Wednesday, 2022-07-13

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qvwwsyhello, after switching to kirkstone I get several kernels in the /boot/ dir: zImage, fitImage, uImage which wasn't the case with the honister. oe-pkgata-util says that they come from linux-yocto recipe which isn't much of a help. Any hints?05:41
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LetoThe2ndqvwwsy: do a bitbake -e on linux-yocto and look at the KERNEL_IMAGE_TYPES variable (or kinda similar)06:32
LetoThe2ndand, yo dudX06:32
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wkawkaHi, can I navigate what and how affects rootfs size? I have a strange situation where container which is even not on rootfs partition takes 30k blocks07:17
mckoangood morning07:17
wkawkaI'm trying to investigate it07:18
LetoThe2ndwkawka: maybe enable buildhistory, and inspect the output? plus, look at the contents, which packages put the stuff into your resulting thing.07:21
LetoThe2ndwkawka: side note: your question is contradictory in itself. "what affects rootfs size"-"even not a rootfs partition"07:22
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denisoft81Hi all, I received an error message when I installed a python module on yocto hardknott with pip3. Kindly, how can I do? Thanks in advance
qschulzmorning folks07:59
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TyakuHi, What is the best practices with rsyslog and yocto ? For example, currently I would like to implement in my custom image "IMAGE_INSTALL += rsyslog" and configure rsyslog to transmit the logs to a fixed IPV4 address, but only if the image is built "on debug". Is it the good way to do it ?08:05
TyakuAlso, is it possible in a custom image ( to put a condition like "if (XXX) IMAGE_INSTALL" where XXX comes from local.conf08:06
khemwe do have a variable called DEBUG_BUILD when set to 1 it build debug version of image but the notion of debug is different for different people08:08
khemyou might be better off by defining separate image for your debug version08:08
khemand add it in there08:09
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LetoThe2ndTyaku: you can "inject" information into the image recipe from local.conf. from my experience, the most maintainable approach is to package you dev-time modifications up as a custom DISTRO that you hold in a personal layer.08:16
khemI think its not dev thing that is being asked here, its more like a deployed image with and without rsyslog,08:20
LetoThe2ndkhem: i interpreted the "if the image is built on debug" as a dev version. if we're talking about deployed stuff, then you're rightä08:22
TyakuSo, to build an image with/without rsyslog depending if it's production firmware or not,08:25
TyakuThe best option is to have and ?08:26
LetoThe2ndTyaku: its the most common approach. I would suggest the -dev version being not independent, but directly require-ing the -prod one and only extend, but thats a minor thing.08:28
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TyakuLetoThe2nd I was watching it, but as the -prod is a .bb I can't put inherit custom-image-prod08:32
LetoThe2ndTyaku: not inherit. require. see for the blueprint :-)08:33
TyakuThanks, I'm going to look it08:34
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glembo[m]How to call a shell function from a python function with arguments?... (full message at
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qschulzglembo[m]: depending on the scenario, you could use do_python_task[postfunc] += "some_sh_func;" if I'm not mistaken09:17
qschulzbut still no argument though09:19
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qschulzi guess you could create a variable in the python function and put it in the datastore, and access it from the shell function with ${MYVAR} ?09:27
qschulzjust throwing ideas right now09:27
qschulz(d.setVar for adding a variable to the datastore)09:27
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rburtonliterally hundreds of examples in oe-core09:42
rburtonyou'll need to throw values into the datastore to "pass arguments" though09:43
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flegHi, I'm trying to use the `npmsw://` url in my SRC_URI, but some packages are in registries that require auth tokens. At first I thought that having a properly configured .npmrc would solve the problem, but after digging deeper I've found that retrieving dependencies stored in the shrinkwrap file is done "by hand" in fetch2/ Is there an09:57
flegobvious way to use the auth token there, or do I have to get my hands dirty and work around it somehow? ;)09:57
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ptsnevesRP:  > To make this work you need to know "where it looked but didn't find" files10:22
ptsnevesThe thing is that with this new logic it will not even proceed to full parsing and it will not do so until a valid file is given for parsing. This seems to me exactly the same logic i implemented by making the not finding a file a fatal error.10:22
ptsnevesI am sorry i did not see your message before :(10:22
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ptsnevesThe shortcutting of parsing into a fatal is actually highlighted by the message Alexandre sent on the original conversion: It broke a poky test which tested a missing file on the download step. That poky test which now fails at the file checksumming step, and the exception is different and the reason the test now fails. Maybe this is the key behavior change to evaluate if you want to proceed with my change.10:28
