk-cmake would normally be pulled in)10:34
zen_coderTOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_remove=" native-cmake" ?10:36
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RPzen_coder: if it were being added in TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK and it would be nativesdk-cmake. This is why we're asking where it is coming from10:54
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RPzen_coder: a neat trick is to remove the nativesdk BBCLASSEXTEND from cmake, then see where it breaks10:54
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jaskij[m]What are the odds of PostgreSQL getting updated to 14.3 in Kirkstone?11:28
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Juanosorio94is there any way I can add a step between fetching and patching??12:05
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Juanosorio94something like do_prepatch inside my recipy?12:12
mcfriskJuanosorio94: yes, add a task in between, but why would you do this? custom tasks mostly end up breaking things like sstate cache12:12
mcfriskit's better to fit your needs into to existing well working tasks. there is fetch, unpack, patch, configure, compile, install, deploy etc all ready.12:13
jaskij[m]mcfrisk: There are some legitimate use cases, although they are rare. Would you rather make a function and prepend it to two different tasks, or just add a new task?12:14
qschulzjaskij[m]: it seems 14.3 fixes a CVE (CVE-2022-1552) so I think you can just send a patch for the kirkstone branch stating that and it's likely to get merged12:16
jaskij[m]Cool. At least assuming existing patches don't break12:17
qschulzjaskij[m]: they do, but there's already a patch in the master branch12:18
qschulzjust take it and send it to kirkstone12:18
jaskij[m]Ah, if there's an existing patch then cherry picking it will be easier12:18
landgrafRP: because of debian.bblass renames we discussed yesterday packages in package.manifest and packages in licences,manifest are named differently :(12:19
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landgrafpackage.manifest contains debian variant while license one contains "normal" one12:20
qschulzjaskij[m]: we use mailing list contribution even for maintained branches, so it'd need to be sent to the mailing list still though.12:22
qschulzjaskij[m]: sometimes the maintainer picks updates themselves and send a big merge request before merging12:22
jaskij[m]Oh, I know, just meant that it's less work for me12:22
qschulzbut considering that there was no mention of CVEs in the patch merged upstream, sakoman (their nick?) wouldn't know it's a proper candidate for backporting12:23
qschulz(except.. maybe the CVE reporting we do could highlight this but I have never used it so far so I don't know how well this works (but people are hyped about it so I guess pretty well :) )12:23
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RPlandgraf: it should be possible to fix them to be consistent12:26
qschulzwhy would a musl-specific patch be Inappropriate for upstream?12:26
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jaskij[m]<qschulz> "why would a musl-specific..." <- maybe upstream officially doesn't support musl? it does have some vastly different behavior around dlopen for example12:34
jaskij[m]also: thanks for all the info12:35
qschulzjaskij[m]: I saw many for systemd (most of them are for systemd actually) and a simple internet search told me musl does not want to support systemd though that explains it12:35
landgrafRP:  easiest way is " INHERIT_DISTRO:remove = "debian" " :-)12:37
RPlandgraf: there are other places the PKG_ rename mechanism is used though12:38
RPqschulz: I don't think another honister release is planned so we can mark as EOL now btw12:38
jaskij[m]qschulz: Pottering wrote in 2018:12:40
jaskij[m]> Generally: glibc defines the Linux API pretty much, and we hack against that.12:40
qschulzRP: I was pondering whether to ask anuj or not :)12:40
qschulzjaskij[m]: :)12:40
jaskij[m]qschulz: Oof. Does sound reasonable though. Bunch of opinionated people colliding it seems.12:43
jaskij[m]I'd like to try using musl, for various reasons, but just don't won't to risk all the incompaitibilities12:45
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RPjaskij[m]: generally I've found it seems to work out reasonably well12:52
RPjaskij[m]: it does depend what features you need, e.g. locale support though12:52
jaskij[m]Oh? Are there issues with locales under musl?12:56
RPjaskij[m]: not issues, it just has differences to glibc so you don't have the range of support it has12:57
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qschulzRP: patch sent for the docs :)13:03
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jaskij[m]RP: thanks for that. I might rethink this in the future then. For now I'm luckily working with a fairly beefy device, so it's a non-issue13:24
zen_coderI got following error when adding python to target-tool-chain:
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RPqschulz: thanks. What do you think about switching to 4.0.1 on the main page of the website instead of 4.0.999 no we have updated docs ?13:45
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dvorkindmitryI need to include libncurses5 RPM generated by ncurses recipe into my image. How to write IMAGE_INSTALL+= ".." correctly to do that?14:11
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qschulzRP: I think that's already the case?14:22
RPdvorkindmitry: libncurses ?14:23
RPqschulz: ah, yes. Did we change that already?14:23
dvorkindmitryRP, yes. RPM named libncurses5-6.2-...14:24
RPdvorkindmitry: I mean the name to use in IMAGE_INSTALL is probably libncurses. It is renamed by debian renaming14:24
qschulzRP: ok, nvm it's a side-effect of having the kirkstone branch latest commit actually be 4.0.1 tag14:25
dvorkindmitryRP, no. libncurses or libncurses5 is "unbuildable provider"14:25
landgrafdvorkindmitry: RP: ncurses-libs ?14:26
landgrafdvorkindmitry: build with verbose flags on and grep for "renaming" and libncurses514:26
dvorkindmitrylandgraf, you mean with bitbake -D ?14:28
landgrafI guess it will be ncurses-libncurses14:29
landgrafdvorkindmitry: grep for 'debian: renaming'14:31
landgrafdvorkindmitry: I usualy use -DDDDDDD -vvvvvvv :)14:31
RPdvorkindmitry: ncurses-libncurses apparently looking at the recipe14:32
dvorkindmitryRP, exactly! thank you! found it in packages-split/14:33
qschulzdvorkindmitry: oe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs ncurses would probably have returned that info?14:34
qschulznot sure, but oe-pkgdata-util is really a super useful tool :)14:34
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landgrafqschulz: oe-pkgdata-utils list-pkgs ncurses returns only "ncurses" for me :(14:44
dvorkindmitryqschulz, it try to find the pkgdata in wrong location for me. And for wrong ARCH14:48
landgrafdvorkindmitry: It uses same pkgdata dir as I've reported yesterday.15:05
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RPncurses-libncurses comes from PACKAGES_DYNAMIC :/15:45
landgrafTIL PACKAGES_DYNAMIC :)15:47
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Guest87would a patch for the warrior branch of poky be accepted to allow bitbake to run on python 3.10 ?15:57
jaskij[m]Guest87: I'm guessing an EOL branch with latest release two years ago won't accept new patches15:58
vmesonGuest87:  as jaskij[m] said, warrior is EOL:
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Guest87i don't suppose there is a way to make git:// default to protocol https is there?16:19
sakomanGuest87: you could try something like this bitbake patch:
sakomannot sure it will directly apply to the bitbake in warrior, but worth a try16:21
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Guest87sakoman: thank you16:23
RPGuest87: that is even on the warrior branch:
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zen_coderCan I add to the meta-toolchain x11 to the target_task?16:57
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yatesis there a list of yocto cross toolchains that can be built somewhere?18:36
yatesright? the PITA is back...18:51
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yatestalkative bunch21:18
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yatesdid you hear the one about the plastic surgeon that hung himself?21:21
smurrayyates: that question needs some context IMO, as I've no idea what you're asking for?  Every BSP layer that adds a machine potentially expands the list21:23
smurrayyates: and in OE, the default SDK build is image based, so there is not really a fixed target to put on a list21:24
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yatessmurray: fair enough. thanks.21:34
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yatesif i were to want to build a core-image-minimal for a machine/architecture xyz, is there a way to see if a build for that machine has already been done as a starting point for my project?21:35
yatesperhaps i should ask about builds and not cross-toolchains, since the latter comes automatically with the former21:36
yatese.g., let's say i want to create a build for a riscv. does one exist? how do you find out?21:37
yatesor perhaps i should ask if there is a list of pre-configured BSPs?21:38
yatesis that making any more sense?21:39
yatesSaur[m]: thanks much.21:46
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