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RPptsneves: There is no such thing as "full parsing"10:30
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RPptsneves: There is a piece of the puzzle I don't think you understand here :/10:30
RPptsneves: bitbake doesn't reparse recipes every time, each time you run it. Instead it forms a cache of the data it needs and detects changes to the recipes to know what to reparse10:31
ptsneves@RP Ok, i am aware of that. And what bitbake wants to know is if the files changed to know if needs to retrigger do-fetch10:32
RPptsneves: Imagine FILESPATH = "a:b:c", SRC_URI = "file://myfile" and c/myfile exists and you run bitbake -p. If you then touch b/myfile, we need to reparse this recipe for the new checksum10:32
ptsneves@RP i follow :)10:32
RPptsneves: it isn't even about running it, it is knowing when to reparse. To make things work, we not only need to know the checksum of c/myfile but also that b/myfile didn't exist10:33
RPif b/myfile exists, we know something changed and we have to reparse10:33
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LetoThe2nddoes anybody happen to know a variable which has a nice evaluation history in a vanilla poky setup? nice in terms of, good for showing.10:45
ptsnevesok still following. Let us consider that:10:54
ptsnevesWhen SRC=URI="file://myfile" and it does not exist we call this State A.10:54
ptsnevesWhen SRC_URI="file://myfile" and it starts existing we call State B.10:54
ptsnevesWhen SRC_URI="file::/myfile" exists and is modified we call State C.10:54
ptsnevesI argue that with the current patch all combinations of states and their changes are observable or irrelevant, but appropriate parse cache invalidation will happen10:54
ptsnevesThe result of get_checksump_file_list:10:54
ptsnevesfile list@STATE A = ?? // the program is aborted due to the fatal. No parse cache matters and current state is a dont care10:54
ptsnevesfile list@STATE B = ['file://myfile'] // The contents are now checksummable and the file exists. The list has a new element10:54
ptsnevesfile list@STATE C = ['file://myfile'] // The contents changed and the checksuming results will decide whether the cache is invalidated. The list does not change.10:54
ptsnevesSTATE A -> STATE B/C => observable due to list becoming available10:54
ptsnevesSTATE B <-> STATE C => list not changing, checksumming to decide if file changed10:54
ptsnevesSTATE B -> STATE A => not observable for cache purposes but irrelevant since bitbake dies of fatal error10:54
ptsnevesoh damn my client broke this down. Sorry guys10:54
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RPptsneves: I don't think that does match what I'm talking about, it doesn't work like this11:04
ptsneves@RP Ok that is fine. If you wish to revisit the topic let me know11:06
RPptsneves: go back to the scenario I mentioned. c/myfile existed and was parsed. We then create b/myfile. How does bitbake know to reparse things and that things have changed?11:06
RPptsneves: we can clean up the code, we just can't drop this piece of functionality11:06
ptsneves@RP totally agree :) I have been on the biting end of parsing cache not being invalidated when it should  :) I will try to understand it a bit better but i doubt the patch can stand if you are right11:08
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ThomasRoos[m]another dnf --skip-broken  question... (full message at
ThomasRoos[m]I know I can use ipkg instead of rpm - then the error is gone.12:09
landgrafThomasRoos[m]: you should rebuild corretto without X11 support (either use configure and/or some kind of packageconfig/flag). again --skip-broken will not help and corretto will not be installed12:19
landgrafrpm adds autogenerated dependency, I'm not sure if it can be filtered using yocto12:20
landgrafoh. it's binary . well...12:22
ThomasRoos[m]Rebuilding is the best solution, but not achievable without big efforts.12:23
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ThomasRoos[m]I wonder why there is no simple way to disable this check - I just want to install files and dnf shouldn't care about if they can be executed...12:24
landgrafThomasRoos[m]:  It's DNF's job to handle dependencies. if you want to install files use rpm --nodeps12:26
landgrafThomasRoos[m]: another option - just extract the rpm somewhere (rpm2cpio <rpmfile> | cpio -id) and use it12:26
ThomasRoos[m]landgraf: yes, how to pass this when creating a image?12:27
ThomasRoos[m]I was hoping that I can set a env variable or bitbake var to disable this DNF check - enable (-skip-broken)12:29
rburtonThomasRoos[m]: use the bin_package class to repackage the rpm and delete the bits that are causing you problems12:30
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ThomasRoos[m]<rburton> "Thomas Roos: use the bin_package..." <- I don't use the rpm version of corretto - I just use the binary package as a zip file.  Sorry - not specific about this. So my only chance to create an image without using package_rpm and use package_ipk instead or delete the libs that causing problems.12:38
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rburtonThomasRoos[m]: delete the libs causing problems12:41
rburtonthat's not a workaround, it's the solution12:41
ThomasRoos[m]yes, I like this the best - but how to do this automatically? Try and error?12:43
LetoThe2ndThomasRoos[m]: rather "seek and destroy"12:43
LetoThe2ndrburton: just for you
landgrafThomasRoos[m]: ./jre/lib/amd64/libglassgtk2.so12:46
ThomasRoos[m]Of course - better would be the corretto team would just provide a headless version...12:47
rburtona neat recipe would split those into headless and gtk packages, then you can just instead the headless bits12:48
ThomasRoos[m]yes, this is what Ubuntu does12:48
rburtonfor this reason :)12:49
ThomasRoos[m]yes, this gives you the ability for a working package management.12:50
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rburtonThomasRoos[m]: you know meta-aws has a coretto recipe in already, right?12:51
ThomasRoos[m]yes, I'm the maintainer ;)12:51
rburtonwell, then you've no excuse for not doing it properly ;)12:51
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rburtonit's just a jdk, how hard can it be to build <runs manically>12:52
rburtonmeta-java does build a jdk from scratch, so it's not impossible, just a... challenge.12:52
ThomasRoos[m]I know12:53
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ptsnevesThomasRoos[m]: funny thing. ipk has a EXTRAOPKGCONFIG variable to add extra parameters to opkg but rpm does not have. You can append to ROOTFS_PKGMANAGE if you want but this will break if you change package manager in the future, given aguments are likely not compatible13:02
rburtondon't work around this with rootfs tweaks13:03
rburtonjust fix the packaging13:03
ptsneves:) sorry only caught up with the conversation now13:03
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ptsnevesby the way, how do you guys extract the patches from emails  to apply on your trees? Do you copy paste them?13:09
RPptsneves: save the email and use git am13:09
rburtonsome people use lore/b413:10
rburtonor patchworks13:10
rburtoni had a tool which meant i could tag emails in my mailer and then run a script which would fetch the mails and apply them13:11
JPEWI have an embarssing `git mutt` alias :)13:11
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ptsnevesYes. I just tried saving the email in .txt from thunderbird and the file is not recognizable by git :(13:31
ptsnevesi guess i will use lore.13:32
qschulzptsneves: right click, save selected messages, plain text format13:33
qschulzshould be enough, worked for me (for other mailing lists than oe/yocto though)13:33
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JaMasaving from mutt works fine for me and if I want to apply it "remotely", then downloading mbox format from patchwork is 2nd best option for me13:35
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ptsneves@qschulz that is what i tried and it gets the header mangled. Example
ptsnevesThe rest of the patch looks fine13:36
JaMawget -O - | git am13:37
denisoft81Hi all, I would need to install a python module on the yocto image to run a test script and if everything works correctly I append the appropriate recipes. When installing using pip3 I get this error. How can I fix it?
ptsneves@JaMa that seems to work :) thanks13:39
qschulzptsneves: tried with this exact patchset (I assume) and it exported it fine? "works on my machine"TM :)13:39
qschulzdenisoft81: are you running pip3 on your target directly?13:40
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ptsneves@qschulz obviously we need to containerize thunderbird to make sure your machine is the ruling one13:40
denisoft81Hi qschulz, thanks for your reply. Yes, I run pip3 directly on target13:41
qschulzdenisoft81: going to give you some headaches :/13:41
qschulzdenisoft81: here it complains you don't have some gcc on your target to compile the python module13:42
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qschulzptsneves: there's a flatpak on flathub :)13:42
ptsneves@qschulz :D13:43
ptsnevesoh damn i cannot apply bitbake's paches directly into poky13:44
ptsnevesbah i give up i will butcher the patch manually13:44
qschulzptsneves: git am --directory=bitbake ? (just from the manpage, haven't tried)13:46
denisoft81thanks qschulz13:46
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ptsnevesmaybe. I just manually edited the patch.13:56
RPqschulz: that sounds a lot simpler than some of the stuff I end up doing13:57
qschulzptsneves: in the worst case, I think patch should be able to handle those too, just go into bitbake and then patch -p 1 < my.patch ?14:06
ptsneves@qschulz yep patch has -p1 but here it is the other way around i think. I would need the equivalent of patchdir :)14:07
ptsnevesi have another patch i need to bring to poky so i will try the --directory14:07
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qschulzptsneves: you always need -p 1 because of a/ and b/ in the paths IIRC? since patch patches relative to the current directory, if you cd into bitbake dir in poky git dir it should be fine14:11
ptsnevesyour are right14:11
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ptsneves@qschuz it worked! Another tool in the bag :)14:13
qschulzptsneves: nice! :muscle:14:16
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fenrigHi, please refer me to other channel (#meta-oe?) if I'm asking in the wrong location. Im trying to add lighttpd-module-authn_file in kirkstone15:13
fenrigSo I'ved expanded the packageconfig to incorporate "nettle" and add the -Dwith_nettle=true compile flag. It compiles authn_file (checked in the temp/log.do_compile). On top of that I have the in <image>/usr/lib/lighttpd/15:15
fenrigI believe this line should pick that module up an create the yocto package (lighttpd-module-authn_file), but when I create my image I still get "nothing provides lighttpd-module-authn_file needed by ..."15:17
fenrigam I missing something?15:17
fenrigbtw I forgot to post the link to "this line":
qschulzfenrig: there might be some issues around the filename being named authn_file15:20
qschulzunderscores are invalid characters for packages15:20
fenrigoh so the code to generate the filename wont work as well15:20
fenrig"the line"15:21
qschulzso either it's messed up or we have some magic stuff that replaces the underscore by a dash15:21
qschulzoe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs lighthttpd should give you the list of packages created by the recipe15:21
fenrigit doesnt list the modules in fact of lighttpd15:23
fenrigIm only getting lighttpd from that package15:24
fenrigthough if I do bitabke lighttpd-module-authn_file it says this "lighttpd RPROVIDES lighttpd-module-authn_file"15:25
qschulzmmm, --recipe lighttpd maybe instead of just lighttpd?15:25
fenrigoh it works indeed :D  i just need to put - instead of _15:26
fenrigI guess I took that "line" too literal15:26
fenrigty for your help15:27
*** kranzo <kranzo!> has joined #yocto15:28
qschulzfenrig: well, if you don't know underscore is an invalid character for package name and that there is some magic in do_split_packages, that was actually a safe assumption :)15:28
qschulzvery welcome :)15:28
fenrigI forgot about the _ , indeed I did not know of this magic :D  but it works now, super happy15:28
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kranzoHi all,15:34
kranzodoes a cleanall the sstate for the recipe or just the specific configuration active right now?15:34
rburtonall sstate15:35
RPkranzo: use cleansstate, not cleanall and it is for the recipe15:35
*** tjqurm <tjqurm!~tjqurm@user/ako> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)15:42
kranzothats good thx, now the tricky question, i'm facing a basehash change because of some tinkering with env vars.15:45
kranzousing the origenv example from here:
kranzoi'm injecting an env var into my recipe,  testing the var for existence and providing an default value otherwise.15:45
kranzonow when the var is exported i get the basehash changed error.15:45
kranzoMy question what is the best way of debugging the reparsing process?15:45
fenrigtypically you can read the exports that are applied in the tasks inside the recipe work directory15:47
fenrigthey are atop of the do_compile/do_install15:47
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fenrigoh sorry I misread your question, sorry15:50
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kranzomaybe in other words:15:53
kranzocan i apply the env var to the taskhashes of a single recipe instead of all (as it seems to work when exported in the *.conf)15:53
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kranzofenrig: but you read it :)15:53
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borsnwso, I still want to get rid of the kernels be put into the /boot. linux-yocto recipe generates kernel-image-fitimage, kernel-image-uimage and kernel-image-zimage. I want to get rid of these package. bitbake -e linux-yocto shows KERNEL_IMAGETYPES="zImage uImage fitImage". I found in the meta/poky/meta/classes/kernel.bbclass the following
borsnwit says - allow machine to override deps if kernel image is not wanted. So how do I override?16:09
borsnw# printf "!pe"16:14
rburtonborsnw: don't install kernel-image (assuming a recent release).  PACKAGE_EXCLUDE = "kernel-image-*" works in an image recipe16:25
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borsnwyes, kirkstone16:26
borsnwshould this be bbappend to the ?16:26
rburtonno, image16:27
borsnwwhat image? sorry, not familiar with yocto16:28
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rburtonthe image you're building16:29
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RPzeddii: meta-virt seems unhappy about something: - not sure what changed :/16:50
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zeddiiRP: would be due to christopher's patch, but I see one from ross that will address the issue.17:25
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RPzeddii: great17:41
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RPsakoman: qemu-system-arm: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory20:57
RPsakoman: this is getting silly20:57
sakomanRP: this is the week from hell!  trying to debug the ruby failures :-(20:58
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* sakoman wonders how many more PACKAGECONFIGs we are going to need to add to :-(21:04
RPsakoman: my build has qemu issue, issue with my fetch change, usrmerge issue, buildpaths issues, meta-virt failure and it is only halfway21:05
sakomanRP: ouch!21:09
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sakomanRP: oh my!  just kill me now :-(21:42
sakomanpokybuild@ubuntu2110-ty-2:~/yocto-worker/no-x11/build/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/ruby-native/3.1.2-r0$ /home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/no-x11/build/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/ruby/3.1.2-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/ruby21:42
sakoman/home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/no-x11/build/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/ruby/3.1.2-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/ruby: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory21:42
RPsakoman: well, that explains a few things21:45
*** geoffhp <geoffhp!~geoff@> has joined #yocto21:45
RPand raises other questions too21:45
sakomanRP: indeed it does :-(21:46
*** geoffhp <geoffhp!~geoff@> has quit IRC (Client Quit)21:47
* sakoman sees continuing wack-a-mole in our future21:47
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* sakoman queues a build, sees it won't start for quite some time, goes for food21:57
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